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August 16, 2019



Thank you TLG, I appreciate your love and concern.
I'm doing better every day, but, it will take a few more months until I am back to normal/ or fully healed. I'm keeping my chin up, and I'm grateful for the love and concerns of my friends, including you. GOD BLESS YOU TLG. You are awesome.

Another Bob

Clarice, I have no doubt Yon has wandered about talking to people. I’ve no doubt there’s a motivated cadre of demonstrators. But we haven’t seen general strikes, no mass protests across the territory, no attempts to neutralize the HK government.

Thiessen’s experience isn’t geopolitics or HK/China, its been speechwriting and PR flacking.

Rebellion and independence may come, but it’s nowhere in sight right now.


Posted by: clarice | August 17, 2019 at 11:16 PM

the same people yammering on about the facebook revolution in egypt and the arab dumpster fire ...

... the chinese haven't even sent in their paramilitary police.

and why is it our business?

the chinese, with overwhelming force will put the protest down, round up (with the help of google and apple) the troublemakers, and be open for business before the cme opens.

the us, as it always does, will betray anyone who might have been helpful and coddle china as it does things 'it doesn't want to do' ...


Joan, I don't think you're "supposed to" root for the Giamatti character vs. Damian Lewis. They're both evil (from what I've seen)--which is part of the problem. There's no one who's particularly likable or sympathetic.



Did China say that, or did Carrie Lam, or did the NYSlimes?

Unfortunately, details now matter just when the Press decides to accept faxes instead of asking questions.


Great points Melinda.

Manuel Transmission

CH, EC married a gal from Westerville on the NE side of Cowlumbus a couple decades ago. They supposedly ended up in a place on the NW side of town somewhere near our shop, but never got more than rumors about the specific location. It wouldn’t surprise me if they moved further out towards Powell where we used to live and Buckeye now lives. Lots of open space there to make whatever kind of ‘compound’ they might want. That’s not too far from Ann’s stomping ground.

jim nj

Considering Michael Yon's past reporting I think he does have a good feel for what's going on in Hong Kong.

It's no longer about the extradition treaty. It never was. It was just a trigger. Or last straw.

The goal now is to take down the local government. That was the original goal.

The local government is too heavily influenced by Beijing. The locals know it and want them out before they give away any more of HK's freedoms.


And televised live.

Also, they threaten with heavy police presence, all the while warning it will not end up like Tiannemen.

The problem with that story line?

They’re now willing to admit that Tiannemen actually happened to their own citizens, for the first time, ever.

So something very different is happening.

Another Bob

“😮 This paper is mind blowing. Will tweet my reading soon. I highly recommend everyone to read it. It is worse than you think. Much worse. And they are right in their thesis - the whole point of this is just to empower central banks or shall I say a manual on a CB takeover. Urgh”


Captain Hate

It wouldn’t surprise me if they moved further out towards Powell where we used to live and Buckeye now lives. Lots of open space there to make whatever kind of ‘compound’ they might want. That’s not too far from Ann’s stomping ground.

I thought Ann was around there. I haven't heard from her for a while, including unresponded emails, which has me worried. She is a ferocious MAGA warrior and deserves to bask in the winning.

Back to Clapton, whichever member of the Horde posted that sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

The Infamous Ignatz

--and why is it our business?--

Because China is our enemy and a dangerous and aggressive one.


Could it be that certain “Princes” view us as the enemy and maybe not the entire country? Would they pay unscrupulous US politicians for moar access?

I can go there in a heartbeat.


Rich, are you still watching this Monstrosity??


Well the princelings are likr the counterpart in the other kingdom, the one 2,000 miles away.


Mel, the Chinese promising that this will NOT end like TIANENAMEN is RIDICULOUS.

Who on EARTH has ANY IDEA what TIANEMAMEN ended as??? We know it was a massacre