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August 19, 2019



Ok now i have:



Yon wants the dwmocrats to address hong kong, can you see how that would be unhelpful.

jim nj

Getting back to the militia question. I'll preface this with the disclaimer that my knowledge is based on colonial New York.

Participation in the militia was Mandatory for all males 16-60 unless you were physically or mentally disabled. You were required to supply your own weapons. The government supplied gunpowder and shot.

It's important to remember that they were founded as self-defense forces. Their main concern was defending their communities and it was very useful to do it with an organized group, rather than as dis-jointed individuals. Their officers were elected by the group. Since your life might be threatened by bad leadership, you took the vote seriously.

Non-coms were selected by the officers, with the consent of the men serving under them.

They drilled regularly to gain competence and to form defensive plans.

On occasion they were called to service by the colonial Governor.


New York Colonial Muster Rolls: 1664-1775, as found in the second annual report of the State Historian of the State of New York, transmitted to the legislature, February 22, 1897.
The muster rolls are a great history and genealogical tool. The rolls also show when units of the militia were called up.

During the Revolution the militias cooperated with, but were not part of, the Continental Army. At the Battle of Saratoga the Army was bolstered by militias from all over.


Militias from NY, CT, MA % VT all came together for the battle.

Prior to the Revolution militia might get called up to bolster British troops, like during the French and Indian war.

Sadly, at the onset of the Revolution. the Loyalists felt duty bound to leave the militia. Because of the fear of people becoming British spies most of them also fled to NYC.

I have one family in my genealogy where the older brother was a Captain and his younger brother was a Lieutenant serving under him. When the war broke out he was married to a Loyalist woman. She, her father and the Lieutenant re-located to NYC and later Canada.


Is a source for finding out about American Loyalists who fled to Canada. I found the Lieutenant in there, He was looking for land and compensation.


Wasnt benedict arnolds wife peggy ahippen a loyalist hence his shifting loyalties


How loyalties become reoriented



Note he used a pen name for his ventures


Cuba was one of the last colonies that still retained allegiance to the crown, some 50 years after the other independence movements

jim nj



"The next time a legislator, mayor, or governor rails about plastic straws or the Paris Climate Accord, be assured that his state’s roads are clogged, his public schools failing—and he is clueless or indifferent about it."

jim nj


Transcript also

jim nj

Above link works, just formatted wrongly.

Rasmussen: New Poll Shows Voters Trust Political News About As Much As They Trust Wikipedia


If you can't get to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

jim nj


"Did Bill Clinton See This Coming?

On his 73rd birthday, the former MVP of the Democratic Party has been sidelined—perhaps for good."

Goes a little too easy on Clinton, but I have to admit that Clinton didn't bother me so much when compared to Obama.

I'm a political junkie so I always watched the State of the Union speeches. Until Obama. Watched one or two and skipped the rest.

jim nj



"Chinese police cars parked on the streets of Australia spark alarm amid Hong Kong protests

Authorities are investigating after fake Chinese police cars were seen stationed in major Australian cities amid pro-democracy demonstrations."

jim nj


"About 35 million years ago, an asteroid traveling nearly 144,000 mph (231,000 km/h) smashed into the Atlantic Ocean near the modern-day town of Cape Charles, Virginia. The space rock vaporized instantly, but its impact triggered a gargantuan tsunami, cast up a monsoon of shattered rocks and molten glass that spanned hundreds of miles and carved out the single largest crater in the United States — the so-called Chesapeake Bay impact structure."

I never heard of this before today.

jim nj

Quick look at Chinese farming this year,


"Every day, we hear of more outbreaks," says Christine McCracken, a senior analyst at RaboResearch, which is affiliated with the global financial firm Rabobank.

McCracken and her colleagues now estimate that by the end of 2019, China's production of pork could be cut in half. "That's roughly 300 million to 350 million pigs lost in China, which is almost a quarter of the world's pork supply," she says. "It's a massive number."


This should surprise no one, farmers may also be slaughtering infected hogs and putting them into the food supply chain. The disease reportedly doesn't affect humans, but it might taint the rest of the hog industry.


It's an interesting dynamic. Food production for humans and livestock will be effected by the army worm. Yet with smaller hog populations the demand for soybean meal will lessen.

With the trade war going on, this is really poor timing for the Chinese economy.

I've seen anecdotal reports that duck farmers are getting higher prices as people substitute duck meat for hog meat.

jim nj


"But we can probably draw two conclusions with some small measure of confidence."

"The first is, whatever happened, it's certainly worse than Moscow will admit, given what we know about how Putin's Russia operates, and also what we just learned from that WSJ report. The second is that Putin's Russia, just like the Communist Soviet Union that preceded it, simply isn't capable of playing with matches of this size without putting their neighbors, or perhaps the world, at risk.>

jim nj

Where'd everybody go? Hello.


Just got coffee. Morning Jim.

jim nj

RE: that story that people aren't changing their undies daily, well yes, save the planet by using less detergent.



"Most of us would agree that using deodorant is a pretty crucial step to take before leaving your house during these sweltering months. But, according to a shocking new YouGov poll, nearly 40 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 24 haven’t used either deodorant or anti-perspirant in the last month."

Apparently Americans are being Frenchified, who needs deodorant or a fresh set of undies, when you can just use perfume like the French and bathe once a week?

jim nj

Good Morning Henry.

jim nj


Apparently the old saw about not watching sausage or laws being made now applies to journalism.

Ask for a comment on a story, ignore the comment, but misquote an earlier comment already on the record.


That is not news to wake up to. Off to the showers.

James D.

So we’ve had 180 CEOs disclaim their fiduciary responsibilities today.

Duty of loyalty? Business judgment rule?


I saw that on the front page of today's NYT.

Seems like a good time for shareholders to flee those companies. Maybe a nice selloff (and boycott) would knock some sense into them.

jim nj

Before the end of the year the NYT and WaPo will turn anyone, who ever said anything, into a racist with selective "out-takes" from past interviews or articles.

It's gonna get ugly folks. 1619 is the new Pearl Harbor. They are in the fight of their lives over the black vote.

I have enough faith in black voters that they will see through this.


James D, just the bs getting pumped out by business schools the past 30 years.

jim nj

James D,

I can understand the PR value of saying you are going to honor all "stakeholders." From the perspective of a potential shareholder I'm interested in the employees being well-treated and contributing fully to the companies goal of making a profit for me.

I wouldn't mind a company where they function and employ people from earning some PR by being supportive of that community to some degree.

But it does get annoying when businesses grant funds to entities without shareholder approval. That should be voted on as it is a diversion of profits.

And it is annoying as all hell to purchase something in a store and have the point of sale device ask for a contribution toward something, or other, (yo, CVS, you listening).


"So we’ve had 180 CEOs disclaim their fiduciary responsibilities today"

Revoke their corporate status. If the CEO won't be a fair steward of investors' money let the CEO be responsible for paying legal judgments out of his own pocket.

jim nj


Yes, that was current thinking in the 80's when I was back to school. It wasn't "lefty" thinking at the time, just common sense, keep everybody you deal with happy and you'll have fewer problems.

Like everything else, liberals have sought to re-define that common sense into support for trendy issues.


I never contribute to national causes at point of sale retail check-outs. Local causes, sometimes.

But why should I let CVS get a deduction when I can decide who I want to donate to and when?

Captain Hate

Waste of time reading that dogshit Atlantic article on Slick. Who cares what his approval rating was when he left office? He never got 50% of the popular vote nor did his wife. And mentioning the Bushes just points out what terrible Presidents the country was shackled with between Reagan and Trump.



Sharpton, Inc.

jim nj


It's a really weird situation when you think about it. A CEO pressuring subordinates to donate to his/her favorite cause would clearly be abusive, but doing the same to shareholders isn't.

jim nj


Yes, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as "stakeholders."

Captain Hate,

Like I said I had reservations about the way that Atlantic article was written, but there is no doubt that Bill Clinton is a "pariah" in his own party. As is, currently, Bush the latter.


Good morning, all!

Melinda, "Sharpton, Inc." indeed.

Probably also some climate change and feminist virtue signaling.


You’re welcome in Texas as long as you never forget why you fled a liberal state.

Texans expect less government, lower taxes & more freedom.

Newcomers must keep it that way.

Also you’ll need to switch to ⁦@ShinerBeer⁩ or ⁦@LoneStarBeer⁩ or other Texas brands pic.twitter.com/gTMbBedol0

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) August 19, 2019

Link goes to a picture, which is pretty funny.


Jim, Sharpton and Jackson, plus unions were the stakeholders in the theory the b schools were pumping. Increased profit via happy employees was the happy face they rode it in on. (PhDin Mgmt around then, I was taught using the theories rse is exposing today).


For anyone unfamiliar with where the sudden interest in plastic straws is coming from it is not about the Paris Accords





Gold reclaims $1,500 mark as focus turns to Fed

jim nj

But why should I let CVS get a deduction when I can decide who I want to donate to and when?

Posted by: sbwaters | August 20, 2019 at 07:06 AM
Well CVS doesn't get the tax benefit from those donations, but it does get to claim the credit for the funds it raises.

What I find annoying about the thing is that it is a "guilting" process that ensnares people who don't want to look bad by not donating.

The better question would be would you like to donate a dollar of your bill, on us, to this group. I'd be more inclined to say yes.



Awarded $3 million for wrongful termination.

Whatever drains that scummy organizations coffers is fine by me.

jim nj


That's classic Marxism. Profit is unpaid wages.


Darwin Award contestants:



is General Electric going bankrupt?
$38 Billion Fraud discovered.

GE shares down to $8 (today) from $28 in 2017
. https://t.co/CTKcfjeQLJ

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) August 20, 2019

Link goes to a GE whistleblower video, which I have not watched yet.


Good morning, from now on if a salesperson asks if I'd like to donate to their cause, I'll declare loudly, "NO THANKS, but I'll gladly donate to the Save The Turtles Foundation, can I do that?"


Jim, yes. classic marxism.



jim nj


That story was around yesterday, the "whistle-blower" was an illegal alien and Planned Parenthood sought to discredit her on that basis.

Hypocritical BS.


Another Bob

Clickbait headline for that Vodkapundit thing.

No, not another Chernobyl. The amount of materials are orders of magnitude lower for one.

It is a bit of a frightening concept though - a (presumably) nuclear missile (and a similar torpedo) with a running time of days to weeks?

The torpedo in particular. With good means to guide it, one could fire at a US port or aircraft carrier from Russian waters.


Markopolous has some serious fraud problems of his own with that stunt. I have had issues with GE's accounting since Welch, but this act* by Harry was even worse.

*Announces "bad accounting" in a report, paid for by a hedge fund that he's invested in and gets a piece of the outcome, which is disclosed AFTER the report.

James D.

Waste of time reading that dogshit Atlantic article

You could have just stopped right there.

It’s not worth wasting one second or one brain cell on the lying, slanderous lunatic scumbags who write there.


.⁦@LesterHoltNBC⁩ and ⁦@TODAYshow⁩ embarrassed themselves and America by giving ⁦@JZarif⁩ and Iran propaganda airtime.

Holt didn’t ask one hardball question, especially about the IRGC and Soleimani’s role in global terror ops. https://t.co/1w6nDNkAKX

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) August 20, 2019

Link goes to Today Show story. My question is why NBC was willing to serve as a propaganda arm for Iran.



Nuke propelled cruise missile, to be specific. It's engine was a nuke. Sounds like bad math was involved.

James D.

I don’t mind the point of sale donation at PetCo to save a homeless pet. At least that has some connection to the store and to something I care about.

But CVS (and my local supermarket) can go to hell with their donations to vague causes.


Hey! I found out I have $190 in that unclaimed fund. It is from a loyalty account I had at the now-defunct Marsh grocery store near my old home, called Upromise.

What it comes from is that when I belonged to it back in the early 2000's, they let you put the money in stocks of your choice. So I did that, but I swear to you guys it was only worth $20 or so. That's why I forgot about it.

The Trump stock market apparently has even benefitted me!

James D.

My question is why NBC was willing to serve as a propaganda arm for Iran.

Because they think it will make the President look bad and/or make it harder for him to take effective action against Iran and it’s terrorism, proxy war against Israel and pursuit of nuclear weapons.

And because It’s what their co-conspirators in the Democrat Party (especially the lunatic anti-Semitic “squad”) wants them to do.

And because the people who run NBC News are a bunch of effing traitors who in a sane world would be rotting their lives away in prison or awaiting the gallows.



"A timely reminder that in 2016, several major journalists were revealed to be explicitly coordinating with the Clinton campaign or—at the very least—favoring it and working closely with it. None suffered consequences. These folks will help shape 2020 coverage."

Excellent thread with documentation and links.


Kids need more of this, particularly boys. Video at link.

Fathers...lined up to welcome their sons and daughters back to school. Sending my Jude into his first day of fifth grade like this meant everything to me. Especially since his dad was the first one in line. 💜💜 #meltmyheart #onegenerationtothenext pic.twitter.com/R5PsAG3bBr

— Priscilla Shirer (@PriscillaShirer) August 19, 2019
Another Bob

Yeah Mel, understood (“running time of days to weeks”). Operating assumption is the warhead on an operational weapon is nuke as well.

Re. Markopoulous, most news reports are glossing over the hedgie involvement, and that information “withheld for law enforcement” would sound like blackmail in a lot of contexts.

GE has been a long-time financial manipulator, but if GE is withholding commonly-released accounting reports, why is their auditor still signing off and why has nobody pressed a SarbOx claim?

Another Bob

... or other state-level legal claims?


Todd purdum doea for the left, what kamala did for willy brown, he was a jackalope to guilianis efforts to recover new york from snake plisken territory he protected obama and alandered the hintress on the way out.


Thanks for the Unrestricted Warfare posts last night.

The Chinese gal that worked for MT and I had a visceral hatred for Britain.

I think the Chinese have waaaaay longer memories than we do.


Huntress, i would assign grenfell tower flat 4,
To purdum, have i made my feelings clear.


Youre welcome buckeye.

Jim Eagle

Interesting energy efficiency angle to the proposed plastic ban: IIRC, making polymers from natural gas feedstock is in the 90 percentile range. Using NG in a combined cycle generating plant it’s in the 50 percentile range. Good news for Tesla owners since a clean fuel is more expansively available but we will be wasting up to 30% of its efficacy.

No problem, it’s what we do to save the planet. Just plain dumb from the same people who landed men on the Moon.

Old Lurker

I think this is in front of the pay wall and most clearly explains why ignoring Milton Friedman from about fifty years ago charts yet another great highway to Marxism we have been speeding along:


JimNJ said it best in the middle of the night. My business school and early mentoring taught me that keeping all the gears in the machinery of (my) business happy WAS good business. Vesting small gears with "rights" and "seats" and "stakes" and backing them up with courts and government teeth is not any different from rewriting the history of Western Civilization so that other tribes can take stuff from others, or with so muddying the water with lack of accountability in all aspects of government turns it all into an Alice in Wonderland experience.

Who is John Galt?



Includes video.


Heh. Video at the link.

“People aren’t criticisingMeghan Markle because she’s black. They’re criticisingher because she epitomiseswoke snobbery. She lectures us from the pulpit of Vogue about saving the planet and then she flies around in a private jet. She’s a hypocrite.”

Brendan O’Neill on Sky pic.twitter.com/2N2PMXIvMv

— spiked (@spikedonline) August 20, 2019

No problem, it’s what we do to save the planet. Just plain dumb from the same people who landed men on the Moon.

We landed people on the moon before Universities started passing out Gender Studies degrees.



This is about the New York Times' 1619 Project. Well worth the read.


President Trump is a grandpa again!

Eric Trump‏Verified account @EricTrump

.@LaraLeaTrump and I are excited to welcome Carolina Dorothy Trump into the world. We love you already!

8:57 PM - 19 Aug 2019



Huge snowfall. 1 1/2 to 2 feet.


Developing: Dr. Mark Siegel: Jeffrey Epstein Suffered Hemorrhaging in the Neck – A Sign of Homicide (VIDEO)



John Solomon: FBI Knowingly Misled FISA Court — The Term “Political Surveillance” Will become Very Popular This Fall (VIDEO)


Robin, eff 'em all

Fathers...lined up to welcome their sons and daughters back to school. Sending my Jude into his first day of fifth grade like this meant everything to me. Especially since his dad was the first one in line. 💜💜 #meltmyheart #onegenerationtothenext pic.twitter.com/R5PsAG3bBr

— Priscilla Shirer (@PriscillaShirer) August 19, 2019
Posted by: MissMarple3 | August 20, 2019 at 08:15 AM

The weird thing about that video (and don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled to see dads doing this) is that nobody looks like they're dressed for work. My husband's workplace is casual, but nobody wears shorts.


I do not understand the fathers lining up thing. That is very strange / creepy.


Excerpt from an email reply to a reader who dismissed concerns about the NYTimes:

The New York Times had set a “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative to follow. It failed. Now Baquet has set another, different narrative and expects to write from that point of view.

A good example of that style of “reporting” is Howard Zinn’s A People’s History where his selective use of facts creates an interpretation of history that, by viewing other omitted facts, obviously is jaundiced.

You need not change your view. I was simply giving you extra information that, if Zinn had been one of your major sources of daily news, you might find useful.


yes... the perfect answer to the "stakeholders" crap:

Don Draper @DonDraperClone

"...[GE] CEO Jeffrey Immelt was the model...'stakeholder' executive...Yet [he] failed in his core duty to find a...business model that enhanced...shareholder value. That failure served neither customers, employees, suppliers, communities nor shareholders" wsj.com/articles/the-s…

matt - deplore me if you must

I am trying to figure out how they could build a nuclear powered rocket. It just doesn't sound logical.

The design of any nuclear device requires that extraordinary safety precautions be used. You can't just walk around with a U-235 or plutonium power source. So how could one build an efficient rocket that doesn't kill anyone within 100 yards with radiation?

So the likelihood was that it was an explosive device that blew up. We can track that from space, but probably wouldn't ay a word. The NGIA is pretty low key.


Howard zinn, now followed up by jill lepore, creating a malefactum of american history, like ths 1619 projects bad sourcing from the reasom piece.


For every so called medical expert that claims Epstein was murdered, there's another claiming a 66 year old mans hyoid and surrounding bones are brittle enough to break and is common in suicidal hangings.



I think it is being done to impress on the kids that school is important to the fathers and not just a mom thing.

Different times than ours. At least it's something positive.

Also, Robin, a lot of dads work 2nd or third shift, so they aren't going to show up in work clothes.


Its supposedly for the hypersonic missile thar would evade defensive countermeasures, all fur hat now ox.


I think thats the metaphor that fits.

Captain Hate

“People aren’t criticisingMeghan Markle because she’s black. They’re criticisingher because she epitomiseswoke snobbery. She lectures us from the pulpit of Vogue about saving the planet and then she flies around in a private jet. She’s a hypocrite.”

I was positive that Tammy Bruce was 100% wrong about Sparkle Farkle when she was first going gaga over her. Some otherwise intelligent people, mostly wimmen, turn into blithering idiots talking about the Royals, particularly the whore Diana and her spawn.


OK Miss M, it looks to me like a bunch of moms put the dads up to it. still creepy.

Old Lurker

Rocco "For every so called medical expert that claims Epstein was murdered, there's another claiming..."

And they all are missing the point.

Allowing Epstein to die before he gave up the truths is no different than letting all the DoJ/FBI/IRS crooks and all the Obama & Clinton crooks destroy their devices and machines before letting them run out the clocks on addressing their own many crimes and felonies.




Probably the teacher. My daughter's grade school had days where dads were invited to lunch and stuff like that.


Molly Beck @MollyBeck

Paul Ryan moving his family to Washington from Wisconsin but isn’t planning to sell his Janesville home.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Can't wait for Nanny Ryan, turned K Street prostitute, to start lecturing us again on who we are and aren't while stuffing gobs of swag into his carpetbags.


Old Lurker.

Just as we foolishly believed that elected officials were representing us rather than donors and foreign countries, we foolishly believed that federal employees were COMPETENT.

That is one of the big eye-openers of the Trump administration. Not only is he working for us, but he is COMPETENT. It's why he has gotten so much done.

Apparently the motto in the federal prisons has been "eh, that's good enough - who'll notice?"

Jim Eagle


Nuclear Thermal Rockets are pretty common since the 1950's. NASA alone has a dozen different designs.



I know in my community, about 1/3 of the dads don't work.


Ryan no doubt keeping his Janesville residence for tax purposes.


Scams all the way down.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Al Gore lobbies for climate policies that limit meat while his firm invests $200 million in meat substitutes



Theit job is to keep the gravy train going to preferred parties, oh you mean preserve amd protect the constitution, thats above their paygrade.


This will get the pillow treatment:


Old Lurker

MM "foolishly believed that federal employees were COMPETENT."

No, MM. We foolishly thought they were interested in performing their jobs in conformance with the laws and the Constitution and their oaths of office.

Since that was never the case (silly us), perhaps we are better off because they are NOT competent in following Obama's lead in transforming this country. If they had been good at it, Trump would have lost and Hillary would have carried them over the finish line into the Marxist Utopia they imagine.


OL, I certainly understand your point of view but I think there's a distinction between allowing that evidence to be destroyed and authorities allowing Epstein to kill himself. The latter a bridge too far for me to believe. I choose to believe the Institution and its policies and procedures were poorly managed.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Babylon Bee Vows to Fight Back after Snopes Doubles Down on Critique
Snopes seems determined on self immolation.


OL hits the nail on the head.

If Epstein did commit suicide, just means there were people who didn't have to follow through with their plans to kill him.

The incredibly lax supervision was just a long string of coincidences?

Maybe, or maybe part of a plan all along.

Only slightly more difficult than blowing smoke up a FISA court's ass.

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