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August 15, 2019



The White House budget office on Thursday evening sent a proposal to trim unspent foreign assistance funds by “north of $4 billion” to the State Department for review, according to a senior administration official.

The final price tag of the rescissions package, which could also target unspent balances at the U.S. Agency for International Development, would likely change before being formally submitted to Capitol Hill, the official said.


Why the objection to cutting UNSPENT money?


That also reminds me that four weeks from yesterday will be the 10th anniversary of the 9/12 March. Flashbacks anyone?

That was so much fun! I loved it! My biggest memories are sitting with you and Mrs MT talking to your senator (or house) friend.


That's still service MM. You showed up.


Holy cow hrtshpdbox!


My other favorite thing from that day is Clarice's luncheon, which was spectacular.


My favorite memory of 9/12...Mrs. MT’s sign

The bad thing about the Kindle is you can’t see what people sitting in the deck chairs are reading.

Manuel Transmission

Jane, that was Nancy S. Her 2nd hubby was Congresscritter for suburban Philly and both fierce Conservatives. Haven’t seen them in a few years. They now live near my sis in NC and hope to visit this Thanksgiving.

Back story: I instigating the sporting clays event in Phx maybe 15 yrs ago where I met Tammy and her Linda Carter lookalike pal. Dick S. was also on that excursion and we hit it off right away. Fun times.

Manuel Transmission

Caro! You guys back from yr honeymoon?

Mrs MT still has that sign on the wall in my garage mahal.


Several questions for the group . Did FBI contact google for the gmail account and from which ip addresses they were accessed and if the attached e-mails could be retrieved.

Who has been organizing the hong Kong protests with the sophistication to direct lasers at facial recognition cameras and how are they communicating past the chinese censors. Too much sophistication for it to being organic. Blowback is a bitch and maybe 4d is required to see where the moles are.


I was thinking about those signs ManTran. Boy we had fun/


Good questions Alex.


New! And I won!


Talking about Daddy and the last hookup. I took the subway for that strand hookup the day before he died and of course got there 2:40 rather than 2:30 and did not copy the phone number that Daddy posted in JOM .Never met and went you must be sh****ing me when Jane posted that he died.


Dang Alex. So close.

New thread.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Is it just me or does the pressure cooker guy look like an illegitimate son of Weiner perv?



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