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September 17, 2019



Narciso 12:37, you have been around long enough to recognize, that the FULL COMMIE, has ZERO ZERO ZERO interest in honesty. What yours, and My problem has been for a long time, is that WE, YOU and I, still naively want to believe, that this CABAL of HATEFUL FULL COMMIE BULLSHIT and DISHONESTY, can still be RATIONALLY DEALT with.
Live it learn it love it. Don't turn you back on these people.


Yes i read the name i dont spell it out, what do you to such (redacted redacted) people, they must pay in some tangible way.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The Brothel

The madam opened the brothel door in Salt Lake City and saw a rather dignified, well-dressed, good-looking man in his late
forties or early fifties.

"May I help you sir?," she asked.

The man replied, "I want to see Valerie."

"Sir, Valerie is one of our most expensive ladies. Perhaps you would prefer someone else," said the madam.

He replied, "No, I must see Valerie."

Just then, Valerie appeared and announced to the man she charged $5000 a visit.

Without hesitation, the man pulled out five thousand dollars and gave it to Valerie, and they went upstairs.

After an hour, the man calmly left.

The next night, the man appeared again, once more demanding to see Valerie.

Valerie explained that no one had ever come back two nights in a row as she was too expensive.

"There are no discounts. The price is still $5000."

Again, the man pulled out the money, gave it to Valerie, and they went upstairs. After an hour, he left.

The following night the man was there yet again.

Everyone was astounded that he had come for a third consecutive night, but he paid Valerie and they went upstairs.

After their session, Valerie said to the man, "No one has ever been with me three nights in a row." "Where are you from?"

The man replied," Idaho ."

"Really," she said. "I have family in Idaho."

"I know." the man said. "Your sister died, and I am her attorney." "She asked me to give you your $15,000 inheritance."

The moral of the story is that three (3) things in life are certain:

1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Being screwed by a lawyer!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Doing much better, narc. They figured out I had a bad infection which was contributing to the numbers being so far out of whack, and the antibiotics are helping. Numbers way down but still not where they should be. CT scan on Monday to check for stones.

jim nj

Thank you, Gus,

I haven't been a fan of the UAW since I was 17. The IAM was trying to organize the car dealership where I was working as a car jockey.

Management got spooked about the IAM and invited a UAW rep to address the shop on company time. I asked why the IAM didn't get the same opportunity.

I didn't plan to vote for either union. I just thought it was a rigged process. The UAW won the election and I lost my job because state law said you had to be 18 to operate a gas pump.

That law was never enforced and I had already pumped gas for a year and a half before this job.

And the way the bailout was handled ran roughshod over established bankruptcy law.


Well thats good to hear, although how does an infection skew all those readings.


I’ve got mold in my refrigerator older than Greta Thurnberg. And more self aware.


Tonight on Blue Bloods, a journalist refuses to give up the name of an honest mechanic who charges reasonable rates.

mike in houston

And now for something completely different.

Language was developed for one endeavor... To woo women!


How would Cole Porter go over with the "Me Too" gang? :)

jim nj


"The Corps is not currently manned or equipped for hunting and sinking enemy ships. But the ­Marine Corps is in hot pursuit of anti-ship missiles and a mobile shore-based artillery system that can strike moving ships at long distances."

It sounds like they can do it with existing equipment and networking.


Take a HIMARS, a truck-based rocket launch system, marry it up with anti-ship missiles and deploy it on an island. Network it to receive targeting data beyond line of sight from other sources. Maybe give it a remote-firing function and you don't need to leave people behind to man it.

jim nj


jim nj

via Insty,


"And as of this morning, with over 700.000 votes in, it remains at 93 percent supporting the right to bear arms in public."



Miles Davis once said that if someone told him it was his last hour on Earth he would like to spend it choking a White guy slowly.

But in his last hour it was me slowly choking Miles Davis.

For NBC News I’m Brian Williams.

jim nj


"For a second day, the New York Fed spent billions to calm the financial market."

They're referring to the repo market where institutions go to get overnight liquidity.

Melinda mentioned that the overnight rate had approached 8% on an APR basis, that's obscene for an overnight loan.

Some of you might remember I did extensive posting on how the repo market collapsed in the last financial panic because institutions became wary about the underlying value of bonds presented as collateral. Many lenders refused to lend against mortgage-backed instruments.

This is different, and worrisome, the quality of the collateral is not an issue now. Apparently there is mot enough ready cash available to accommodate all the requests for overnight liquidity.

So the FED has been buying Treasuries the last two days which puts more money into circulation for loaning out.

That's known as quantitative easing (QE).

Which is similar in effect to an interest rate cut.

Bottom line, something happened in the repo market that the FED didn't anticipate.

That suggests that the FED's current policies need to be revised.

jim nj

via Insty,


SF Restaurant Leaders Sound Alarm on Industry Crisis at City Hall Meeting

SF’s restaurants are its lifeblood — but can they survive?


sbw--met a classmate of some of your sibs yesterday.
Lovely woman. When she answered my
"Where are you originally from?" with "Upstate New York"
and I asked ""Where?"
She got:

"Oh, I have a friend from Rome! Well, not a real friend, someone I know online...his family publishes the paper..."

Which went on to a discussion about #FakeNews--your posting AP's original version of things, and your edits/corrections.
I quickly said "Oh, we don't want to talk politics" but she said
"Talking about lying is not talking politics."

I have hope ---we are talking a college graduate single white woman here...one of the assumed HRC/ E Warren voters.


jim nj

The repo market has me concerned too.

Does the situation suggest wrongheaded policy on the part of the Fed, or a slow and inadequate response to changing market conditions?


Or one extremely large player suddenly sitting on their hands (and cash) the day before a two day Fed meeting starts?

Makes one wonder of the convenient timing...


Not one, actually, but at least two of us:




Could a foreign entity make demands on the Repo markets in a way to intentionally blow it up??


Not very likely.

On a related note, this is also unfolding:


Repurchase Agreements, to which RePo is actually referring, are private contractual agreements to lend securities, in lieu of cash, to cover margined securities. Very clubby, and is watched by the Fed because they’re in nominal charge of all things margin, a k a Reg T.

More in a bit...


Good morning!

RG pointed me to this article in Bloomberg, which is behind the paywall for me since I have used up my free articles this month.

However, it seems German auto production is down 12%.




Two names we know in this article: Evan McMullin and Stuart Stevens (Romneyy advisor now working with Bill Weld).


The Germans are busy shooting themselves in their "climate change" head.



Stigall is basically telling the "not presidential enough" people to shut up.

I want to say that the only thing that I had to get used to with the President was the Queens accent. We haven't had a president with a regional accent from the East in my lifetime, so it was a little different.

I love everything else he does, and I am tired of these snooty people acting like he's crazy or embarrassing. Who the heck are they? "Oh if only we had nominated Jeb Bush..." Hogwash!


I listened to quite a bit of the Corey Lewandowski testimony on YouTube last night after I went to bed.

What struck me as funny was that every one of the democrat representatives acted like they were Perry Mason or something, dragging out supposed "Ah-hah!" moments and then Lewandowski would slap them down. A podcast guy I watch said that Corey demonstrated the power of being fearless around these guys, an attribute President Trump has as well.

It's contagious, too. Kevin McCarthy seems to have shed his milquetoast demeanor and is fighting back as well.

It's quite enjoyable to watch.



Apparently Trudeau did this. Watson says it's in more demand than the Zapruder film.


For an "Ice Free Arctic", that's a lot of early ice:



Greta Thundberg should have taken that boat instead of a racing sailboat for her trip to the UN.


I'm 85 years old and I joined Twitter just this morning so I can read @realDonaldTrump
I've lived thru every president since FDR and I can say Trump is the best president I've ever been alive to see.


I'll just leave this little "Fully Operational EPA" bit of schadenfreude, here. Maybe with a large serving of Cofeve:


Suck it, Nahncee.

Captain Hate

Kevin McCarthy seems to have shed his milquetoast demeanor and is fighting back as well.

He's been mostly a pleasant surprise in his role; and he didn't even get shot.



Isn't that great? Using the EPA against them!


I told you CNN would be upset about the Sharpie https://t.co/1UVaBiNa8j

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) September 19, 2019

Link goes to CNN tweet with video.


Hah! I hope the EPA goes after the Milwaukee Sewer district for raw poop into Lake Michigan, say during the DNC Convention next year.


President Trump: "If I took 5% tariff for 6 months that pays for the entire wall. But at this moment I don't want to do that." pic.twitter.com/QLNRmQlCxq

— The Hill (@thehill) September 19, 2019

Short video clip of the President at the link.


Just checking in to see the good news about Kev!
Glad (is it "Sabertooth"?) is feeling better, catsmeat.
And of course Steph, I hope you continue to get answers and better lab results.
Jim - So glad to read your encouraging news about cutting the meds. Everyone stay healthy and well!



Third instance surfaces.


Poor Justine,

That election is just weeks away.....

A real pity, really.


Gee, I wanted to Tweet the above article to Mitt Romney, but @MittRomney can't be accessed.

Does that mean he's banned me, or he doesn't want to hear from anybody??


Democrats calling for Justice Kavanaugh to be impeached based on a fake news hit piece is sadly not at all surprising. After all, calling for baseless impeachments seems to be the only thing Democrats are capable of these days.

The American people are watching in disgust. pic.twitter.com/KOceRk7azP

— Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise) September 18, 2019

Video at link.



NBA adopts new rules requiring teams to add full-time mental health staff for 2019-2020 season


Robin: I was just today skating by the Cornell boat house

Usually the New York winter holds of until the beginning of October. ;-)

Another Bob

Isn’t this Trudeau-blackface stuff old news? I have some recollection of it coming up years ago.


Another Bob,

I am the last person to know if it is old news or not. It sure is making a lot of headlines in Canada, and made a spoken apology on his plane.


I have to join jane.

I do not see acknowledging the reality that the vast majority of Arabs have darker skin than Justin does, or that an African American has darker skin than Northam did in med school, and using make up to make that happen when in costume, can possibly be regarded as racist.

I do see that the rest of Northam's get up may be---had he dressed up as black neurosurgeon, say, it might have been less offensive than dressing up like a minstrel player---but why diminish the contribution of minstrel shows????

I have a hard time with the "hold them to their own rules" when the rule is moronic.
But I am happy to see there are people who can!


Kat Timpf
Hey remember when @JustinTrudeau
corrected a woman for using the word “mankind,” telling her to use “peoplekind” instead? I do.


NPR was covering it this morning.



Yikes! One of the pilots is hanging from a high-voltage line after his chute got tangled in it!



This has become a fairly common occurrence that out state police have to deal with, due to Indianapolis being the "Crossroads of America."
I-70, I-65, and I-69 all pass through this area.

Jim Eagle

Staying true to her literary inspiration for "Catsmeat" wouldn't "Wilberforce" be a more suitable name for Nick?

The Dems and media risk Kavanaugh turning more right from his Kennedyesque deciding vote position.



I think I posted about this yesterday. The statement is dated September 17.

It lists the items being declassified. I haven't seen any links to the documents yet, but it's good to keep track of what is getting released.


September 17, 2018

a tad more than 2 weeks ago.


IGNORE ABOVE LINK! It's dated 2018!

I just discovered there are people deliberately posting old articles to confuse things. I am going to have to go over every damn thing I look at to make sure it's not old!

You have to admit it's a very clever trick to confuse everyone.


I'm sure the topic of campaign donations didn't sully this partisan mess.



The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Benny Gantz declared victory in Israel's election and vowed to lead a unity government. He rejected Benjamin Netanyahu's calls for talks. on.wsj.com/2Ask8Ue



The WSJ editorial board agrees with President Trump's revocation of the California waiver.


I have no patient with the hoser prime minister, i know he looks a little like fidel but none of his kids are that mariannas trench dense.


Kurt Schlichter Retweeted
Yes it is

This by
has to be one of the most brutally honest articles I’ve ever read. https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2019/09/19/violate-your-oath-and-turn-on-american-citizens-at-your-legal-peril-gun-grabbers-n2553286…

Be warned 20%.


Ah carp, lawfare strikes again, well iarael had a host of foolish rulers


So theyll let another intel squirrel just to throw chaff on any actual revelation.

Another Bob

Herman Cain just finished a hit on FBN with some random woman.

The repo action came up briefly - almost an afterthought. Cain’s point was that we don’t know if the Fed *had* to do it.

Would the Fed have their own reasons - other than the market needed it - to announce and do the repo actions? Playing some politics?


The fed is a black box, greenspan got me almost agreeing with rand paul:



2012 article by Maggie Haberman

But a 1997 Fordham Law Review piece described her as Harvard Law School's "first woman of color,"

"There are few women of color who hold important positions in the academy, Fortune 500 companies, or other prominent fields or industries," the piece says. "This is not inconsequential. Diversifying these arenas, in part by adding qualified women of color to their ranks, remains important for many reaons. For one, there are scant women of color as role models. In my three years at Stanford Law School, there were no professors who were women of color. Harvard Law School hired its first woman of color, Elizabeth Warren, in 1995.


Another Bob

Haberman a lying propagandist?

Must be a day ending in ‘y’.


Neat conversation, Anonamom. May I ask what area of the country the conversation about Rome occurred?

Another Bob

Iranians hit Saudi oil facilities.

This is the United States’ problem, and *we* have to hit the Iranians?

Republicans are starting to criticize Trump over this.



Having picked up a copy of victor marchettis rope dancer, i realize they didnt clear it because of classified info, but because it tevealed an imbred clique just as jaded as the brits.


We dont, but the saudis will be using our weapons and support capacity, its argiable all this virtue signaling over yemen and khashoggi emboldened the iranians.


Another Bob,

As near as I can tell, there are a bunch of Republicans who think either it's all-out war or we are pacifists.

Creative thinking isn't in their tool box.

I am also suspicious of who their donors might be.


For baseball fans. Video at the link.

A moment to remember.

Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski throws out the first pitch to his grandson, Mike Yastrzemski, at Fenway Park 👏 (via @MLB)pic.twitter.com/hqmNlA5qNj

— ESPN (@espn) September 18, 2019
Old Lurker

A-Bob. As I posted before. Last year the US imported 4M barrels per day from the ME. That same year we EXPORTED 9M barrels per day to other countries. And our production could increase way more if we want it to.

And this is OUR problem to solve for the rest of the freeloading world?


Now i say, the prince is the defense minister, he should have been on top of this, but it seems our intel community bobbled the ball again, i mean its a big thing if you dont alert something like abquaiq was in the offing.



The question is did Harvard use Warren's fake minority status to avoid lawsuits and/or settlements?


Another day, another attemp at confiscating our savings.



If you think this is just another liberal, big-government proposal, you’d be wrong. The legislation was authored by Assembly Republicans.

can we ban government?



Great picture. Of course the left took it the wrong way.


In dick the butchers suggestion about thr trial bar, henry?


narciso, had me thinking about combining Trudeau and Warren (brownface plus feathered headdress) and dumping some tea legislators into the lake.


Good Morning! lurkersusie @ 9:16,interesting! This morning I perused a few Canadian media headlines,because I'm amused by Justin of Canada's troubles. He is a doofus. I read that the NDP leader (Jagmet Singh) the first "racialized" person to lead a federal party in Canada is disturbed by Trudeau's actions. I'd never heard that term before,but Canada is so PC,I'm not surprised. I asked hubby,what does that mean? Then the light bulb switched on and I said,oh if we had PC language like the Canadians,Lizzie Warren would be a racialized candidate. *eyeroll*


Thats where all those firearm laden canoes ended up, yes the florida leg has dissapointed me time ans again.


Then we have Madison level idiocy:

Unfortunately, despite accusations of abusive acts committed by the nominee (including the powerful testimony of professor Christine Blasey Ford to the Senate Judiciary Committee), a dishonest and irresponsible majority of Republicans in the U.S. Senate put Kavanaugh on the court. Johnson was part of that majority, and he shamed himself and his state. Among the many reasons for removing him from office, this vote belongs at the top of the list.


Dave (in MA)

Posted by: MissMarple2 | September 19, 2019 at 09:42 AM

I wonder if he ever comes across TAX CHEAT on any of the Geithner bills?


They ahould change the name to guevara or lumumba

Dave (in MA)

Pretty sad that one of the most memorable moments the world champs had this season is an opponent's home run.


Glad to read things went well for KK and are going well for Catsmeat's son.

This is an article from last year that my kid had to read in her high school government class:


She had no idea whether there was an actual point, so the best she could offer the teacher was a few questions on how the sentence about Trump related to whatever the author was saying.

I've read it twice trying to catch the point, and I really don't get it.

Is it just a word salad cry for multiculturalism? He cites Canada as an example of a well run government but the article seems to be pleading for new and fresh qoverment ideas. A parliamentary system under the novelty thumb of a monarch seems hardly innovative.

Can anyone take a devil's advocate approach and figure out what the author was conveying to his fans?


Dave,Howie Carr said yesterday that the young Yaz home run was the most excitement Red Sox fans have had all season. :)


They seem to be hinting at that tk, but they dont offer any solutions


TK, must be a pining for socialism. That's a jumble of nonsense as well.


If this was under hos gloroius shadow obama,,theu would say we need 57 state

Dave (in MA)

Sox are +12 in away games but -5 at home. The new guy on the morning show on their flagship radio station says they should fire Alex Cora who was more concerned with not visiting the WH and complaining about Puerto Rico than he was about getting his team ready for the season.

Last night the top story on the midnight radio news (I think it was a Fox news break I heard) was about the whistleblower going to the IG about a phone call Trump made.



Trudeau: the two incidents I am very sorry for are the party one, the high school one, and this new one. Wait. AMONG the incidents I am sorry for are . . . . I’ll come in again.


This was on the waPo front page. Reminds me of the charges against Kavanaugh--who,, what, why and where seems no longer operative for news stories.


Clarice, think of it as editorial "right to try" for the dying impeachment effort.


Thanks. It really seems to have no message at all.

Jim Eagle

When my Dad's Southampton Baseball team would play the Bridgehampton Baseball club back in the 30's there were 8 Yazstremski's on the Bridgehampton team. The Yaz family had a dozen or so Potato farms stretching from Southampton out to Amagansett.

One of the family, Richard is a village council member in Southampton.

Most of those farms were sold for millions or bought out using community preservation funds.

Young Mike is a Vandy grad.


Nakashima is crowdstrikes publicist going back to 2015,


Yesterday it was posted here that the Navy confirmed that the UFO vids are legit and they have no clue what they are looking at. The story seems remarkably underreported.

This is the video that made my neck hair stand up:


"A whole fleet of them."



Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Who cares about #DueProcess? Not WI Democrats! “Evers, Wisconsin Democrats introduce red flag gun bill”


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