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September 11, 2019


Jim Eagle

In other news, A Scottish Court has ruled against the proroguing of Parliament, and the government will go to the Supreme Court of the UK for an appeal.

So the Scots, are the 9th Circuit of the UK.


Do they wear plaid robes? or just issue plaid decisions?


also, 2 more of this post by TM.


Because Valerie got on armitages nerves steoping all over his inr, the fellow who wrote the memo rahr had been the deputt chief in niger three years before, so he had his auspicions.


new followed by new


Should have wrapped it in haggis,


Stepped, deputy, suspicions, so inatead of sending someone to really investigate they sent joe wilson good friend of the alamoudis.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

OK, I'm on strike until one of these threads is The Chosen One, h/t Donald J Trump.

Jim Eagle

Why are we reliving this?

We are giving more legitimacy to Plame than she deserves. Groundhog day is February 2nd.

Another Bob

“Why are we reliving this?”

Opportunity to use her to illustrate how republican administrations will unfairly and dangerously screw with innocent public servants who cross them, in preparation for Spygate indictments?

With a side of pumping Plame’s victim status for votes.

Jim Eagle


On this particular day, we should be reliving the decisions or non-decisions by a more senior Democrat: Jamie Gorelick.

Dave (in MA)

Is this the old, old, new thread?


Scots and their spotty dick. Plame too.


All the old comments are jettisoned when TM updates a post?

Off topic: Dems question if the Bill of Rights deserves preservation.

"Vote accordingly."

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