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September 14, 2019


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Florida is having some issues. Now the QB is obviously hurt. Ouch!


They really lay it on thick:


Here you go Ig--Gundry's presentation at AHA Scientific sessions, March, 2018


95 of 102 patients achieved complete resolution of autoimmune markers and inflammatory markers within 9 months. The other 7 patients had reduced markers, and not a single patient had no changes. 80 of the patients weaned off all immunosuppressants and other prescribed medications, with no rebound effects.

Thanks for causing to me to spend Saturday evening revisiting Gundry.. Seeing the above, I will continue to highly recommend Plant Paradox for all with autoimmune disorders.

1) NCBI: Updated assessment of the prevalence, spectrum and case definition of autoimmune disease.
2) NCBI:The role of gut microbiota in immune homeostasis and autoimmunity
3) NCBI:Breaking down the barriers: the gut microbiome, intestinal permeability and stress-related psychiatric disorders
4) Journal of Glycomics and Lipidomics: Lectin Array Analysis of Purified Lipooligosaccharide: A Method for the Determination of Molecular Mimicry
5) SelfHacked: Dr. Steven Gundry–Stop Autoimmunity with a Lectin Free Diet
6) Alternative Therapies in Health: Food Immune Reaction and Autoimmunity


JANE, I think this an utterly valuable, honest scientific debate, not a brawl. In any event I am in total agreement on the value of anecdotal evidence and the difficulty of establishing sound nutritional guidelines. We are prejudiced, at least I am, since we have good reason to believe the food pyramid was bunk. I think the keto and Atkins diet may be efficacious largely because it reduces food intake and hunger, especialy among those addicted to sugarly, carb heavy foods.

The Infamous Ignatz

I don’t want to get into your fight, but since you don’t need to go on a diet, why do you care?--

I thought I was in a discussion, but whatever I'm in, I shouldn't care unless I have to lose weight or have some condition that needs reversing?
Everybody has a diet. I'm not all that concerned with how long I live but I'd like the best chance to be mobile and of a sound mine when I check out. So I look at the claims of what people say make that most likely and I check out what support there is for it.
I learned the hard way in court, in tax issues, in forestry, in firearms, in tiddlywinks and yes even in medicine to not trust anything anyone tells me without verifying it, no matter how expert they are and no matter how many letters they have after their name.
If you don't have sound, solid evidence you have no idea what you have. Surely a lawyer gets that.


Mercedes Stephenson

More details on what Global News has learned regarding the Cameron Ortis investigation. As previously reported, American authorities successfully flipped someone to provide information that identified Ortis. Source says this person was & remains in US custody #natsec #cdnnatsec

Thread with further details follows. (This is about the Canadian spy in the RCMP.)




This event was to have happened this evening, and an additional guest was Richard Grenell.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he was made aware of the arrest of Cameron Ortis, the RCMP employee charged with several offences under official-secrets law. Does not respond to question about whether operations in question involved Huawei exec Meng Wanzhou. #rcmp #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/dMxfxaiJPj

— Michelle Zilio (@MichelleZilio) September 13, 2019

Video of Trudeau at the link.


AFP news agency
#BREAKING Saudi 'willing and able' to respond to attacks, crown prince tells Trump

The Infamous Ignatz

OK, that's a start, in fact I think you either cited it before or I read it before at his site, but as the author said;

A responsible researcher would say we need more trials, bigger sample sizes, control groups, and a greater array of autoimmune diseases to confirm that a lectin-limited diet can cure autoimmune disease. The responsible researcher in me agrees with this statement.

she also said this;
An autoimmune patient would say “SIGN ME UP.”

I've said that before too. What does someone have to lose since there is little treatment for autoimmune diseases. If I had heard of him when I had sarcoid I probably would have given it a shot too. I have never said he might not be right, including today, only that non anecdotal evidence is scant to non existent. A non controlled, non double blind, and from the sound of it not actually diagnosed group of patients isn't exactly the gold standard of clinical trials.


So if the oil price collapsed practically will an 8-10 shortfall restore it


narciso, I don't think the Aramco attack will have a great economic impact. FWIW the Saudis say they will be back to full production by Monday,

The Infamous Ignatz

Excuse me while I go eat a couple of chicken breasts smothered in pears, and honey-white balsamic vinegar sauce with fresh basil on top.

Next week? Five days of a crust of bread for breakfast and vegetable soup for lunch and dinner.
This crap better be doing some good, that's all I can say. If I end up in a wheelchair and senile, I'm huntin that Longo dude down with my last breath, assuming I can even remember who he is. :)

The Infamous Ignatz

--FWIW the Saudis say they will be back to full production by Monday--

Well, yes but...they are Arabs.


I did add FWIW. OTOH there's so much money involved they will be able to find all the technical support they need and fast.


"Bernie Sanders was 39-years-old when he got his first full-time consistent job"

"When he was in his mid-30s' he had his power cut out because he wasn't paying his utility bill .. he ran an extension cord .. and plugged into a little old lady's apartment" pic.twitter.com/RM6ePQEb6p

— Harry Cherry (@TheHarryCherry) September 15, 2019

Video at link.


gotta work on catch up but florida is knocking on the door (nevermind that they are losing at the moment)


It did seem an inordinate impact, its got to be a huge compound, maybe some machinery damaged


not anymore. lutz.


Heh, ignatz, that alternative sssms meager.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Excellent game, rich. Too bad about the QB as he is definitely done for the season. :(


One might say they armed the torpedo in thr last quarter, but can they close.


Got to head to bed.


The Infamous Ignatz

The other alternative is water, so meager is as meager does.


I love vegetable soup. I make some very week. Of course, it needs basil and parmesan and a bit of olive oil on top.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Wide right! Who do they think they are, FSU?


hahahahahahahaha .... hahahhahaha

let me catch my breath ....

hahahhahahahahahaha ... hahahhahaha


3xactly clarice otherwise its rabbit food.

Captain Hate

Sláinte, rich


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Exclamation point!


Ig, what we are discussing here is your blowing Steve Gundry off as a snake oil salesman, based on your--what? Deciding since so many people eat lectins without a problem, his concluding that they appear to be the cause of enormous trouble for some because of stimulating an immune response to human proteins is a lie?

You--and everybody reading this-- well know NO food studies are double blind in nutrition; few are even controlled.

And what do you mean undiagnosed patients? Being on immunosupressant drugs doesn't happen without vials of blood work and a diagnosis. What makes you disparage Gundry's results by suggesting that the patients weren't diagnosed?

You know not one thing about this guy, yet you accuse him of lying for profit.
But charging people $300 for a fasting kit with hibiscus tea and protein bars in it--that's some kind of social good?

If I practiced medicine over the internet, I would conclude
you've got Gundry Derangement Syndrome. But I don't do that.
I am puzzled--mystified--at the etiology.

jim nj


Not sure where they did this, but it's in front of an audience that includes uniformed Marines.

Captain Hate

I need to reread The Hunger Artist.


Well that escalated quickly.

Mattis did not xhoose to settle scores in the memoir, he did point out poor policies both on buahs side, like tora bora and the cafe milano incident, i realize now that silva remembeted it because he repurpozed it for black widow,


Posted by: Captain Hate | September 14, 2019 at 10:35 PM

excellent choice. no beer for me this weekend as i have to do some time in the salt mines this weekend.

florida with an insurance td and the win and i get to watch f$u lose to the empty trophy case cavs


of course the cavs would spot free shoes 30 yards ...


Oouch no one was betting on free shoes right?


make that 45 yards ... maybe they don't want to win.


"When he was in his mid-30s' he had his power cut out because he wasn't paying his utility bill .. he ran an extension cord .. and plugged into a little old lady's apartment"

If you can't make the evil utility company suffer, rip off the little old lady next door.

What a worthless POS.


make that 60 yards ...


A quick look on the IT shows substantial criticism of Dr Gundry although most say his general clais may be of use to those with certain autoimmune diseases. His many supplements are particularly drawing fire.
Here are just a few:https://nutritionstudies.org/the-plant-paradox-by-steven-grundy-md-commentary/https://legionathletics.com/plant-paradox/">https://legionathletics.com/plant-paradox/">https://nutritionstudies.org/the-plant-paradox-by-steven-grundy-md-commentary/https://legionathletics.com/plant-paradox/


Here's a better link to the nutrition studies article:https://nutritionstudies.org/the-plant-paradox-by-steven-grundy-md-commentary/

Captain Hate

rich, it's one of the ones I picked up in Vermont; nice selection of breweries even if a bit too IPA centric for my tastes. I picked up a few barrel aged barleywines for when the temps drop a bit lower. Btw I hit all the places Mel recommended in the area.

Have you gotten Founders Underground Mountain Brown in your area? I seem to be living in a black hole of prohibition of it and the local suds shops are about to find out how I got my moniker if they don't make this customer happy. I was deprived of Bell's Barrel Aged Expedition Stout and, with God as my witness, that will be an isolated event. This should not be as difficult as it has been to date.


sweating there a minute ... ran out of time at the 2 yard line!



There ismt a total winws in that area.


And a better link to the 2d article: https://legionathletics.com/plant-paradox/



China's Achilles Heel is cash flow. Stop that and then it be comes food, then water. Luxuries give way to base needs, every time, and it's a very short walk between the two.


I think so, Melinda

The Infamous Ignatz

Why don't you turn it down a notch or two, lady?
You don't get to imply I'm sick because I ask a guy making extraordinary claims to come up with some evidence.

--You--and everybody reading this-- well know NO food studies are double blind in nutrition; few are even controlled.--

I quoted the very source, a fervent Gundry supporter, you linked who said that needed to occur. Your source, not mine.
But as a for instance he substituted pro-biotics and other supplements. Wouldn't a proper study have included a control group who had those supplements but didn't eliminate lectins?

--And what do you mean undiagnosed patients?--

Dr. Gundry tracked 102 consecutive patients with proven markers of autoimmune activity (rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibodies, etc…) and biomarkers of inflammation. Patients showed signs and symptoms of:
Showed signs and symptoms of is not the same as have. The language is curious. Doesn't mean they weren't but without access to the study how do we know how elevated any of these markers were?

--You know not one thing about this guy, yet you accuse him of lying for profit.--

I may have said that but I doubt it. I said he has a conflict of interest, which is a very different thing. And I do know he is pretty much the only guy saying this stuff. Now that may mean he is the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Or it may mean he has gone down a rabbit trail. He would certainly not be the first smart sincere guy to have done so. And since I don't know anything about him maybe he is a crook. I don't know that anymore than you know he isn't, cause all you know about him is you read a book he wrote. Angels write books and bums do to.

--Deciding since so many people eat lectins without a problem, his concluding that they appear to be the cause of enormous trouble for some because of stimulating an immune response to human proteins is a lie?--

When did I say it was a lie? I said, maybe he's wrong and maybe he ought to provide some evidence for his claims. Moreover he doesn't just conclude lectins are an autoimmune problem, does he? They supposedly cause heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases and obesity and diabetes. For all I know they do all that. For all you know they don't.
What the hell is wrong with asking somebody to back up their frickin claims?

Instead of diagnosing me, why not ask yourself why it is some stumpheaded goof who spent his life mucking about with diesel fumes, chainsaws and dirt is more skeptical and more interested in guys making extraordinary medical claims backing those claims up with some frickin evidence than you are. And while you're at it maybe you could ask yourself why you're so emotionally invested in putting me in my place for asking for some evidence.
As I said before I'll be happy to be proven wrong and that he does have all sorts of science backing him up. And I'll be happy if his diet works for every person who tries it.
Until then he's just somebody saying something.
And you're somebody coming pretty close to going over the line, for no good reason, in what was and should be a rational discussion.


I’ll note one distinction on Lechtins that seems to be slid over, beans aside. Tomatoes, when NOT fully ripe and potentially not local, will contain lechtins. Grow them yourself and eat when ripe might be a little more common to a lot of foods, when you think about it.

A different angle of attack.


So its a ponzi scheme guarded by the army, which i think they took some tips from the japanese control group.


How many gangs can control a member of the ruling committee? One each? Overlap? How do you solve conflicts within the committee?

Are we back in Chicago already?


A gang is a private militia and an army is a public concern, now they can repurpose


Isn’t an army a more disciplined and purposeful gang, just with the conveyed consent of the governing?

jim nj


I just thought that article was interesting because people don't normally think about water being a weakness of China. I mean China has some huge rivers, but looking at a map the US has a better distribution of rivers than China.

And I was thinking of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. At the bottom is physiology - water, food, warmth, rest, clothing, shelter, etc. and the means to acquire them.

So I think we're on the same wavelength.

China has an insufficient supply of water, with a poor distribution of that supply, an insufficient supply of arable land with which to feed it's people, and with out its export cash flow its financial system will collapse. Making it even harder at the physiological level to eke out an existence.


And the Chinese system lops off the top of the pyramid - self-actualization.

So not to argue with you, but even without a change in cash flow, we are seeing problems at the physiological level already The hog production and disease issue. The lessening of the food supply due to what, bugs, I think.



With cash, luxuries exists. Without it, the availability of water might not even exist.

jim nj

I think that Trump was correct in confronting China on the trade imbalance, but the hand of G-d seems to be at his back, with the confluence of internal Chinese problems popping up in the same time frame.


They have many critical nodea, of course its not proper etiquette to point them out, they have exploited our gaps in the opm and through equifax then theres huawei, who george soros now declares he is the true scotsman againdt them.

jim nj


It's a command economy. Water will continue to exist without a drought. Food might not, because even a command economy can't fight Mother Nature's scourges.

We usually agree, but I don't understand why you are focused on cash flow and luxuries, when Chinese revolts have usually been caused by much baser needs.

Captain Hate


Thanks for pointing out the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park, which we were able to visit on a free afternoon to wander about. We got there just in time for an entertaining tour, in which I was able to tell the guide that she was thinking of a cheval de frise when describing what the 54th Regiment faced in their hopeless attack.

jim nj


China's Achilles Heel is cash flow. Stop that and then it be comes food, then water. Luxuries give way to base needs, every time, and it's a very short walk between the two.

Posted by: Melinda | September 14, 2019 at 11:22 PM
Going back a step I think we are saying the same thing in a different manner.

I have no problem with the above assertion.

Maybe you're looking at from the top-down and I'm looking from the bottom-up.

Said another way, it looks to me that the purchasing of food budget is going up and that leaves less money for other things.

Or are we arguing about unrest or collapse. China has to worry about both.


Its fascinating what they are not focused on, its like with asimovs foundation, the empires megacity trantor had be vilnerable just by its mere scale.

Captain Hate



Who is this cat?

jim nj


The hits just keep coming. We were already deplorables, let's up the ante to deplorable racists, oh, and yes, we really do want to take your guns, and your fracking, so you can live in the dark eating a vegan meal.

jim nj


I wonder if some of the people just sell their ticket for a quick buck.


I'm scrolling on by the Food Fight.

Lately I'm learning we're all different.
Some can't digest cheese.
Some have trouble with alcohol.

I suspect that my body did OK with carbs as a youth but is having trouble with them now.

jim nj


Where do they find these people? And how can you verify all these allegations from so long ago? And why is the press even taking this seriously?

And why am I so stupid to ask such questions when you don't even need to do a deep-dive on all the Democratic candidates to find serious character flaws?

jim nj

Jim S,

I'm intrigued with the Keto diet, but I can't stand fat. Well, maybe, some forms, but I can't masticate fat or gristle, only lean meat.

I chew food longer than most people do, and fat and gristle get spit out. I can't stand the mouth feel of something that can't be reduced by chewing.

It may be genetic, when my father was in his 50's he couldn't process fat either. A little too much fat and his stomach would reject it with a gag response.

My take on this is that the official dietary advice is wrong. How you correct that will vary with individuals.

Try an alternate diet, if it doesn't work for you, try another until you find one that works.

Evidence or anecdotes? There is very little of the former and lots on the latter.

Different individual stomach microbiomes are likely. For me that raises an interesting question - is it diet or microbiome environment. Or an interaction between the two?

So do you fix the diet or the microbiome? How can you do scientific tests if the microbiome varies among people?

Since we can't currently standardize all microbiomes, anecdotal evidence from people suffering from similar conditions may be more useful. If there are enough observations.

IOW, all the "science" done to date is useless, because we only learned about microbiome differences recently. None of the "standardized" evidence to this point is valid if you assume that all stomachs work the same way. Apparently, they don't.

I don't want to touch off another war, but I hope people will consider this.

It just seems to me at this point, that we can't tell if gut biota or diet is more important. Should we change gut biota first, or can changes in diet create the same effect by killing off "bad" biota and encouraging "good" biota?

Does that make sense?

jim nj


This seems to be a recurring story in the US. Too many people, too much weight on an outdoor deck, or some fault in design, construction, or fatigue over time.

Hate to see it happen to firefighters. Probably the best crew of people to handle it though.

jim nj

nytol, hope I didn't touch off another war with my comments.




Thanks Clarice. Abundant energy seems a key goal for national policy as well as diet. The democrats appear lost in a matriarchal vegan fantasyland. No energy, no meat, no boys, no rich people? That is very crazy.


Did RBG fall down some stairs last night? Why the return of innuendo bs Kavanaugh? Nothing new.



Their vegan "fantasyland" is exactly right.

No fossil fuel, no tractors.

No tractors, no food.

Let 'em forage for berries:)


jim nj, yes, you make total sense--which is why Ig's outright dismissal of as well as his call for gold standard science from--double blind studies!-- Garvy, while accepting Longo's observational studies based suggestion as to daily diet as credible based on the long lived peoples who live near oceans (they eat fish, we should eat fish; they eat a small amount of grains (pasta) so we should too) does not. For all we know, it's the trace minerals they absorb from breathing salt air that is the cause of their longevity via influences on their gut biome!

Yes, every single being is going to have his own unique response to outcome of the calories in that chocolate covered donut it appears. And biome may be why, or at least a big factor.

There is not no science---we know how glucose triggers insulin, what insulin does--but how many of those calories get diverted to fat deposition, how many feed bacteria, how many just transit on down--that will vary. How strong an inflammatory response gets triggered is likely modified by other hormones, especially stress hormones, that are circulating at the same time. Even time of day ingested, and the state of muscles--recent exercise-- influences it.
The variables, as Ig noted when he compared nutrition "science" to climate "science," are huge--and they all do matter.

Which is why this sounds like two of the 54 Lutheran Synods fighting over whether the 'Bible says' women can be on the parish council or not, likely why these food fights are so vociferous.

We all have eyes, and see the massive amount of obesity that envelops us. It happened in forty year's time. In the five years I was training, I took care of ONE patient who weighed over 300 pounds. He was memorable, because it was a unique experience. I absolutely do not go a week at work any more without doing so---and plenty of them who weigh in between 200 and 300. We now own OR tables that will support 600 pound people--because they exist.

Do they all just need an enema and to repopulate their bowel flora with a stool transplant from one of those "naturally thin" guys, like Ig, IIRC---a guy who has to work to keep weight on? Or will getting the weight off them change their bowel flora??? Chicken/egg.

But a person does have to start somewhere, and observational studies of long-lived peoples as well as "anecdotal" ones from now hundreds of thousands of people who have eliminated processed carbs and "cured" their metabolic syndrome--obesity, DM Type 2, hypertension, brain fog--is where you can do so in the nutrition world.

There seems to be a strong argument that "shutting your pie hole" may be an effective measure, which is why TRE (time restriced eating) and IF (intermittent fasting) are now being advocated so strongly by people like Jason Fung, who is looking for RESULTS NOW for his patients whose diabetes is causing renal damage and pushing them towards dialysis in the coming year.

Longo's research with yeast, worms, and mice supports it for longevity as well. And as many here have attested, stopping blood sugar swings by minimizing carbs and being satiated from eating fat allows most humans to eat dinner and stop the grazing. To return to the days of our childhood, when the kitchen closed after supper, and didn't open for 12 or 14 hours. (Yep, that's what they now call Intermittent Fasting).

Inspiration from Salina:


Democrats know how to take aim when they want to.

mike in houston

NYT deletes bizarre tweet referencing Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘harmless’ penis



Trump is going to NM Monday to campaign. Some people are saying NM isn't in play. Maybe, maybe not. However, I would suggest NM is more in play for the GOP than TX and GA was in play for the dems in 2016. Sometimes, you make your opposition defend their ground.
This is a good point. I didn't realize he was going there Monday.



Not exactly aimed at the "little people".



Jack is Back!

Bravo Zulu, Clarice.

Nice read with my coffee. And I doubt there will be any escalation in fuel prices outside of the refiner's winter transition.

Humberto is far offshore but on our latitude for a while as it pivots to an NNE vector. We have lots of sun but heavy clouds and rain out to sea. Turbulent ocean with significant riptide. Winds are starting to die down.



I can’t eat that kind of fat either. I can eat bacon and butter and cheese and heavy cream and that kind of stuff, which apparently is enough.


"[Max] Stier runs a non-profit in Washington and has declined to discuss the story publicly, however the outlet [NYTimes] did corroborate the story with officials who spoke with Stier."

Yeah, and I bet they also have friends of some guy who knows where Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater are located.


Retweeted by the President with the reply "Thank you, Billy!" Link goes to a White House graphic and tweet.

America is prospering under this administration. We in #Congress need to continue to support @realDonaldTrump's economic agenda. Keep up the good work Mr. President! https://t.co/VNOCaJ7GyD

— U.S. Rep. Billy Long (@USRepLong) September 13, 2019


I can’t post
Pieces on Facebook from my iPad. Bummer!


Thank you Anonamom, Ig, Jim_S, Clarice, and others I may have missed for the exchange. Your insights and observations trengthened, my science (rigor), breadth of evidence, understanding, and curiosity.

Love having you all here.

I have achieved no "right" answer but am better able to manage what I do because of what you all contributed.


Oh, goodness--maybe it's not the food!!--it's being able to SEE WATER! (???)
(We do spend a whole lot of time looking at the lake and sky when we are Up North.)


For instance, in a 2018 study that examined the link between exposure to large bodies of water and the risk of mortality, researchers found that “proximity to blue space, and its attendant reduced exposure to a variety of urban stressors (psychosocial, chemical, physical) and…may confer net beneficial effects on physiological systems that integrate stress response.”

Hers' the 2018 study:



Link goes to a tweet and Video by Steve Scalise, objecting to all of the impeachment crap.

All based on NOTHING! The Dems can’t get anything positive done, and probably don’t want to. https://t.co/FuWI3XP6jm

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 15, 2019
Manuel Transmission

Re Clarice’s post, this may be the first obvious case of money flowing from the Russkies, but I never had any doubts about the ‘coincidence’ of the 1st Erf Day falling on the Centennial of Lenin’s Birfday.

James D.

The democrats appear lost in a matriarchal vegan fantasyland. No energy, no meat, no boys, no rich people? That is very crazy.

That's what you get when you stop teaching facts and history and basic values for a couple of generations - the prog voter base that demands all those things.

And Dem leaders who think they will be able to deny energy, meat, any freedom of behavior or thought, to the rest of us, and we'll just sit here and put up with it forever, while they rule over us and enjoy all the things they say we can't have.


Blend transition season came a bit early this year with those few US refinery fires (just like the Aramco one? Funny, that similarity). Now, if they would just eliminate some of those “mandatory regional additives”, we might get the costs, pump AND environmental, down some more.

I really don’t like what I currently know about MBTA and I’d like to know a bit more from less rabid sources.


Nice distillation, Clarice, well done and thank you.


Donald J. Trump
Now the Radical Left Democrats and their Partner, the LameStream Media, are after Brett Kavanaugh again, talking loudly of their favorite word, impeachment. He is an innocent man who has been treated HORRIBLY. Such lies about him. They want to scare him into turning Liberal!


Donald J. Trump
Brett Kavanaugh should start suing people for liable, or the Justice Department should come to his rescue. The lies being told about him are unbelievable. False Accusations without recrimination. When does it stop? They are trying to influence his opinions. Can’t let that happen!

Jack is Back!

I love how Trump uses mis-spellings to troll the progs: Spelling libel as liable:)



The Saint-Gaudens house & gardens was such a pleasant surprise when we went, on an afternoon lark. Noting how the summer sunset was going to unfold for anyone who was there, really drove home the importance of place when considering a homesite. I’m still captivated, in my mind’s eye, of the cloaked memorial, aside from the majesty of the Shaw & 54th’s.



Exactly right. He posts that misspelling and all of the media can't resist pointing it out, at which point the public think "Hell, yeah, he should sue!"


This is the Republican mayor we had prior to Hogsett, the dem. He was a retired Marine officer. Video at the link.

Thanks to the work @MayorBallard did while in office, the relationship between Indiana and India has never been stronger.

Ahead of the @NBAIndia Games, @eddiewhite3 talked with @MayorBallard about the importance of our trip to Mumbai. 🇮🇳🇺🇸 #NBAIndiaGames pic.twitter.com/mX056IUmjA

— Indiana Pacers (@Pacers) September 15, 2019
Manuel Transmission

Just a general observation about the food fight. I concur that it is much like climate science. Not to disparage it, just that it is a ‘system’ with countless variables. And probably no linear processes. Isolating one variable at a time and attempting to plot a short curve segment is nearly futile, not for lack of value, but for presuming mathematical precision. After our discussion three years ago about the biome when I came back with an apparent change out from Eastern Europe, I’m convinced that the biome may be the ‘black box’ in the middle of the experiment that controls 70 pct of the whole process and is essentially a complete unknown.

So, as a thought experiment, is Jane’s bacon wrapped peanut butter actually just a tuning knob on the black box?

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