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October 15, 2019



OK. Bolton can hyperventilate through his mustache. Doesn't make the second hand retellers of what someone else heard Bolton say correct on anything in particular.


Bolton butt hurt syndrome.


OK, NSC deep state vs non NSC White House staff. How is this anything but an argument over who didn't refill the coffee maker?



Comanche Voter

Oh give me a break with this "Yale trained lawyer" nonsense. Billy Jeff Clinton went to Yale and lost his law license for perjury. Hillary Clinton went to Yale and flunked the DC bar exam--and if you've graduated from a third tier law school and your breath can fog a mirror, you can pass the DC bar exam.

Rudy Giuliani went to NYU law school, was an editor on the Law Review and graduated cum laude. What is that legal education--chopped liver?

OTOH you can be an idiot and write that "Yale trained lawyer" twaddle for the New York Times.


WTF I love John Bolton now

--the left


Bolton flubbed his long-awaited moment in the sun as NSC Big Dawg of the Entire World.

Trump played his own hand in Turkey well despite the Lyin Hyena Press' insistence we fight the Turkish proxies in Syria.

Let's see what Ne'er Do Wan does when he comes to DC. i can hear Trump now: "Okay Erdo....get up on the table on your knees and bark like a dawg."

Bolton's going to miss out on the fun and he's torqued. wah-wah-wah-WAH.

Dave (in MA)
Just like Sniffy Biden.

it's from 5 years ago, but i thought it illustrates the brazen criminal stench emanating from PelosiVille.

how much time would you or i do were we to dance to this type of music?



IF John Bolton were so concerned about National Security and Trump being a succesful president, he would NOT be mouthing off to Fiona Hill or anyone else.

If he shows up for an "in depth" interview on CNN or with Chris Wallace or (shudder) Chuck Todd, we will know he is a turncoat and is more interested in getting his cut of whatever largesse is floating around from arms manufacturers.


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigining momentarily?

James D.

But I thought Bolton was a lunatic and a warmonger and a war criminal and had the blood of thousands on his hands from his support of the Iraq War, and he wanted to start WWIII, and it was madness to have him anywhere in a position of power.

That's what the Democrats and the MSM were telling us right up until the day he got fired by President Trump.


Join me in Dallas, Texas this Thursday (October 17th) at the American Airlines Center! #KAG2020

Tickets: https://t.co/DBmvgoQSTX pic.twitter.com/cIuZfcj5EI

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2019

Video at link and also a link to event tickets.


Back to Bolton:

Fiona Hill was a holdover from the Obama Administration. How do we know she wasn't involved in this cabal, and how do we know Bolton even said any of the stuff she reported?


the hour is late-- indeed.



Moodys thinks Trump by a landslide.

MarketWatch @MarketWatch

Trump in a landslide? This historically accurate model predicts exactly that



Was Fiona Hill even still in DC at this point or was she given a transcript from someone in Coats office?

Might be pertinent.

James D.

Speaking of war and warmongers, I'd really like to see the President make a primetime speech and request airtime from all the networks.

And then go on TV with some visual aids - the text of Article I, Section 8, item #11 of the Constution; the text of the War Powers Act, and some video clips from the votes to authorize the 1991 Iraq War and the 2003 one.

And then say something along these lines:

"I've heard a lot of criticism for my decision to pull our brave young men and women out of harm's way in Syria. A lot of that criticism has come from Nancy Pelosi and her do-nothing Democrats in Congress.

I guess it's time for a civics lesson, since Nancy and her friends have forgotten that it's the job of the Congress to declare wars. See, I've had it printed out in large print, can you all read that there?

There's also a law called the War Powers Act, that the Democrats passed after Vietnam, that requires Congress to approve any military action that lasts longer than 90 days.

So if Nancy and the rest of the crazy Democrats want to risk the lives of our brave soldiers trying to keep the peace in an area that's been at war since the time of the Old Testament, it's their job to write a declaration of war, or an authorization for force, and then stand up and vote for it. Stand up and hold themselves accountable to the parents and the husbands and wives and children of the brave men and women they want to send into harm's way.

If Nancy and her Democrats pass that, and if the Senate passes it, too, then I will do my job and order the military to carry out the war that Nancy wants to fight. But if she's too cowardly to sign her name to it, if she and her pals don't have the guts to stand up and face a camera and a microphone when they're asking our brave men and women to face bullets and bombs, then I'm certainly not going to send them off to die for no good reason.

Thank you, and God Bless America."


Speaking of Yale, any comments from our literary folks on the passing of Harold Bloom? I've read some of his works, at least in part (they're more like reference works). I admired him for his defense of the works of dead white males. He might have been a ledge guy here at JOM:

Professor Bloom was ultimately both optimistic, in a narrow sense, and pessimistic, in a much broader one, about the durability of great literature. The books he loved would no doubt always find readers, he wrote, though their numbers might dwindle. But his great concern was that the books would no longer be taught, and thus become irrelevant.

“What are now called ‘Departments of English’ will be renamed departments of ‘Cultural Studies,’” he wrote in “The Western Canon,” “where Batman comics, Mormon theme parks, television, movies and rock will replace Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth and Wallace Stevens.

“Major, once-elitist universities and colleges,” he continued, “will still offer a few courses in Shakespeare, Milton and their peers, but these will be taught by departments of three or four scholars, equivalent to teachers of ancient Greek and Latin.”

He wrote that 25 years ago.

James D.

How'd we miss this gem from Beta O'Rourke last month:




Your piece this morning was wonderful.


jimmyk, thanks for bringing up Harold Bloom. I read a book of his entitled Genius, which is what he clearly was. Supposedly he had a photographic memory and could keep in his head the entirety of Shakespeare's works, yet got poor grades in high school.


Hah, zucker fairy tales!!


If the Board does this, you can’t short it enough.


So if Nancy and the rest of the crazy Democrats..

That's the point where the networks would all return to their regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.


They can't, hrt. Their committed ad sales can't take the budgetary hit.


Fiona tapped out as a lying insider?

roll out the next one:

The New York Times @nytimes

George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state in charge of Ukraine policy, raised concerns to colleagues early this year about pressure being directed at Ukraine by President Trump and Rudy Giuliani, according to people familiar with Kent’s warnings


The lie is the implication Giuliani's lawyer quit in a huff. He was hired for just this transaction.

John Santucci @Santucci

NEW @ABC - Giuliani Rebuffing Congressional Subpoena - Rudy tells me his lawyer (who is no longer representing him) has sent a letter to Congress informing them he is not complying. “If they enforce it then we will see what happens."


Melinda at 219 (ran outside for a bit),

That may be VERY pertinent. I am going to call Senator Braun's office and ask.


You know that BillyJeff/Loretta totally coincidental plane to plane chat?

Well, this thread is just as coincidental::


Enjoy. The gang’s all here.


Harold Bloom was a giant. RIP.



I posted that thread of Rubini's earlier today, but I am glad to see it posted again, as everyone should read it.

I even called a friend of mine and read it to her.

What's interesting to me is WHERE the meeting was held. Were they stupid enough to hold it in the restaurant at the Trump hotel? Was it at the White House, where a PO'd household staffer, treated poorly one too many times by Michelle, paid attention to the Trump campaign and suddenly realized the significance of the dinner, wanting to keep Melania as First Lady for the next 4 years?


And speaking of Melania, why is THIS being made and not a doll of Melania or Ivanka?




Live stream scheduled to begin shortly.


Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross: "Liberal politicians [are] hell-bent on impeaching the most successful president since Ronald Reagan." pic.twitter.com/5F3NKbxQ4m

— The Hill (@thehill) October 15, 2019

Video at the link.


Participants, as released by the @WhiteHouse. #StanleyCup @StLouisBlues pic.twitter.com/Jp3ZUrj7Sq

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) October 15, 2019

Link goes to screen cap of participants, as released by the White House.


The Hill
JUST IN: Giuliani says he won't comply with subpoenas from Democrats http://hill.cm/JyN2Ss8


"how do we know Bolton even said any of the stuff she reported"

It's been out there a couple days now. Time for Amb Bolton to confirm or deny.

So here's the alternate reality: all the charges against Dems are invalid and that's why the two weeks deadline keeps receding--it's all political noise that can't be proved in court. As principled conservatives like Bolton, Kristol, Romney, et al learn the truth they turn against Trump.

Anyone buying it? Me neither. So it's time for Bolton to speak out. Does he stand with America? Or with treasonous Dems?


In case anyone missed it, the first #ImpeachmentTaskForce ad has been shipped out.



Comment seen at BJG blog:

"How biased have CNN and MSNBC become? So biased that even the NY Times is prohibiting reporters from appearing on opinion shows:"


Even if Bolton said something along those lines, it's hard to know the context. Blowing off steam in a private conversation before he knew the whole story? There are lots of possibilities.


Contradictions are sharpening and ordinary citizens are taking action.

Neighbor blocks San Francisco alleyway with plywood wall to keep out homeless people, drug dealers.

Elsewhere in SF: San Fransisco residents buy boulders, place them on sidewalk to thwart homeless tents.

Related: San Francisco, Hostage to the Homeless.

Meanwhile in neighboring Oakland: Logs popping up on Oakland streets, blocking RV parking.


"Even if Bolton said something along those lines, it's hard to know the context. "

Yes. Time for Bolton to make a clarifying statement, else he can assume his natural constituency (folks like us) will assume the worst.



It is my understanding that although adam schiff and pelosi and the press keep using the phrase 'subpoena', the house lacks subpoena power until they take a vote and the dem's hope enough americans fail to realize that to make them think trump=lawlessness as the nightly news, even at our local lvel wants us to believe.

KK-I have a problem with that bryan preston column not because I am a fan of socialim. I probably have one of the better existing libraries in english on the subject of marxism and what uncle karl and his acolytes actually pushed. It's the danger of making history about Ideas, instead of facts, if the conceptual frameworks are about prescribing a worldview instead of a body of knowledge.

It ties to what I wrote about this morning, but signing in on a long thread is too much trouble sometimes. Especially if I am about to go feed my dad. invisibleserfscollar.com/collective-cognition-stipulating-right-thinking-and-prescribing-prevailing-ideas-to-defeat-polarization/ is the post from this morning

This actually goes to a problem I had when Stanley Kurtz was writing about the APUSH changes and never explaining the significance of prescribed 'lenses' and a conceptual framework. With an anthropology PhD, he knows good and well that was a switch by AP away from a body of knowledge.

Plus I am sure you will love the reading from Berkeley's Greater Good Center.


Coming soon to Austin, Jim.

We already decriminalized camping in public and the entertainment district (already in bad shape due to the homeless shelter parked right in the middle of it) is now teetering on extinction.

I'm exaggerating but not by much. I was down there for the first time in couple of years last week. Shocking. Spaces that had been doing great business for 25 years now empty. Whole alleys boarded up because the police can't stop homeless from dragging women in there and raping them.

How do you take a famously prospering nightlife district and ruin it within two years? Elect Mayor Steve Adler and let the Austin City Council "progressives" have their way.

All in the name of compassion and tolerance, of course.

The ONLY bright spot is that it's gotten so bad that even regular middle of the road lefties are now comfortable speaking out and heckling Adler in public, etc.


I predict that the NHL will show an increase in attendance as the NBA shows a corresponding dip.



I believe the Chair of any House Committee retains subpoena power and shares it only as a courtesy.


US plane update vs Turk forces. BTFO Edition:



Melinda, can those subpoenas be enforced, and if so, how? Rudy seems to think he doesn't have to comply.

In honor of Harold Bloom, I'm reminded of the dialogue in Henry IV, Part I:

I can call spirits from the vasty deep.

Why, so can I, or so can any man,
But will they come when you do call for them?


The three people at both ends should’ve been cut. pic.twitter.com/JTZL2JxfWD

— Chris Pandolfo (@ChrisCPandolfo) October 15, 2019

Photos of the TWELVE debating tonight shown at link. Personally, I wouldn't watch if there were 2.


Since that power devolves from the Speaker, I believe it's up to her to enforce them.


Comment from Brad Parscale:

Steph and 5 others liked
Brad Parscale
Sooo I guess there’s a retirement party for Beto after the debate!


Jack Posobiec
ANDY NGO: Notorious Portland Antifa extremist dies under mysterious circumstances
The link is paywalled so I don't have the circumstances.


Andy Ngo's piece, stolen:

Notorious Portland antifa activist dies under mysterious circumstances
Andy Ngo, 46 mins ago 6 min read
You have 15 free articles left today, enjoy reading.
On Saturday morning, a Portland-area man was killed under mysterious circumstances.

Twenty-three-year-old Sean Kealiher, who was known locally in the Antifa community under the pseudonym “Armeanio Lewis,” died of blunt-force trauma after being hit by a car, according to police. The vehicle that allegedly hit him had been shot at and was found crashed outside the building of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Local politicians, media and activists are praising Kealiher as a progressive hero. Full disclosure: I had numerous run-ins with Keahiler in my capacity as a journalist documenting antifa’s activities.

So far, no one knows what really happened on early Saturday morning when Kealiher was killed. Portland Police have mostly kept mum about their early investigation, though they are pleading for witnesses to come forward. Antifa ideologues have a code of never allowing each other to cooperate with police. Police did confirm that the crime scene and car showed damage from gunfire. Unsurprisingly, the police and emergency responders were never called by Kealiher’s comrades. In fact, a homeless man who lives in a tent across from the Democratic Party headquarters told local media he saw Kealiher’s friends drag his body into a car, leaving a trail of blood.

Despite the uncertainties, this hasn’t kept the local media from running stories that insinuate—without evidence—that he may have been targeted for his left-wing activism. Many headlines have focused on the fact that Kealiher was fatally injured after leaving Cider Riot, an antifa pub found by state regulators this year to be a militant left-wing hotbed where patrons were allowed to carry illegal weapons.

Still, Kealiher’s death has reverberated across the mainstream left in Portland. Mayor Ted Wheeler took the rare step of publicly expressing shock and sadness. Brad Martin, executive director of the Democratic Party of Oregon, said that because Kealiher “was involved in progressive causes…it makes it all the more sad and concerning.” Other media pieces have focused on remembering Kealifer’s social justice “activism.” One publication ran a story where he was described as having a “soft heart.”

I first crossed paths with Kealiher in spring 2016 at Portland State University where I was a graduate student. On my first assignment for the student paper, I documented how around a hundred people, many who were non-students, shut down the inaugural meeting of the “PSU students for Donald Trump” group. I recorded Kealiher, who was not a student, jump on a table to try and fight a student who was filming. He had to be separated by his comrades. The event was widely covered on conservative media at the time as the country was awash in incident-after-incident of campus agitators shutting down speakers.

Andy Ngo

· Oct 13, 2019
An antifa militant died in mysterious circumstances involving gunfire & a car crash. @tedwheeler, media & antifa groups are honoring Sean Kealiher aka “Armeanio Lewis” as some sort of social justice peace maker. I knew him for threatening journalists:

Embedded video

Andy Ngo

When I was on my 1st assignment for student paper at Portland State in spring 2016, I recorded Sean Kealiher (who was not a student) arrive w/a group of outsiders to shut down a pro-Trump student group meeting. Kealiher jumped on table to try & fight a student who was filming:

Embedded video
1:55 AM - Oct 13, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy
1,812 people are talking about this
This was all before the election of Trump and before antifa became widely known in the U.S. but it was an important step in galvanizing Portland for Nov. 2016. After the election results were announced, Portlanders protested violently for days in downtown, causing over US$1 million worth of damage. It was on one of those nights that I came face-to-face with antifa “black bloc” for the first time. Wearing masks and black uniforms, they ran around the city destroying property with weapons and started fires on the streets. Interviewed by the Washington Post at the time under his pseudonym, Kealiher defended the violence, calling it “an unleashment of rage” against Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

A couple months later on the presidential Inauguration Day in Jan. 2017, thousands of Portlanders again amassed to protest the election results. Entire blocks of businesses in downtown closed and boarded up their windows, fearing a repeat of the rioting.

Kealiher was with a large group of antifa black bloc militants that day. They came together with banners, flags, sticks and other melee weapons. He was one of the few who was unmasked. I attempted to record footage of the black bloc for an assignment for the student paper, where I was now a multimedia editor, but was accosted by Kealiher. He warned me not to record his comrades or they “might do something” to me. This was the first time I had been threatened while working as a student journalist. Later that night, the protests devolved into chaos when demonstrators shut down the streets and refused to obey orders to disperse. One of the protesters told me on camera: “We must use violent revolution, there’s no other way to deal with [white supremacy].”

In Feb. 2017, Mike Bivins, a student journalist colleague at the time, was confronted by Kealiher outside city hall. Kealiher blamed Bivins for recording video footage of the riots in Nov. that led to his comrade, Mateen Abdul Shaheed, pleading guilty to five counts of first and second-degree criminal mischief. “It’s your f—ing fault someone is facing a felony f—ing charge,” shouted Kealiher to Bivins. “So you know what’s going to happen next time? I’m going to break your fucking camera.” Kealiher also called for others to attack Bivins’ in a post on social media.

It remains to be seen what really happened that led to the untimely death of Kealiher. The circumstances are mysterious and antifa activists are encouraging others to stay silent. A tweet by the Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective, a regional antifa group, tells the public not to help police on the investigation and says his family is asking no one speak to the media. A GoFundMe for his family has already surpassed its goal by thousands. Kealiher was reportedly killed after leaving Cider Riot. The pub has a security camera system but it also has a documented history of concealing or destroying evidence, according to state regulators who investigated the business earlier this year following the May Day riot.

On Sunday night, dozens of masked antifa militants amassed in the dark carrying flares.

They vandalized the state Democratic Party office with graffiti to turn it into an antifa memorial. Messages on the building now urge others to kill law enforcement. The executive director for the state Democrat group expressed support for antifa black bloc’s actions, saying, “It’s just paint.”

Others are claiming online he was martyred by the far-right but what’s telling though is how antifa groups themselves have been uncharacteristically restrained in their statements. Rose City Antifa, the Portland antifa cell that claimed responsibility for beating me in June and a group Kealiher was associated with, tweeted this: “Our hearts go out to the friends and family members affected by the death of Sean Kealiher. Our sources indicate that this was not related to fascist activity.”


As i pointed out at the time, when they first suggested that bolton would be a dissenter there is contemporaneous statememt by bolton on august 28th, likd with the supposed gatehouse institute there was no such subsequent commentary on their site.

Hill resigned in august i assumed ahe was the gossiperm


From here:

Andy Ngo
Portland antifa are telling public not to help police investigate the death of one of their comrades. Witness says his friends dragged his body away, leaving trail of blood. My latest for @TPostMillennial on a mysterious homicide that's pulled in Democrats thepostmillennial.com/notorious-port…

2:18pm · 15 Oct 2019 · Twitter Web App


Official announcement from @WhiteHouse that @VP will lead US delegation to #Turkey to meet with @RTErdogan. pic.twitter.com/qiVQq4v2ys

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) October 15, 2019

Link goes to screen cap of White House statement, including list of the delegation. Includes Pompeo.


This was what boltom was concerned with:



Nor here:



Nor here:



The @StLouisBlues amazing comeback reminds us to never give up – and never lose faith. When you work hard, support each other, believe in yourself, and give it everything you’ve got, victory is always within reach! #STLBlues pic.twitter.com/QeF54kqUak

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2019

Photo at link.


Congratulations @StLouisBlues! https://t.co/WjlWYFuiE6

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2019

Full video at link, for those who couldn't watch it live.


Bolton is very blunt, he tells you exactly what he thinks, not telegraphs itm

Jim Eagle

All of this is just proving DJT is telling a truth no one wants to hear especially the MSM and the Dems. Schiff has gone from 100% positive to minus -100% negative. That is a brig journey:)

Jim Eagle

brig is bring...in case your narcisocolar is off....


Btw sundance noticed charlie gibson on hunters little chat.


Zucker looks like a sontaran in that pic.


They still got nuthing:



Oh never mind:


James D.

Ok, I officially hate the m-f-ing Astros.




I can't begin to tell you how massive this is, nor how deflationary. Absolutely massive hole blown in their racket:



Of course they fire up the chaff, but hes the inner nesting doll:



You mean it wasnt a catastrophe:



I might have to buy this one.



The beneficiaries of timberland sycamore


Jim Eagle


No other education beyone a catholic school who recruited him for high school and give a shit if he was smart enough to graduated says it all for me.


Derek Hunter has some good suggestions for President Trump.
Focusing on his agenda for his second term is a worthwhile endeavor.
Just trashing your opponents will not be enough.
Personnel department in the WH needs work.
What are all these deadbeat Obama people , including ambassadors still hanging around.
The State Department still needs fumigation.
If you can’t fire them, lay them off.
Just take their security passes and demote them.

I fail to see President Trump’s plannat this point.
Right now he looks like a sitting duck and House Repubs look like eunuchs who are unable to do anything.
They are silencing Rudy Giuliani because he has paperwork exposing the Bidens.
They keep refusing to release the damaging reports which would change the subject immediately and might even implicate Schiff.
Color me unimpressed with our counter-strategy.
AB is correct in his post.


I can see why thr ewok pummels:


Jim Eagle


You hang the people who hang themselves.


Turk Bank indicted in Manhattan for evading Iranian Sanctions, Fraud, & Money Laundering.

Now it gets interesting!


None of this remotely resembles intelligence, that would include the disposition of those weapons deployed by ukraine intentiond of the iranians, etc


I have it on good authority that at StVincent St.Mary’s in Akron LeBron maintaintained between a 3.5 and a3.7 grade point average and his mother worked hard to pay his tuition.
Lebron currently funds a scholarship fund for needy students

He is wrong about China but not stupid.


Just when do the hangings begin?


Youve seen who gets through the tripwire d, and who gets cut, ciamarellas predecessor col townley, others of that stripe, hill kent taylor all get through.


Sondlands seens to be on the maga bandwagon so naturally they are targeting his hotel chain


Of course there is no comment section on the dinghy, what wiuld be the point.


I think cohen reznick was his name.


They released it yesterday, the bolton comments, it would seem out of character for him to behave that way.

James D.

He’s not stupid, maryrose, he’s just a selfish, thoughtless jackass, regardless of what charity he does.

He loves it when his fans and the media clap like trained seals every time he spouts some leftist drivel or insults the President. But he won’t dare say a word when the target is someone who will push back and, god forbid, cost him some money.


Failty cue card:


James D.

The baseball gods have turned against the Yankees, it looks like.

And they’ve done everything right all year. Develop their own young players. Not sign huge long term free agents. Play fun baseball. Overcome a record number of injuries. They are the good guys this year! They deserve to win!


On a more philosophical bent:



Would bolton even speak that way, now operation cassandra was all about stopping a drug deal whose control was in kiev.


Color me unimpressed with our counter-strategy.

Who is "our"?


Doesn’t sound like Bolton to me.
If he did say it or is sour grapes about leaving then Voinovich was right about him all those many moons ago.
To refresh:
Bolton couldn’t get confirmed for UN Post and Bush had to recess appoint him.


Turk bank indictments:


Coincidence! Honest!


President Trump and the Repubs in the House and the Senate.
Don’t hear much from the Senate McConnell is too busy with Syria complaints.


Billions laundered:



Cocaine Mitch is getting the Iowahawk Press treatment. If you think you are getting ANY straight information from “Conventional Sources”, you are not. Only Conventional Wisdom (TM)*

*TradeMarked, not our host, for the assuming types, like me on occasion.


That Turk bank manager was convicted in January of 2018. I wonder what they’ve been watching UNTIL TODAY, when they don’t care who knows.

No, no plan, just reacting to the punches.

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