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November 20, 2019



Justice OIG
New audit of $2.3M in DOJ grant funds: Connecticut Judicial Branch used funds to enhance crime victim compensation program, but needs to strengthen some policies and procedures relating to lost wage documentation.


This looks to be not as big a deal as say, Baltimore, but it DOES indicate there are audits going on.

Comanche Voter

Mayor Pete's "six" gets a lot of use.


MissM asked why Dems are claiming election interference when the Ukraine call happened after 2016.

They mean that using Ukraine to nobble Biden is interference in 2020 election

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Incivility to a prog doesn't mean kicking them in the nuts after they've kicked you in the nuts.
It merely means objecting to and preventing them kicking you in the nuts again rather than saying 'yes sir, may I please have some more?'


An opponent could get a lot of ammunition through taking video of the "garden spot" of South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete's seat of power.


JamesD 10:43 beat me to it.
Now THAT was a hanging curve ball!



Ross Garber
Sondland now admits there was a “quid pro quo” for a White House meeting or call. Notably, in McDonnell v. United States, the Supreme Court held that a meeting or call doesn’t qualify as an “official act” for purposes of a bribery prosecution.


But in SchiffyLand, they are!


Texas Liberty Gal,

Follow this guy, too!

Shem Horne
Sondland disputes Holmes saying Sondland told him President Trump only cares about things that benefit him. Said he wouldn't have said that. Said Burisma may have come up but not Biden lmao.


Somebody must be low on cash..


Russia's Putin says shale oil technologies are 'barbaric' cnb.cx/2s2txRq

Captain Hate

The monkey spankers at CTH have gone full retard.


"I needs me some of that."- things said by Sakhalin Island Field


Ezra Klein
Sondland’s past texts and statements make clear that until he was forced to testify under oath, he was lying, or at least being selective about the truth, on Trump’s behalf.

How many of Trump’s other aides have been lying to the public to protect Trump? Congress should find out.


I'm wondering how this holds up over time...

Tom R

From the Salena Zito article:

Democrats in the 2018 midterms accepted this new sorting of the American electorate — contesting and winning, U.S. House races in wealthy suburbs long considered Republican fortresses in the pre-Trump era while letting Republicans in industrial and rural regions run unopposed. The strategy worked — and it has kept working for Democrats in the odd-cycle 2019 state elections, as Democrats flipped the Virginia legislature and won the Kentucky governor’s mansion on the strength of suburban margins that would’ve been unimaginable just a decade ago.

This seems counterintuitive. People who live in wealthy suburbs by default tend to be middle/upper class voters. Why would wealthy suburbanites support the Democrats knowing that its standard Democrat policy to raise taxes against the wealthy?


Why would wealthy suburbanites support the Democrats knowing that its standard Democrat policy to raise taxes against the wealthy?

Acela group cohesion aided by virtue signalling of the college miseducated.


I believe she got told to eat it and move on. "We've got you covered.":

Lola Netty
Corrupt Cook County AG Kim Foxx admits she "mishandled" the Jussie Smollett case as she announces re-election run with dramatic commercial - but is trolled online for dropping charges against the Empire actor dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7…






Tim Pool
Already the left is cheering Sondland for *confirming* quid pro quo into investigating Biden and 2016

Sondland said Burisma / 2016

There is a huge difference

but it doesnt matter because everyone is fucking nuts
10:25 AM · Nov 20, 2019·Twitter Web ClieD

James D.

Melinda @ 10:59

Well, that worthless, vile little sack of human garbage would know all about lying.


Your Home Timeline
At a glance: Qatar’s dynamic fintech story.
Qatar Embraces Fintech (with QFC)
Citizen Free Press
Boxing Boris…
Boxing Boris…
Boris Johnson puts on the gloves for Brexit U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried his hands at boxing Tuesday, hours ahead of a televised debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The head-…

BeBest WWG1WGA Retweeted
Replying to
Sources are drying up on Ole @HillaryClinton

Thank you @realDonaldTrump
IndyStar Retweeted
Holly Hays
Monday's controversial pay raise proposal, which has raised eyebrows on both sides of the aisle, was approved by committee last night and will be referred to the full council with a "do pass" recommendation.
City-County councilors squabble over pay raise proposal, approve it for council vote
The Rules and Public Policy Committee has referred the proposal to the full council with a "do-pass" recommendation."
David Martosko Retweeted
Jonathan Allen
Sondland believes his call with Trump was on Sept. 9 when Trump said “no quid pro quo. Tell Zelenskiy to do the right thing.” Sept. 9 is the day the WH counsel’s office got the whistleblower complaint from DOJ.
The Reckoning
Zelensky will do anything you want, says Sondland.

And yet the Ukrainians, with so much at stake, never announced any investigations.

Texas Rose ~ Illigetiment Impeachment & Coup
Victoria Toensing
Hey Dems. #ukraine ALSO interfered in 2016 election ...to help HRC. @NellieOhr
testified Ukrainians helped her write dossier; Ukr Amb to US wrote OpEd in @thehill
criticizing candidate @realDonaldTrump
; DNC and Obama WH in Jan 2016 asked Ukr Embassy for dirt on Manafort. #maga


Oh, gosh! The one time I didn't hit "Preview" I screwed up and copied a whole bunch of other tweets, too!

I am SO sorry, guys!


ThunderB, GFYDC Retweeted
Zeke Miller
White House pushback on Sondland (creating distance with Rudy?): "As Sondland noted in his opening statement, he is basing his comments on what he “understood” from Giuliani. Sondland made no mention of ever hearing anything like that from the President..."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Reiterating this again and then I'll stop; Sondland is saying NOTHING he didn't already say back on Nov 4th. It's right there in his letter. The progs tried to make a big deal of it then as the smoking gun and it blew away the next day because it's nothing of the sort.
It will again because it's the exact same thing.


Starting to get to bigger pools of "operators":

Corey Lynn - Corey's Digs
This is horrific.

Nearly 400 children rescued and 348 adults arrested in Canadian child pornography bust

Police seized over 45 terabytes of data from the $4-million biz that distributed to over 50 countries: Australia, Spain, Mexico, Sweden and Greece.



The "operator" pool of that will show the meat of what they've found and how it has "Political Cover".



At the bottom of this is video of today's opening statement by Devin Nunes. It's quite good, and Nunes seems to be getting stronger.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The actual arrests were from 2013, mel.

Tom R

Team Trump should start reporting the running total of pedophiles arrested and victims rescued since he took office.


The Dem clown car lost another person I never heard of:


Wayne Messam, the mayor of Miramar, Florida, dropped out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race cnb.cx/2Xvm0Gg


Yes that one, mr antivaccine and sirhan apologist.


Mark Meadows

The most important quote out of this hearing so far:

Sondland: "I've never heard from President Trump that the aid was conditioned on the investigations." He reached this conclusion on his own.

So, in short, yet another witness who can't testify to the Democrats' accusations.


“Why would wealthy suburbanites support the Democrats knowing that its standard Democrat policy to raise taxes against the wealthy?”

Because the Dems claim they only want to raise taxes on the 1 percent. You’d have to be a fool to believe that, but when has that ever stopped anyone?

Captain Hate

sirhan apologist.

It takes a certain level of retard to make excuses for the vermin who murdered his father.


Chad Pergram
Schiff just spoke at mics. Says that the testimony this morning shows how “pervasive” the “scheme” was. Says “this was a basic quid pro quo and goes to the issue of bribery.”



James D.

Dear God, burn it all down:


Of course, if the people who da. Our universities had any common sense or sanity, they’d just expel the protestors and let the students who actually want a legitimate education get on with receiving it.


Aaron Maté

Sondland's testimony is not as damning as it's being portrayed. He says Trump never told him that money for US weapons ("security assistance") was conditioned on investigations. Sondland says that such a condition is what he came to believe based on his own inference.


Listening to Gordon Soundbite on the radio and all I can think of is Ned Ryerson


For Democrats, the "impeachable offense" is that @realDonaldTrump got elected president.

Their entire impeachment charade is a scam to undo the 2016 election and rig 2020 against Trump because they're terrified he'll get re-elected.

It won't work. pic.twitter.com/1ShZbOgj7C

— Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise) November 20, 2019

Video at link.

James D.

From the link I just posted...who on Earth would ever hire any of these people for any job with any responsibility or actual performance requirements attached to it?

The protestors enjoyed a visit from an emotional support dog and were provided with pizza by the university. Someone even brought toy blocks for students to play with. Protesters continue to shout-down university administrators when they try to field their questions.

“Let’s talk about spending $23,000 to have Sean Spicer come here,” one student yelled, referring to the university funding the College Republicans' hosting Sean Spicer this coming spring. “That’s gonna make me uncomfortable.”

“This university has stolen my mental health,” she added. “You want me to pay full tuition that those white students are paying, for what? For a university that stole my mental health? I hate it here.”

Another student yelled “I hate it here,” and protesters joined him in chanting these words.

“My girlfriend could tell you how many times I sat down and cried in her f*cking arms,” he shouted.


Well i would use nother word, hes blaming a conveniently dead security guard,


Surhan definitely had a motive, now considering his employer a mobbed up racetrack owner dommmareas


H/t melinda

Ukrainian Parliament have just announced that they want the Democrats investigated by both Presidents, both justice departments, for the fraud of $7.4 billion dollars by Yanukovych, who "they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party."


Of course theres peter evans theory involving onasis, which has a bond villain twist to it.


Odd how manafort was just a middleman for the hapsburg group to pay podesta and weber and im assuming craig and even davis.


sourcing on that claim above:


Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the "family" of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party.

vid at link


So you take one more kevin bacon step yhen youre deep in the big muddy.


President Trump departs DC for Austin, Texas. pic.twitter.com/iG1EmzeezL

— 45 🇺🇸 (@TheTrumpPage1) November 20, 2019

Photo at link.


For Tulsi fans:

Forbes Tech @ForbesTech

Tulsi Gabbard's only billionaire donor? Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. on.forbes.com/60191O5PS by @mtindera07


A relevant piece on other matters:



The tech jack black has his own candidate.


Texas Kel Girl
Yorgen Fenech resigns directorship of Tumas Group and Electrogas

@almostjingo @Avery1776 @politicalwilli

Businessman Yorgen Fenech resigned from his positions at Tumas Group and Electrogas a day before he was arrested. He is a 'person of interest' in the investigation into #DaphneCaruanaGalizia's murder bit.ly/345TUEa via @TheTimesofMalta.



henry @ 12:06

Then Tulsi is a stealther.

I'm guessing that's for one of two people.


Ah hes in partnetship with azeri and german associates.


MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln


A message in plain sight?

Obama Updates
Trump press secretary backtracks claim Obama officials left 'You will fail' notes obama.trendolizer.com/2019/11/trump-…




You might be interested in this gal's writings:

Preethi Kasireddy
Hong Kong:

- Life expectancy: 84 years
- Meat consumption per capita: 153 kg (world's highest)


- Life expectancy: 68 years
- Meat consumption per capita: 4 kg (world's lowest)

Captain Hate

A nice takedown of the blonde scarecrow's buddy:



Shem Horne
Sondland finally gets to where his presumption about military aid being tied to investigations came from. He said he thinks it was because of the Politico article 🤦‍♂️





It appears that the trade war is taking a bigger toll on China’s economy than that of the U.S. and that may prompt the Chinese to surrender, according to Nomura. cnb.cx/2OnHvVi


Kurt Schlichter

Translate Tweet
Washington Examiner @dcexaminer
.@QuinHillyer says Sondland’s opening testimony should be the final evidence necessary to impeach Trump.






"Do you want fries with that?"


So why would the maltese would be so concerned about angering skydragons by supplying azeri gas to germany namely siemens.


Fiddy-Two Trillion

Intl. Business Times @IBTimes
Jussie Smullott is suing the City of Chicago in latest update on the alleged attack trib.al/dD1Y31Y


That explains the Kym Foxx Relaunch.

Manuel Transmission

Ok, CH rant on: what a load of crap that Heliogen thing is. Ooh, AI used to steer a mirror? What a crock. Proves that all that walking around money that the JEF handed out to the earlier crooks, didn’t include any engineering. Give me a post grad astronomer who can point a telescope to a distant star and I will put that algorithm into a $35 raspberry pi and calibrate it once by pointing it at the target. Done. /CH

BTW I got blasted by the mis-pointed mirrors at a northern NV solar installation at FL270 (maybe Crescent Dunes)

To show how menial this all is, I helped get a solar irrigation pump working in AZ well over 40 yrs ago using clock motors without any magic computers. Pfft.


He sounded like a bond villain middleman the one who fell off the roof in cairo.



Hold that thought, "middleman"....

matt - deplore me if you must

That's a lot of General Tso's chicken, MM. Walk down many streets in Hong Kong and you will see the ducks hanging in the windows. They are foodies like nowhere I have seen. Big groups and lazy susan's piled high.

This whole investigation is devolving into chaos from what I am reading and seeing.


Im just going by that link, i didnt see where the laundry was im guessing in italy.


Ah the rabbit holes get complicated if you have to through dubai and panama.


that is different.

General Motors is suing Fiat Chrysler, alleging that its crosstown rival got an unfair business advantage by bribing officials of the United Auto Workers union.



This might help:




Chuck Ross

Trivia: Robert Luskin, who is the Sondland lawyer sitting to his right, is also representing Stefan Halper.


Right but they need the nasty fuel from baku,


Luskin keot rove off the skillet, join defense agreement.

Thomas Collins

The tony suburbs are becoming more secularized and post-modernized than the rest of the country. That's why Dems have made inroads there. This has both a policy and cultural aspect. On the cultural side, so many GOPers, in the minds of more and more tony suburbanites, are so uncouth. For example, GOPers are more likely to criticize Colin Kap's displays of disrespect to the flag and police than Dems. GOPers are more likely to oppose legislation punishing private parties for refusing to violate their religious beliefs when conducting business and charitable activities.

The tony ones, whether Dem or GOP, don't think Dem economic policies will seriously cut into their net worth. One of Warren's problems, I think, is that she has become the exception: The tony ones believe she's serious (she may well be). Buttigieg so far has been able to market himself as an acceptable left but not too left of the road alternative.


Siemens provides the machinery, seems a long route around the nordstream pipeline.


Bringing things a bit more into focus, Sondland was an Inauguration donor:


At the end, nice links.

Tom R

James D @ 11:41

I wouldn't mind it if Syracuse caved in to the pressure from the racist SJWs and allowed students to select their roommates based on race. My daughter will be a freshman at Bama next year and has already submitted her roommate preference questionnaire which does not allow the student to request a roommate by race.

It would be nice being able to claim a Southern university is more enlightened and has better race relations than a university in New York.


Munich isn't far from Berlin, and is really close to someone important's home district.


For Ig only! Everyone else, SOB.

Ig, as you note, grain-free dog food made from peas and soy sounds like very lectin rich dog food.

How does that confuse you IRT Gundry? He wants people suffering from autoimmune diseases to eliminate lectins totally.


Retweeted by the President. Video at link.

Q: Did @realDonaldTrump ever tell you personally about any pre-conditions for anything?

Sondland: No.

Q: Any pre-conditions for the aid to be released?

Sondland: No.

Q: Any pre-conditions for a White House meeting?

Sondland: Personally, No. pic.twitter.com/adl8qbBNNd

— Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise) November 20, 2019


Is psoriasis considered an autoimmune disease?


Retweeted by the President:

Mark Meadows
What this "bombshell" hearing is amounting to:

- Another witness who never heard anything from the President

- Reached a nefarious conclusion on his own

- Is contradicted by witnesses who actually DID get directives from the President


That was quick!

BREAKING NEWS: Head of the Ukrainian Burisma gas Company Indicted, Hunter Biden named accepting millions more from slush fund



Retweeted by the President. Video at link.

🚨 BREAKING → Ambassador Sondland: “I don’t recall President Trump ever talking to me about any security assistance. Ever.”

End this sham. pic.twitter.com/tsmQTO1fMX

— Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise) November 20, 2019


Psoriasis is indeed considered "AutoImmune" disease.

Tom R


In light of this news...


...when Trump signed this Executive Order do you think he already knew about the extensive corruption between the Ukraine government and the Democrats?



From melinda's linked thread, I wonder is they paid income taxes on that:

MORE: An indictment drawn up by Ukraine's Office of the Prosecutor General against Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky claims that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their 'services', Ukrainian MP Alexander Dubinsky says


Tom R, that executive order sure seems useful.


An indictment drawn up by Ukraine's Office of the Prosecutor General against Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky claims that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their 'services' - according to Ukrainian MP Alexander Dubinsky of the ruling Servant of the People Party.


matt - deplore me if you must

Just wait until the market drops a few thousand points and those suburbanites will be up in arms. My brother fits that profile perfectly. He was a country club Republican until he stopped playing golf and boy did he howl when the market went down a couple of years ago, blaming Trump for his losses.

It is a comfortably numb lifestyle for most. But the fact is that they all are living beyond their means keeping up with the Joneses. Out here the median price for a home is close to $500K now. Along the coast it is over 800K and reaches the millions very quickly.

What used to be suburbia is islands of entitlement now. We really don't realize how good we have it.

What are these kids going to do when they grow up and find out their SJW degrees and credentials mean nothing in the real world? Big business and the techs have been hiring them, but getting down to brass tacks, what do they offer? I have a feeling that social compliance departments are going to get hard hit one of these days.

Tom R

Henry @ 12:52

If the answer to the question I posed at 12:52 is "Yes", then you could say the EO was the opening move by Trump in a game of 4D Chess :-)


Excuse me, I need to go place some long maturity Treasury orders before Mnuchin buys them all back from the cash their going to collect for us....

Be right back....


Out here the median price for a home is close to $500K now.

That's inexpensive. In the Bay Area, a property with small lot and a condemned house sells for over a million dollars.


Ok, Patti Domm, why're you bringing this figure back up, now of all times?

America has spent $6.4 trillion on wars in the Middle East and Asia since 2001, a new study says cnb.cx/2D1zrVi



The newspapers did cover Hunter Biden's ill gotten gains at the time. Ergo, Trump could have known something was rotten in Denmark Ukraine from public sources. (Denmark may be next if they don't fork over Greenland).


Prince Andrew stepping down from public duties "for the foreseeable future":

It looks like the other shoe is about to drop.

He is toast.



{More likely for his own safety, given his little "habit", which is fairly well known in certain circles of the UK]



I STILL want to buy Greenland. I think it would be a very good investment:

Naval bases
Air fields
Radar stations

Plus, it would make the US even bigger!

Jim Eagle

Siemens involved in a bribery or bid rigging? Say it ain't so.

Twice I was on a team that got burned (because we are FCPA in force)by Siemens on major contracts (north of one billion). We did the forensics on their bid details including payment schedule compared to schedule and cost control. No way they could make money without substansial change orders, major schedule claims etc.

We found out the hard way that their strategy both times was to leverage relationships with the contracting authority client buy low-balling and then betting on the schedule with a wink and a nod.

They have always been very clever using in-country subsidiaries. Much like France, Inc. (Bouguyes, Alstom, EdF, et. al.) Hard to compete against government susidized firms.


Sondland sounds like a bumbling fool

Chuck Ross
· 2h
Trivia: Robert Luskin, who is the Sondland lawyer sitting to his right, is also representing Stefan Halper.

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