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October 25, 2019


jim nj

Re-posting this


The lawyers pursuing the pharma companies over opiate derivatives don't want people to know this.

They can safely sue the deep pocket pharma companies.

If they tried to sue the dealers responsible for most of the deaths they'd wind up dead themselves.

jim nj


Good interview on China

James D.

Jim NJ,

Exactly. There’s no profit in suing low level drug dealers, and no way to sue foreign governments that push fentanyl into the US.

But there is plenty of money to be made using the evil Big Pharma.

I do wonder who, exactly, the progs think would come up with new drugs and treatments if they smash Big Pharma as they claim to want to?


TWIP in time for my 3rd cuppa.



Have to take Poogan to the Vet to get a bandage change this morning

Vet is near campus.

12 o'clock kickoff, Ohio State vs. Wisconsin.

Traffic will be a bear.

jim nj




jim nj

James D,

NJ has been a center of new drug development for over a century, so I get annoyed at people who bash the industry.

Most people don't realize that if they are paying a high price for a drug it's probably because it's a new drug not off patent yet.

And I hate the lying lawyer TV ads I see over and over again on late-night TV advocating class-action lawsuits.



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