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August 15, 2019



Anonamom, it took two years of DJT's first term for this charade of an investigation, biased and corrupt as hell, to give us NOTHING.
The FULL COMMIE DEMOTARDS did not accept the truth, nor did they accept the results as presented by biased, VERY BIASED, RODHAM SUPPORTERS.
Nadler and Co, are still trying to make something out of nothing.
MEANWHILE, those who actually did INTERFERE in the decency and honor of our "ELECTIONS" go free.
Epstein was hooked to a lot of dirty peeps.
He must go into the all gone machine ASAP.


The lawsuits regarding Epstein's "fortune" will go on and on and on forever. The discovery process alone will take a decade or longer. The CLAIMS on his "Estate" will be epic. The myriad of civil suits for his alleged wrong doings will keep "slip and fall" lawyers busy for years to come.
The "investigations" into the origins of his cash will be unbelievable.
All I know for sure, is that Billy Jeff the Rapist had NOTHING to do with this man. NOTHING.


On Little Saint James did Epstein

A tacky pagan dome design

Where Bill the sacrilegious reaver ran

Through interns measureless to Pan

Beside a fetid sea


I believe you're wrong on that, Jane. It's a jail, holding people waiting trial.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

HI, JiB I sent you a question on FB via Instant Message.


What have we here:



It’s kind of funny to me how among his other duties, Pan was the god of literary criticism.


You may be right Clarice, thanks. That may explain the lack of prior “suicides”.

jim nj


GE stock has worst day in 11 years after Madoff whistleblower calls it a bigger fraud than Enron


Punching with a velvet glove


Yes this is the firm judge jackson repreented williamJ efferson with

jim nj


NSC is also concerned and is warning users also.

Another Bob

Jim, always thought that GE was arrogant. Going back to Welch.

The company was large enough that there was always something to buy or sell to assure they made the number.

But fraud? That seems over the top.


Jane, Rocco has told you and has linked an article which seems well-substantiated that more suicides occur in JAILS (that is by people awaiting trial) than in PRISONS where people have been sentenced.


Jeffrey Immelt was Bi-Barry Truvada for Prep's JOBS CZAR.

HEAD OF GE and previously GE MEDICAL.

How many jobs did he create, with his MAGIC WAND??

jim nj


Young Jupiter was smacked head-on by massive newborn planet
Jupiter's core may still be reeling from collision 4.5 billion years ago

New theory


A-Bob, after Welch, when GE had difficulties making the "NUMBER", the loser in charge, went all in on believing LIBERAL FULL COMMIE government was their CUSTOMER. AARP, paid for commercials showing BAD BAD CONSERVATIVES, blocking the path of AMBULANCES, even before OBAMACARE was rammed down OUR throats.



Did you mention something before about the big NYC library? The one dedicated by Taft. According to Law & Order: Criminal Intent those lions out front are made from Pink Tennessee Marble.

jim nj


From the market reaction it seemed like GE doesn't inspire confidence in its accounting.

Fraud, probably not.


Yes but immelt has poseidon adventured the thing, i had a professor on grad school who has worked for ge in the jack welch era.


When Immelt sidled up to Bi-Barry, he indicated so very clearly, that he was not a business man.
My Grandfather was VP of Sales and Marketing for a major corporation in the 40's, 50's and then in the home office Manhattan, as his career maxed.
The COMPANY, it's success and products, and SALES, were his LIFE.
Losers like Immelt are GET RICH, GET OUT, men of ZERO PRINCIPLE.
What the RANCID OBAMA crew did to the AUTO INDUSTRY, and those who held their stocks and those who held their DEBT, was disgusting.


Ok so yeaterday the market layed a krait dragon size egg, because hong kong, today it sputtered around aimlessly, it suggests they dont know what they are doing.

Another Bob

Doesn’t Markopolos make his money suing companies?


As someone else noted, its curious how red squaw and company revved up the ferguson black libel, and then you get a beserker hood in philadelphia

jim nj




They were also in ghost busters no?


Narciso, that WHITE SUPREMECIST in Philadelphia should have had a NEW and IMPROVED......background check, before he went GUN SHOPPING.

How many rag tag bum KKK dudes shot up ANYTHING recently. The FULL COMMIE LEFT, is backed into it's own, CORNER. Each and every day, the DEMOTARD FULL COMMIE PARTY, sits down at a conference table, and creates more HATE, LIES and MEMES.
This evi and nonsensical sickness created COMEY and MUELLER. There was NOTHING to INVESTIGATE, there was NOTHING to find. Yet on and on and on they go.
THE MFM, is part of the SWAMP, none of them will go down easily.

Another Bob

What’s curious about it Narc?


Partially nuked in the comments:


jim nj
jim nj


'Super-Deep' Diamonds Reveal Vast Reservoir of Primordial Magma as Old as The Moon


I'm trying to remember a single TRADE DEAL, that OBAMA and his clowns created and finished.
Every clown that Obama picked to work against us, was an IDEOLOGICAL douche bag.
SERIOUSLY, to think JOHN KERRY could negotiate with IRAN is MORONIC.


Not that anyone cares or is a bit surprised:https://www.ksl.com/article/46618709/ed-smart-father-of-elizabeth-smart-announces-he-is-gay?fbclid=IwAR0uOL6TWKzccMx-0YE9QfkqEVCpVwdAgpshA1dvPesT_WO15awybUQVeLU


Hoping to replicate the success he achieved with a 6x campaign cash advantage running against the Zodiac Killer
Quote Tweet
NYT Politics
· 11h
Beto O'Rourke, who has run a pretty traditional campaign thus far — to little success — is switching things up. He plans to abandon his focus on early states, instead embracing the freewheeling style that embodied his Senate run.


Heads up tm


Yes he had receipts


Hes going from chartered accountancy to lion taming.


With this last item, I'm heading to bed. You can figure out how much money this will take.https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/08/15/sheila-jackson-lee-racism-a-national-security-threat-huge-sums-of-money-needed-to-win-over-white-minds/?fbclid=IwAR0dYELXq1wLT1w0nY1bspxiPKN1apA-WL8AqBmEqsgywXcjOIqX2X4hsUY


And who she wants to give it to.


And jullianne hough came out as bisexual which surprised her husband, we dont really care


Its like giving her knives and matches to play with.


Listen to him men; he's just crazy enough to do it!


A leaf blower involves actual LABOR.
Unless you steal it, to SELL it.

jim nj


Sounds good to me,


You can put this down as more unverified rumors or misinformation but someone is claiming the Lolita Express went to Antarctica on July 23rd.



Milwaukee County and it's TRANSIT SYSTEM, is proposing to eliminate nearly 1/3 of the SYSTEM'S existing bus ROUTES.
It's also about 400 years oF RACIST OPPRESSION.

Take a look.



I think you'll be down to those foot powered flintstones cars before long Gus.


Neat gig, if you can get it:



I should say, Epstein's jet which could also be the Gulfstream. I didn't run down the tail number.

That was pretty cool, jim. I wasn't sure if you mentioned the library in your sojourns but that's more midtown, no?


Now it doesnt say what mr holton in the years after he got his masters and before he scored that sweet gig.


Thats where the alien ziggurat was till charles weylamd blew up in 2004, do i have to explain everything?


Epsteins jet was a Boeing if I am not mistaken.
Not a small EXEC JET, but a big JET with lots of fun stuff on board.


Boeing 727


Right through venezuelan airspace what date was that?

jim nj


I wonder why it has taken this long to get "white-hat" hackers looking at military systems for software flaws that can be hacked.


Well who was the original design team, what were their symoathies


Did it make the enemy avoid camping in the woods?


Are those rowts or roots, GUS?


roots, as in ROOT BEER.


Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Cold Bear et al......are NUTS.

How is it that th AMERICA does not reject these FUKWITS immediately???

The FULL COMMIE LEFT, is not rational, and it is not sensible, and there is no REASON or LOGIC.

Yet the FULL COMMIE LEFT, is still able to create their own WEIRD, DISHONEST and completely Anti-American platform.


Crazy isnt exclusively on the left


Clarice will tell you loftus is certifiable


Oh camelbert. Yes hes one of jon stewarts trained chimps. Kimmels anothet twit. So is that other idiot partner to corolla.

jim nj


Daddy and I did a downtown tour of free sites.

The NYPL Research Library on 5th Ave., between 40-42 Sts, is a premier mid-town free tourist look see. The Rose reading room on the top floor is a large beautiful room. This library is non-circulating, so you have to read what you want on-site.

They also have excellent and esoteric collections held in other rooms. Partly because the library started with two private library collections.

I've used their Genealogy collection very often. It was the best collection on the east coast. Then, roughly 10 years ago, The New York Genealogical & Biographical Society sold their building on E. 58th St. and donated their library collection and a few million dollars to the Genealogical section. I think about 80,000 volumes and other items were involved.

You have to walk up exterior stairs to enter the main, 1st floor, and can explore that which usually has an interesting exhibit that changes over time. Then you can explore the wings and the second and third floors and their wings.

What most tourist don't realize is that when you are on the first floor you are actually in the middle of the building, There are 3-4 floors below that contain the book stacks.

They ran out of room down there and dug under Bryant Park to extend the stacks.

Bryant Park is a nice place to visit also. Very well maintained by a public-private conservancy. In a dark time in NYC history it was known as "needle park" because junkies kind of owned it.



In case you want to explore more.

jim nj


Dropping a weighted bean bag with a written message from a helicopter to a carrier deck.

I wonder if the US Navy still is proficient in semaphore, pennants and Morse code via light blinker.


Well seeing what happened to the uss mccain, probably not:


Manuel Transmission

Just dropping by to leave a debate point for the morning crew to chew on:

1. I think everyone would tend to agree that Epstein behaves like a psychopath.

2. Psychopaths by definition have no conscience.

3. They have no conscience, because they have no sense of time, ie, past, present, future. Therefore they can’t anticipate something bad happening to them, because they can’t anticipate the future where that could happen.

4. Therefore, Epstein would not commit suicide.

jim nj


Abstract. We juxtapose 386 prominent contrarians with 386 expert scientists by tracking their digital footprints across ∼200,000 research publications and ∼100,000 English-language digital and print media articles on climate change. Projecting these individuals across the same backdrop facilitates quantifying disparities in media visibility and scientific authority, and identifying organization patterns within their association networks. Here we show via direct comparison that contrarians are featured in 49% more media articles than scientists. Yet when comparing visibility in mainstream media sources only, we observe just a 1% excess visibility, which objectively demonstrates the crowding out of professional mainstream sources by the proliferation of new media sources, many of which contribute to the production and consumption of climate change disinformation at scale. These results demonstrate why climate scientists should increasingly exert their authority in scientific and public discourse, and why professional journalists and editors should adjust the disproportionate attention given to contrarians.

This isn't science, It's another attempt to muzzle contrarians.

How the hell can you lump Al Gore in with "scientists?"


This whole tweet sounds like hate speech:


"leading AI models for processing hate speech were one-and-a-half times more likely to flag tweets as offensive or hateful when they were written by African Americans, and 2.2 times more likely to flag tweets written in African American English"


El chapo's probably thinking im glad i got out of there, its fascinating odds and ends one found connected to epstein, a wannabe bond villain i wonder if he read casino royale.


He just made that up, didnt he? I think of klein az a figment of aomeones deranged imagination

jim nj


Walmart had a very decent quarterly report yesterday that broke the narrative. Walmart can't be doing well unless the economy is doing well.


I figured as mucb. The financial press give hog warts a run for their money.


In South Africa from 1948 to 1989 the country averaged 170 murders a year. From 1994 on they averaged 24,000+ per year.

That's more.

jim nj


Whites don't use the N-word, AAs do?


Thats 15000% if my math works out. One of the things mcmafia pointed out is their own mob was underdeveloped, so the nigerians went on an expansion run.


And that study is bonkers, have you read time 0eople discover cats quarterly, they all worship the skydragon like the ra tet in that sherlock holmes fim.

jim nj


U.S. stocks recover some ground, boosted by Walmart and retail sales

"Gains in the Dow were led by Walmart WMT, +6.11%, one of the largest companies in the world by revenue, which reported better than expected earnings, and by data showing U.S. retail sales jumped in July."


Yes, thats what i thought, but the press was in a divining mood of some such.

jim nj


If you want to boycott Israel why would you go there to visit and spend money, yet the leftists are going nutso after they were banned.

They must write these stories ahead of time.


Because they wanted to insight unrest, thafs why miftah sponsored the trip.


Incite unrest, now tlaib is from jordan, so she cant really go home.


Whites don't use the N-word, AAs do?

Posted by: jim nj | August 16, 2019 at 01:53 AM

In my case, you’d be wrong but you’re still my Fredo, my Fredo.


She’s got a name and a face for radio:


CVS is blocking access to birth control for disabled, rural, and other women who rely on mail order services.

Unsurprisingly, 12 of their 16 board of directors are men.

This is incredibly dangerous, restrictive, and disappointing. #CVSDeniesCare

jim nj

Yes, we are headed into a recession, inverted yield curve, etc. yet retail sales are up.

The FED is paying 2.10% for excess bank reserves. That's a daily rate, why buy a bond that yields less?


And the overnight borrowing rate among banks had shrunk to what level? Just a tad above the 2.10% rate for the lowest rated banks.


The FED should lower the interest rate for excess reserves. I can't understand why you would offer a daily rate of interest that is higher than a two or ten year bond. A lower rate with less risk?

matt - deplore me if you must

OMG! It is 2330hrs and am finally, partially moved in. The movers just left and a dram of Woodford Reserve was in order. Dram applied.

As I turned the ignition on the truck Van Morrison’s “Let the Healing Begin “ played on the iPod. Random, but incredibly appropriate.

When one keeps ones ears open one can hear gentle chuckles from the infinite.

So we will see what we shall see.

BTW, I can now set my clock by the Disneyland fireworks. I think they go off about 200 yards away every frickin night. I’m so happy that I can’t stop grousing to paraphrase The Stingman.

JIB, welcome back! We missed you.

jim nj


That was the only thing that came to mind if it's true that AAs get caught more often by an AI looking for hate speech.

No Fredo, I'm mostly Irish with a lot of other stuff that goes back further.

I read about the CVS thing, It sounds like a billing dispute.


Read this and see if it doesn't sound like extortion.

jim nj


I did a move that ended that late. I moved some boxes to block the morning sun and used my sleeping bag on the floor behind them.

jim nj


The REAL Reasons Israel Barred Reps Omar And Tlaib (It Wasn’t Trump)

"The change in the Israeli position was made when the government saw the Omar/Tlaib trip itinerary. Their trip schedule made it clear they would be spending their entire trip in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem and was intended to provoke hatred of the Jewish State and advance their BDS agenda."

From a Netanyahu statement:

"Only a few days ago, we received their itinerary for their visit in Israel, which revealed that they planned a visit whose sole objective is to strengthen the boycott against us and deny Israel’s legitimacy. For instance: they listed the destination of their trip as Palestine and not Israel, and unlike all Democratic and Republican members of Congress who have visited Israel, they did not request to meet any Israeli officials, either from the government or the opposition."

jim nj

50th anniversary of "Woodstock" racist event. Mostly white people attended.

Altamont concert "safer" despite the reported violence.

People that weren't at either event revise history.

jim nj


JIM Sc, did you ever resolve your problem with the Windows download?

jim nj



Hey, clarice and Jane,

I didn't write the Adam Lovinger thread. It was from one of those thread reader apps. My sister sent me several yesterday, and I kept getting errors when I used the links. She copied that one and sent it to me so I could read it. That's what I posted. Usually if I post parts of an article I enclose with quotation marks -- I've tried to do italics but must be missing something [a brain cell?] because I usually get blank space. After one or two attempts, I give up and use the old-fashioned quote way. Don't want to get italics started that no one can fix for me. Usually I go down to each paragraph like one is supposed to, there were so many graphs in that thread I was lazy and didn't do that.

Anyway, I didn't write the thread.


MM--some good news for your job seeker, I hope:

Jon Barsanti Jr.
Here's what's scary for Democrats

First-time unemployment claims near record lows.

The most FT jobs created after 30 months in office.

Record level of retail sales... July data hit $530B... Up nearly 5% from last July.

Participation Rate rising, unemployment rate falling.

I also hope that this "loss" is like the biggest one in my life, which at the time seemed enormous, but turned out to be an incredible blessing.


My sister sent me three or four threads on the Spygate coup yesterday. I couldn't open them and kept getting error messages about an error in the cloud in Minnesota or somewhere (can't remember the place). She copied and sent the threads to me and said she'd gotten cloud errors or breaks in Gateway, Kansas, the previous day.

Guess I should have put in a period before I posted at 5:37 a.m.

These threads contain so much information -- I keep wishing I had a big white board on the wall to diagram the criminal bastards that schemed against us. :)

Also, why did Bruce Ohr need an FBI handler? I keep thinking he worked for the FBI, but guess he worked for the Justice Department. ?? His wife should be deported to the People's Republic of China, Russia is too good for her, she belongs in the USSR.

"....Interactions between Ohr—who at the time was associate deputy attorney general—and Steele were so frequent that Ohr was assigned an FBI handler, agent Joe Pientka, who summarized the conversations in FBI FD-302 forms recently released by @JudicialWatch."


Guess I'm running into the problem I've seen some of you guys have recently. I can't post the links to the threads.

The one I just mentioned is long and involved and interesting. It's by JeffCarlson at the threadreaderapp .com.

Another Bob

“Lolita Express went to Antarctica on July 23rd”

No it didn’t. ADS data is glitchy.

Reg comes back to a JEGE LLC in the USVI, so maybe Epstein.


Oh, I just thought of something. In that one long thread by Jeff Carlson it looks like there is a picture of Soros in some congressional hearing. A woman sitting beside him has her hand on the top of his thigh and he has both of his hands pressing on top of his. Yuk!

Does Soros attend hearings? I thought he was like a big spider sitting in the middle of his web watching from above.

Another Bob

Jim, liked seeing the beanbag thing.

Liked this too:

Nice improvisation for one. Precludes having the Navy spend billions developing and outfitting ships with the capability for two.


Donald J. Trump

Great news! Tonight, we broke the all-time attendance record previously held by Elton John at #SNHUArena in Manchester, New Hampshire!

Captain Hate

Does Soros attend hearings?

Most people like to see what they buy.


A little positive tweet to think about until the regulars wake up and start posting:

Matt Couch 🎙

When Trump is drawing crowds like this in New Hampshire its over folks!

The American People have had enough of the Socialist Party of America! In 2020 we end the Democratic Party for ever!

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