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July 20, 2019



Good for you, TM!


In response to question in last thread..No breeze..We still have air conditioning but not much--we had less last night. I'll swim to cool off later when the sun is less intense.

The Infamous Ignatz

--Saturday At The Open
Gone golfing.--

So I guess that means TM made the cut. :)


My husband swims every morning.
He waited for the rain to stop then rode his his bike to the rec center.


Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the radical Palestinian Muslim socialist activist, had to be bounced by the Secret Service from a 2016 Trump speech in Detroit for heckling and shouting menacingly at then-candidate Donald Trump

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) March 30, 2019

Photos at link.


House GOP want Nellie Ohr's opposition research on the Trump family, including Melania.



Vid at link


Michael Avenatti had a press conference, all by himself...

Sandy Daze

Comms check.

For a lazy Saturday afternoon.

ELVIS RMX 2017 - His Latest Flame

Currently 91 here in south-central Michigan, en route to a forecasted 94. Yesterday officially got to 92, tho also forecasted 94...


Always my favorite Elvis tune. Nice video.


Andy McCarthy.

Sandy Daze

Here's something with which I've had a small tangential role...

On 3 July 2019 the Washington Post published a letter "China is not an Enemy"

The signatories to the letter are advocating for 'engagement/appeasement' in U.S. foreign policy towards the PRC.

Sandy Daze

In response to the appeasement letter

"Stay the Course on China: An Open Letter to President Trump" was published almost simultaneously by both the Washington Free Beacon and by a new on-line political journal, The Journal of Political Risk on 17 July.

No surprise, WaPo wanted nothing to do with the "Stay the Course" letter.

The signers of the "Stay the Course" letter believe the "China is not an Enemy" group's assessments about the PRC have been and continue to be wrong.

We (I'm one of the signers) also believe the unprecedented efforts the Trump administration is making to confront an aggressive and expansionist PRC is necessary and in keeping with the history of this Republic and the allies we have around the globe.

To read the "Stay The Course" letter, please see:

Sandy Daze

Although the Stay the Course letter did not receive a major push in the beginning, is is being picked up elsewhere, with lots of interest, including:

-- a popular Chinese blog:

--VOA Chinese:

I'm told that American Greatness will be publishing "Stay The Course" next week.

Good Stuff!



Same song with, if anything, EVEV CUTER shuffle girls dancing.
Plus ultra hip DETROIT logo at the front.


For the love of GOD, every effing TEEEEVEEEEE station has warned me of summer weather and to stay indoors. It got to 92 about noon. PERFECT SUMMER WEATHER. Now it's down to 76.
Where is this BROWN PERSON Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtezzzzzzzzzzzz supposed to have roots?? Antarctica. It gets hot in the summer.

Sandy Daze


You're right about that, although one young lass seemed a bit young... NTTAWWT, but thinking of Jane's question the other day, not just NO, but HELL NO. But, was it you who said a 14 yo gurl back when I was 12 yo, hell yes. But of course, if you were me, you were too damned nervous around any girls at that point in life.


I'll see your even cuter gurlz and play this version of an entire movie which I am sure you have seen--I'll bet on it--at least once.

three minutes and 45 seconds



A couple months back I ran into a shuffle dance vid and polled the 14 year old "Ever hear of shuffle dancing?"

"Dad." *pitying eye roll*. "EVERYONE has known about shuffle dance for a couple of years."



EXCELLENT letter and exactly how I think! I have been paying attention to the Chinese since I noticed so many working as tailors in the Lane Bryant shipping warehouse back in 2000, when I had a part-time job there as a catalog phone order taker.

I got to wondering why a totalitarian country like China would allow citizens to emigrate. Then I happened to read about their intelligence operations called "A Thousand Grains of Sand" and began noticing how they seemed to have scientists and engineers working at Lilly Pharmaceuticals and Allison Engines and universities and such.

When my ex-husband went to Europe to meet with German mining people they told him that they would not sell continuous mining machines to the Chinese unless they bought at least 5 (they were very expensive) because they knew they would have their designs stolen.

I was VERY pleased that President Trump in his campaign pointed out that the US was being treated as a bunch of suckers by China, and he was right. I wrote all this to explain to you why I agree so strongly with your letter! Well done!


Sandy, I'm intrigued to see Gordon Chang on the list of signatories.
I've assumed that he would tend towards a lower profile (while privately supporting)


Andy McCarthy: "The suggestion that the government should send her back to her native Somalia — because she is “the Other,” because she has the temerity to criticize the president — is obscene. I get all that."

Then makes the valid point: "We might say “Kill the umpire,” but we don’t actually want the umpire killed. We shouldn’t need to explain that because everyone understands it.

Ilhan Omar is not just some US citizen who criticizes Americans, she came here under under questionable circumstances, entered the ruling class, trashed America and its people, and seeks to fundamentally change America.

I think many at that rally really might want here gone.

Sandy Daze


I see GC regularly on Lou Dobbs, and in the email list on China in which he (and I) have participated for years, his comments are always direct and consistent with the letter.


Captain Hate

I really want her gone and too damn bad if Andy McCarthy doesn't like it.


Sandy, never saw the movie though of course the song was a huge hit and constantly on the radio back when we listened to radio LOL.

Yes, the vid said "hot" girls and at least one was too young. So I went with "cute" girls in my description.



I don't have to have her gone but I certainly want her off the Foreign Affairs Committee and hopefully out of the House by next November.

I also want her investigated for immigration and tax fraud.


Yes, Boris..and don't forget she has engaged in countless illegal acts since she got here with no consequences and a media and LE willfully blind to her wrongdoing.

Sandy Daze

MM - Thanks. Good observations!

Boris - Glad you liked the Elvis remix vid.

I think there are many of us who would appreciate ilhan omar having a *lower* profile.


My good friend whom I talk politics with whenever she isn't travelling with her husband is SO OVER those 4 and is increasingly irritated by anyone in the press, media, Hollywood, or politics who tries to make her feel guilty about disling them.

She will not accept the charges of being racist or Islamaphobic, will not accept that the Fab Four are also patriotic, and wants them out of Congress.

She says (and I agree) that they are security risks and would pass classified information in a New York minute.

Sandy Daze

An old military joke at time of retirement used to be:

"When I entered the Navy (other service) Homosexuality was illegal. Today it is optional. Glad I'm getting out before it is mandatory."

A 'remix' version of that might be easily:

"When I entered the Navy (other service) our job was to be prepared to kill Communists. Today, they are a protected interest group. Glad I'm getting out before I'm sent to the re-education camps."


I think many at that rally really might want here gone.

Send her out my direction. I’ll arrange for her to be airdropped into the Sawtooth wilderness area with just her clothes and her clever headpiece...


#MuellerIsComing, but it'll look a lot like Jim Jordan ripping him to shreds over THIS cover-up in 2013.

The problem with being a cover-up artist is that it only works when he has sleaze above him (Holder, Obama, etc).

Mueller time is over.

It's time to pay the Barr tab.

— Rep. Steven Smith 🇺🇸 (@RepStevenSmith) July 20, 2019

Video of Jim Jordan questioning Mueller at the link from 2013. It's about 2 minutes, but well worth watching. Muller is a dim bulb.

Another Bob

Well, the day has come. I'm throwing my Twitter account over the side.

Anyone have a good RSS reader for Windows and iDevices?

Will be giving Gab a shot. Anyone else here create an account there?

Sandy Daze

I like, realllllllllllly like, this:


listen in the background... soon you'll be swaying to the gentle rhythms


For free, you can build your own. Been running mine for ages.


Gee, most of the Trump people didn't go to Aspen. I don't know how they could resist being harangued by Madeline Albright, or ambushed by reporters.


A-Bob: "Will be giving Gab a shot."

I am JimNorCal there though not at all active


Anyone have a good RSS reader for Windows and iDevices?

I've been happy with, Bob. I'm not familiar with dedicated RSS readers, but I have around 20 feeds and it seems to do a nice enough job. I also played around with and it was also pretty good.


I'm also my handle here @ GAB and Parler, although I don't post anything. Parler has more stuff from places like Daily Caller, Epoch Times, etc. They're probably afraid of being seen on GAB due to all the free speech. Sharyl Atkisson isn't afraid of GAB and posts there regularly. Probably the same stuff she posts at Twitter, but I wouldn't know since I don't use Twitter.


Hey sandy how have you been?


Great to see you posting!


Matt Couch 🎙

Today has been a really hard day for me...

I just realized that my Mom and Dad were racist...

They always told me growing up “If you don’t like it here you can leave..”

Sandy Daze

Doing well, Thanks, Narc.


Just walked into the other room to see this. I think they've got the right idea.

(Jack two years old, on left; Hitch, Jack's younger brother from a subsequent litter, one year old, on right.)



Heh, Hi, Sandy! Looks like those dogs are nice and relaxed.



Are those border collies? One of my favorite breeds, although I have to face that they are too energetic for me to have another one.

Sandy Daze

Beware ! -- understand it is russian spyware...



I notice Sharyl A has regular polls on Gab.
I should probably start participating to show support ...

Ext, are we connected? I'll check in a bit and follow you if not.
I know sbw, MissM and a few others are on Gab

Sandy Daze

A life lesson from our dogs, Clarice, telling me what I *should* be doing...

No, Miss M, we've talked about this previously--but I don't expect you to remember. Jack and Hitch are English Shepherds, as is, IIRC your pooch, and Robin's too.


Here's Rashida Tlaib getting escorted out of the 2016 Trump campaign rally in Detroit by Secret Service. Video at link.

Who’s Crazy? @RashidaTlaib 🤔

— KOKE REPORT (@KokeReport) July 20, 2019

I hate to tell you - but it's 76 degrees in southern Florida. Hahahahahaha!


You do NOT hate to tell us,Jane.


Oooo, a polling opportunity!
Which is a more skilled "egger on", Jane or lyle? :) :)


I'm giving up on a full Catch Up but wanted to list two topics.
1) the attack on Andy Ngo really caught my attention.
If police in Portland are letting mobs run free then stakes are raised to the roof. In that area I'd feel a need to carry and do whatever's needed to secure my safety.
2) JiB is gone?



That's right! I remembered after I hit "post". This getting old thing is the pits!

I should have recognized the pose, because Maggie lies like that when she's really relaxed.


JiB left but we're hoping he'll return.


The Irishman Lowry is dazzling them at the Open!


New Star Trek movie trailer:

The journey is far from over. #StarTrekPicard #Picard #SDCC2019 #ComicCon

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) July 20, 2019

Video at link.


Gee, Sandy. Per PJM, some woketard twittered this past week that “White People Love Dogs Because They Miss Owning Slaves.” Didn’t you get the word?

I’d like this sub-imbecile to now explain how white peoples’ desire to have slaves jibes with the tens of thousands of dogs dropped off at shelters each year. Emancipation?

Speaking of shelters, we attended a fundraiser/donor appreciation dinner last Wednesday in Hailey to raise money for their brand new no-kill shelter. Because absolutely nothing escapes being politicized, we had to hear from woman who is a director of what is apparently a national association of shelters (because, of course) say this out loud and with a straight face to a tent full of wealthy donors: “wealth isn’t the opposite of poverty, justice is.”

It was still a nice evening, especially winning the bid on the silent auction of a vertical of Ridge Monte Bello ‘01-‘06. 😎


Ireland looks so beautiful!
I want to go back there.

The Infamous Ignatz

My dog is black so I must really be a racist.
But if he's my slave how come I'm the one steppin' and fetchin' his food and water all the time?


FTR, I love eggs...

Suppose to hit triple digit temps tomorrow here. Off to see Garth Brooks in concert tonight. But I refuse to drink pina coladas while attending. Ciao.

The Infamous Ignatz

--“wealth isn’t the opposite of poverty, justice is.”--

Marx wishes he had come up with that one.
It's essentially a declaration of class war.


Oh, and our slaves sleep in our bed and pretty much own the joint.


Good afternoon! Our dog is staying on the cool tiles in the cabin and his thought bubble says: "why are you stupid people sitting on the hot porch?" Ha. Afternoon sun,no breeze.
Very quiet and peaceful.

The Infamous Ignatz

Was always partial to this Elvis tune.



We have no sun, which makes a HUGE (20 degree) difference.


Do you have a Dash cooker, lyle? Perfect every time. Just a matter of determining the exact amount of H2O for whatever consistency you want (and writing it down).


No, Ext. I was responding to Jim’s 4:40. 😉


No time for catch up; this may have been posted/discussed already.
Derecho through MN, WI/MI last night. We were technically outside of it, to the NE, but boy oh boy---I thought we were in one at 1:30 when the winds roared through here.

I was sleeping in a west facing bedroom, all windows and doors open upstairs (no duct work, no AC--we maximize cross ventilation) and the door SLAMMED shut with the first gust. The winds were FIERCE!
Came down to shut the windows, checked my radar app--no warning, so went back to bed. Had to tell myself: It's a 91 year old house; it'll be fine.

We've been very lucky though--on the north side of the humidity through all of this.


Ah. I was wondering how I missed the egg discussion. :-)


I brought home fresh eggs from the 4-H camp. I collected them and had to reach under the chickens! They are nothing like grocery store eggs. The chickens there free roam eating grass and bugs. The yolks are almost orange and they taste divine.

Love your dogs, Sandy! It's 88 here in Georgia today with a slight breeze. My dogs are venturing outside for short breaks but mostly stretched out on the hardwood floor instead of their beds.

I've refilled the birdbath twice today. I keep wondering how hot the hummingbird feeder must be but they are still zooming around fighting over the territory.


69 up here in the Great White North.
(I always assumed that was referring to the snow, which is on the ground from October to May)


The price of Freedom is too damn high:


It turns out that Juggalo makeup blocks facial recognition technology: (link:


I hope those concerned see this.


They should have used animation or pseudo-live action, NOT people in costumes.


I've been away so this is a new one to me. Now they are attacking the use of toilet paper - especially in America (of course!)

America’s heavy use of toilet paper – particularly the pillowy soft kind (@Charmin) – is worsening climate change and taking a dramatic and irreversible toll on forests,


This is their clever slogan:

The Infamous Ignatz

Sheryl Crow was on that years ago, Momto2.
One little square per use. Seriously.
She must have been Lance Armstrong's divine retribution.



I have been on Humana's site and ordered vitamins for FREE as part of my Medicare program, which I only found out because my sister told me.

Next month I will order some cold and flu stuff for winter plus maybe bandaids or something. I get $20 bucks free per month. Pretty good deal!


Someone posted a funny Charmin comeback a day or two ago.
I only recall "we've got your back(side)!" but there was lots more.

Don Surber on NetFlix getting Woke
"After Georgia passed a pro-life bill banning abortions, Netflix threatened to boycott the state.
So pro-lifers cancelled their subscriptions.
Netflix expected to gain 352,000 subscribers this quarter. Instead it lost 126,000."


Somebody re-tweeted this to me on Twitter:

Carrie‏ @CARRIE4TRUTH · Jul 18

Richard Branson:

Has a private island

Hosted NXIVM seminars there

Was founding sponsor of Int Center for Missing&Exploited Children

Is in the black eye club

Vacations w/Obama

Wears red flip flops

Raised MM$ for Clinton global initiative

Visited Haiti w/HRC

He's up next



That funny Charmin comeback was from Another Bob, I think.


Mitt is disappointed.


Yes, A-Bob has been en fuego lately :) :)


>>>I really want her gone and too damn bad if Andy McCarthy doesn't like it.

Posted by: Captain Hate | July 20, 2019 at 02:52 PM<<<

me too!

par for the course for McCarthy though and the Gas Chamber GOPe.


Posted by: Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA | July 20, 2019 at 06:04 PM

wasn't that a gigantic roll of toilet paper.

that nrdc campaign makes me chench my jaw, put on my death stare, and say softly, "stop it" ...


I love this! Video at link.

It’s so hot today, even a Moose does what it has to do to stay cool.

— 𝕄𝔸𝔾𝔸🇺🇸🅟🅐🅣🅡🅘🅞🅣🇺🇸𝕊𝕋𝔼𝕍𝔼™️ (@RealMAGASteve) July 20, 2019

I am SO tired of the left casting negativity on everything from the moon landing to comfortable toilet paper!

They are humorless, nasty, envious, worthless citizens who are working as hard as they can on destroying the country.

I am sick of them all!


Retweeted by the President:

Verified account @RepMarkMeadows

Tuesday: Democrats spent all day trying to defend Speaker Pelosi after she violated House floor rules

Wednesday: Democrats spent all day deciding what to do with their impeachment resolution, which ultimately failed 332-95

This is your House Democrat majority at work.


Retweeted by the President. Graph at link.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for prescription drugs decreased 2.0 percent in June from 12 months prior according to the CPI release from @BLSgov today. This is the lowest 12-month change since January 1968. #BLSdata

— CEA (@WhiteHouseCEA) July 11, 2019

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to tweet by CEA.

Great news for Texas in June's unemployment rates report.

— John Ratcliffe (@RepRatcliffe) July 19, 2019

Retweeted by the President:

Matt Gaetz‏Verified account @mattgaetz · Jul 18

I stand with @realDonaldTrump!


There are more trees in America than there were 100 years ago. FULL COMMIE LIBTARDS lie every single time the speak. Every time, not just a lot.
EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY SPEAK, what they are saying is a lie or a CON.


Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump · 8m8 minutes ago

Economic numbers reach an all time high, the best in our Country’s history. Great to be a part of something so good for so many!


Retweeted by the President. Photo at the link.

Our squad is better🇺🇸 @deneenborelli @JessieJaneDuff @mercedesschlapp @kayleighmcenany @CissieGLynch @kimguilfoyle @LaraLeaTrump

— Danielle D'Souza Gill (@danielledsouzag) July 20, 2019

Retweeted by the President. Photo at the link.

Incredibly honored to be part of the Women for Trump Coalition, which launched this morning in Pennsylvania. My goal is to help young women get involved and feel empowered. As much as the Left tries to act like “women for Trump don’t exist,” we do.

— Danielle D'Souza Gill (@danielledsouzag) July 16, 2019

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to article in The Hill.

We're already mobilizing our army of volunteers to recruit, train & register new voters – all to help @realDonaldTrump & our candidates in 2020!

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) July 19, 2019

Retweeted by the President. Links go to photo and a sign-up site.

Meet 'The REAL Squad'.

We are #WomenForTrump.

Women stand with President @realDonaldTrump and nothing will stop @TeamTrump from winning again.

And Democrats can NEVER tell us otherwise.

Sign up to help us here》

— Jessie Jane Duff (@JessieJaneDuff) July 19, 2019

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video.

The unemployment rate for women is the lowest it’s been in 50 years under the Trump Administration. Discussing Women for Trump on @FoxFriendsFirst with @HeatherChilders

— Danielle D'Souza Gill (@danielledsouzag) July 18, 2019

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video.

President Trump: "Look at all those signs, '#WomenForTrump'!" #TrumpRally

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) July 18, 2019

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