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September 06, 2019



Yet Yang turned his brain off on CNN and went full eco-loon.


You want me to unWillow that last one of yours?

It’s worth it.


the MSM brain trust just figured out the US will win a trade war with China:

For China, further decoupling has to be a terrifying scenario. The U.S. remains the world’s number one consumer market, and America is now clearly looking to shop around. Beijing needs to come up with some kind of offer to slow this trend either at the trade negotiating table or in some kind of arrangement with the U.S. manufacturers that are still in China.

they even got the real point:

In the end, simply looking out for U.S. security concerns above immediate economic benefits might have been the point of this trade war all along.


Posted by: henry | September 06, 2019 at 01:20 PM


Not bad off the phone....


ThinkProgress shutting down:


Not included in notice: “Our entire staff has been hired away by MFM.”


The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

From @WSJopinion: Nationwide injunctions are threatening our democratic system and undermining the rule of law, writes U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr on.wsj.com/2LuieHJ

Jim Eagle

Even after the Don Lemon graphic of the wind arrivals included Alabama, CNN is doubling down on Trump and SharpieGate.


After watching the Cambria CEO with Bartiromo over at CTH what is to prevent the Wall street CEOs from pulling a 2008 Lehman Brothers in June July 2020 and blaming it on Trump. Of course Trump is a lot smarter than McCain ever was but how would he respond.



"The company said the deal, initially signed in April 2017 for the supply of rare earths output from its Browns Range project in Western Australia, was terminated as Lianyugang had breached the agreement. It did not give further details."

I have had concerns about China buying up mines of various minerals for some time. They have mines in Africa, too. They are also buying port facilities.



I didn't understand what was going on in 2008, but Steve Bannon was in England talking about it on a video I watched last night.

I used to ignore all of the left's fulminating about Wall Street, but there really are some devious guys working there and they don't care about the American people, only their own money.



Single dad can't find a homeless shelter that will take a man with kids.

Left unsaid as to the reasons is the increasing concerns about pedophiles.

Maybe some charity like the Salvation Army will open one with an attached daycare facility, so people like this guy can get a job.




I think Trump is going on and on about the Dorian coverage to demonstrate that if in the short term the predictions are so off why are we spending so much time and effort on climate change when the models have been fabricated.
Interesting how short term versus long term goals get criss-crossed in policy decisions. Wall Street dealing short term on quarter to quarter results and giving everything to China as low cost bidder while invoking climate change for long term no matter that China is one of the funders of the climate change hysteria.

I wish Trump would force Penn State and Virginia to release Mann's tree ring data by threatening to cut off federal funding. Then we will know who the real liars are.


Yang may be right about increasing automation eventually leading to widespread unemployment (as per Vonnegut's 1952 "Player Piano") but it is a harder sell with unemployment at 3.7%.

I made a very good living for several decades managing companies that designed, built, installed and maintained automation systems.

We were always looking for talent which was in short supply.

These jobs paid very well.

And this will change why???



Better yet, due to their being generated through Fed Grants, claim ownership of the data.

Then watch the caterwauling...

Captain Hate

Penn State is used to covering up for frauds and perverts.

Captain Hate

Mann does climate change THE RIGHT WAY!



You hear of this?


matt - deplore me if you must

My concern with China is that the ideologues are running things. Xi really wants to be equal to Mao and his police state is expanding rapidly.

Hong Kong must be a slap in his face, and the US trade war is having significant impact.

China has been laying the groundwork for its global hegemony for the past 20 years. They own ports, countries, politicians, and industries.

How quickly we can de-couple with that I don't know. But they are now spending huge amounts of their foreign currency reserves managing the RMB as their economy needs more and more financing to keep the wheels from coming off.

A lot is going to depend on whether their Western trained economists and technical experts are allowed to use the tools at their disposal or whether Xi just says F it and goes full hegemonist.

Frankly, the Hong Kong mess could not have happened at a worse time for Xi's plans for global domination.


Dave? Jane?

Ever hear of a politician doing such a thing?



I just came here to recommend this one from the prev thread ... only to see Mel already reposted it.
Posted by: henry | September 06, 2019 at 01:20 PM

Captain Hate

But I was assured that pot being legal would only reduce crime...


Shocking Melinda! - not


He was indicted last year and re-solicited? Who told him that was a good idea or necessary?



Everyone upset about the slow motion of draining the swamp. Not sure if everyone read Bill Gertz column about China trying to extradite someone by bribing Eliot Broidy, the vice chair of Trump Inaugural Committee and his lawyer wife to the tune of some $40 million. Broidy is the one who had the playmate have an abortion.

It is why Trump never complained about inquiries into the $107 million raised for the inaugural. He was watching who Gates and Broidy were getting contribution.

Funny how they think Kuwait hacked Broidy i think someone else did and it was to expose China via Broidy e-mails. Took a long time to surface. Also compare the outrage for Kashoggi murder versus Epstein suicide. Just saying.

Captain Hate

Pamela Anderson

I believe Everyone in the world should be able to vote for the US president because it has an impact on all of us.

I guess hepatitis affects the brain as well as the liver.
Posted by: Insomniac at September 06, 2019 02:55 PM (NWiLs)


She also answered Behar's question on why Julian was holding back on Trump material by replying that if he had anything on Trump it's already be out there.

Jim Eagle

Is TM forgetting the history of technology? From biblical times we have evolved after the latest new thing appeared. Remember how all the carriage houses in London became fashionable Mews after the introduction of the automobile?

And then we were going to lose our engineering edge to China because we shut down the Shuttle missions. Johns Hopkins begs to disagree.

We are too smart not to evolve.


No qatar did, fronted by a moroccan diplomat who was the un negotiator on yemen.

James D.

In the end, simply looking out for U.S. security concerns above immediate economic benefits might have been the point of this trade war all along.

What a concept - making our national security the first priority.

Amazing how two decades worth of elite genius Ivy-educated, well-spoken, respectable policymakers couldn't figure that one out, but dumb, vulgar, ignorant Orange Man understands it.


Howie Carr is discussing the Fall River mayor story. The boy mayor (he's 27) was recalled and re-elected. He has two bagmen (one a drug dealer) but decided to do the pick-ups himself. He has a Batman Rolex and bought a matching one for his girlfriend. He gave his girlfriend's brother two marijuana licenses.
Massachusetts corruption!

Jim Eagle


Did you ever wonder how the high admissions quals to Ivy resulted in such uninformed, uncreative and flimsy intellects after matriculation? I for one wonder if Ivy is nothing more than a PR man's world class performance.

James D.

I think Trump is going on and on about the Dorian coverage to demonstrate that if in the short term the predictions are so off why are we spending so much time and effort on climate change when the models have been fabricated.

I think it's simpler than that. He just will not let any lie or insult go unanswered, ever.

Which I agree with. We saw what happens when a GOP President just sits there and lets the Dems and the MSM (but I repeat myself) lie about him endlessly. And, more importantly, President Trump saw it, and learned from it.


bought=extorted ha.

Jim Eagle

BTW, Boris is now under a Trumpian PR attack due to him calling David Cameron a "girly SWOT" in a now just published note. Of course, unlike Trump, he can be gone in a week under parliamentarian rules.

"Girly Swot" is more an Etonian diss than anything. IOW's, British school boy humor. YMMV

But watch this space for further developments.

Jim Eagle

It's the BBee, but it is a perfect parody and probably more true than anything you will read in the MFM.


Jim Eagle

More Trump judges. That should be his only commitment and industry for his next term.


Jim Eagle

The idiocy of PC in sports:



Next year is Maine's bicentennial. You know it as the Missouri Compromise. Mainers know it as independence from Massachusetts. :)


Back in after weeding the south fence line and cutting out weed trees with one of the two sisters who come and do work outside with me for $5 for about an hour a couple of days a week.

They are black and live in the low-cost apartment complex a couple of blocks from me. Both are hard workers and very sweet.

What I have learned is how kids like this have a huge obstacle to overcome.

1. The last time I paid them their mom took the money. I hope it was for something worthwhile.

2. The school they attend sounds like discipline is absolutely non-existant, as she always has tales of fights and bullying and such.

3. I have trouble understanding her and have to have her repeat things, because she talks really fast with black slang.

4. They have never traveled out of the city. Ever.

Today when we were weeding she ran across a couple of slugs, and she thought they were snails. She said she had heard people eat them and asked me if I had. So I got to tell her about my experience in the French NCO Club in West Berlin and she, of course, hadn't been taught about the end of WWII and the division of the city, nor the break-up of the Soviet Union. (And yes, I ate snails.)

She's not a stupid kid; I think she is just in a school which isn't doing much teaching.

It's nice to have a helper in the yard to get some stuff done which would be difficult by myself. Plus, I get someone to listen to my stories!


Catching up: jimnj, you are fine, and balanced, and always yourself.

Jack, love your rare bat story from Wiltshire; poor bat!

Re narc’s post of the aviators in Hallandale Beach, Florida—that list was a treat (I went looking for the usual 911 suspects)—some particularly delicious names: John Sathyavan Thevabalasingha, Emmanuel Francisco LaGrange Briceo Corredor, and Gianncarlo Potolicchio Shlick. Nice, huh?

Captain Hate




This podcast (recommended on preceding thread) is phenomenal---I URGE ANY AND EVERYONE who has anyone in their world who is dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, bipolar disorder or yes, even schizophrenia to listen to it:


And anybody who is interested in optimal health, and not getting demented.
(That should be just about everyone, right???)



You are probably the most educated person she gets to spend "one on one" time with.

I bet she values it more than you.


$424M Medicare/Insurance Fraud pinched.

This also require political cover, to keep the bank accounts straight. So who was it?


Jim Eagle


Sometimes in this era its a blessing to be uninformed. I wish I was.


"compare the outrage for Kashoggi murder versus Epstein suicide"

No one was sad for Epstein to be dead while few cared one way or the other about Kashoggi.
But you're right: the Epstein death is highly significant yet the media shows no interest in digging into the story.



Stu discusses the many causes of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

MY theory is a spiritual battle sweeping through this country, plus fear the evil-doers have for being discovered as traitors, perverts, and corrupt politicians and media people.


Jim, Sunnyvale,



Did you guys hear about Epstein's funeral?

Me neither.

Been 20 days.
He's got a point.




Labour admits its plan to negotiate a new deal, then run against the new referendum for it....




The arrogance of the anti-Brexit people, both Labour and Conservative, is just stunning. One wonders what financial interests they are receiving or think they will receive if they do NOT exit the EU.



JM Hanes

Yes, it's the NYTimes, but I have to say that newborn pandas look more like drowned rats than drowned rats probably do, so you won't miss much if you don't click for the story:

When a Berlin newspaper asked its readers to help name two pandas born in the Berlin zoo last week, the contest quickly became weighted with political symbolism and risked the ire of Beijing, which has long treated the animals as surrogate envoys to friendly countries.

The most-suggested names by readers, according to the Tagesspiegel newspaper, were Hong and Kong.

Not quite as good as MM's fainting dog, but a worthy second place in today's animal news, I think.


This is a HUGE Trump rally. I would like to encoutage you to go if one is near you. They are amazing. Video at the link.

GOD BLESS the US 🇺🇸.@realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 pic.twitter.com/mLqfXMOG1u

— LATAM for TRUMP🇺🇸 (@LATAMforTRUMP) September 6, 2019
JM Hanes

Rubio Plan" "Let 20K Bahamians in South Florida Bring Foreign Relatives to U.S."

Now there's a fun twist on the immigration front, importing new Republican voters!


JM Hanes!

I didn't even consider that, but you are probably right!


OMG! This is hilarious! Troll Level: MASTER!

Video at the link!


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2019
Yang may be right about increasing automation eventually leading to widespread unemployment
This is just downright silly, and anyone who can do math should be embarrassed to have said this.

Increasing automation is an example of economic disruption which is net positive for creating wealth. People have an unlimited ability to figure out how to spend new wealth, so that any time that net wealth is being created new wants are being created to spend the new wealth. And all of those "luxury goods" create plenty of employment that can soak up any and all displaced labor.


Wrong think.

day after Haverford Township officials shut down the Bon Air Fire Company for not parting with a volunteer who had tried to join the far-right men’s group the Proud Boys, the company issued a statement Thursday defending the firefighter and its decision to keep him.

Bon Air said Thursday that the volunteer, who has been identified as Bruce McClay Jr., had done nothing wrong as a firefighter and was exercising his “right to freely assemble and to freely associate with others.”

"While the volunteer attended some social gatherings of the outside organization, the volunteer ultimately decided, after he learned more about the group’s beliefs, that he did not wish to become part of the organization,” Bon Air said in its statement. “He never attended any rallies or protests, and he disassociated himself from the group more than one year ago. He has broken no law and committed no crime.”

McClay, the statement continued, “has not made any statements to his fellow volunteers or posted any statements on social media in support of the views of the outside organization or which reflect poorly on his ability to faithfully carry out the duties of his position to Haverford Community.”



I didn't know we still had Peace Corps in CHINA!


10 years ago, Hungarian emigre George Friedman wrote, "The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century."

In it, he observed, "The problem for China is political. China is held together by money, not ideology. When there is an economic downturn and the money stops rolling in, not only will the banking system spasm, but the entire fabric of Chinese society will shudder. Loyalty in China is either bought or coerced. Without available money, only coercion remains


Jennifer Aniston's dark skin tone on magazine cover prompts criticism of InStyle. https://t.co/VqXcX42BNa - @janellefiona

— NBC News (@NBCNews) September 5, 2019

InStyle magazine draws ire for putting Jennifer Anniston on the cover with a sun tan, which is apparently triggering a bunch of lefties.

Link goes to picture and NBC article.


Hey jm how is it up there.


IRS donor disclosure rules on charities, iBama age, scrapped:



Would there be people farms or hunting parties? Which of us would be chosen for consumption & by whom?

This is not science; it’s barbaric lunacy. Expect one of the current dim clowncar occupants to suggest in all seriousness to propagate the climate hoax https://t.co/YNQvpi4Hlq

— 👠IStandWithTrump ⭐️⭐️⭐️ClearFlynnNow (@superyayadize) September 6, 2019

Link goes to an article where a Swedish behavioral scientist suggests we may have to resort to eating HUMAN CORPSES for the environment!

We live in insane times.


Speaking of insane...

Elizabeth Warren
· 2h
On my first day as president, I will sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands. And I will ban fracking—everywhere.



Julie Kelly discusses the suspension of Playboy reporter Brian Karem from the White House pool, and his reinstatement by the liberal judge.


Loyalty in China is either bought or coerced. Without available money, only coercion remains.

Westerners really have no appreciation of the level of coercion that occurs in China.

One time while driving out in the "sticks" I saw a crew doing road construction. There was a military detail "keeping an eye on them" with automatic weapons.

I ask the Chinese guys I was traveling with what was the deal. "If they don't, the job just won't get finished."

They thought it was completely "normal".


“The Washington Post’s Lost Summer” https://t.co/jHkZyiJwZL

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2019

Link goes to Washington Examiner article.


“The Washington Post’s Lost Summer” https://t.co/jHkZyiJwZL

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2019

Video making the same point as my post at 6:49 at link.


Oops. HERE is the link with video:


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2019

Joe Biden in New Hampshire: "I guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel."

80 percent of the households in the Granite State are heated by oil, gas, and propane. pic.twitter.com/wtYVweAdsX

— Zach Parkinson (@AZachParkinson) September 6, 2019

Video at link.



John Riley, WSJ: "We've learned nothing new here. We've learned that Trump won't back down from a fight and we've learned that there is no controversy that is too petty or stupid for the press to harp on"


The Hill
JUST IN: Trump to hold campaign rally in New Mexico this month http://hill.cm/M21jCQi

JM Hanes


I bet the Democrats are pissed they didn't think of it either.

JM Hanes

Hey Narciso!

I hate to say it, in light of all the difficulties elsewhere, but the last couple of days have been the nicest we've had all summer. Daytime temperatures dropped into the 80's for a change, and last evening I felt the first breeze outside of a thunderstorm that I can remember. It took me a second to realize why everything felt so nice! Hope all's well in your neck of the woods. Were you affected by the storm?


No thankfully we dodged a bullet,




JM Hanes,

We had a lovely day today, too! Cool, partly cloudy and partly sunny, with a bit of humidity such that I went in to check weather radar. Also a breeze. The humidity was from a front moving in from the northwest, not the hurricane, which I worried bout.


Q: Which bitch is dumber? Ocasio-Corrrrrrrtezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OR Pam Anderson?


Dave (in MA)
Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · On my first day as president
Please kill me on 1/19/21

>>>And this will change why???

Posted by: Buckeye | September 06, 2019 at 02:43 PM<<<

I was trying to figure out that too. Is TM trolling us?


Posted by: MissMarple2 | September 06, 2019 at 07:10 PM

still can't believe the media is carrying on about that ...


i am making a feast tonight. starting with some s/n oktoberfest.


This just in: Illuminati cult weirdo bankers hate Trump. https://t.co/rYqm4eePYr

— Rep. Steven Smith 🇺🇸 (@RepStevenSmith) September 6, 2019

Link goes to a tweet by David Rothschild.


Posted by: MissMarple2 | September 06, 2019 at 06:39 PM

good grief.



The entire country has gone bat-shit crazy.

Another Bob

“i am making a feast tonight”

Celebrating something rich?


>>>Celebrating something rich?

Posted by: Another Bob | September 06, 2019 at 08:09 PM<<<

nothing important. some good news from work and a bit of time off.


Donald J. Trump
, and all others, along with other countries that have been helping, have been asked to move people in the badly hit sections of the Bahamas to other sections of the Bahamas....

...that were not hit – and that are in good condition. Any cruise ship companies willing to act as stationary housing, etc., I am sure would be appreciated!


Scott Ford
How do they walk 2,000 miles across Mexico overweight with no support but have cellphones and a 'plan' to sign-up on every program in America to include housing.


A pertinent question!!

Another Bob

MM, my virgin ears! ;)


>>>The entire country has gone bat-shit crazy.

Posted by: MissMarple2 | September 06, 2019 at 08:09 PM<<<

we need to dust off that "inordinate fear" line and re-deploy it: "we need not have an inordinate fear of the petroleum industry"


Tulsi just announced she’s taking her campaign all the way to the convention pic.twitter.com/sOimIO6ZgZ

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) September 6, 2019

Photo at the link. THIS should cause a big flapdoodle in Milwaukee at the convention!


Boy is home for the weekend. 2 weeks of College under his belt. Good music related job on campus.
TOSTATDOS for dinner. I'm having a cold beer.

Another Bob

“some good news from work”

Take it where you can find it man. Was all I could do to not beat the shit out of a sales director today. And my dumbass boss emailing from an airplane to Switzerland.



Obama didn't have the legal right to sign DACA, but Trump has been told by the lower court that he doesn't have the right to UNsign it!

What a crock! The President says he will take it to the Supreme Court.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If I'm reading the self righteous Buttgag right everything he likes to do, including poking his boyfriend in the butt, and everything he believes politically is not a sin. Everything he doesn't like to do and doesn't agree with is.
Since he claims to be a Christian I have to wonder what version of the bible he reads. Aleister Crowley's?


>>>Take it where you can find it man. Was all I could do to not beat the shit out of a sales director today. And my dumbass boss emailing from an airplane to Switzerland.

Posted by: Another Bob | September 06, 2019 at 08:18 PM<<<

reads like the beginning of a novel! ha.

it was a proof-of-concept that i was working on and whoa,shit it worked.

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