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October 30, 2019


Jim Eagle

Boris Johnson in an interview by Sophy Ridge of Sky News, said Trump is in error to state that the US couldn't deliver a trade deal with Brexit hanging over his head. He also said there will no deal to join with Farage and create a larger "Leave" party.

Hmmm. Delivery pressure?


The reason why conservatives resist the impeachment craze is not sycophancy, as NeverTrumpists unfailingly smear. It is concern for our Constitution and self-government over and against the administrative state. This explains it well:



Trying to explain to pierre alexis that the subpoenas were do to an illegitimate inquiry, that the structure behinf the complaint and the fast track of it, was out of the ordinary practice


Chicago decided to be January for Halloween. pic.twitter.com/MeiqLVdBXI

— Halsey ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@ConservativeXT) November 1, 2019

Photo at link.


The take-home pay boost for the middle class under President @realDonaldTrump—$5,000 in just 2.5 years—eclipses TOTAL gains under the previous two administrations. pic.twitter.com/iKyNJuGyYF

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) November 1, 2019

Video of Larry Kudlow at the link.

Jim Eagle

Well, she does represent a district in California.


JM Hanes


"Why don't you guys talk to him on Twitter?"

I'm already taking up space here; I don't want to clutter up his Twitter threads too. Don't want to feel like a cyber-stalker, either. Aside from not really "getting" how Twitter works, and not having tweeted for years.

I'm not one to insult our host, but that doesn't mean I never disagree with him, and it's not like talking behind his back when we're posting on his own blog. I'd welcome any response he might feel like making.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Surber on the thread MM posted

Tom R

Heartshapedbox @ 2:09

Well said especially the part about Trump in reality making things better.


“I’ll guarantee you I will win. Why? Because we’re right.“

This is my challenge to @RepAdamSchiff. Come to the judiciary committee. Be the first witness and answer any question asked of you.

I love @RepDougCollins!! He was on fire again! pic.twitter.com/VUINJlxyEN

— 🇺🇸 Deplorable Pet Lover 🇺🇸🐾 (@petluvers4Trump) November 1, 2019

Video of Collins at link. I hope he's at the rally tonight!


Only one of them can be trusted with classified intelligence. pic.twitter.com/Ce8Wb6phDc

— Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) November 1, 2019

Photo at link. Ha!

Jim Eagle

Doug Collins is a hound dog on a ham bone. The reason the Judiciary Committee is not handling Impeachment is Jerry Nadler. He can't handle Collins intellect and counter points. The fat little, high waist idiot couldn't handle anything beyond walking his dog.


Regarding the Trump Rally in Mississippi tonight:

Folks at the front of the line got here as early as 3am. Tell me it was 29 degrees then @WMCActionNews5 pic.twitter.com/klmPZtG4rx

— Kendall Downing (@kendall_downing) November 1, 2019

Pictures at the link.

Tom R

From the Surber oped:

President Trump likely will face a military that will literally close ranks behind Vindman. The price of a large standing army is measured in more than dollars. We have military officers in the White House who are working to bring down the president.

IMO this could only be possible if Obama totally destroyed the senior levels of the officer corps by purging the patriots and promoting those whose allegiance is to some other entity than the US. Even then, while there could be LTC Vindman types at the highest levels of the Pentagon, I'm inclined to believe the large majority of enlisted troops as well as junior officers are loyal to their country and support Trump.

Based on the comments from LTC Hickman, LTC Vindman sounds like the kind of guy who during the Vietnam era would have had to worry about getting intentionally fragged by one of his own men.



Notice that the Republican campaign consultant, who no doubt worked for one of his rivals, is a vocal critic of the President.

Jim Eagle

I agree with TomR (Shocking I know:). Zippy did try to destroy the military through his General Command picks. I give you McRaven as a very visible example. A guy who wrote a great book for young men and women on self-discipline, "Make Your Bed", which I gave out to Frederick and his team-mates.

Now, I regret that, and am disappointed that a retired flag officer would write and oped dissing the POTUS (a violation of the US military code). There are still a number of them in the ranks, not just Flag but lower down. I don't think it goes below O-4's and the NCO's. Bringing in Kelly, McMaster, and even Mattis demonstrated to Trump that he needed to thin out those high ranking officers.

It will take the normal 10 year promotion timeline from O-3 to O-8. I think it has started with Asper. We will see.



I'm hoping for a calmer message and/or messenger starting now. But I lack a theory for why we're divided, so I can't say how we unite, a bit more anyway.>>>

Here is the deal folks. I don't care who the person who typed those words is. Host or not.

It's chock full o'bullshit.



Well, well, well.

Jim Eagle

S/B 20 years not 10....Promotion timeline to Flag.


Why are we divided. Hmmmmm, that's really tough to figure out Maguire. Why?? Oh dear why??

Perhaps because it's hard to "coexist" with COMMUNISTS and TOTALITARIANS???

My ultra LIBTARD brother one year older got a call from me just after the second plane hit the World Trade Center. My grandfather lived in Greenwich and worked in midtown at the time.
I told my brother this AMERICAN tragedy the "some people did" could bring us all together. HE said, and I quote. ""I HOPE NOT"".

Listen to the shit that is spewed at us EVERY FUCKING SINGLE DAY from the VILE DISGUSTING DESPICABLE COMMIE LEFT.

Yeah Maguire, I can't figure it out either, but the MFM keeps on telling you DAY IN and DAY OUT, that TRUMP drinks too much DIET COKE.

Yeah, really tough to figure out.


SOON AT 4:30PM ET, President Trump departs The White House en route to Andrews AFB. He will take questions from reporters on The South Lawn then board MARINE ONE.

James D.

I'm hoping for a calmer message and/or messenger starting now. But I lack a theory for why we're divided, so I can't say how we unite, a bit more anyway.>>>

We’re divided because of the left. They call themselves progressive for a reason.

Look at the issue of gay rights. It’s a perfect example. 25 years ago, the mainstream leftist position was “don’t ask, don’t tell.@. A democratic president signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

Today, the mainstream leftist position is, if you don’t actively celebrate gay marriage, government should fine you into bankruptcy; and if you do t want to give your grade school child puberty blocking drugs on the way so of a school counselor, CPS should take your kids away.

The mainstream rightist position, which is basically, I don’t care if you’re gay, knock yourself out, just please don’t shove it in my face or talk about it in grade school, hasn’t really changed between 1994 and today.

The same is true on most social issues. If there’s division, it’s caused by angry, impatient, radical people on the left trying to drag everyone else into a future they don’t want, at gunpoint if necessary.


But I lack a theory for why we're divided..

Could a left hell-bent on stirring up racial animosities have something to do with it? Could the identity politics that Congress uses to implement programs that award group instead of merit be partly to blame? How about a media that fawns over race-baiters like NFL players and Black Lives Matter, maybe that could be a factor?

Tom R

But I lack a theory for why we're divided, so I can't say how we unite...

Sounds like TM is not aware of the history behind the Frankfurt School at Columbia, the McCarthy era, Saul Alinsky, Cultural Marxism, George Soros etc.

Forrest Gump is smart enough to understand why we are divided. The real problem is figuring out how to peacefully reprogram all the brainwashed/indoctrinated leftwingers who are victims of those listed above.

Jim Eagle

This is an example of why we are in trouble as a country if we expect our young inheritors to continue to protect our values and defend our constitution.


I played for a coach in HS and one in College who would laugh these bureaucrats out of room and tell them to stick where it doesn't glow. You either play to win or you play to lose. The Left always wants to play to lose so that they can win.

Jim Eagle

...The left always wants YOU to play to lose.....So they can play to WIN....


How about the LEFTIST COMMIES trying to undo an election that WE WON.
How about COMEY, STRZOK, McCabe, Page and more subverting the duties of the FBI to attack TRUMP and PROTECT RODHAM.
HOW ABOUT THEIR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE calling ME deplorable and irredeemable.
How about me being told to shut up because I'm white.
How about the PUSSY HAT MARCHES.
Tell me about ANTIFA
POSSIBLY because the LEFT calls me a RACIST for wanting control of our borders.
Or it could be because the COMMIES attack our POLICE.
Is it because we are all going to DIE in 11 years if we don't give COMMIES everything that they want.
Could it be because DEMOCRATS including Obama, Clinton and Biden are corrupt and ENRICHED THEMSELVES by virtue of their GOVERNMENT POSITIONS.
It's possible that it's because CONSERVATIVES are shut down and shouted down on campuses.

Shall I continue??


I'm about half way thru "The Plot against the President". It is simply amazing. So full of FACTS, that it's impossible to remember them all. I'll have to read it more than once.

First of all, Nunes is the hero. He was on to the BS in 2015, and has never stopped. I am reading the chapter now that reveals the media as active participants, Jake Tapper at the top of the list. And they all knew they were active participants. They implicated themselves and had no choice but to go forward and carry on, in the name of ...treason I guess.

The assholes develop the plots, carry them out and then screw up which reveals their motives and forces them into the next plot.

Coming up next, they nail Papdopolus.

It's truly incredible.

I have zero doubt that what is going on now (impeachment) is the next cover-up, which they have also screwed up given the whistleblower. Hell they may have nothing left but blowing up the capital.

Jim Eagle

Well said GUS.

So, who is going to lead the revolution to take our country back?

Trump is doing more than I ever thought he could do with all the numbers stacked against him. No, we need a real grassroots movement that I just don't see on the horizon.

I pray we finally wake up and destroy this leftist madness.


I think we've given TM some grist for theory makin'.


Porch, my mother lives in N.Andover. I was reading a story about one of the witches. She lived on the same street as my mother does now.

You know I've never been able to wear anything around my neck - even a collar. Apparently I am a witch descendant.


Jane, they have their A-TEAM in a conference room in D.C. coming up with the next smear.

Maybe they could say that Trump picked a known gang rapist for the SUPREME COURT.

Then Trump could get criticized for fighting back......FOR US.

Tom R

I think we've given TM some grist for theory makin'.

One thing TM has accomplished is identifying a topic that unifies Gus, JiB, James D and myself all in agreement.


Ran out on an errahd and heard a creepy story on the radio.

A woman in Oxford, Indiana was found dead with an 8-FOOT PYTHON wrapped around her neck in her home! Yikes!

Autopsy shows she died of strangulation.

PLUS, she had 144 other snakes in her house!!!

Jim Eagle


The fact we have serving and retired officers of our military criticism in a removal level testimony tells me are close to 5 Days in May kind of coup since the soft one from Brennan/Comey/Clapper/Yates didn’t work.

This is going to get more intense unless Trump doesn’t get the general command on his side and the JAGS get serious. Vindman exposed it all, that is how stupid he is. Keystone Cops.


>She lived on the same street as my mother does now.

Wow, that's cool.

Tom R

JiB @ 3:32

I coached my son's Pop Warner team from when he was 5 until he was 12 and started playing for his middle school. We ran the ball almost every play. I had a standing policy that all the players were aware of. Once I felt the game was won, the running backs rotated in and played on the offensive line and defense so that the starting offensive linemen and defensive players got the chance to run the ball a couple of times over the course of the season. The running backs knew that when they were on the line blocking they had to give 100% effort because the offensive lineman and defensive players getting the chance to run the ball were certainly going to be trying to score a TD. Over the course of those 7 years I had several offensive linemen and defensive players get to enjoy the thrill of scoring a TD. In one game the slowest kid I ever coached scored a TD in a blowout. After the game the opposing coach went off on me for running up the score. I kindly told him to go F off and if his players couldn't tackle the slowest player on the field it was his problem not mine. The best running back I ever coached is now a Florida Gator. If I had wanted to run up the score I could have left him in the game since he was the one who scored most of the TDs that gave us the blowout lead. The idiot coach apparently didn't realize I was doing him a favor by letting my offensive linemen run the ball.

Another Bob

“would Roberts have to recuse himself due to the fact he runs the FISA Court?”

That’s a great point Jane. Never occurred to me.


Jane, I have engaged with TM a bit on Twitter. I think the last was a couple months ago on something to do with taxes. And of course he occasionally chimes in here. And he has a link to JOM on his Twitter page, and frequently he tweets about something before making it a JOM post.


No, we need a real grassroots movement that I just don't see on the horizon.

"Regular guy" is on a low simmer over the impeachment BS, but it won't take much to get him on a full boil.

Another Bob

“ I have engaged with TM a bit on Twitter.”

As have I.

Jim Eagle


It’s simple, the object in any sport is to WIN. For example, should Usain Bolt slow down so he doesn’t win in world record time?

If we are changing that dynamic, imagine how we will defend ourselves if confronted. Why I love Saban and Belichick. You win period regardless of the score.

Robin, eff 'em all

Obama divided the nation, yes, but Trump hasn't made it any worse - it's actually a little better now, imo. I'll just toss out a theory right now that I absolutely guarantee can't be proven better or worse than the next guy's theory - when unemployment rates level out with one another, as they have now, then the populace is more "equal", less resentful and therefore better disposed to one another. To channel Reagan, all the boats have risen, it's all good, and the kind of growth rates Trump promised and has delivered improve our lives and bring people together.

I would agree with this. Let's remember the summer of 2016 and the shooting of the police officers in Dallas. It seemed like the beginning of something really scary. I was on the road with my kids heading home after visiting my parents, and I remember thinking, my god, it could all go to hell very quickly.

If you escape from a blue bubble, it is stunning to discover that everyone is coexisting pretty nicely and feel positive about the future.

Tom R

JiB @ 4:30

You are preaching to the choir.


This is from 2008 Saban’s second year at Bama.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Great ... so jimmyk, ABob and sbw are angling to get us all kicked off the Internet ...
(just kidding!))


Jane, I first replied to on Twitter. Since I didn’t put a ".@twitterhandle" in front, I considered it a private message just to him.

When his tweet was brought here, and noted that I had responded, I then copied the reply here.

A tweet in public is basically an opportunity to hear responses so I don’t feel out of place responding. Otherwise, someone would not have tweeted in the first place.

A reply should be gracious enough to be able to be looked back upon it and not be embarrassed by it.


i>A reply should be gracious enough to be able to be looked back upon it and not be embarrassed by it.

So, if you're using a lot of profanity and comparing people to barnyard animals...not gracious enough, right?


But I lack a theory for why we're divided, so I can't say how we unite...

I believe why we are divided is that the capture of education by those only minimally schooled in their specialty, undermined by the state and federal capture of curricula, has left 50 years of people uneducated and adrift.

Push the victims along with electronic media messages and you have masses easily manipulated.

Uniting will require rediscovery that each individual is in charge of vetting the integrity of what they see and hear.

Now who could tell the victims that their icons were no clothes? Probably have to be someone brazen.


hrt, understand the difference between me you being offended and me being embarrassed.

A democracy demands allowing people to say things some others may not wish to hear.

I would not be embarrassed to tell someone to shove their misplaced claimed feelings of offense.

Actually, my preferred response is the horselaugh:

"I'm offended that you say that!" HAHAHAHA!



My only complaint was about bitching about him here, but not addressing him there. Since you and others have, I withdraw my complaint. I'm very protective of our host.


Donald J. Trump
I love New York, but New York can never be great again under the current leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo (the brother if Fredo), or Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Cuomo has weaponized the prosecutors to do his dirty work (and to keep him out of jams), a reason some don’t want to be...

...in New York, and another reason they are leaving. Taxes and energy costs are way too high, Upstate is being allowed to die as other nearby states frack & drill for Gold (oil) while reducing taxes & creating jobs by the thousands. NYC is getting dirty & unsafe again, as

....our great police are being disrespected, even with water dumped on them, because a Mayor and Governor just don’t “have their backs.” New York’s Finest must be cherished, respected and loved. Too many prople are leaving our special New York. Great leaders would work....

.....with a President and Federal Government that wants our wonerful City and State to flourish and thrive. I Love New York!



Big crowd!


Jane: I'm very protective of our host.

I'm glad you are. So am I. TM fostered and, with a deft hand, has preserved a long-running, informative, enjoyable, community the likes of which one is rarely likely to find.

[Unsolicited testimonial]


Lee greenwood has been nominated to the board of the kennedy cemter.


I also am protective of our host as Jane has stated first.
I am grateful for the blog and the posters here.
I think we all know why we are divided as a country right now.
It goes back to the old states rights and how big you want the government to be and how intrusive it gets.
Beto our of Presidential Race


Should be out of the race.


Beto is done !
Out of race!


Skippy o'rourke will have to go back to his skate board,


That Face When Charlie Kirk thinks he’s Hiro Onoda but he’s really Shi Pei Pu.


What we suspected:



I wonder if his wife finally said.”Enough with squandering my inheritance!”


Maybe Beto can become the mutton industry’s version of Elsie the cow. He already has the suit for it.


Charlie Kirk and Sebastian Gorka know how to convert the shilling into Pounds Sterling.



That is a good point! And how come no one in the press brought up where he got the money?



BREAKING: Kamala Harris' New Hampshire campaign is reportedly closing three field offices and has cancelled her trip to New Hampshire that was originally scheduled for next week - NBC News


Yeah, I'm glad Tom Maguire has brought us together.
He's really groovy. What does he look like?


Gus, TM is somewhere between tall and short, light and dark, old and young. And he looks like he lives in Connecticut, but I don’t hold that against him.



mike in houston


I grew up in Connecticut, but left in 1975. So I have that going for me. :)

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Heh, mike in Hou.



Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

"While we're Creating Jobs and Killing Terrorists, the Democrat Party has gone completely insane." - President @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/gShmLXRQoM

— Team Trump (@TeamTrump) November 2, 2019

It was partially a rhetorical auestion, but one can see how such a confab can go far afield of the original charter.

Posted by: Narciso | November 01, 2019 at 01:19 PM

I agree.

The only modern day example that I can provide on how an Article V Convention can go sideways is the history of redistricting in California. It varies with each attempt, and the outcome depends on how savvy the participants are. Politicians tend to protect what is theirs, and as in the jungle, the strong tend to dominate the weak. Of late, in California that usually means the Democrats eat the Republicans' lunch.

I like what JM Hanes suggests, that such a convention be limited to a specific Article of the Constitution. If that is the case, my preference is to use the established Amendment process. It's cumbersome and lengthy, but it narrows the focus and ultimately brings whatever is proposed down to the states for approval.

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