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September 08, 2019



I want a home Mr Fusion. End the grid!


Whatever we reduce, China and/or India increase by double (or so). Even the Euros are going the wrong way despite their smug posturing.

Plus glaciers are growing (per NASA) and its getting colder.


The Political Consultants Assisted Suicide Center
By Clarice Feldman

Jim Eagle


Brilliant Pieces. LOL funny and true when you think about it. Parscales just bought a new rocking chair:)


The problem isn’t new kind of ships or field tactics. None of that will work without a change in command leadership and training. You have to start at the academies but that will be hard now that they are all wrapped up in PC, diversity and social justice BS. Ask any grad from the 60’s and 70’s. The cadets, middies and falcons can’t even march correctly.


Leakin’ Lyin’ James Comey! pic.twitter.com/0qr5BcbRcl

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 8, 2019

6-minute video of Judge Jeanine at the link.

James D.

TM, why are you citing the lying propagandists at The Atlantic for anything?



I didn't realize that when she ran for the Senate she said she wasn't running for president.

This is a pretty critical article, highlighting her trouble with the truth.

Jim Eagle


Regarding the last 2 sentences of your post, lookup SLIMM & VSLIMM reactors. The future is now!


Morning ee dont even have the satellite richatd pryor used in superman 3, that one had lazerz

jim nj

I saw an article that claimed that comedian Kevin Hart's car didn't have modern safety innovations.



He was driving a 1970 "Cuda. That's wrong? I drove a 1968 Camaro for more than 30 years.

I don't care how many "safety features" your new cars have, if you lose situational awareness, you're dead or you killed somebody else.

Drivers of new cars are getting lazy.

Old Lurker

I'm sorry.

I simply do not accept that man made greenhouse gas emissions mean a damn thing; I do not think that measured actual warming free of manipulation or rising oceans free of manipulation or storm frequency and strength free of manipulation are much different than man has experienced in the past; I do not accept that some warming is a bad thing nor do I think it can be avoided even with no mankind to blame it on; I do not think any of the smart people have any idea what the global temps will be in 100 years, not do I think that the oceans will rise much more because of man than they already will from the "from the beginning of time" cycles of glaciation and melting which in turn is caused but solar cycles and tilting earths.

But baying at the moon or casting virgins down deep wells will not do anything at all to change what is coming. Nor will enslaving the most productive humans and hitching them to the wagons carrying the masses produce the next Wheel, Cotton Gin, or Steam Engine.

Deal with it.

Another Bob


“Thousands of protesters earlier sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on U.S. President Donald Trump to “liberate” the city.”

No. Hell no.

If Trump acting in the direct interests of the US helps a pro-democracy movement there, great. But I do not want any US involvement with these protesters.

Because they oppose the Chicoms I think there’s been some presumption that they’re unvarnished “good guys”. I don’t think we know enough about them and their ultimate “war aims”.


I also referenced snowpiercer and highlander 2 the quickening



The Taliban Five are the ones released from Gitmo in exchange for Bowie Bergdahl.

I personally always thought Obama actually wanted to release them, and Bergdahl was the excuse.

jim nj


I agree, but when you have a head of service issuing a new mandate it gets all the underlings to re-think.

If China is our next threat I think war games are affecting our thinking. We are probably adapting based on those war games.


Agree with OL @8:40. Now for coffee and “Pieces.”


I didn't read the msn story, Jim, but the brief Fox version actually made a reasonable point. The car had a 700+ hp engine. If you are going to build a quasi race car, you are smart to add a race harness as well as a roll bar or roll cage.(neither of which are "modern")

Are other articles suggesting airbags or traction control, or something truly modern by 70 Cuda standards?

Jim Eagle

Must be getting chilly up in Nantucket:)


This is the piece jane was referencing

Robert Mueller helped Saudi Arabia cover up its



What do you think might happen to control characteristics if you up the HP and chop street weight by swapping out OEM with carbon fiber parts?

I’m of the belief that “squirrelly” doesn’t even begin to describe acceleration curves.


Is homer simpson designing all these vehicles.


Didn’t work well in the 60’s, probably won’t work well today.

Old Lurker

Beautiful day today on Nantucket, JiB!

I vote to keep it just like this for a thousand years.

White Paper to show how to accomplish that is at the printers already.


I didn't pay too much attention to the Kevin Hart story when it happened. One article describes the car as a two seater. Another notes that three people were in the car at the time of the wreck. I'm not sure what good two harness would do for someone riding on a lap, unless you are filming a kinky movie.

Also, I read that Hart fled the scene and went home, leaving the other two in the wreck. Hmmmm.

More on the seats as well as a persuasive argument on the modern features that Mopar includes with the engine package that was transplanted into the cuda:


Another Bob

Old Lurker | September 08, 2019 at 08:40 AM


Absolutely no evidence man is having any effect on long-term climate.

Absolutely no evidence man could affect long-term climate even if we wanted to, other than perhaps unimaginable nuclear war creating the “nuclear winter”.

That the only “solutions” advocated by its hucksters are a global fascism with them in power makes motives easy to question.



This guy is as bad as Romney.

Jim Eagle

The boo-birds at the NY Post aren’t happy about the Pats picking up Antonio Brown. I spot a little jealousy here.



Part of the weight chopping was to compensate for the additional weight of the motor package. This was a show car that, if anything, could have been further engineered to be a straight line bruiser.

It would never be a Mulholland Drive slot car.


Old Lurker,

One of the things I never understand is why the climate hysterics go nuts about carbon. What plants NEED in order to live is .... carbon dioxide. If you reduce that too much, crops will struggle and perhaps fail.

The whole thing is a scam, and while I want clean air and no junk killing animals and fish in the ocean, it seems to me that these same people who are carrying on about the climate don't give a hoot about poop on San Francisco streets or trash all over Los Angeles left by homeless people.

I personally believe that we are entering a cooling period, as demonstrated by NASA telling us the glacier in Greenland is growing. I think we should be figuring out how to keep everyone warm.


Felicia Sonmez
On "Fox News Sunday," Pompeo says the U.S. has recalled Zalmay Khalilzad, chief U.S. envoy to the Afghanistan talks. Are the talks dead? "For the time being, they are," Pompeo says.
One thing about this that I find encouraging was that until President Trump said anything, news of these talks hadn't leaked.


Steve Herman
Taliban, in statement, says cancellation of talks will mean more Americans will die.
Bring out the B-52's.


It is as bad as you thought, Mel. The new Demon, which is the factory car with the powerplant, according to Google, weighs 4200lbs. Speedkore's Cuda, with the transplanted setup, weighs 3400lbs.



"Warren promised in a tweet Friday to “sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands” and vowed to “ban fracking — everywhere”

Boy, talk about a way to crash the economy! She is nuts.


Time for some yard work.


HRC “helping” Warren? How do you take tone deaf to 11?



I want a home Mr Fusion. End the grid!

Ever since our 14 days w/o electricity courtesy of Hugo, Sept '89, my husband has maintained he will be first in line to get the nuclear generator that fits in our crawl space when it gets manufactured.

And it may not be much longer!
There are some small ones being made to power remote villages.
So not quite small enough yet.

Another Bob

“poop on San Francisco streets or trash all over Los Angeles”

Those are mere lifestyle issues. No global power to be derived by fixing those problems.

Another Bob

Random question a-mom?

Are you on Twitter?




Now that Sanford’s in, maybe it will bring some needed attention to the plight of Appalachia...or Brazilian mistresses. I haven’t quite decided which yet....

jim nj


Agreed, I could do an essay disputing the "supposed" Climate Warming. I won't bother to do so here as I don't think anyone here needs to hear it.

But in oral arguments I can demolish almost any counter-argument. It's not even hard. I've been following this issue in depth for more than 15 years.

When you argue with people who only read headlines and you know the specifics, it's easy.

After a short while they want to change the subject of the conversation.

The MSM doesn't inform, it issues propaganda.


"If you're going to negotiate peace, you often have to deal with some pretty bad actors," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells @GStephanopoulos when asked about criticism of President Trump's now cancelled secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David https://t.co/BUjpSEtFpj pic.twitter.com/AzipGNe989

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) September 8, 2019

Video at link.

jim nj


My web access is bouncing up and down.


Rudy Giuliani
NYT front page propaganda goes after @realDonaldTrump
and Trump Hotel. Meanwhile, they corruptly coverup serious decade long allegations of crimes-bribery,extortion,money laundering and fraud-by the Biden family, Joe, son and brother.China, Ukraine et al sellouts...D coverup.


OL is dead right. We don't affect climate change in any appreciable way--this is just more Gaia nonsense. People just don't get scale!


Academy cadets,etc can’t march? That’s fantastic!!! Marching is just the foundation for cohesive unit movement. What could go wrong if the future leaders of troops don’t know the basics? /sarc

I hope the grunts are still getting these skills at basic. FTR I’m not prior military.

Add one more to the OL climate change club.

You can also add me to the “I believe jimnj is a swell dude” club.

I enjoyed Clarice’s Pieces this morning.


I enjoyed clarice's article this morning, too.

Now I need to get dressed because our weedeater is jammed and my sister is coming over with hers so that I can get some stuff cut down.

Back later!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

While it's true CO2 is a trace gas, the physics of how more of it in the atmosphere traps more heat is simple and well known. And that there is considerably more than 150 years ago is also well known.
What is not known is how the earth's climate works, so the simple knowledge that more CO2 traps more heat is not very useful. I've mentioned it a couple of times lately, but will do so again; even NASA, climate change central, admits that climate models' ability to model cloud behavior and feedbacks is so rudimentary that their resolution must increase one hundred fold to give the models the ability to make useful climate projections. Consequently the models largely ignore clouds. IOW, they don't even have enough information to know what garbage to put into the front end of the GIGO equation.
At the bottom of the little ice age we were perilously close to a CO2 starved climate. A warmer, more CO2 rich planet is a planet more conducive to habitability and life, virtually all life. There is actual science and actual observations that strongly support that.
All the rest of it, all the catastrophism about mass extinctions, inundated cities and islands, dead reefs from acidified oceans, hockey stick temperature trends, famines, droughts, super hurricanes, abandoning fossil fuels, etc, is the point of the ascientific spear of left wing authoritarianism/totalitarianism. Period.


@sbwTweet Replying to
Dear @brianstelter, please explain the difference between reliable, accurate news media and those who consistently misrepresent what happened. Surely there is a difference worth distinguishing using the phrase #FakeNewsMedia ... But you never do. @CNN #Journalism @realDonaldTrump

Brian Stelter
A reminder: Trump began this week by saying that his "primary opponent" is not the Dems or never-Trump GOPers, it's the "fake news media."


FusionGPS was hired to do the defensive PR work after the PParenthood parts videos dropped? I find that particularly odd...::


Tom Bowler

This is Robinson Meyer, expert on nuclear power and author of the article linked by TM above, "There Really, Really Isn’t a Silver Bullet for Climate Change." The title is encouraging but then you get into the article where you find that he likes AOC's Green New Deal.

The subheading spells it out: Nuclear power might be part of a Green New Deal, but it can’t meet all U.S. energy needs. I'd have thought that was obvious. If he didn't look like he's 14, I might have mistaken him for an old school lefty: "It's the nukes that should go and not me!"

Interesting stuff on the guy comes up when you do a search on him. Mostly articles he has written, but I thought this little bio on Business Insider was interesting:

Robinson Meyer is a writer and musician based near Chicago and a regular contributor to TheAtlantic.com.

I think that bio was written sometime in 2016, since he is now a staff writer at Atlantic, rather than just a regular contributor.

Anyway, among the articles listed under his Business Insider bio are:

The average American is personally responsible for melting 645 square feet of Arctic ice every year

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic Nov. 5, 2016, 7:08 PM

A new report argues you're more likely to die in a mass extinction than a car crash

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic Apr. 30, 2016, 7:59 PM

This is what happens when the president sits down next to you at a cafe

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic Mar. 13, 2016, 2:46 PM

That last one was very popular with editors at Atlantic, since they published it three times in all, first on Nov. 22, 2014, at 7:15 PM, and then again Oct. 17, 2015, at 6:00 PM.

The article is about Obama visiting a "bar-cafe-restaurant" trying to get millennials to sign up for ObamaCare. Robinson Meyer happened to be there.

I'm not inspired by Robinson Meyer's knowledge, insight, or wisdom on the subject of Climate Change (formerly known as "Global Warming" formerly known as "Global Cooling"), or any other subject for that matter -- even though he has figured out that nuclear power will never replace all other sources of energy.

He ends his No Silver Bullet article with this bit of amazement at conservatives support for nuclear power.

“It is interesting to me that conservatives flock to nuclear power. They point to France! I can’t get over that,” Ori told me last week, sounding bewildered. “It’s a state-run industry in France."

Talk about non sequitur.

What does not amaze me is The Atlantic actually paying people to write such utter bullshit. That's what the left is about, after all. Democrats are getting wackier by the day on the subject of climate change, and the media's job is to try to make them sound sane.


Schumie & Epstein?

Do tell (from last July, which I must’ve missed): https://nypost.com/2019/07/10/schumer-got-thousands-in-donations-from-jeffrey-epstein/


UK press trying to apply the “Russia, Russia, Russia!” Paint to Farage the same as DJT should come with the warning “If you’re going to scrape at the bottom of the barrel again, don’t be shocked about the splinters under your nails.”: https://twitter.com/peterjukes/status/1170632748136050689?s=21


Nice research, Tom Bowler!


Ah patel is hindi for christine todd whitman

James D.

Fantastic, Tom Bowler!

That guy looks like, and has the resume of, a prototypical Juiceboxer, and should be ignored, or mocked and ridiculed viciously.

But never, ever taken seriously on any level, on any subject, for any reason.

James D.

FusionGPS was hired to do the defensive PR work after the PParenthood parts videos dropped? I find that particularly odd...:

I don't. Lying progs are lying progs, and lying progs lend a hand to other lying progs.


Although thats more amber rudd, when i think on it.

Fusion is like ivy lees old smoke and mirrors shop.

James D.

According to FB, it's Miss Marple's birthday today!

So, assuming that's accurate, happy birthday, MM!!!

Comanche Voter

Easy peasy. I think Slow Joe or some of his confreres are planning to eliminate the fossil fuel industry. Starting in early January 2021. Problem solved.

I've put in an order for a stone axe.

Tom Bowler

Thanks Sunny Jim and James D!


Happy Birthday MM!


The CLIMATE HYSTERICS are led by the biggest gaggle of lying motherfuckers on planet earth.
A-Bob is correct. I wouldn't trust these FULL COMMIE CLOWNS to clean my toilet.
CNN has a kyron that said CLIMATE CRISIS.

Which countries have ceased to exist because of the seas rising?? Has Guam capsized yet?

Our problem is that these prix control our government bureaucracies and our schools. We are 2 plus generations in to having adults who cannot THINK.


Relative to what the Sun does, our "contribution" to the climate isn't even spit in the ocean.

We have almost no ability to control the climate.

Those east coast fumes must be getting to our host:)

Jim Eagle

Well, Ori, TVA is a state-run industry also as is the Washington Public Power System for starters. What a maroon.

Over 75% of EDF production is nuclear. In fact, France is the largest exporter of electric power in the world. Close to $3 billion a year. Trouble is that the watermelon tribe has infiltrated France's energy policy and now France wants to reduce its nuclear production down to 50% by 2035. Of course, as with everything the green & red want to do has unintended consequences like decommissioning and waste disposal of spent fuel.

Sweden has been through this or attempted to and found out replacing dispatchable baseload nuclear is not as easy as 1,2,3,,,,go green.


GUS, I fell asleep before reading your short history of Badger football.

Thanks for the education!

50 years ago, we didn't give the boys in Madison much thought.

Now we do:)


So Robinsdaughter Meyer tells me that I am more likely to die in a mass extinction than a car accident. How xe could possibly know this is impossible.
I wonder if has any stats on the dangers of anal sex with other men?


Tater Stelter makes me chuckle. He was still ass-hurt over TRUMP and the WEATHER MAP.

Can they use that weather map for IMPEACHMENT???

Didn't any of these pansy assed sissies have a FATHER??

Stelter looks like his neck is blowing a bubble.


Happy birthday, MM!! 🎂🎉


Thank you, James D.

My sister and I are waiting to get the second battery to charge on her weedeater (she already did the front, the driveway, and the side yard) so she is MOWING the front yard for me! I came in to have a cigarette and will go back out.

That Planned Parenthood story is pretty horrific, especially the part about baby heads! Ack! Also, I think Schumer is more involved with Epstein than simply those donations.


Gentlejim, I don't think the marching matters.
You see, Ocasio-Corrrrrrrrrrrrtezzzzzzzzzzzz is going to ban the MILITARY after the revolution.
Oh, and your POLICE DEPARTMENT....banned too.

I believe James D mentioned viciously mocking these people. I'm doing my best.

Jim Eagle


Yeah, I saw that too on FB. Dittos, MM, Happy Birthday.

I am reminded of Churchill's admonition that a gentleman never asks a Lady her age but always remembers her birthday:)

Off to Publix to buy ingredients for a Waterzooi tonight. Tomorrow is our anniversary and I want to treat Mrs. JiB to the Belgian National Dish (well the Flemish variety at least). I hope they have a nice firm Tarbot or Halibut.

Old Lurker

I really have to agree with Gus. The vast swath of humanity INCLUDING within this very country no longer possesses the critical thinking skills required to separate the wheat from the chaff of debate points and counterpoints. (Much of but not all) Science itself has taken a great leap backwards to pre-Galilean times to where now can coexist "good" science and "bad" science, and where one stands on that determines the funding one receives. Since we have no shortage of emotions, we have no problem feeling really really sad about "things".


Good afternoon, JOM and thnx!


Happy Birthday,MM!


happy birthday miss marple.

and good grief, not this again ... climate change-we're all gonna die!!!


If police departments are banned how will the prohibition of plastic assault straws be enforced? I know, people will just abide because there’s a law. Pfffttt...


Happy Birthday, MM!


OL, you are correct. Science is now a social construct. Bruce Jenner is now a woman. The planet is going to die in years and 3 months.
I support PLANNED PARENTHOOD is openly displayed on pink bumper stickers.

If you chopped off Bruce Jenners dick and sewed it on a raccoon, which bathroom should it use at TARGET?

Old Lurker

I heard that James Bond can kill a person in five seconds with a sharpened reusable straw, now served with any drink in MA.


Happy Birthday MM!


Looks like the Harvey Weinstein Defense Team took one below the waterline on the SS Allred:


(This ought to get some good Blue on Blue action.)


G-Jim, after the REVOLUTION, people will live in harmony and will obey all orders from DEAR LEADER.

All products will be free, but there will be no products.


The average American is personally responsible for melting 645 square feet of Arctic ice every year

How many cubic feet is that? What a moron.


James Bond made his living off of white privelege.

No Bond movie ever had JAMES bangin' a tranny.


Lisa Bloom is rat shit, just like her Mommy.


Excellent point, Caro, but “maroon” represents more absurd than moron, and this maroon has pinned the meter at eleventy.


Yard is done! (Front yard.)

Climate change and all of this MeToo stuff is mostly stuff to be used as a weapon against non-leftists.

I was a geology major and worked in a coal company after I got out of college. I never had any trouble.

Maybe I am not attractive enough or I am a mean little person. Who knows?

I am going to get a cheeseburger for lunch. Back after while.


is TM actually trolling us with climate change scam or is he serious?

yes, we can come up with some incantations and spells to make the weather like San Diego year round.


Maroon! SBW, I stand corrected.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Rose McGowan IS crazy.
Lisa Bloom IS corrupt.
I'd suggest they mud wrestle for it, but they're also both kinda creepy.


Happy birthday miss marple.

My mother, was not surprised by this #metoo experience, its what ahe went through in the private sector and sometimes in administrative work. I did remind her of how attention has been fickle.


Well marylin manson, next question, but as with epstein there was an army of flacks at his disposal,


WE ARE BUILDING THE WALL... pic.twitter.com/OQQaag2ZUW

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 8, 2019

Video chat at the link. About 1 minute.


Happy Birthday MM!


We The People elected a smart businessman, not a typical crooked politician for President of USA.

That's exactly why the globalist establishment HATES him...

President @realDonaldTrump has been consistent with common sense "America First" for over 30yrs!pic.twitter.com/cyRzy7KwuK

— Machiavelli (@TheRISEofROD) September 7, 2019

2- minute video of Trump interviews starting in 1987.


I just mapped our trip to Florida and started to reserve rooms. In an effort to avoid I-95,I mapped an overland route to make the drive interesting. There wasn't a room to be found in or near Columbia,SC on September 28. Then I thought,DUH! Saturday in the south! I looked up the SEC schedule and sure enough,Kentucky plays at South Carolina that day. So,I guess we're going into Georgia that day and will hopefully avoid the dreaded Atlanta traffic by leaving early Sunday morning.



From which I learned that Google will not work with our military but WILL work with the CCP, which is closely connected to the Chinese military.


The Brickyard 400 is today, and attendance is down, partly because they aren't having it on Labor Day weekend, like they used to.

Radio guy said that NASCAR has asked them to have it next year on July 4th weekend.

Jim Eagle


May I recommend a slower but fun route.

Catch the Garden State Pkwy in Joisy, take the Cape May Ferry into Lewes, DE, follow the coastal roads thru MD and VA to the Chesapeake Bridge & Tunnel then down the coast to the Outer Banks and RT. 17 into Charleston down to Savannah. Etc.

You and hubby will enjoy it. Stop at the low land islands for the best food anywhere.

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