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September 14, 2019




This includes a video interview with an Oklahoma rancher.


"I have to note that in the annals of history there is no history of a doctor arguing nutrition with a logger." Jack is Back @ 5:11

They're at logger-meds.


This is perfect!::



Confederate statues must stay in Charlottesville?


Now what’s Northam going to do?


Saudi Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman Shuts Down Recession Narrative:
"People are speculating abut recession. Do you have recession today? No-It's not about demand rising or not rising, the market is driven by negative sentiments emanating from negative views." #WEC2019 pic.twitter.com/1iUmMJPPBt

— TrumpSoldier (@DaveNYviii) September 14, 2019

Video at link.


Good morning, JOM, and thanks!
I think as we age we are less active and need less food. Period. The advantage in that case goes to high protein diets and the way they are endurable is to eat more fat--cheese, butter, cream--than we were told we should by the food pyramid. Iggy is very physically active and will stay thin no matter what he eats.


There’s fresh SleepyJo video going around that I’m not going to waste my time watching. Let me know when the train wreck stops moving...



According to a new poll, British voters have lost confidence in most of the MP's and believe they are working for the EU instead of the UK.

There is more. Very high percentages thinking Parliament needs reform, that it doesn't represent the country well, etc.


Now an Aussie Intelligence Officer gets arrested?

This pattern seems very specific:




There is a picture of the couple at a beach at the site. She is definitely a cutie.


Donald J. Trump
Thank you @foxandfriends
and @RepMarkMeadows
. Great interview!

I will see if I can find the video of this later.


Corrected tweet with "libel" replacing "liable."

Donald J. Trump
Brett Kavanaugh should start suing people for libel, or the Justice Department should come to his rescue. The lies being told about him are unbelievable. False Accusations without recrimination. When does it stop? They are trying to influence his opinions. Can’t let that happen!

Jack is Back!


By correcting that tweet he will now get even more coverage.

/stable genius

Jack is Back!

That noise you hear is a MH-60 Seahawk sub hunter that just flew over my house at about 500'. Flying back to Mayport.

Jack is Back!

Video from Kuwait allegedly showing drones being launched from Iraq toward the refinery in Abaquiq in Saudi. Need to be patient viewing and all the dialogue is in Arabic.



Yes thats where the last wave came from


Whu wasnt there more countermeasures, 50 cal guns, sam missile emplacements


Drones from Iraq?
Prev speculation was Houthi rebels in Yemen but suspicion of Iran, yes?



What’s your weather?


The difference between nutrition and climate is that with nutrition, everyone is different. What works for some may not work for others. Someone prone to diabetes might need something different from someone prone to heart disease or Krohn’s or who knows. So it’s perfectly possible to fimd significant benefits for two different regimes There’s only one climate.

The common denominators to the ones that work are fasting, avoiding sugar and refined starches, staying away junk food with seed oils. So that’s what I do.

Jack is Back!


Sunny, windy, with spells of lashing rain. Humberto effect.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Solheim Cup is on tied 8-8.

233 this morning at waking. Still dropping a bit.


Yes, jimmyk, that,, too.

Jack is Back!

If you are curious as to the Abaquiq Aramco plant's capability, here is a good summary. Oil processing as well as NGL installation. The largest refinery in Saudi. 7 million barrels per day capacity. That's big.

How big?

Our largest refinery is a Saudi Aramco plant in Port Arthur, TX. Its capacity is only 660K barrels per day.



Just a little over 4 years ago, President Trump and Melania came down the escalator.

Here's his announcement speech. I have to admit he's gotten a lot more polished.



Must be the weakest link:


BREAKING: UAW calls strike against General Motors for the first time since financial crisis


Stephanie, I can't watch the Solheim. Perth Scotland is my second favorite place on earth.
My Cousins, my Auntie Kathleen, St Johnstone FC.
The Cherrybank Inn. Gleneagles.
God I miss being there.


They will be held accountable! @GOPLeader @MariaBartiromo @POTUS pic.twitter.com/yTd9g3gy5R

— Karli Bonne’⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@kbq225) September 15, 2019

Video of Kevin McCarthy on Maria Bartiromo's program. He is quite firm on people being held accountable.

The Infamous Ignatz

--the long lived peoples who live near oceans--

Except the Loma Linda group doesn't.

--There is not no science--

That's how food discussions turn into food fights. You keep putting words in my mouth, and ascribing positions to me I don't hold, which I haven't done to you. I don't believe I ever called Gundry a liar and I don't even remember calling him a snake oil salesman. [maybe TK can apply his google-fu skills to find out]. Suggesting claims made without backup might mean someone's motives are ulterior is not saying they are, only that we don't know. For all we know Longo and Fung are crooks too or are utterly honest but have piggybacked onto a little legitimate science with a sincere belief in something that is very wrong.
That's why I live by Feynman's two great scientific principles;
1. Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts, and;
2. Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself. The principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.

I obviously never said there is no science. I didn't even say Gundry had no science, only that if he did I hadn't been able to find it. You noted an intriguing study he did, but all I could find was the abstract so I don't know any of the details or how well it was constructed.

I had sarcoid which, in some cases can become chronic and fatal, and if not fatal can still blind you, damage your heart and ruin your lungs. So I know how frightening and life altering autoimmune disorders can be, because until it turns itself off you don't know whether it will or not. And I still have to take krill oil and walk a lot to counter the scar tissue left behind in my lower lungs.
So, believe me I would be happy if the cure for autoimmune disease is stop eating lectins.

Cancer is even more frightening and debilitating than autoimmune diseases and the number of quacks preying on cancer victims with fake cures and the number of smart and sincere but quite wrong practitioners is as the grains of sand.
When Mrs Ig didn't want to do conventional treatment for her cancer I spent countless hours skimming over alternative remedies. They all sounded preposterous and many quite dangerous except for one which seemed somewhat plausible; Dr Nicholas Gonzalez who advocated a somewhat idiosyncratic diet change and the ingestion of his proprietary supplements and pancreatic enzymes. And he had all sorts of testimonials too. Sound familiar?
Now, Mrs Ig's cancer proceeded to the point she couldn't not do chemo if she wanted to live and other than a few hundred bucks spent on useless enzymes and supplements it did no harm. But a National Cancer Institute phase III study of his protocol published after the chemo had put her in remission revealed his sincere and plausible treatment was much worse than what in my opinion is one of the least effective chemos around, Gemcitabine. Even so, there are still people who use his methods even though he's been dead for several years.
But people who do, die sooner than they need to, spend thousands more than they need to and have a lower quality of life than even being on chemo gives.

So it seems to me skepticism is not out of order. Whether Gundry's claims are true they seem harmless so I've never said people in need shouldn't give them a try only that they know they're trying something that doesn't seem to have any [maybe one, that hasn't been reproduced] clinical trials behind it.
I don't consider that an unreasonable position to hold or one that I need to be castigated for.



Why are they striking?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Now 11-9 Europe.

Jack is Back!

I thought Ford was the sick one. Why not them?


Miss M, greed. Latent need to look useful after the union execs go to prison for stealing from the union. So now all the union local chiefs compete at looking tough so they get to pick up the stealing members dues racket. Plus they think they can start a recession.

Of course they blamed other stuff.



I have no comment outside of urging everyone to watch this incredible clip.pic.twitter.com/e19hQSDNug

— Jerry Dunleavy (@JerryDunleavy) September 15, 2019

I bet this was the video Melinda didn't want to bother to post. 1 1/2 minutes of Biden and you will be sitting agog with wonderment that he is still on the campaign trail. He sounds like a crank with undertones of latent racism.




Even Aldi's has been infected with pumplin spice virus:



When my dog gets the runs, the standard treatment is to get more fiber in his diet.

Usually do that with pumpkin from the can mixed in with his dry dog food.

Maybe I could get some of those O's and just sprinkle over the food?

Probably full of sugar though:)

matt - deplore me if you must

I visited an Aldi's last week for the first time and was not impressed.

As to Keto vs non-veto, the ex was a ketoinazi and I don't think it helped her lose a pound. She was probably cheating, but still the diet became very annoying.

Here was someone who looked good and cooked good and would then take to making something like chicken with pepper (no salt), Brussels sprouts, and kale and wonder why I would make my own non-veto low carb alternatives like chicken or lamb curry or a healthy stir fry.

Freaking coconut oil and enzymes and CBD fried her brain, I think.



I never eat inside McDonald's. I always go through the drive-through and bring it home.

I would guess there are some near me who have groups like this.

My emotional support and companionship is here on JOM, besides my family. This is an interesting article, though.

The Infamous Ignatz

If we let you down MM, you can always hire an emotional support clown. :)



There is an aldi's near us I visit 1-3 times a month. They are way cheaper for staples like butter, American cheese (not the plastic-wrapped kind), cream, etc. Not much selection and you have to either buy a bag or bring your own, and bag your own groceries.

They do allow me to save some money on the food budget, though.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

13 1/2 - 11 1/2 USA up with 2 matches tied.



I find clowns creepy. Probably too many horror movies when I was younger.

I cannot imagine being that HR person!



This is a great article which my pal StuinSD highlighted on Twitter.

It's by Patricia McCarthy, and she is right.

" They mean to restrict our access to health care, fuel, food, electricity, mobility by car or air, and goods in markets. In short, they well and truly intend to transform the country beyond what Obama did on his watch and not in a good way."


Regarding the latest Kavanaugh accusation:

The supposed victim hasn't said a word, and her friends have no memory of this incident. The guy who brought this forward is a lawyer who was on Hillary's transition team if she won and was part of Bill Clinton's defense team during the Lewinsky affair.

Information gleaned on Twitter from @JCNSeverino and @MZHemingway who are the co-authors of "Justice on Trial."


That earlier link came from a russian official, who has some experience (he may have been hansens handler) so he understands how things work

Captain Hate

*mournful violin plays*

*Close up of written letter*

*voice over*

My Dearest Martha,

As you know, I have been searching for an alternative to the traditional musical bands of the poor Appalachian whites,

consisting as they do of oboe, coconut shells, piccolo, and kettle drum.

Until today, I despaired of ever finding such.

However, while eating breakfast, I heard my Black Slave, Jacob, playing this very same music on an African stringed instrument called a "banjo".

Well, my Dearest! It was a revelation. So melodious and joyful!

I now believe that we Americans can have our own music! Much like the European's have the minuet!

Of course, I had to beat Jacob with a horsewhip for showing up his White Master.

And he died later that day.

But, I shall never forget his joyful "banjo" playing and his impudence. Especially, his impudence.

Yours Truly,

Horace Torquemada Whippington

*more mournful violin*
Posted by: Ken Burn's "Country Music" at September 15, 2019 12:22 PM (pqyXj)

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

And the Europeans won the damn thing by 1/2 point! Just dayum. Totally flipped in 20 minutes.


The church which is correspondent to ours in the abacos had the full front section blown, tornadoes hit almost all the surrounding houses

Jack is Back!




Captain Hate,

Two of my sisters were looking forward to Burns' new series on country music. I confess that I was not enthused, but I listened.

My democrat sister's favorite is George Jones, along with Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and some others I can't remember. My nephew said whenever he hears country music, he thinks of his childhood because she used to clean house to it.

Your Whippington letter is brilliant and sounds much as I fear the series will be, which is why I wasn't enthusiastic. I trust nothing on PBS and I am certain Burns considers most of the fans "Deplorables."

Captain Hate

To be clear, that was some other member of the Horde that penned that. I just joined in the chorus of wondering why the race is everything Burns is doing a bit on country music, the fans of which he surely wished were all gunned down in Vegas.

FTR I'm not so much a fan of "modern country" other than the likes of Ricky Skaggs and other bluegrass players. Dwight Yoakum and Miranda Lambert are the closest I get.

Captain Hate

Dale Watson too...


Brilliant X2 CH



The Infamous Ignatz

Horde letter is perfecto and I concur with CH completely.
Billy Joe Shaver and his late son Eddie were also old school. Just old lumps of coal.


From right after the debate:

Kimberley Strassel

Klobuchar is described as centrist. She just said in first week would restore entire Obama environmental agenda. Meaning that extreme Obama agenda is now viewed as "moderate" in Democratic party. Says a lot. #DemDebate



"Susie Tompkins Buell, a friend and longtime donor to the Clintons, gave the $500,000 to celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom. Clinton operative David Brock was reported to have added an additional $200,000 through a nonprofit organization he founded."


Klobuchar is a centrist.
Kavanaugh is a serial rapist.

Captain Hate

The Clintons trolling for allegations of sexual impropriety is funnier than anything on SNL ever.


the problem with all these nonsensical stories about Kavanaugh, is that the FULL COMMIE CLOWN CAR of radicals, students, and other misfits, doesn't read them. They live in an ECHO CHAMBER.
A term that is over used, the FULL COMMIE lives in a bubble. They believe what the MFM spreds.


Meanwhile, regarding that ridiculous video of Biden talking about being a lifeguard and confronting a gang with straight-razors:

Biden says that he became popular at the pool because many of the black people in Wilmington, DE had never talked to a white person before.

This raised by bullshit-o-meter, so I decided to look it up. In 1960, Wilmington was 73% white, according to census records pic.twitter.com/pWhlPVagbO

— michaelharriot (@michaelharriot) September 14, 2019

Link goes to screen cap of census documents.


Capn', everything is RACISM RACISM RACISM. It's part of the FULL COMMIE THEORY of yours truly.
The FULL COMMIE LEFT is left with conjured up talking points, lies, smears and new strategy for a meme of the week. The National Geographic Channel is all in. It makes me sick. And the fawning and slobbering over Scott Kelly is disgusting. And the "Social Justice" crap...WOW.


Green Bay Packers up 21-0 over Minnesota, less than one minute into the 2nd quarter.

Jack is Back!

Hail to the Redskins,
Hail Victory,
Braves on the warpath,
Fight for old DC.

Skins 7, Boys 0


Well tht 75 yard run by Minnesota changed things quickly.


Got my new power cord. It was immediately clear it wasn’t the cord but the Mac. How rude!



Pelosi and Schumer spoke to Trump this morning about gun legislation. This is a thread by one of the Washington Post political reporters, so it's probably 90% BS.


7-0 Pats! Brown doing great.

Jack is Back!

MM's 1:22 is a must-read thread by an AA guy named Michael Harriot who "Fisks" Biden swimming pool memoir:)

It is capital hilarious.


Ig, were what you wrote at 11:12 an accurate characterization of what you've been posting about Gundry, particularly had this ever been posted before:

Whether Gundry's claims are true they seem harmless so I've never said people in need shouldn't give them a try only that they know they're trying something that doesn't seem to have any [maybe one, that hasn't been reproduced]* clinical trials behind it.

you'd never have heard a peep out of me.

(though even that "whether Gundry's claims are true" is telling. How are we sure Longo's mice are really living 50% longer?? )
(For the record here--I am not questioning Longo's work or character--just pointing out the disparity in attitude towards the two men.)

Your repeated contention that Garvey was unsupported in his theory without troubling yourself to read his book or check his references, was my prompt to publicly address it this time.

Thank you for explaining where your --what you are calling skepticism, I will call unwarranted dismissal-- comes from.
I suspected something along those lines was the case.

*The 102 patients he reported on are ten times plus 2 more than the ten that Nature just reported on re: HCG for age related immunesence--so it appears that "only one study" may arguably have the weight of ten.


So nick kristof focuses on other epsteins while
Ignoring landon thomass pillow covering for the original.


Was Biden in the Jets or the Sharks?? He's a real tough guy in all of his made up stories. And he is also soft and tender, and apologizes to the 3 guys with the "straight razors, that they used to bang on the curb and get rusty in rain barrels". I wonder if there was choreographed DANCING involved.


No he played againsr polk high.


I found out that I’m a racist after testifying in a manslaughter trial this week. I’d always suspected as much, but it was nice to have one of the local community shit stirrers confirm it. Pfffttt..

Back to work.


Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, is committed to the sea Friday in the Atlantic from the USS Philippine Sea. Armstrong flew 78 combat missions in the Korean War as a Navy aviator. He died Aug 25 at 82. Bill Ingalls/NASA pic.twitter.com/ThSFGzoPso

— Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) September 14, 2019

Link goes to photo.


CH--I am impressed with the breadth of your music appreciation and familiarity.
Any music you do NOT "appreciate"?

The Infamous Ignatz

That was seven years ago, MM. :)


I'm wondering whatever happened to CORN POP??
He's prolly the only black BBFFL (Black Best Friend for Life) Biden ever had, except for Bi-Barry.
I sure hope Joey "the chain" Biden releases pictures of his Lifeguard days.

Jack is Back!


That Malcom piece is 7 years old.

I met Armstrong once at an alumni event at Cincy when he was on our Engineering faculty. Very cool, unsuspecting person. He gave about 10 minutes of remarks, mostly about changes in technology, engineering etc.


This article on Susie Buell Tompkins assure us that she wouldn't support Kamala if her bestie HRC was planning on running.

Here's hoping that is the case!


Amazing that the gal whose own daddy says she's a liar, and whose married boyfriend says she slept her way up can be seriously considered a contender, isn't it?


Well, I've never read a CH comment on "classical" music. I put that in quotes because most of the pieces I've posted are from Romantic or Baroque era, but that's how it gets lumped.


Gentlejim, I thought you were a Police Officer. You should have known you were a racist a long time ago.


Roundheels Harris lays out the scam:



Donald J. Trump
Can’t let Brett Kavanaugh give Radical Left Democrat (Liberal Plus) Opinions based on threats of Impeaching him over made up stories (sound familiar?), false allegations, and lies. This is the game they play. Fake and Corrupt News is working overtime! #ProtectKavanaugh


Well one minute left in the half. Minnesota is only down 21-14 v Green Bay. Green Bay kicks off to start the 2nd half.
75 yard run and 64 yard catch and run, have destroyed the GB defense.

Jack is Back!

A lot of empty seats in Landover, MD.

I can remember when a season ticket for the Redskins had a 7-9 year waiting list.

Boys 14, Skins 7 - halftime.


Minnesota TD reversed.


Well, why was that posted again?

FGS! It's hard enough keeping track of stuff but Andrew Malcolm posted that himself!!

Another Bob

Now let’s be correct here - the Malcom tweet was yesterday.

*Malcolm* tweeted about a seven year old event.



Donald J. Trump
I am fighting the Fake (Corrupt) News, the Deep State, the Democrats, and the few remaining Republicans In Name Only (RINOS, who are on mouth to mouth resuscitation), with the help of some truly great Republicans, and others. We are Winning big (150th Federal Judge this week)!


We are living thru the THEATER of the ABSURD the last 3 years.
A large portion of the American public, cannot tell the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground.
The NOTION that Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator and should be impeached is bizarre.


Minnesota ends up with a FIELD GOAL.

21-10 Green Bay. Less than a minute left in 1st half.

Another Bob

Reading Aaron Rodgers’ body language, he’s coming off like a b!tch on wheels to deal with.

Texas Liberty Gal

"Just a general observation about the food fight"

My question is why has this blog turned into such a food blog?? When i first joined JOM I couldn't wait to get to the computer to see what was going on with Republican candidate and other political news and now when I check in everybody is talking about different diets, recipies , etc. I admit I've asked a few food questions myself but good gracious over 50% of comments must revolve around food.


I like food.


How goes Texas liberty guys campaign?

The Infamous Ignatz

--Ig, were what you wrote at 11:12 an accurate characterization of what you've been posting about Gundry, particularly had this ever been posted before:--

I've said the same or similar many times from the start. Last dust up I specifically noted I had recommended friends struggling with autoimmune issues to look into his stuff.
I have been consistent in my position; make extraordinary claim = provide extraordinary evidence.

--How are we sure Longo's mice are really living 50% longer?? )
(For the record here--I am not questioning Longo's work or character--just pointing out the disparity in attitude towards the two men.--

I hope you read and comprehend medical charts more carefully than you do what I write. In the very comment you're responding to I noted the possibility Longo and Fung may be crooks or sincerely wrong. But Fung and Longo have considerable science behind what they claim, both their own and other people's. It isn't definitive and a good portion of it may well be wrong, but the disparity in attitude is based solely and exclusively on, now read this carefully, Longo = considrable amount of science backing; Gundry = damn little science backing.
If Longo gave every penny he ever made to widows and orphans and had no science behind what he says and Gundry made billions off selling supplements that he used to buy super yachts, hookers and blow but he had established through rigorous clinical trials and studies that his theory and protocol were sound and efficacious I'd give much more weight to Gundry's theory than Longo's.

--*The 102 patients he reported on are ten times plus 2 more than the ten that Nature just reported on re: HCG for age related immunesence--so it appears that "only one study" may arguably have the weight of ten.--

Sometimes your arguments have only a tenuous connection to logic.
First I haven't seen or endorsed the HCG study so it isn't a counterargument to anything I've said. Second maybe it's total bunk which might indicate Gundry's is ten times as much bunk, using your logic.
Either Gundry's trial is a well constructed study with robust results that can be reproduced or it isn't. I hope it is. I don't know that it is. And whether Nature published some other study on a different subject that was smaller or larger in scope and that may or may not be valid has zero bearing on Gundry's claims or study.

--I suspected something along those lines was the case.--

You seem to suspect a lot of things and demonstrate little reticence in hammering someone with your suspicions. Suppress it.

Out of a sense of mercy for the rest of the readers here I won't pursue the issue further, especially since a good part of the discussion consists of you doing battle with things I never said or mischaracterizing what I did say and doing it with the attitude I'm a recalcitrant pediatric patient of yours who refuses to take his castor oil.


A-Bob, whenever Rodgers drops back to pass on a long developing pass play, he is under pressure and dances around or scrambles for his life. Sometimes he uses his arm and makes spectacular plays, but that isn't how to win games. Calling quick route pass plays, out routes or quick slants, keeps the defense guessing. The idea that LeFleur can be a run first coach is silly, unless you have an offensive line who can run block, and you have a servicable running back. The Packers, as I'm sure you know, had a wholesale roster turnover from last year. They have joined the 21st century, in looking for and seeking SPEED on defense. They should NOT forget what their #1 asset is. They should cater an offense to their strengths. Jimmy Graham, should also be used in the passing game. The jury will be out on LeFleur for most of the season.

Another Bob

TLG, may also be a matter of most political “news” being so profoundly stupid, nobody sees the point.

How many times can it be said that the dem candidates are the slimiest morons ever? Or that deep state is successfully defending the coup attempt?


TLG, I think JOM is skewing a wee bit OLDER these days!!

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