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July 03, 2019


Another Bob

+1 Jane

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--My God it’s as if Goebbles was resurrected...--

Goebbels? Narciso is the resurrected Goebbels?
1. What drugs are you on?
2. Do you think narciso comes out of that exchange looking worse than you?
3. "Knock it off" is the best anyone can do when somebody spouts disgusting defamatory bullshit like that?

I hope in the morning you have the decency to apologize.

I don't know what has happened around this joint but it calms down for a bit and then gets even nuttier and less pleasant. Time for another break.


Have I mentioned that my cat--like the Cheshire cat--can make herself invisible at will. Today she disappeared for a few hours and both of us searched the house form top to bottom with special attention to her hiding places. Nothing. A few hours later, I walked into my dressing room and there she was on my chair--we both swear she wasn't there earlier.


Betsy Ross T-shirt’s



lurkersusie, those shirts are selling like hotcakes.


Stealth technology

Yogi likes to sneak out in the outer hall, when were putting something in the outside closet.he doesn't venture much farther soecually in this heat



Thanks for that link. I am starting in tomorrow, and will cease whining.


Good. If I can be of help, whistle. If the first place cannot meet your needs see if they've a social worker you can speak to --they usually have a list of places that might work for you. You might also speak to your recently widowed sister if you need a short term place until you work this out,


The guys down the street must have bought 5 grand worth of fireworks. I heard the noise and thought it was the downtown show.

I went outside and they were setting off HUGE skyrockets, professional size. It lasted for at least half an hour. Jenny took a video.

The dogs, of course, are traumatized. When it was finally over and we came back in, we discovered every one of them had pooped in the house!! I now have one hiding under my desk, one hiding in the bathroom, and the other onequivering in my daughter's arms.

Captain Hate

You weren't whining, Miss Marple. You deserve to be treated with more respect by someone getting triggered by cable loons who are as dumb as bricks.


Seriously I dont see how anyone can be thar callous to any parent,

Scotusblog does a very succinct summary of the opinion,


Captain Hate,

Thanks. I guess I have known you longer than anyone herem since our days at Ace of Spades.

It was just so horrible to hear that after that beautiful speech the President gave, that it sort of broke my heart.

The neighborhood fireworks sort of settled the discord for a bit. I think I will start looking for a place tomorrow and talk to my son.

Can't move in with the widowed sister, however. She is a democrat and as bossy as Hillary! LOL!


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

"It'd be hard for the Democrats to say, 'well, we started an investigation we shouldn't have and continued it by breaking the rules, but we want to impeach a President for trying to obstruct that investigation that never should've started.'" – @RepRatcliffe pic.twitter.com/TcmTFst6Ok

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) July 2, 2019
Captain Hate

Those were fun times at AoS, weren't they. The long time Horde still remembers you fondly. They were ecstatic during the speech today.


Terrific speech by Brexiter in EU Parliament:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDl1KfoHqGE


When I examined mr gardner's CV I noticed he had handled 'dont ask dont tell' the attempt to steal AIG from hank greenverg but no voting rights cases of note


Captain Hate,

That's nice to know. I was ecstatic at that speech, too. Beautifully done, and exactly what was needed.


Bravo, yes those selections were particularly a joke the center right was not broadly a majority in the europeam elections nor were the socialists but they get two of the top offices.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Interesting story. Interesting use of the money. If it comes out of their "missions" budget does it mean they are spending in America instead of overseas?

Grand Rapids First, a church in Wyoming, Michigan, announced on Sunday it will pay off the medical debt of 1,899 families.

The church paid nearly $2 million in medical bills for people suffering poverty. “Today, that $1,832,439.26 that’s looming over families right now, those families that are living at poverty rates or less, has been paid in full as a result of a gift from this church,” lead pastor Sam Rijfkogel told the congregation during his Sunday sermon. “Paid in full, not held against them one bit.”

Rijfkogel first learned of the medical debt forgiveness programs when a Texas church made headlines for paying off $10 million in medical debt within its community. Grand Rapids First Executive Pastor and CFO Doug Tuttle said that through this process, they learned of the massive weight of medical debt hanging over poor families in their state — nearly $180 million.

The church bought the debt for only $15,000 from nonprofit debt purchasing organization RIP Medical Debt. RIPMD will send letters notifying the fortunate families from Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, and Ionia this week. Due to medical privacy laws, the church will not know the identities of those it has blessed with its offering.

Tuttle said the money was taken from the church’s “missions” budget, so fundraising to cover the cost was unnecessary.



That sounds a bit fishy, although it just might be my suspicious nature after reading about all of the money laundering and kick backs.


Think I will go to bed and listen to the President's speech again.

Good night, everyone!

JM Hanes

Things sure have changed in the past few years. I have yet to find a full transcript of the president's remarks today. Whenever Obama made a speech of any