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September 03, 2019


Jack is Back!

Can’t link it but the new AntiTrump meme is #SharpieGate where the lunatics accuse DJT of using a red sharpie to change the cone of Dorian into Alabama.


Trinh Nguyen
ADP just added +195k jobs vs 148k of expectations!!!



That's why the President posted those explanatory tweets about early predictions showing a chance of it hitting Alabama. The press makes a scandal out of every innocuous thing President Trump says.

Meanwhile, no one in the press is particularly interested or even noting that the democrat front runner's eyeball filled with blood on live television last night. This sort of seems important, if you ask me.


John Hayward
One of Trump's greatest assets is that he's the only candidate in the 2020 race who doesn't view the American people as stubborn obstacles to an agenda based on bubbled elitist obsessions.


Stay safe everyone in the carolinas.

Yes ryan maue debunked that.




The nets are treating last nights debate like the malabar front.

Another Bob

FYI, the Biden Eyeball is most likely a harmless condition.



True about the eyeball thing--harmless and not terribly rare.


You would prefer they wait in your lobby, WSJ?

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Some 38,000 migrants wait in Mexico for their asylum cases to be decided under a new Trump policy, taxing U.S. judges and angering activists who say the program is riddled with problems

Manuel Transmission

Norah: I remember back when she was first on national tv, someone, probably Rush, referred to her sarcastically as so lovely that you’d want to drink her bath water. Don’t think I’ve ever watched even ten seconds of her on the tube.

Cars in China: of the many long hours in traffic I’ve spent over there, the most notable car was the ubiquitous black Audi A6. I’m guessing that there may have been more there than the rest of the world combined. It was the official car for upper level company/gummint big shots. I rode in the back of one a couple hundred miles with flashing lights behind the grill and a plainclothes military driver. He could even go in the opposite lanes of traffic to pass the perennial stopped truck traffic encountered almost everywhere.



Now tell me how the media would treat it if President Trump had the same condition.

James D.

FYI, the Biden Eyeball is most likely a harmless condition.

That's too bad.


She doesnt set off my twitch like the perky katie, but they sent her to the salt mines as to not blot out queen gayle


Hah, that takes akill:


Good point, however our former Lt Gov Rebecca Kleefisch is also thinking about it, as is the current state senate leader Fitzgerald. It will be interesting, and RINO free.

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

Let me break this news: Former State Sen and US Sen candidate Leah Vukmir is strongly considering a run for Jim Sensenbrenner’s seat. She seems 90% in already (my assessment)
Leah represented the Tosa and Brookfield area for years –the heart- of this district in several ways.1/2

Leah will have a donor list, name recognition, and experience that will put her above many other candidates considering this.
So- watch Leah Vukmir. She is interested, and if she gets in, would make a strong case as ‘presumptive front runner’.


Biden's eye?

Could be a Costas "Special":



I hope Lizzie gets the nomination.

She doesn't appear to be the darling of black voters or union voters.

Gonna take more than shrill Libtard broads.



Ed Morissey notes the strange lack of coverage.


Because The MFM knows exactly what risks are involved for TV prettifying?


CNBC Retweeted
YunLi626's avatar
Yun Li @YunLi626

Reliable China insiders signal this new round of trade talks is different.

--@HuXijin_GT tweeted "more possibility of a breakthrough."

--Chinese blog Taoran Notes said it's "very likely" there will be "new developments."



So are the rest of your trading colleagues seeing kraken, how do you see past the fog?


Do you follow Conventional Wisdom, or do you look for your own sources of information?

And I don't follow the garglers of CW, except to gauge how far off I am...


I dont why do you think i come here, i gueas you have a set of roddy piper goggles.


No, like you, I follow a ridiculous number of smart people whom I trust to give me accurate information, the first time.


Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

TYPICAL MADISON: State's economic development agency should NOT be about increasing economic development--but about increasing costly labor and environmental regulations on business. Because businesses want higher costs. Or something.



yes, the big lie. It is about collective (ie government) action to remove your freedom to drive, eat cheeseburgers, fly, go to church, etc.

Emily Holden

I worry this framing will make Americans think this is all about individual action to stop driving, flying, eating cheeseburgers--instead of about driving electric vehicles, using high speed trains and eating more vegetables.


and take away your ability to fight back


Coming attraction from an AnteFa chapter near you:


James D.

I absolutely believe Antifa is doing what they're accused of in Mel's 9:46 link.

It is FAR past time to declare them a terror group, and start prosecuting the fuck out of them, and everyone who supports them, using every possible law at every level - local and state where there are cooperative/sane governments, and federal everywhere else.

How much harm are these asshole going to be allowed to do before the jackasses at the DoJ wake up and start protecting decent citizens?

James D.

And I have to say, if I were on a jury, I would not convict a parent who shot a CPS worker (or even a local sheriff) coming to harass them over one of these false claims.

If the progs want to come for people's children, and if local bureaucraats want to aid and abet them, then the gloves need to come totally off.

What's the alternative?


Perfect opportunity to apply RICO laws, too.

Jack is Back!


I have been saying that about RICO for months, right after the Andy Ngo assault. Somebody here (Tom from 'Bama) argued you couldn't do it. Then an OpEd appeared by someone (Crenshaw?) calling for RICO and citing directly the law and how it would apply.

Trouble is, I think, Barr is fighting too many fronts right now.

Jack is Back!

Another snowflake melts down:


She should come down to the Flagler Beach Publix. At least there is an anti-fib kit hanging on the wall near checkout.


Who from here is currently in the line of the storm? Lurker Susie? Who else?


Jane, anonamom is rushing back from MI to get in line of the storm. Or just got back.

Jack is Back!

There are smackdowns and then there is this:


And to be honest, I have never heard of Tom Nichols. I guess I don't watch the right channels or read the right papers.


Hes the other loon at the naval war college, that didnt have a weiner incident.




I've never heard of him either, JiB.


Trouble is, I think, Barr is fighting too many fronts right now.

Mainly every single DOJ employee who ha been there since 2016 or before, it appears.



This report is considered contraband in Springfield, IL.

In other words, tax reform reversed the state’s economic plight, IRG argues.

By reform, they mean lower taxes and right to work.


Captain Hate


Jemele Hill@jemelehill
Very proud that my first magazine piece for @TheAtlantic is appearing in the October issue. Been working on it for some time. Here it is -> Why Black Athletes Need to Leave White Colleges


I see all too much of NeverTrumper Nichols, palopal of the Rear Admiral.


Nice Data Set:



Here it is -> Why Black Athletes Need to Leave White Colleges

These stupid shits still haven't figured out that at the end of the day, somebody has to pay for their gladiator performance.

Somebody that has, you know, money.

The Infamous Ignatz

New thread.



David Martin

Nowadays this is very common.

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