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August 19, 2019




I had to insist to hubby that he not inform our kids of his theory that anyone who makes straight a's in school is missing out on life until they were adults. He also used to tell our youngest to go on to bed in high school and quit worrying about her exams. She ignored him.

Have an Alzheimer's update for anyone in a similar position of trying to warn a stubborn spose of what's ahead before someone gets hurt. Apparently mom tried to change my dad similarly to what she would have done at home without asking an aide for help and he wrenched her arm enough where she had to ice it last night.

She said last night she really could not have kept him at home just as I had been insisting. People who spend decades on construction sites and climbing ladders lose their minds before their muscle tone.


The Dem that ran agionst Ryan:

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

What a shock. Randy Bryce appears to have started a scam PAC. One that has paid him, but is yet to make a single political donation.



Old Lurker,

They are also phonies. I never for one second believed Lois Lerner was interested in administering the IRS according to the Constitution.

I have a habit of listening to YouTube videos at night while I drop off to sleep. It often queues up videos from speeches and government hearings.

I woke up this morning with Secretary Mnuchin getting a grilling from the Senate committee which oversees Treasury. It must have been in 2018 or so, because lots of the dems were going on about getting Trump's tax statements (which no doubt none could understand, anyway).

The striking thing was I heard this woman with a really pleasant, smiling tone talking, complimenting Mnuchin on the Opportunity Zones and how much they were going to help certain areas in her state, and butter would have melted instantly in her mouth.

You know who it was? That witch/harpy Kamela Harris! What a liar and phony!

I think that may be the secret to Trump's continuing popularity. He's authentic. He keeps his promises as much as he can. There is no secret to how he feels.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Too funny;
AOC, Omar, Tlaib Silent as Palestine Outlaws LGBT Activity in West Bank.

Early Monday morning, The Jerusalem Post reported that the PA and Palestine Police had outlawed LGBT activity in the West Bank and threatened to arrest members of the LGBT group Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society. Al-Qaws was planning a gathering for members in Nablus at the end of the month. The group only has offices in Israel — in East Jerusalem and in Haifa.


Captain Hate

Snopes seems determined on self immolation

Good riddance.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Comment from that 10:08 link;

"If someone is homosexual, "having a fling" means something very different in a Muslim country than it means in a Western one."



The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Italy's Prime Minister Conte said he will resign, sparking political uncertainty in the eurozone's third-largest economy

Old Lurker

MM "They are also phonies. I never for one second believed Lois Lerner was interested in administering the IRS according to the Constitution."

Narc will remind us of the correct term, but lying in pursuit of the advancement of jihad is a good thing for a Muslim. Why should Progs be any different?

And just to quibble, "phoney" is too kind and soft a word.


Not uncertainty, just a step towards an inevitable Salvini govt.



It's called a Hudna, "We will have peace until I've reloaded."

James D.

Ig @ 10:08

Actually, they're not being silent on that subject.

Insty had a link to VictoryGirlsBlog, and they've got a tweet from Rep Omar:

"Pretending that this act somehow balances or mitigates Israel violating the dignity & rights of Palestinians - or undermines case for defending Palestinian rights - is deplorable! "

And also:

"LGBTQ rights are human rights and we should condemn any effort to infringe upon them.

But we should also condemn any effort to equate this with the occupation or use this as a distraction."

Pure class all the way.



That tweet has been retweeted by Geraldo Rivera, among others.

Here is Trump's current Twitter page:


As you can see, he has mostly re-tweeted or replied to people today, so I haven't brought the tweets over here. When he has a day like this I figure he is trying to direct our attention to certain areas - in this case it appears to be mostly the economy, with a sideshow of Greenland.

The thing is, look at how much mileage he got from that Greenland story, and the tweet pushed it even further. It's great to have a president who also is a showman and knows how to get people's attention. It's probably another reason why the press hates him.


I'd like to see more information on this idea:


matt - deplore me if you must

Be careful, they may radicalize the LGBT movement into Al Queerda.


James D.,

You had to find those quotes through the Insty-Victory Girls link. Not a chance it was in the WaPo or NYT or any of the networks. Why?

Because the mainstream outlets (which hopefully will be a minority source) has finally realized what the delightful Twitter poster Catturd said this morning:

"Good morning to everyone especially ‘the squad’ who create 100,000 new Trump voters every time they open their hateful mouths."


Taquiya although kitman mighr apply as well,


Ah the journal would be pushing loyaliat propaganda in colonial times re ahenzhen that would be new york


Melinda at 10:32,

So would I! I wonder how those roads would perform in cold weather!

As you know, Indianapolis street conditions have been a major gripe of mine for a couple of years. And whatever the asphalt patching is that is being used, it tends to crumble and work it's way out of the edges of the chuckhole (pothole for non-Hoosiers) and pretty soon you have an even larger area to fill.


.narciso, your article posted last night at 11.44 p.m. is good.


Another wise comment from Catturd on Paul Ryan's move to DC:

"That worthless POS weasel is probably teaming up with Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley and Anthony Scaramucci to try some Anti-Trump BS for 2020."


‘Epstein was definitely not murdered before committing suicide’ says Trump et al (a parody)

Multi-billionaire sex criminal Brian Epstein might have been forced into suicide by being murdered, according to secret documents uncovered by yet-to-be assassinated journalists. Meanwhile, though, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, the Duke of Edinburgh, and a hundred other ultra-famous men have signed a letter in the New York Times today in which they deny the not-murdering of Epstein. It read:

We solemnly deny we conspired to send a top secret agent with a sinister face into the five star prison in which Mr Epstein was being entertained, having instructed said agent to remove the suicide watch from Mr Epstein’s wrist and administer a deadly poison between his big and second toe like in the movies. This poisoning would be untraceable when Mr Epstein took the tragic step of ending it all, had it happened, which it didn’t. We can all account for our whereabouts at the time of death (except the Duke of Edinburgh, whose idea of his whereabouts is still a bit hit and miss) and in any event all the top-secret assassins of the kind that categorically did not kill Mr Epstein are mostly on vacation at this time, as far as we could ascertain.


Captain Hate

administering the IRS according to the Constitution.

The IRS isn't in the Constitution. Neither is the DOJ, DOE (both) or EPA. The Post Office is.



So if it's 50-50, who has the most to lose?


Miss M, if you don't repair the subsurface under the pothole, it will get bigger. Dumping more stuff in it is a short term thing at best.


Oh. Goody.



rse, dismantle white supremacy culture, get poop in the streets. San Francisco is that Eden.


Charming. What happened to making sure they had the proper vaccinations?



The Hill‏Verified account @thehill · 2m2 minutes ago

JUST IN: Russia accuses US of "escalating military tensions" with missile test http://hill.cm/rJQfKPg


I guess we are just doing Putin's bidding. Oh, wait, is that no loner operational?

Captain Hate

Critical thinking == white supremacy culture

Old Lurker

Cap'n "The IRS isn't in the Constitution. Neither is the DOJ, DOE (both) or EPA. The Post Office is."

Understood, but they were anticipated when the Constitution allowed for their creation pursuant to either proper amendments to the document or to laws being passed by Congress and signed by the President, and, post Marbury, not rejected by SCOTUS. And of course since the Constitution was all about protecting the freedoms and liberties of individuals even at the expense of the State, that concept overlays it all.

James D.

rse, that article is horrifying.

That principal should be put on trial for child abuse.


LOL Matt!




https://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/white-supremacy-culture-characteristics.html is linked to in that article and White Supremacy Culture appears to be anything where actual competence in what you are doing can be recognized and rewarded.

It's also hard to endure a White Fragility lecture from someone who comes across as a mental midget apart from race, gender, etc.

It seems like a Free to be Mediocre with No Consequences allowed vision.


It seems like a Free to be Mediocre with No Consequences allowed vision.

seems more a "we shouldn't be better than the shitholes elsewhere" vision.

Captain Hate

[i]they were anticipated when the Constitution allowed for their creation pursuant to either proper amendments to the document or to laws being passed by Congress and signed by the President, and, post Marbury, not rejected by SCOTUS.[/i]

They knew revenue would have to be produced and it would be a thorny issue, with taxes on booze being the earliest bit of insurrection. I can see the DOJ, kind of, but I'd imagine the Founders would think Article V would be invoked before the state would grow so large to oversee education, energy and the environment as cabinet level positions. Those were Uniparty anal rapes.

Old Lurker

Me too, Cap'n.


Good grief thats the happy happy joy joy culture that lenina huxley (very arch of the screenwriters) rebelled againsr in demolition man


Wasnt brian the beatles agent?


Heres somsrhing i noticed on the weekend raduo, people too lazy to spell out crosby stills nash and young, they use the acronym, shirley.




Video and lots of photos.

Captain Hate

Heres somsrhing i noticed on the weekend raduo, people too lazy to spell out crosby stills nash and young, they use the acronym, shirley.

Last weekend was the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock so it was classic crock across the dial.



Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Great cohesion inside the Republican Party, the best I have ever seen. Despite all of the Fake News, my Poll Numbers are great. New internal polls show them to be the strongest we’ve had so far! Think what they’d be if I got fair media coverage!
Retweeted today with this comment:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump · 4m4 minutes ago

The LameStream Media is far beyond Fake News, they are treading in very dangerous territory!

This is sure to get the press/TV people stirred up, and in my experience he doesn't say stuff like this unless he knows something.


I lived in Cobb County years ago and they had a decent public school system. I'm thankful to be teaching in a private Christian high school!

A South Cobb high school student punched a teacher in the face after he was asked if he’d completed an assignment, according to police.

Though classes have only been in session a few days in metro Atlanta, there have been several incidents involving violence and weapons on campus.





Jane, either way the victims lose. I've seen the screw ups in these types of institutions and how and why they happened. I've seen administrators who don't know their asses from their elbows. I've seen medical staff, a nurse in particular, tell me to roll him over, after he fell down a flight of stairs and screaming about his back. A personnel director, filling in on a weekend, almost killed me by allowing Billy Barnoski to visit the female I was watching at Framingham Union. I'll be very surprised if it turns out he was murdered.



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