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July 28, 2019



$16B is accurate, that was from one of Carson's team at HUD.

Which may or may not still be under audit....


Heh, remember appalled our disgusted georgua guest, he lives in Guam man's district.


No problem with those Chinese islands. We land enough troops there and it sinks just like Guam would.

If the quality of work on the islands that have been created with reclamation is anything like other building projects, yes they probably would sink:)


And they are Grants that were available for 2018 alone, not a direct spend.

Tom R


OK your choice to ignore the videos, You picked a bad topic to call Fields an imbecile on because he was correct about Sharpton.

Since you were replying to Jim NJ’s post (which was a good post) about pundits, perhaps you understand now why I have taken the position I have over the past couple of days discrediting Gohmert’s oped about Mueller? His oped was pure punditry that included a lot of falsifications, misinformation etc. Many posters here repeated that misinformation believing it to be the truth. Agree?


I dont doubt it, do they do any periodic vetting with this level of confidential info, rhetorical?


The insanity continues

The Baltimore Sun on Twitter: "Editorial: Rep. Elijah Cummings could focus even more on Baltimore if the president didn't give him so much to investigate. https://t.co/mJY7NFkLXB" / Twitter


Maybe if they werent paying Sam jackson and alec Baldwin noodles of cash, they could take precautionary measures.


Where is the new Jack Germond when you need one?!?


Did you notice David Simon's little exercise in time travel, dating white flight to 1955?




I mean spiro Agnew wasmt even in the assembly then, its striking that they thiugh a few measly nudges from milk producers or the Hughes loan was big time corruption


Any particular family name associated with Baltimore in 1955 that we might know differently today?

Another Bob

And the white flight took all the tax money with them. They’re to blame for West Baltimore today.


Another Bob

Might that be Pelosi?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--No problem with those Chinese islands. We land enough troops there and it sinks just like Guam would.--

I think Hank said Guam would capsize, so the obvious trick is to build an underwater infrastructure on the bottom of them and just wait for the Chinese to pile too many troops on top.
Presto; she flips over and we have insta-fort.


D'allesandri, you win a case of rice aroni.


The admiral (who fles the inverted mig in top gun) should have just walked out of thsr hearing


Ig, or we can keep fracking and let AGW raise the sea levels on them.

and the Chinese think the cornered the market on inscrutable.

Another Bob

I know I got your question backwards Mel, but that answer gets more attention.

Another Bob

I wonder how many corrupt pols and “activists” the Baltimore Sun has endorsed over the years? Probably a largish number.


Dem debate tonight? someone distract the fluffers for that?

Gregory Jon @gregoryjon

Here's what you WON’T hear from 2020 Democrats in Detroit tonight.
was elected:
*107,300 jobs added in MI
*27,500 manufacturing jobs added in MI
*MI unemployment rate dropped from 5.1% to 4.2%


I grant that urban decay is a complex phenomenon, but dont go Marty mcfly and retcon events into the distant past.


because he was correct about Sharpton.


For the third time, here is what DSW claimed:

"The Reverend Al likely worked with Trump on some FBI stings!"

You have created a strawman, like usual, that portrays the JOM argument to be that nobody here believes that Sharpton worked for the FBI.

Nobody said that. Not a soul. The argument has been and continues to be that DSW didn't provide any evidence to back up the Sharpton/Trump claim above. Additionally, and more importantly, neither have you.

It can be argued that you are smarter than this, but it is clear that this is the same pattern you have used in the majority of your posts.

You are getting less and less people here to defend that you aren't a troll, but acting like JOR for any much longer may fracture the resolve of those few JOMers.


Narciso, it's the only way to save the "Great Society" crap from Johnson. 50 years of graft is at stake here.


What was the Solomon bombshell?


Sharpton is what you find under your shoe, hes like zacchias but about 10 stone more, and utterly untedeemable since tawama brawleu and Freddie's fashion mart, you'd think he would have been radioactive, but hes like the robot in that vintage Tom Baker dr. Who.


Nothing we didnt already know:





TK, declass on Wednesday or something like that.


Why don’t we just go back and blame Lord Baltimore and the Catholic Church if time and intervening events are of no consequence?


Thanks, henry.


OK, Not Germond....::


There's another source for the $16B, or more accurately, $15.7B in grants...


Yes he was a sketchy character, you know when will they change Madison to Guevara or lumumba.

Captain Hate


You consistently get D'Alesandro wrong and I'm not sure if you don't know the spelling or it's the tinker toy device you comment with. I had to drive my wife to the airport before 4 am this morning so I'm crankier than usual...


Ch cranky? I can't imagine.


Yes I blame autocucumber, he was the mayor for the first four years of That Interval, followed by a former bureau agent, so obviously Hoover's fault


(I always thought it was to esses, so I'm off as well....)

Captain Hate

Why don’t we just go back and blame Lord Baltimore

Cecil Calvert, a great man.


I'd be thrilled to drive my wife to the airport. Not so much when I have to pick her up though.

(i kid, she's a saint)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Criticizing narciso's spelling?
Might as well criticize a fire ant for biting.
It's what they do.


two esses....


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Just reminded my staff that Morning Joe & Psycho were with me in my room, at their request, the night I won New Hampshire. Likewise, followed me to other states....

....Don’t watch show, but heard Mika said I asked to preside over their marriage. Not true—does anyone really believe that? They were married by Elijah, King of Baltimore!


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Heading to Jamestown, Virginia. Word is the Democrats will make it as uncomfortable as possible, but that’s ok because today is not about them!

Captain Hate

The Morning Homewreckers are taking maximum Presidential pipe.


we'll see.

I Am America 🇺🇸 @USA1961MiMi
Replying to @drawandstrike

Pres Trump is talking to reporters right now. He just said ",,,the money has been stolen,,,"!!! I believe you are correct, this has been planned for years. Brillant, just brillant!!! Thank God for President Trump!!!





You know, if you asked me how much aid Baltimore needed to clean up their city and tear down buildings, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea.

But President Trump, who has worked in construction all his life, knows how much things cost. He is also well aware of the habits of crooked New York politicians skimming off the top, and kick-backs. Those raids probably confirmed it.

By the way, having written a huge best-seller )The Art of the Deal) as well as some others, I will bet he knows a lot about the publishing industry and book advances. The Obamas better hope they didn't leave any tracks.


Maybe the drunken broads could play a WINNER takes all MATCH against a mans team. Maybe they could play the Puerto Rican mens team!!!

It's absurd to believe that the U.S.Womens team should be paid as much as the mens team.

Oh!!!! But the wymyn beat all of the other wymyn!!!!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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