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September 12, 2019



President @realDonaldTrump speaks at GOP retreat: "We're now working on a tax cut for the middle income people that is going to be very, very inspirational. It's going to be something that, I think it's what everyone's really looking for." https://t.co/miV59DQF9p pic.twitter.com/Y6AB4o9Xz6

— The Hill (@thehill) September 13, 2019

Links go to video and article.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Republicans can sure as hell do without his nomination too.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Pet peeve time; I live in a hilly to mountainous area and I drive too fast most of the time because I love carving up turns, and the vast majority of our roads are two lane, so passing lanes are a real godsend.
However, very few things demonstrate the perversity of human nature as much as passing lanes.
Some stupid clod who has been blocking traffic at 40mph and driving right past every turnout for ten miles, the moment he approaches a passing lane, has it up to seventy so you have to hit the afterburners to even have a chance to get past him. And if you don't of course the swizzle stick is immediately back to 40mph.
What the hell is the matter with people?


Ig, thank goodness you are not a people.


Thats crazy, but thats also califirnia isnt it.


Apparently there are NINE more dem primary debates after this one. And that doesn't count that LBGTQ town hall next month!


Went to the Journeys of Frederick today.

Someday we may get an update.

After all, he is our Godson.


So who do you think won?


sadists, Iggy

James D.

Just finished the Friday NYT crossword (tomorrows puzzle is online at 10 PM).

New Friday record: 7 minutes and 50 seconds.

Certainly beats watching the Dem debate!


Wonderful sbw, they cant speed to 70 on a two lane mountain road, who do they think thry are tom cruise?

Captain Hate


I have a Ledge question about the expose on the Traytable shuffle.

What difference, at this point, does it make?

Although I'm decidedly not a Ledge person, I think the significant thing is that it's not an attempt to rewrite history, like the misleading book on the Duke lacrosse case. Justice was ultimately done in the Traytable case, despite the deck being stacked and, while a further explication of that doesn't change anything, it puts the guilty parties on notice that what they did isn't being forgotten.

Another Bob

“what they did isn't being forgotten”

The timing was good, just as some dems were trotting out Saints Trayvon and Michael again.


In times of uncertainty, I am so amazed that "Individuals, Journalism, and Society stands the test of time. Finished it in 2010. It is my anchor in the uncertain winds of today.

Sadly, you cannot find it in an Amazon search unless you put the title in quotes.

Captain Hate

The timing was good, just as some dems were trotting out Saints Trayvon and Michael again.

Good point. Depending on the GOP to forcefully push back is tooth fairy level wishing.



Apparently this debate goes on until 11:00!!

People on Twitter seem to be bailing, though.

Captain Hate

No heterosexual man with descended testicles will vote for Elizabeth Warren.

I was very fortunate to have a mother in law who was a much better person than the pale faced asthmatic fraud.


Biden videos:

1. His dentures almost come out of his mouth:


2. Biden tells people to play record players for their kids.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--they cant speed to 70 on a two lane mountain road--

Passing lanes are usually built on relatively straight sections of the highway.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--So who do you think won?--


Another Bob

Don Surber
They should be doing doubleshifts at the FBI background check office in Clarksburg. (The only Byrd pork worth a darn)

· 39m
Guns sales in America tomorrow and this weekend are going to be epic. https://twitter.com/BetoORourke/status/1172325580622032899


Its like playing global thermonuclear war,


Well, I am heading to bed. See you guys tomorrow!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ig, thank goodness you are not a people.--

Whenever somebody catches me doing what I complain about others doing, my go to saying for most of my life has been, "It's funny when I do it."
I have yet to find anyone who agrees with me. :/
Stupid people.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This was funny;
Beto on his way to take our guns.


evening all.

Another Bob

‘sup Rich.


Its like krusty sees his east european replacement and says 'what the hell was that'


Posted by: Another Bob | September 12, 2019 at 11:04 PM

trying to catch up and listening to the nats game.


So I guess we need to come up with more clever ways for the government to take our money, because it just doesn't take enough already.


Posted by: jimmyk | September 12, 2019 at 11:11 PM

i figure TM's got to be trolling us ...


Socratic technique i guess, those suburbs up the seaboard would be ghost towns


They live in a consensual hallucination


mike in houston

For Iggy

The Corries Sunday Driver


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Back from the county fair. I was a good girl and had no treats.

Have you been feeling overall kinda crappy, in general? Fatigued?
Peeing a lot???

amom: yes, yes and yes. The pee thing I had put down to the crappy surgery from 2014 where they screwed up the mesh replacement so bad and cut the ureter while fixing the adhesions from the first mesh.

My mesh settlement was approved in 2017, and I'm still waiting on the damn payout. I think the special master is releasing about 3 cases a month hoping we all die in the meantime.


no lead is safe with the nats bullpen ... up 7, now just 4 with 2 on-1 out ...


Good grief steph, two years, honestly those who screw up that badly deserve hot irons or some other torture, they could listen to this debate or select samples of vogon poetry


very sorry to read about your health problems steph. hope you start feeling better.

goes for kevlar as well.


Its schrodingers team, rich,

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Also, my left kidney area is tender (frontside), so could be the kidney or the pancreas. The CT scan on the 23rd is to rule out kidney stones. My daughter gets those occasionally as does my dad and my mom. Those stones were a big part of the daughter getting pylo during her pregnancy.

My Internal Med doc may also order a dye contrast CT scan if the first comes back no stones. She is worried about a reaction to the dye since my kidney(s) are already stressed due to the protein and sugar counts.

RSE, there is an endo at the Emory Sugarloaf office that is aware of the situation and can see me on short notice. Thanks for mentioning the difficulty trying to get in to see one.

KK, prayers on your upcoming surgery and we will ride a damn coaster at Magic Mountain once we are both over this hump!


I know my mother with her secomd accident, with the arm cast, they jammed those pins too tight.
When they set it.

Past is Prologue

saw --Ig, thank goodness you are not a people.--

Reminds of an old Gracie Allen line:

George Burns: Gracie, you’ve a big family, how many people are there in your family?
Gracie thinks for a minute: “Oh, they’re all people!


That reminds they were playing soylent green the other day, that swan song of robinson cotten et al. Seeing as he had started 40 years back with welles, that was ths vision of 40 million new yorkers.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Thanks rich. I guess I deserve it for being so cavalier the last 6 months about watching what I eat. Actually, I've been watching it... go in my mouth! Almost no alcohol, but lots of rich food. Only gained 5 lbs but all of it went straight to my belly and some of the rest migrated there, too. /cue Fat Bastard here.

My right hand fingers already feel like pin cushions. The first attempt to do the test by myself needed 3 sticks. My blood clots so fast, it stopped bleeding before I could get the monitor to suck it up. I think I have it figured out now. I had to bump the depth up a bit to get it to not clot so fast. Luckily?? I heal really fast (except for tummy surgery that took forever).


Yang won the debate, according to Drudge, what has he been drinking.



Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

OH and Ariel had a blast at the fair. It was free admission and $20 all you could ride. She is still too small for most of the rides at 32" even to ride with her mom, but the ones she got to ride, she was all giggles and when the rides would stop she would throw her hands up high with a big grin and shout TA DA!!!

First year I have ridden no rides. :(


Back on the isle of musfit toys



Gomes with a home run!



Posted by: Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma | September 13, 2019 at 12:02 AM

sounds like a great time.


Wonderful stephanie,

We had a youth fair near fiu's westerm campus i wemt there a few times during my school years


and this untaxed capital gain ... my uncle bought his house sometime in the early 50's-in fairfax cty virginia by-and-by:the median home price is 546k (and his wouldn't be median) ... he really would need to pay the unrealized gains on some 500k or that's going to get carved out (iirc it already is, gains on a home can be rolled over if the another home is bought).

bullshit greedy government.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Rich this tax is only being contemplated to capture gains from the wealthy who might otherwise avoid taxation.
There is no chance it would be used against those less well to do; you know just like the alternative minimum tax. :/


Right just like the income tax was only 1% on those over a million dollars, funny how that turned out


3% on incomes over 800 in 1862,


Which would 15,625 today, a nearly 92% depreciation


Sorry that wiuld be about 20,000


1% on a mere 1,000, which would 25,000 but just five years later, katie bar the door


we're forgetting the spanish-american war telephone tax ... repealed, finally, in 2006 when the spainards were defeated in great battle.



77% on ovet a 1,000,000, thats where doc brown red squaw and company start


The battle of the sherry vineyards you forgot already


Posted by: The Infamous Ignatz | September 13, 2019 at 12:44 AM

its the lawyer and cpa full employment act ... primary residents would be exempted, retirement savings (maybe, the other reason the uniparty wants to bring in a new voter class), anything dem related (unregulated finance companies acting as ngos under the 501c section of the tax code)

... maybe i can shout loud enough over on 495: stop taking my money, i'm broke, i don't want to live here. stop.

and by-and-by for anyone who lives out this way i almost got into a head-on collusion ... some jackass ... (excuse me, let me get GUS here) ... SOME JACKASS tried to go westbound on the eastbound side of 7 as they drove off the wrong ramp of the Fairfax Cty Pkwy. I started blowing my horn and got off all the way into the tiny bit of shoulder and grass but the guy thought he'd use my headlights to drive a straight line. thankfully he didn't hit me, and i think he passed out when he finally passed me and made his way to more traffic.

good grief ...

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

This kid does a daily 12 minute YouTube on BrExit.
Here is today


>>>Underpromise, overdeliver.

Where have I seen that before....

Posted by: Melinda | September 12, 2019 at 03:50 PM<<<

at the 4th rate technology company salt mine i work at ... the sharpies still make unreasonable schedules though.


really wanted to back to the article that mel flagged up a thread back ... still stunned by it.

jim nj


Normally I would agree with you that new municipal tax revenue would just be spent and not used to reduce property taxes and pay down debt.

Hackensack is somewhat unique in NJ.


The Zisa family ruled Hackensack like a fiefdom. First the father was mayor, then a son became mayor, his brother the police chief, a cousin the city councilor.

The current ruling group has spent 5 years trying to hold the line on taxes, corruption and debt.

The city was very weak financially, mainly because of year after year of property tax appeals that led to millions of debt bonding.

If I remember the last 3 years of that correctly it was 8, 6 and 4 million in tax appeal bonding per year.

So the highest priority of the new ruling group since their election has been focused on solving the city's finances.


Wouldnt it be the reverse?

jim nj

What do I know about taxes? I still think that corporate profits and the dividends paid out of them to shareholders consists of double taxation on the same money.

Corporations have gross profits. Then net profits after legally used deductions. That net profit is what they are taxed on.

There should be a third profit number - net profit less dividends paid out. Tax that number and you solve the double taxation argument.

So this argument about taxing unrealized capital gains is even worse. Imposing a tax on "unreal" money isn't a tax- it's a confiscation of "real" money.

jim nj


?, care to elaborate


Posted by: jim nj | September 13, 2019 at 01:52 AM

i was about to ask the same thing?

jim nj


It's CNN so don't expect them to be astute or indulge in nuance.

jim nj

I looked at about 6 articles on the debate - none worth posting, but they did have a sense of booster-ism.

jim nj


800 new stores for Old Navy. That doesn't fit the recent pattern of store closings.

jim nj


Wow, that sucks for the Jets. QB Darnold out with diagnosis of mononucleosis.

jim nj


A Distant Black Hole Brightens Every 9 Hours, and No One Knows Why

WTF? Can't argue with the video.

jim nj

I don't know what to make of this.


jim nj


This is a reasonable take on the debate.

jim nj


Makes a good case on why he should be indicted.


Every time TM starts flogging this mark-to-market "income" tax idea, I'm reminded of Abraham Lincoln's riddle: If I call a dog's tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have. Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.

The 16th Amendment allows for taxing income; calling something "income" does not make it income

Let me repeat what I said earlier about the matter:

TM: Mark-to-market accounting is already part of the tax code (eg, futures and index options, not to mention the charitable deduction for appreciated assets with a long term gain.) This idea side-steps the Constitutional puzzle of Warren's wealth tax.

I'm not so sure the Constitutional puzzle is side stepped. Though it's nearly 100 years old, as far as I can tell, Eisner v. Macomber is still good law. In it, the court says regarding what is and isn't 16th-Amendment "income":

For the present purpose we require only a clear definition of the term "income," as used in common speech, in order to determine its meaning in the Amendment; and, having formed also a correct judgment as to the nature of a stock dividend, we shall find it easy to decide the matter at issue.

After examining dictionaries in common use (Bouv. L.D.; Standard Dict.; Webster's Internat. Dict.; Century Dict.), we find little to add to the succinct definition adopted in two cases arising under the Corporation Tax Act of 1909 (Stratton's Independence v. Howbert, 231 U.S. 399, 415; Doyle v. Mitchell Bros. Co., 247 U.S. 179, 185) — "Income may be defined as the gain derived from capital, from labor, or from both combined," provided it be understood to include profit gained through a sale or conversion of capital assets, to which it was applied in the Doyle Case (pp. 183, 185).

The Government, although basing its argument upon the definition as quoted, placed chief emphasis upon the word "gain," which was extended to include a variety of meanings; while the significance of the next three words was either overlooked or misconceived. "Derived — from — capital;" — "the gain — derived — from — capital," etc. Here we have the essential matter: not a gain accruing to capital, not a growth or increment of value in the investment; but a gain, a profit, something of exchangeable value proceeding from the property, severed from the capital however invested or employed, and coming in, being "derived," that is, received or drawn by the recipient (the taxpayer) for his separate use, benefit and disposal; — that is income derived from property. Nothing else answers the description.

Unless there's some wrinkle I'm not aware of, the supposed exception for the taxing on charitable deductions of appreciated assets seems to me to have nothing to do with to mark-to-market taxes on held assets. Taxing depends on the fair market value of the asset at the point it's transferred to the charity.

The claimed exception for futures contacts is somewhat closer. However the taxing is based on a specific and special aspect of future-contract accounting. Quoting a decision by the 9th Circuit court:

Section 1256 [the tax section dealing with future contracts] is premised on the doctrine of constructive receipt because the taxpayer who trades futures contracts receives profits as matter of right daily. Id. at 157, 1981 U.S.C.C.A.N. at 256. Under this doctrine, "[i]ncome although not actually reduced to a taxpayer's possession is constructively received by him in the taxable year during which it is ... made available so that he may draw upon it at any time...." Treas.Reg. § 1.451-2(a) (as amended in 1979).
. . .
Because of the unique accounting method governing futures contracts, the gains inherent in them are properly treated as constructively received.

The increase in a future contract's value is somewhat equivalent to dividends that are paid daily into the owner's account. They are immediately available for cash withdrawal. The gains (and losses) on future contracts are essentially realized daily.

jim nj


Very cogent, especially on the daily treatment of mark-to-market in futures markets. Gains or losses are moved into accounts as of end of market.

The idea of taxing unrealized gains should then also allow the deduction of unrealized losses.

The biggest problem, accounting wise, is that you won't know until Dec. 31st what your tax liability is for the year. That doesn't seem fair.

My general sense of taxation is that it should be as transparent as possible, as simple as possible, and as fair as possible.

This idea of taxing unrealized gains is so patently unfair on the face of it that most taxpayers won't comply.

While a lot of financial transactions leave audit trails. Non-financial ones don't.

Who wants to do a yearly gain/loss calculation on hobby collections? Antiques, stamps, coins, art, etc.

And do you use wholesale or retail valuations? Try selling a coin or stamp collection. You'll get about 50 cents on the dollar of retail.

jim nj


This is very interesting if accurate.

jim nj




jim nj, why do I suspect that the taxes would be structured so that the deductions for unrealized losses won't compensate for taxes on unrealized gains? During large market drops, would the IRS send big losers a refund check to make up for all the previous years' taxes on unrealized gains? Somehow I doubt it. Most likely they'd just get (likely time-limited) credits to apply to future gains, should they ever occur.

In regard to the handling of future contracts, it seems to me comparable to the rule that stock dividends are taxable if a cash-dividend option is available, even if the shares are kept.

jim nj


Relatively inexpensive propeller-driven aircraft that can be used in low conflict areas.

jim nj


I agree on both paragraphs.

There is already a limit on how much you can deduct for stock losses, but gains have no limits.

In the futures markets, there are real gains and losses daily. However, those gains or losses can be reversed before the next day or by the end of the year. So you should be able to net that out at the end of the year.

If you net a 100k gain in an oil trade, how do you treat that if you have a 100K loss at the end of the year in wheat? I presume under current law that you get to net out your trades at the end of the year.

jim nj


Long. Interesting.

Naval war-fighting exercises are inadequate.


jim nj, I am glad you are okay. I don't have any way of reaching you other than through this website, but maybe some day at a future meetup we can exchange contact info.



Julian Castro came across as mean-spirited. Little did I know, he was also wrong. Was he ordered to try to take out Biden?


AM Viss
"Lowered cholesterol did not help people live longer. Instead, the lower cholesterol fell, the higher the risk of dying: 22 percent higher for every 30-point fall."


jim nj


Bill Roggio. I've been following his reporting for years and he has a good understanding of Afghanistan.

I think it was worth talking to the Taliban about a political solution, but that seems to be dead now.

What to do now going forward? I'm not sure. Add more troops? No. Increase the pressure on the Taliban using existing forces? Yeah, I like that, if it can be done. Maybe we can change the rules of engagement?

I'd like to harsh their mellow somehow. Quickly. I'll have to think abut this.

jim nj


I really started to wonder about the use of statins when I read somewhere that 40-50% of Americans should be on them. That's too large a population.


It's funny but a brief meet up gives one even more an affinity with a fellow poster.

Yeah, I am good. The PTSD is mostly gone, but 9/11 each year does pose a problem. So I avoided anything 9/11 related the last few days.

I look forward to seeing you and jimmyk again. I'm up for another meeting.

Funny story that most of you will appreciate on the new medicine. Tuesday I walked down to the the mental health center to reduce my citalopram medication to 10 mg. daily.

Arrived 20 minutes late because my leg cramps slowed down my walk substantiationally.

Can't see my provider because I am 20 minutes late, even though I wait 20-40 minutes on a regular basis to see her.

Had to see someone else when I figured out the scam. I'll be billed as a no show. They'll bill me for allowing me an emergency appointment visit with another nurse and I have to re-visit my provider on the 18th.


That "scam" means they have figured out how to have income to cover the twenty "non-productive" minutes, so they don't have to close down. Not a charity!
Though you should NOT "routinely" be waiting twenty minutes either.
And you should bring all this up to their office manager. They won't dismiss you over letting them have some feedback.

But--why are you having "leg cramps" when you walk???
(Are you on statins? They'll do that.)
Cigarrettes are notorious causes of blood vessel disease.

Look up intermittent claudication and see if it sounds like what is going on.

jim nj


I've been researching the leg cramp while walking issue.

I thought your "stop smoking" comment was just generalized advice, yet I see that it can well be a cause of leg cramping.

I may have to re-start the whole diagnostic procedure. I had a referral for a venous doppler from my clinic. I planned to do it at Hackensack Hospital and had an appointment, but when I got there they hadn't received an approval for the test.

Got my physical and blood-work done.

No high blood pressure.
A1c 5.4
TSH 5.060 H, a little high
Choleterol, total 181, in range, LDL 107 H, a little high, ratio 3.5, not bad
BUN 7 L, low, BUD/Creatine ratio 7 L , below range
Everything else within range.

I'll be back at the clinic on the 26th to go over the blood-work results and re-start on the leg cramp issue.

Any thoughts, realizing that you do not practice over the internet would be appreciated.

The clinic is pretty good, but their follow-up sucks.

mike in houston

HOUSTON — All of the 11 protesters dangling below the Fred Hartman Bridge near Houston are in custody.

Houston and Baytown firefighters repelled down to the protesters and lowered them to boats waiting below.

The protesters were then taken ashore in handcuffs, accompanied by a Harris County Sheriff's deputy.

Some had been hanging from the bridge for nearly 12 hours.

Deputies arrested 12 other protesters on the bridge just after 5 p.m. Thursday, the Sheriff's Office tweeted. A Sheriff's Office representative said they were acting as spotters for the 11 people dangling below.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said they will face multiple charges including obstructing the roadway and obstructing the waterway. The sheriff's office is checking with the U.S. Attorney General on other possible charges.

The activists could also face charges for a three-vehicle crash on the bridge after a van carrying the protesters partially blocked a lane, according to Precinct 8. One person was hurt.

The Houston Ship Channel reopened around 5 a.m. Friday according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

jim nj


No statins. Wouldn't even take them if prescribed. Too many side-effects for the supposed benefits.

They had me doing calf stretching exercises. no change. I noticed that the thigh muscles also seem to be involved lately. I have a "kink" in my back and do lateral stretching exercises to add some "looseness." That seems to help, but in trying to figure this out I've also noticed stride problems.

Carrying weight in a back pack worsens the symptoms.

The venous doppler results. which I can't get, would be useful in ruling in or out Intermittent claudication.

In my original website research, called by another name, that seemed likely.

Paying more attention to the symptoms and my apparent stride problems, I'm also thinking of spinal stenosis.

I'm ready to visit a chiropractor, even though I think they are Quacks.

It is somewhat disheartening that I have to do research in order to tell the doctors what they should be considering, and that's why I value your non-internet doctor advice.

jim nj

mike in houston,

LOL. Not being particularly sensitive to Greenpeace I would have just cut their supporting cables and picked up what was left of them when they hit the water.

jim nj


Europe on the menu. I like that phrase. Seems appropriate.

mike in houston

A little more on the greenies protest

Ric Campo, Chairman, Port of Houston Authority, reacted in the following way:

"Americans have a right to protest, as long as it's peaceful and lawful. Obviously, the protests going on right now are not peaceful and lawful. They blocked the freeway. There was an accident that caused injuries to people on the bridge.

"We have first responders in the water right now, lots of them. They're risking their lives to make sure that those folks are safe. At the end of the day, I'm fine with people protesting whatever they want as long as it's peaceful and lawful."

Campo hypothesized that protesters probably came to Houston aboard airplanes using jet fuel or drove in vans using gasoline or diesel. Campo was invited to attend the Democratic Party presidential candidate debate Thursday night in Houston but will not attend.

Jim Teague, CEO, Enterprise Products Partners LP, made this observation: "Here's the interesting thing. I looked at the pictures and I think that every bit of their protective clothing is made out of hydrocarbons. The hypocrisy of that is unbelievable." Teague was not invited to the debate.

jim nj


This is interesting in that it echoes an article that I read some time ago.

The Navy built or re-fit a submarine and called it "experimental." It would definitely go to sea, but they made clear that it might need more work. In contrast the Navy built the Ford class carrier as operational" from the git-go.

Then again, nobody wants to spend 13 Billion on an "experimental" aircraft carrier.

If they ever get the damned thing to work properly it will be the most advanced aircraft carrier in the world.

jim nj

mike in houston,

Me still LOL.

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