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July 26, 2019



Good week for TWIP!
Thanks hoyden


Rocco 9:16
There are SO many loose ends. Hope some get resolved...



This article is 90% charming people simply looking at and appreciating clouds, and maybe 10% sort-of science.

Personally, I think they have the cart before the horse.



That goes with that thread by StuinSD that I posted yesterday, I think. Mueller was "The Fixer" aka cover-up artist. who went around cleaning up after all of the FBI's misdeed and incompetence.

I am of the opinion that the FBI needs to be either dismantled or severely reorganized.

One thing I would insist on is abolishing those 302's (agent recollections of interviews) and require recording of every interview by video tape.



Sperry thinks the press will now pretend they have been covering this as a coup all along. I don't think so because they were involved.


More anecdotes:

Central American migrants are giving up on asylum because of this Trump policy — and going home

A report from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, shows that many Central Americans who arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border seeking asylum are giving up and going back to their home countries.

A reporter from the Texas Tribune asked how many of the Central American migrants at the migrant processing facility in Mexico were giving up on their asylum applications – nearly all of them indicated they were throwing in the towel.

The Tribune attributed the reversals from migrants to the policy of the Trump administration to make asylum-seekers stay in Mexico while their application was being processed.

One migrant told the Tribune that conditions in Mexico were actually more dangerous than those he left in Honduras because he didn't know anyone in Mexico who would help him.

"We're afraid and we want to go home, even though we're scared to return to our country," said Cristian Urquiza. "If Honduras is dangerous, Mexico is worse. It's more dangerous."


good morning, all. It's been a rough couple of nights for us Yankee fans, watching the Red Sox suddenly wake up from their season long slumber and out score us by 21 runs in two games.

I highly recommend the body language chick checking the Mueller testimony video that someone posted a link to on the last thread. Very entertaining.

Feel better t-killer.

Dietary theory is largely pseudo science.

carry on.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

OK, one last comment and Anonomom is welcome to respond;

First you have a method of argument that can become condescending and personal. Knock it off.

Now having said that and acknowledging I'm just a dumb stump jumper;
You have repeatedly made the argument that X was advocated before there was scientific support for it and look how that turned out.
Out in the sticks that's what we call a logical fallacy. For every X there are ten or a hundred Ys that somebody advocated that turned out to be not only not true but very often harmful. That's why we have clinical trials, and well, science, right?

--And for the record, there's almost no science behind any diet recommendations. There can't be--too many variables. It's just observational stuff, based on the vague recollections of people.--

Really? There are a lot of variables but there seem to be many thousands of double blind and/or well constructed studies on animals and humans not to mention basic biochemical research. Just because results are not universally applicable doesn't indicate the science doesn't exist. Like all science a lot of it is crummy, but the response to that is to pick out the crummy not throw out the good.

--Maybe why I am more likely to be open to innovative thinking that challenges convention.--

How do you know you are? Because of this one issue? I'm open to innovative thinking that makes sense, such as fasting, as you acknowledge. I'm also fairly skeptical of extraordinary claims because there are a lot more Ys than there re Xs.

--And talk about selling--they are the world's experts on selling themself.
Worked on you.--

I'm not sure what worked on me means, but regardless, how does that invalidate the author's plain statement that there is no scientific evidence backing up Gundry's claims? It doesn't, which you seem a little closer to admitting but never quite can bring yourself to do.

--Don't discourage ill people from finding optimal health because of what you find of be "outlandish" claims.--

When did I do that? I did exactly the opposite. I recognized that people are highly variable and some things might work for some people as Dr Omar might put it. I'm simply saying the guy is saying stuff that so far has no scientific backup and has a financial interest in the things he is saying. that Big Pharma and the Mayo clinic have that same interest is not an argument in his favor.

--Ask yourself why these people--and you-- are so invested in fighting Gundry?--

Are you suggesting I have some vested interest in "fighting" Gundry?
I don't have to ask myself to know; the world is chock full of liars, salesmen, crooks and well-intentioned zealots most of whom are selling something. I'm not applying anything to this issue I don't also apply to climate science, economics, geology or pretty much anything else.
Everybody selling me something, including books and ideas, is the one with the vested interest and my default assumption is they fit in one of the above categories.
And my philosophy is "change my mind".

The bottom line is many lectins are used by our bodies for useful purposes. Most lectins are harmless. Lectins are in all the food we eat and most that we don't. Lectins' ability to bond to other molecules is largely destroyed by heat. Other than tomatoes, the only foods with significant amounts of lectin we eat are cooked.
There may be something to what he says. At this point there is almost no evidence that there is. I'm skeptical because the large majority of these kind of claims turn out not to be true. You're not because a small minority do.

In this case one or both of us may live long enough to see who is right. Let's do our own science. I'll keep eating warm, juicy, delicious, homegrown tomatoes that dribble down my chin and you can hold your hand up and politely decline when offered one, and we'll see who dies of lupus first.
And while we wait, I will order his book and prepare to have my mind changed.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Watch me have to reveal a diagnosis of lupus next week. :/



Tomato lectins largely disappear at full ripeness, as with other fruits or vegetables, except legumes. That detail seemingly gets swept under the rug, but not to this tomato addict. Home Grown Tomatoes is not just an excellent tune, but a defensible lifestyle.

My point being that lectins are a plant lifecycle issue, first, then apply them to dietary intake. I had no idea about quinoa in a pressure cooker though, still trying to work that one out....


Newsweek: Golden Retrievers More Scary than Antifa

Newsweek, which changed hands a few years ago for the grand total of a buck, is now promoting the idea that the left-wing Antifa is basically a harmless organization. This promotion of a touchy-feely Antifa was done via a guest columnist named Tae Phoenix who is described as "a singer-songwriter who uses music as a community organizing tool. She organizes with the Poor People's Campaign and Indivisible, among others."

The title of her column, "Ban Anitfa? I've Met Golden Retrievers Who Scared Me More," has Phoenix oozing over just how peaceable the Antifa kids are who must bear the burden of wearing black masks on a hot day:

"These kids, most of whom were clearly overheating behind the black bandanas impractically tied across their faces, seemed enigmatic and slightly silly to me; but nothing about their posture or behavior struck me as remotely menacing. I've met golden retrievers who scared me more."


Ex--the point here is NOT weight loss, though that is certainly what catches attention.
It's OPTIMAL HEALTH. The weight loss with getting rid of crappy carbs and eating fat in complete contradiction to what the AHA said for three decades is incidental.

(Beer carbs are not crappy, right henry?
Or corn chips when consumed with guacamole. ;-) )

And yes, a switch from what is referred to as SAD (Standard American Diet) to high fat, low carb can result in weight loss at a daily higher caloric consumption. If you want to know why, read about insulin and how it influences fat production. It's not calories in, calories out. Hormones matter in fat storage.

Momto2 recommended Dr. Jason Fung the other day. I suggest you read his The Obesity Code, as your questions will be answered, and you will understand insulin's influence on fat production.

He may have videos available, but since he also needs to support himself, I am reluctant in light of Ig's response to Gundry to refer you to them without having watched them. He is interviewed frequently by podcasters.
I have seen a couple posted at dietdoctor.com that didn't make me think he was a shill or outlandish for supporting insulin reducing concepts such as Intermittent Fasting as well as carb limiting.

Note: dietdoctor started as a free site. They still have lots of free information, great ones of happy people who have gotten healthy, but now do have subscriptions to various programs they offer.
I think this could be regarded as free market.
Doctors have to buy toilet paper and feed their kids too.


Black hooded thugs who attack Asian reporters don't scare hippie chick folk singer?

Sounds like liberal privilege ... to me.


Not described as a suicide, here:




And yes, a switch from what is referred to as SAD (Standard American Diet) to high fat, low carb can result in weight loss at a daily higher caloric consumption. If you want to know why, read about insulin and how it influences fat production.

The "why" is a theory. Where is this data?


Beer carbs are the best carbs.


Take Phoenix is white.
Bet she would not fear for her personal safety from the KKK either.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I watch Jason Fung and think he's on the money. There is a good deal of science behind fasting, autophagy, insulin and insulin resistance and a ketogenic diet also.
None of it is conclusive but it seems pretty sound.



Videos of President and First Lady entering and leaving the hotel, as well as their taking a photo with a pair of teens, and a bonus Trump video mocking Nadler.

One thing that these videos demonstrate is that President Trump really likes people. I have noticed it when he shakes hands along a rope line.



Of interest to me is that FBI agent was a financial investigator.

I am not buying suicide.

Captain Hate

a guest columnist named Tae Phoenix who is described as "a singer-songwriter who uses music as a community organizing tool.

I guarantee her music smells like crusty ass.



Looks like President Trump was asking some pertinent questions.


Not a Christian but I like to think that Trump and we, his supporters, are people willing to stand in the gap.
Bad things happen if you run short of those "gap" people ...

Ezekiel 22:30
"I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread.



All I know is the high fat (think nice, juicy ribeye) low carb deal worked for me.

While I was having a hard time getting around before my surgery, Mrs. Buckeye was doing more of the cooking, and she prepared what she likes. Pasta, taters, the works.

My weight started climbing. Back to a Keto regimine and the pounds are coming off again.


Take Phoenix is white.

She isn't likely on a Antifa "wanted" poster either.


I think about 20 smelly assed dudes should beat the shit out of Tae Phoenix. They should call themselves anti-violent as they kick her teeth in.


Where is this data?

Where are you NOT finding this data? Where are you looking for it?
It's all over all the paleo/fat world.

Try Fung's or Taube's book---both have extensive bibliographies.

Nina Teicholz's book BIG FAT SURPRISE likely does too. I never read it, because it was long, long past being a surprise to me by 2015.

You might find reading about Tim Noakes to be enlightening. As would anyone who doesn't think there is massive ego and territory protection invlolved in this arena. If you are on Twitter, go to his tweets. He often links to studies.

Another Bob

My problem with taking any position of certainty re. the diet stuff is we’ve seen several rounds of “the science is settled” that eventually get OTBE’d.

If it’s doing what you want/need keep on keepin’ on. But let’s not presume we can SHITCAN [/GUS] all the other books quite yet.


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