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September 07, 2019



Buckeye, I think that is cool. Growing up as a High School and even College kid, Wisconsin, had sucked for so long, that NOBODY that I knew, had ever experienced a real competitive Big Ten season.
There weren't a thousand bowl games, and it was perenially OSU and MICHIGAN. Bo and Woody.
Heeheheheheheehhe, it was a kinder, gentler time!!
I went to the 1984 Hall of Fame bowl, in Birmingham. I rented a car and drove with my College girlfriend. Randy Wright was the WISCONSIN QB. He ended up playing for the PACKERS and he also MARRIED a High School classmate of mine. The WISCONSIN COACH...DAVE McLAIN, and the AD...Pat Richter, forever changed the CULTURE at Wisconsin. McLain died of a heart attack at Camp Randall, after working out. I was running past the stadium when the ambulance took him away. Barry Alvarez was then brought in....and the rest is HISTORY. The BADGERS no longer suck.


Google says it will no longer accept ads for “unproven or experimental medical techniques,” including most stem cell therapy, cellular therapy, and gene therapy


Man Tran, that is AMAZING. 77 must be the new 40 or something. I looked up Jeanne Socrates, and this fine, impressive, INDEPENDENT WOMAN, should be a true ROLE MODEL to Millions of people. This lady is incredible. WOW.


Neo, will GOOOOOOLAG still accept POST-ELECTION ADS from ROOOOOOOOOOOOOSKIES who are trying to HACK our ELECTIONS???


Wow Man Tran! That is a big accomplishment at any age.

Captain Hate

Unproven like climate change caused by a trace gas?

Another Bob

“Is 10% of this SLIMY NONSENSICAL reporting verified”

Actually, about 90% of it is. Only open questions are how he got the feet problems (online docs are skeptical of the cryotherapy story) and whether Gruden knew he was being recorded.

The rest of it? 💯


Cool, MT. Would love to meet her.

Last Saturday I let off the dock lines as my boat motored out of the Pocasset River with her new owner. They spent a day or two in a Connecticut port where the new owner’s brother joined to work on the Diesel engine. They sailed through New York harbor yesterday and are somewhere off the N.J. coast tonight. Destination a creek off the Potomac River.


What kind of boat?



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Probably already discussed [or disgust] but new to me; it was only a matter of time before the climate commies realized Soylent is GREEN!
Swedish Behaviourist Suggests Cannibalism to Combat Climate Change.
Richard Dawkins thinks it's a boffo idea too, so you know it has to be good.

If George Romero was still alive I guess he'd be developing Food Network shows.


What determines whats unproven, now embryonic stem cells that was a joke without a punchline


Ahh,duck duck gave more info.


JiB, news reports say the House of Lords delay tactics fell through.
Their Swamp is winning?


Thats about the size of it, boris has to break their stupid law, to fuldill the will of the people


I just had fun at my 60th hs reunion..so many great friends from those days. Won't be home until Sunday afternoon. I'm glad to see you've all been on good behavior. GUS, how great it is to have your son with you this weekend!


Wonderful clarice.


LOGIC and REASON are your friends.


The solution to this COMICAL FICTION IS.........
to eat DEAD PEOPLE????

We are witnessing MASS HYSTERIA, that is being foisted and propogated by DISTURBED LIBTARD FULL COMMIE ACCOLYTES. All of the EDUCATION CLOWNS and the FULL COMMIE MFM have bought into this. To NOT be part of the mental mob, is not an option.

And so....ON IT GOES. The planet is in peril, there is a CRISIS and a CATASTROPHE, that is not felt, nor can it be seen, and it is not MEASURABLE without lies and disinformation.
Anecdotes of wind, rain and hot OR cold temps are all proof of the EMPERORS new clothes.


Next theyll be wrapping us up in cocoons and using us like batteries in the matrix


Hello Clarice, I wish I could have gotten together with you, in Milwaukee!!! I picked up my Son at Sandberg dorms Friday dinner time. His SOUTH tower dorm, is directly across HARTFORD AVE, from HARTFORD AVENUE SCHOOL, where his MAMA, my lovely wife taught for 11.5 years. And the Milwaukee Public school is directly WEST and next door to the GOLDA MEIR UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MILWAUKEE LIBRARY. Very few Milwaukeeans, and even less Americans KNOW that GOLDA MEIR was from Milwaukee.
Even less to this day, KNOW, who Golda Meir is/was. Clarice, thank you for remembering and asking about MICKEY. He LOVES this new chapter in his life. AND I DO TOO.

Manuel Transmission

Caro, can’t find anything specific, but is a basic sloop rig and I would guess maybe in low 30s. When I see pix tomorrow, might be better details.

jim nj


“You’re the California GOP,” he said, according to Politico. “There’s no trick I can do on my laptop that you can’t do yourselves. It takes hard work, and talking to your neighbors. And with a strong leader with President Trump at the helm, the sky’s the limit.”

jim nj


14th weekend, still out on the streets.

jim nj


70 people ewapped

jim nj


Bjorn Lomborg

jim nj


Gingrich and Whiton: Trump can support Hong Kong freedom fighters with these actions

A contrasting view below.


Forget Lam’s extradition U-turn, Xi’s channelling of Mao shows he’s about to get tough on Hong Kong

Any optimism that the crisis has been defused is likely to be short-lived
Protesters may feel emboldened – and if they do, they have misread the mood in Beijing


The Political Consultants Assisted Suicide Center
By Clarice Feldman

jim nj


Typhuspad swallowed my last post before I was finished. So I'm composing this in Notepad.

This is a very long, but very interesting article.

The Marine Commandant is looking for smaller force projection units. Currently we still have the capability to pull off WWII type landings. But anti-ship missiles are proliferating and our current Marine amphibious assault ships are expensive, slow-moving and require a US Navy escort to protect them.

We can probably bolster their defensive abilities with Marine weapons sytems strapped to their decks, but if you consider the current environment we may not need to land a large Marine force anywhere. If you focus on the current likely challenges the artificial Chinese islands have to factor in. You would not need a large force to subdue any of those single islands. They're tiny. A distributed attack with smaller ships and smaller Marine contingents would work better.

We're not going to get rid of the existing fleet, but supplement them with smaller ships. Current Marine planning revolves around (MEU's) Marine Expeditionary Units. They require several ships for each mission. The new plan seems to focus on smaller units. Think large sustainable raiding parties rather than full-blown invasion and you can see more flexibility in planning. Your options are less predictable.

I could go on, but the article lays this out pretty well.

I'm curious about what others think of this.

jim nj

Thank you, Hoyden, for posting Clarice's pieces.

Clarice, new policy on my part, if I don't like something you've written I'll shut my trap, but this was absolutely hilarious from beginning to end. Brava.

jim nj


Looks like the Navy is upgrading their capabilities. Like the Marine article above, anything that gets to close to the shore is vulnerable to an anti-ship missile.


jim nj, I can see where you could appreciate the humor in Clarice's Pieces but the humor is lost on me while the suicide centers are still only on the drawing board. The Democrat campaign consultants, pollsters, and national media are busy doing everything they can to promote the Socialist Utopia and destroy American culture and heritage.


Nothing wrong with our culture that WWIII wouldn't fix.

Anything short of that probably won't work.


Obviously I camped out on The Ledge last night:)


Trump posted a video (involving laser pointer, cat, hurricane map)


jim nj






WOW MT. I hope Caro doesn’t decide to challenge her! How cool!

Jim Eagle


Brilliant Pieces. LOL funny and true when you think about it. Parscales just bought a new rocking chair:)


The problem isn’t new kind of ships or field tactics. None of that will work without a change in command leadership and training. You have to start at the academies but that will be hard now that they are all wrapped up in PC, diversity and social justice BS. Ask any grad from the 60’s and 70’s. The cadets, middies and falcons can’t even march correctly.

jim nj


This sounds like a "Star Wars" plot.

Another Bob

“Thousands of protesters earlier sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on U.S. President Donald Trump to “liberate” the city.”

No. Hell no.

If Trump acting in the direct interests of the US helps a pro-democracy movement there, great. But I do not want any US involvement with these protesters.

Because they oppose the Chicoms I think there’s been some presumption that they’re unvarnished “good guys”. I don’t think we know enough about them and their ultimate “war aims”.

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