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August 20, 2019




the article (someone linked it earlier)


From Jeffrey Goldstein (Protein Wisdom):UPDATE ON MY LAST POST
Helen and I just spent the morning talking to so credit counselors, and there’s a real chance we may be able to salvage our situation, if Helen’s raise does in fact come through.

We initially thought we’d need somewhere in the neighborhood of $36-40K, but with a debt management program cutting some of our payments and interest rates — and the possibility that we could qualify for hardship programs based on Satchel’s medical condition — it’s looking more like $15K would allow us to reach our goal and save our house and car without taking a serious hit to our credit (right now, we’re both in the 700s on our credit scores).

This would allow us time to sell the house, if need be, and downsize, while keeping our credit high enough to purchase a smaller home.

I want once again to thank all of you who have been so generous to me and my family. For the first time in several months, I feel hopeful.

Please pass this post along to anyone you know who might be able to help. My wife and I have thus far tried to keep the boys from worrying about our hardship; with your help and charity — or if you’re opposed to this as charity, just consider access to pw archives and any new material a kind of service — we have a fighting chance.

We are roughly $10K away from solvency — which is a damn sight better position to be in than we thought was our situation last night.

And for that, again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


It’s ar The Hill under ‘Opinion”


Yes but nithimg ever comes of more fusion ouvno keeos getting served up like prime rib.


Maybe it is nithing, greg craig can wait a few more monthes as judge jackson serves as chaperome while she put the thumbscrews to mamafort and now stone.



The left continues with its effort to get rid of the electoral college, so that the big cities can choose our leaders.



Manafort, they went back 13 years on a bogus fara charge


zerohedge‏ @zerohedge · 2h2 hours ago

"Greenland referendum finds that 90% of the local population voted to join the US"


So about this payroll tax cut, youd think thanos was closing his fist, the reaction.




Trump tells NRA chief that universal background checks are off the table. 45 minute call. Lots of talk about things like mental health. Trump initiated. NRA thrilled, per people familiar. Our latest: https://t.co/5IhjWo2qJP

— Josh Dawsey (@jdawsey1) August 21, 2019

Link goes to Washington Post article.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

President Trump’s Foreign Policy Fiasco.
The shameful firing of Dr. Kiron Skinner puts American foreign policy in disarray.

Don't know anything about Dr Skinner, but if the story is accurate = not good and Trump should intervene.


Tucker Carlson Exposing @SenMikeLee for Big Tech Flip Flop

Tucker then slams "Conservative" DC Think Tanks for telling us that worrying about Big Tech was "socialist" & "un-American":

"Of course Google itself is socialist & un-American so the argument never really made sense." pic.twitter.com/Z92OVt91yL

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) August 21, 2019

3-minute video at link, making it very plain what is happening.

Lee is in the Romney mold, if you ask me.


Yes that came out of left field,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--"Greenland referendum finds that 90% of the local population voted to join the US"--

Had a feeling that would be the case. I betcha if Trump approached it from the "let the indigenous* decide not you creepy, white priveleged, Eurotrash, Viking creeps" angle he might just nab it.
Use guile to guilt the slimey Danes into it.

*Of course it seems the Norsemen were there before the Inuit so indigenous is as indigenous does.



FWIW: More tractors, trailers, containers, construction vehicles, etc. on the road today than normal.

It's annoying as hell.

Still not seeing ANY signs of "recession" in NJ.

Late August should be quiet.
It's anything but.

Not comparable to the tariff run up, but very busy.


Something rotten i denmark, this is the lefty a ti immigration pm in charge now?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Tucker then slams "Conservative" DC Think Tanks for telling us that worrying about Big Tech was "socialist" & "un-American".--

Think about it; what are think tanks in the business of doing? Thinking and tanking, both of which are useless at this point, although conservative think tanks are supremely talented at the tanking end of things.
Kicking and arsing are the only things that matter now. Period.



Rombley will be lucky if he gets Steve Young’s vote.


Chewing bubblegum is optional,



I hadn't thought about it until a couple of days ago, but all summer we have had 3-4 freight trains going by on the tracks near us every day. The usual was 1/weel.

Normally I didn't even bother to check for trains, but now you have to. Very unusual, and indicative of more goods being shipped.


If we buy Greenland we need to stipulate in the contract that they have to fire their Puerto Rican governor.


Hes made deals with much officials of more disperate interests:



damn it. nats lost to the pirates ... the pirates of all teams.

the bullpen ...


That toads the wet sprocket, rich, arrg


took off early from work to watch it too ... crud.

Manuel Transmission

When I came out of the hills of Montana at the end of 2nd grade, my mom made an edict that I will attend whatever Sunday school I chose until further notice. I tried several in the little farm town and ended up at the Presbyterian where I really enjoyed the learning and the companionship of a neighbor buddy (who eventually became a preacher) and his kid sister who was in my class at school. Vacation Bible School and all.

When we moved to Seattle, I had only a Lutheran church to go to that also was the home for the local scout troop. Well, after awhile, the minister cornered me and said, “Fish, or cut bait, kid.” ...Bye!

Never looked back, in spite of my three older sisters praying for me ever since. The several dozen persons of the Cloth I’ve interacted with since, all to varying degrees made my skin crawl.

I’ve never felt ‘lost’, or in need of guidance that I didn’t readily get from quiet or meditative time. Never felt the need to know the countless ‘rules/laws’ that seems to push towards being more of a lawyer than a follower.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

There are only two rules for a follower;
Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.



Bill Weld. Boring and sort of creepy looking. No thanks.


probably toking the good stuff before he gave that interview ...


This article caught my eye because I was given a brief screening before my physical yesterday.


In particular they wanted to know if:

1) I had been out of the country in the last 30 days.

2) Had been in the presence of anyone with obvious fever symptoms recently.

3) If I had a fever in the last 30 days.

Seems like they are anticipating a new Ebola epidemic, and that it might end up here.

Dave (in MA)

Breaking news: Trumpip Nunatta tunineqarnissaata itigartitsissutigineqareerneratigut tikeraarnissani kinguartikkaa

Dave (in MA)

Weld was strictly booze; his running mate at the top of the ticket was the weed guy. I think he preferred Aleppo Gold.



Have no idea what the article said, but Greenlanders have to be thrilled that someone is paying attention to them!


>>>Seems like they are anticipating a new Ebola epidemic, and that it might end up here.

Posted by: Buckeye | August 20, 2019 at 10:54 PM<<<

celebrate diversity!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That third to last word is a doozy. I asked Bing to translate and it did one of those "Norman coordinate" things.


Thats some danish desswrt like tiramisu.


Posted by: Dave (in MA) | August 20, 2019 at 11:02 PM

couldn't remember ...


Remember his family started out shopping opium into china and then tranditioning in banking, now being whitey bulgers enabler just squares the circle


Ah yes it gary 'toke, (what was the question) johnson

Dave (in MA)

WJOM simulcasting with Nanoq radio from Nuuk, Greenland: http://nanoqmedia.gl/da/radio/

Dave (in MA)

Stream: http://stream.radiosolutions.dk:60090/NFM

Dave (in MA)

Ice FM: https://tunein.com/radio/ICE-FM-Nuuk-935-s223761/ (pretty horrible)


They must have been listening to that when they erote this piece:

Dave (in MA)

I saw this Star Trek episode.



Next generation, the ladder down

Dave (in MA)

  The Crone Multiplier®


Despite being a small country denmark still managed about 120 k donation to the palestinisn human fund

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki



How an Artist peels an Orange pic.twitter.com/mFKIdZURlv

— 🇺🇸BJ🧡 (@Bmw2163Heart) August 21, 2019

48-second video at the link. Worth looking at!

Dave (in MA)

The one I had in mind was the one where Kirk got split into two Kirks by a transporter malfunction, but that works too.



My point exactly that Barone reports what moves HIS needle, and if no one covers the fraud angle, in toto, in HIS SOURCES, then it didn’t happen.

Overton windows move up and down the timeline, dependent upon saturation of spin. Well, we know full well that the current leftist assault is failing, because too many are “walking away”.

Document fraud to THat audience, and it’ll get “interesting”.

I intend to watch it play out.


Yes the aggressive kirk was the key to his personality,,

Dave (in MA)

I guessed that it would come out as Cthulhu.


So will jay powell be nudged into a second rate cut, whats the supply of crazy pills both in ny and chicago.


Every single policy statement from a democrat candidate stating what they will do as president should start with "Dear Penthouse Letters".


Kirk was just off the wall cheese, not to mention shatners eeperanto project



Heading to bed.



Dear Penthouse Letters,

When I’m president, we will even up the score and we will tax the hell out of the wealthy to make this a fairer country and to make sure it’s a country that puts working people first.

Just don't tell my wife.


Bill D.


There's an old joke about the difference between how Democrats and Republicans make love. The Democrat sits on the edge of the bed and tells you how great it's going to be. I don't remember the other so I'm going to say the Republican will tell you how much better making love was during the Reagan Administration.


My diagnosis of the Catholic Church is quite different...

What I saw was that Pope John XXIII called Vatican II, and all of the whip-smart bishops of the 40s & 50s brought their young, smart theologians and grabbed the reigns. The Curia was completely out smarted, out gunned, and overwhelmed. Then Il Papa died, the Council ended, and the Curia put the screws on Paul VI and got him to ignore his Birth Control Commission and promulgate Humanae Vitae. But instead of returning the faithful to tame pray/pay/obey as they expected, the encyclical blew up the Church’s moral authority entirely. Priests and nuns bailed, seminaries and convents emptied out.

Once JP II was elected, the Curia fought very hard to ensure that there would never be smart enough bishops to repeat the “disaster” of Vatican II. All of those smart young theologians should have been bishops, but the Curia made sure that JP II didn’t appoint them. Ratzinger was in the last group ordained by Paul VI, and so three decades later when JP II died, there was literally no one left besides Ratzinger who wasn’t a dullard. Benedict’s bishops are excellent, but he ran out of time, and none of them were senior enough when he resigned. Pope Che is simply the least dumb of a pretty dull group.

As for why he resigned, I think that came about because he watched, mostly helpless, while the nutjobs ran riot as JP II declined. Maciel, Opus Dei, the run of “new evangelization” priests (eg Corapi, Pavone) setting up cults outside of the hierarchy, etc. And, quite charmingly, Benedict is a very modest man, who always vastly underestimated his own authority. (It always cracked me up when he would reference some obscure theologian to back up something which he had already explained clearly and convincingly. Dooooood! You’re the Pope! Ya got the cred!) I think that he realized that he was slipping, and he bailed because he thought he was in worse shape than he was.

While Pope Francis is a short guy among midgets, he’s far from the worst Pope we’ve had! (Just search on “Iron Age of The Papacy” if you are looking for the stuff in the “it took a thousand years, but we can laugh now” category...)


Yes hes not a megalomaniacal power crazed ruler just dim.



Last time they screwed this up there was a 24 year ago, betwen live programs



And behind door #2

jim nj


Excerpt fro Andy McCarthy's new book.

jim nj


Interesting take on the protestors' tactics.

jim nj


Boy killed by a tree? We need immediate killer tree legislation. Background checks, mental health exams to sort out the good trees from the bad ones.

Oh, wait, never mind, it fell on him. It was a backyard suicide tree with only one 4 year old victim. Think how much worse it could have been at a schoolyard or playground.

I apologize for being insensitive to what a devastating loss it must have been to his parents.

The click-bait headline was "Playhouse is dedicated to boy killed by tree," Which is a really odd way to write a headline.

jim nj

When I moved out of my parent's house I got an apartment at 22 Engle St, in the downtown of Englewood.


This clinic was at 40 Engle St. a few doors down from my apartment building. 35 years later it's still their and still a point of contention. I never saw a woman walk out of their with a smile on.

jim nj


Excellent post. Like a mid-week TWIP.

jim nj


Outlaw interview,

jim nj


60 days to release info to Judicial Watch.

vis Insrty

jim nj


Limp report on conservative's concerns. No real changes.

jim nj


Sourced from the NYT, so I don't know if the analysis is correct.

I do know that the camp where ISIS forces and their families are being held is a problem.

There isn't enough information on the individuals to subject them to war crimes trials. Foreign nations don't want to repatriate their citizens for the same reason.

In the mean time ISIS runs the internal politics in the camps.

The Syrians don't want them either.

Nobody wants to implement the correct action of killing all of them, because that's not who we are.

An outbreak of Ebola would be nice.

jim nj


Another explanation of the ISIS detention camp.

I suspect if the Russians or Syrians had captured them they would have never reached such a camp.

But, hey, we're the good guys, with lawyers dictating the good guy rules.

jim nj


Another hoop lawyers will have to jump through if they win against him in US courts.

Get a judgement and you have to go to the US Virgin Islands to enforce it. Join the bar down their or hire a local lawyer.

The Jeffrey Epstein full lawyer employment act.

jim nj

Another night by myself. PIn didn't even stop by to bust my chops :)

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


Jump on it, jim nj!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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