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November 28, 2019


Another Bob




JM Hanes

Put your finger on the center edge of the left hand screen and drag it to the right (sort like your trying to pull it over the screen on the right). It would be nice if the things came with a useful user manual, no? Let me know if that doesn’t work, and I’ll try to find a different way to describe it.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all from snowy, but not snowed in,, Montana.!

Jim Eagle


Thanks. Will try that.


New York Post
Jason Garrett's hot seat just got hotter after Cowboys flop https://trib.al/OFMnrrK


MT, we both used our trusty Glock 19s. They have both rimfire and centerfire divisions. Saw lots of revolvers.

The distance is 50’. Piece o’ cake for you.

Senior games is huge here with people (geezers) coming from all over the country to compete in every sport imaginable. Thousands and thousands of competitors.

JM Hanes


I suspect it hampered because you acciidentally clicked a link with the “Open in a New Window” option. I usually open additional links in a new tab, but sometimes but the “New Window” option is useful if you want to follow or work on two windows at the same time. Other than that, you can’t resize the browser windows on the new iPad, you can only resize the contents of the window..


In case you guys missed it, here is video of Michael Bloomberg torpedoing his campaign by telling Christine Lagarde, on video, that the poor should be taxed to keep them from spending money on things that will shorten their lives.

“When we raise taxes on the poor, it’s good because then the poor will live longer because they can’t afford as many things that kill them.”
~Nanny State Mayor Bloomberg pic.twitter.com/23p443ieg4

— Rob O'Donnell (@odonnell_r) November 28, 2019

Jack, you are posting under two names today.


The handgun competition we were in doesn’t require quick reloading in most of.the process, so Mrs. MT would have plenty of time to rack the slide, if time is the issue. Otherwise, she could use her revolver, and have almost no speed worries about reloading after every five shots. Details if you want them.


MAGA! pic.twitter.com/4M5vYsY1Oe

— Mike Engleman (@IndianaMike75) November 29, 2019

Photo at the link. Worth looking at.

Jim Eagle

Bloomie is bonkers.


Thanks for the advice. Where in Montana?


JMH, so fun to know you are in Bozeman. My dad went to Montana State. Go Bobcats!


HaHaHa! Photo at the link. CNN and WaPo will be confused.

Hong Kong.

This will confuse @washingtonpost. pic.twitter.com/4y2rfk86be

— ALX 🇺🇸 (@alx) November 28, 2019
Jim Eagle


I know. My iPad is screwed up. Safari is not up to speed and I am having issues with Chrome. On one I am JiB and the other my full name. Have no idea how all these issues are happening. Now back on my laptop. I switch when watching the games on TV since I have no charging station where I sit.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Congrats on your gold medal in shooting!


Congrats caro.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Mrs MT is welcome to borrow my S&W 500. No slide to rack on it either. :)





Alexandra Chalupa
We’re reminded daily that Donald Trump is unwell and incapable of fulfilling his duties. Republicans place him in danger by failing to protect him and the office of the presidency. Is there anyone around him who will show compassion and do the right thing for him and our nation?

jim nj


The day of three Thanksgiving dinners would have been 2011 or 2012.

The Irish pub has since closed, but Christ Episcopal church and the shelter still do their Thanksgiving dinners.


Chalupa is trying to cover her tracks in this whole Russia/Ukraine kerfuffle.
She is on a witness list so she is scrambling.


Texas chemical fire rages for second day, thousands evacuated https://t.co/D3gG2HNPcD pic.twitter.com/6DCyvr3YR3

— Reuters (@Reuters) November 29, 2019

Links go to article and photo.



The "unwell president" managed to do both a 1 1/2 hour speech at a rally before over 20,000 people in Florida and then fly over 13 hours to Afghanistan to visit the troops on Thanksgiving.

JM Hanes

Hi caro (& the whole JOM crew)!

My daughter has been teaching st Montana State, herself. Small world — fortunately! She’s taking a break for the moment, and just renovated a house way up the side of a ravine just south of town with a view to a distant Mount Blackmore between the peaks one way, and a great little spot a short walk away through the woods where you can see the valley.. The western landscape just spoke to her in some profound way when we first came out here on school breaks, and she’s always know this is where she wanted to settle (so to speak!). Also in attendance are my son, my daughter’s beau, his parents and two rather large dogs who mostly get along.

Very Thankful here!


As you’ve probably gathered from above, my daughter is in Bozeman.

JM Hanes

Maybe we should schedule The Great JOM Meetup at a shooting range somewhere!


I guess shes still working for dnc for poroshenko for fusion all three.


caro, JM Hanes,

I spent the summer at IU's Geology Field Camp not far from Bozeman. Loved the area, but never got a chance to go back until I took my grandkids there several years ago.


Thoughts of Dog

there are many humans in the household right now. and they all seem to have snacks. so i’m going to convince each and every one of them. that i have not eaten. in several weeks.
This is our household. LOL!


A very late happy Thanksgiving to you all! Duck and too many other good things! Any news from Jane? I love you all. We are very blessed--and our good president is one of our manifold blessings. It's a shame he's in such dreadful "ill health" (ha!).


Thats yogis thinking too, looking for bits from the sandwhiches


I thought Newsweek was out of business? https://t.co/3ro4eSJloo

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2019

Link goes to a Don Jr. tweet linking to the Newsweek fake headline. HA!


Whats the weather like in bozeman?


Retweeted by the President. Half-hour video linked, so watch it when you have time. I didn't know Diamond was running for Congress.

.@DiamondandSilk talk about their experience at the Black Voices For Trump event along with the Itch of the week that needed a good scratching, Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell......#KAG #BVFT #MAGA https://t.co/VuPNeVIlsP

— Diamond and Silk® (@DiamondandSilk) November 28, 2019


Oh wow- I just got it! The crybaby US media couldn't figure out why PDJT tweeted a pic of himself as Rocky and they missed his flight to Afghanistan. He really is a genius!
Q: What are the lyrics to the Rocky theme song?
A: Gonna fly now Flying high now Gonna fly, fly, fly...)


Um yeah:



How about the dreyfus case:



Yes but its the new yorker:


JM Hanes


That Chalupa tweet is downright creepy. Could she come any closer to suggesting that someone put Trump out of his misery for the good of the country? I hope that’s raising red flags in all the appropriate places.


The President landed at Ramstein AFB, Germany at 9:48 and is switching planes before proceeding to Palm Beach, Florida. He should arrive there at around 7:30 in the morning.


Building Trumpmore
Rasmussen Reports
Happy Thanksgiving!

And then there were 3:

Recent Black Voter Approval Levels of @realDonaldTrump
(aka not simply generic "Republicans")




This is a good pic:


Should teens be allowed to vote?



no votes for under 18ers. 7 years left for brains to develop as it is.

Another Bob

No vote until you’re living on your own.



This is the interview which was sequestered and only a few snippets released.

This is the entire interview. 41:50 minutes.


Leaving Afghanistan:

Jim Eagle

Before I retire, did anyone else watch the National Dog Show after the Macy’s parade? A Beagle won the hound group and the Bulldog Best of Show. The Bulldog’s name was Thor.

We have friends here who have a Bulldog who’s name is Tank which is appropriate since the owner is a retired Col. US Army Rangers and a former Athletic Director at West Point. They winter here but live in Sherman, CT just around the corner from Canterbury, Frederick’s school. It’s only about an hour and half to West Point.

Of course Frederick will now have choose his loyalties since we have always sat with Navy at the game🏈🇺🇸

He’s agreed to come to one of Frederick’s football games next season and later take over to WP for a visit.

JM Hanes


”Whats the weather like in bozeman?”

Unpredictable, apparently! In all the big storm warnings, NOAA said that Bozeman was in 1” snow territory, and that there was “zero” chance that we would get more than three inches. They probably should have gone with “at least 3.” At the moment we’re at the just right stage. It looks beautiful, but you can still get around.

JM Hanes


”Whats the weather like in bozeman?”

Unpredictable, apparently! In all the big storm warnings, NOAA said that Bozeman was in 1” snow territory, and that there was “zero” chance that we would get more than three inches. They probably should have gone with “at least 3.” At the moment we’re at the just right stage. It looks beautiful, but you can still get around.


Caro,JMH--Howdy. I'm in Hawaii, Caro.

JM Hanes

Voting, drinking, enlisting: 18 years.

JM Hanes

Happy Thanksgiving, clarice!

Until Prince JMH moved to Montana from Maui, I had two of the best holiday destinations evah!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

What an ending to the Ole Miss Ms State game! Wow!

Wide Right!

Captain Hate

I watched the dog show. It's become an entertaining Thanksgiving tradition. Teddy was disappointed an Airedale didn't win but he has some dog park Bulldog friends.

JMH, I'm glad your daughter found a way to land in a place she was drawn to. Every now and then, when flying west, I'll talk to someone returning to Montana or Wyoming. Almost without fail they seem like happy people.

I will keep saying this until I can no longer summon the effort.

We live in the most exceptional county on the planet, governed by a political system unique in history, populated by an extraordinary people.

We are here by virtue of fealty to that political system, it has allowed us to reach these heights in spite of situations in our history that have destroyed lesser nations.
We will prevail through this current struggle, just as we have prevailed in prior times.

So give thanks that you live here.
Posted by: irongrampa at November 28, 2019 09:27 PM (KATBx)

jim nj


Captain Hate

From the 10:43

Even more dispiriting is the direct correlation to the decline of the Times’ journalism with the growth of its business. The paper’s relentless attacks on President Trump have coincided with a sustained surge in circulation.

Some people like to be lied to. Maybe that's the difference between them and us.


Heading to bed.

Good night, all!


The Media lies get out of bed before Trump goes halfway around the world:

Trump headed to Afghanistan to surprise U.S. troops on Thanksgiving newsweek.com/trump-thanksgi… Deleting this tweet because it was written before knowing about the president’s surprise visit to Afghanistan-an honest mistake. Story has already been updated, as shown in the screenshot.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Not a big Ferrari guy, though I love the 275 GTB short nose, NART Spyder, the second generation GTO and the 250LM and like the 288GTO, the 308 and the 360 Modena.
But this "restomod" 246 Dino with an F40 engine in it is incredibly gorgeous.

Captain Hate

I wouldn't be boycotting if this was the current norm



JMH: Maybe we should schedule The Great JOM Meetup at a shooting range somewhere!

Mrs. sbw says there are great shooting ranges in Florida.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Insane stuff in the ATL NO game right now.

Back to back on sides kicks recovered. Just dayum!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

There is a range in Orlando where you can shoot machine guns... best $100 ever spent in 30 seconds. :)


We have a great indoor range in Park City, UT, to which MT and Mrs. MT have been. The summers there are perfect for almost everyone: not too hot, low humidity, few bugs, and great scenery. We’d be happy to help organize a meetup, if that location works for enough people. We even have some guns to lend :-)

Another Bob

“ Just dayum!”

I’m amazed Ryan made it through the game in one piece.

jim nj


How the problems on the US Navy's new supercarrier helped it build the next one cheaper and faster

That's poorly stated. Having built the first in class they gained manufacturing expertise that created efficiencies in building the second one. The problem still remains that while they can build the new ship faster and cheaper they are still awaiting solutions for the equipment on the USS Ford that still isn't working correctly.

They won't stay ahead of schedule without those fixes being found.


Ford-class carrier John F. Kennedy christening announced for next month
The USS John F. Kennedy, CVN 79, the second of the new Ford-class aircraft carriers, will be christened Dec. 7 by Caroline Kennedy in Newport News, Va.


Your 500 offer was hilarious.

Maybe we should schedule The Great JOM Meetup at a shooting range somewhere!

Posted by: JM Hanes | November 28, 2019 at 09:37 PM


Going out on a limb here, a very thick limb, and guessing I’m not the only one that ate a couple calories too much. Now where did I put that pie?


Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! It has been a wonderful day and I am blessed to be able to share it with TM and everyone else here.

Captain Hate

Hey, TK, good to read you!


There is a range in Orlando where you can shoot machine guns... best $100 ever spent in 30 seconds. :)

Posted by: Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma | November 28, 2019 at 11:30 PM

Bob Kraft: Hold my Super Bowl Trophy.

jim nj


They can move to version ipv6 for more IP addresses. Anti-competitive reasons for many not to do so.

jim nj


"Compared to Q2 of 2018, total U.S. power generation fell by 4% in Q2 of 2019, and the carbon intensity of the sector, measured in pounds of CO2 emissions per megawatt-hour, dropped by 9%."

jim nj

Need a laugh?


"The ministry said China’s CO2 emissions per unit of GDP had fallen last year by 4 percent from a year earlier to stand at 45.8 percent less than in 2005."

CO2 emissions per unit of GDP?

jim nj


I always thought the brand name was too valuable to be allowed to die. I wish them luck with the new roll-out.

Even as an adult, back when I had good free cash flow, I used to love their stores.

Looking at updated childhood favorite toys and the marvelous new ones.

I got caught up in 3D puzzles.



Il Duomo, Notre Dame and the Neuschwanstein Castle were my favorites.

jim nj

I've said my piece on the homeless for now other than to venture the thought that this is the best economy we have had in a decade.

Economically speaking, all of these people could be absorbed into the current economy with a little help. States and localities with effective programs are cutting the number of homeless people out there.

If California can't get its act together the next recession is going to increase the number of homeless people way past the ability of the state to reduce those numbers.

It would also be useful if government stopped creating homeless people by its actions.

One, bail reform. Bail has two purposes. To keep dangerous people out of society pending their trial. To guarantee that the accused will show up in court and isn't a flight risk. Absent those threats, people should be released from jail in order to stay employed and not lose their housing.

Two, welfare reform. Men falsely named as the fathers of welfare babies are thrown in jail for not paying child support. This affects black men much more than white men.

It's Orwellian. The baby momma lies to protect the true father. Who would beat the shit out of her for giving him up. So she names another sex partner as the father to qualify for benefits.

The non-father is notified of his obligation to pay child support via first class mail, not registered mail. He never gets the letter and only finds about the situation after he has been arrested and thrown in jail, losing his job and housing.

Under the current rules he can request a paternity test. When the test comes back negative he no longer owes future support payments, but he is still on the hook for the past overdue payments. Thousands of dollars.

Trump could pick up even more young black male voters if he ended this travesty.

Being exposed to the homeless community I have met many of these men. You have no idea how pissed off they are. And I don't blame them. It is just incredibly unfair to them.

Imagine being told that you owe thousands of dollars for a "crime" you didn't commit and they won't let you out of jail until you pay the money due. That you don't have.


jim nj, thank you for your post on the plight of falsely accused fathers. Appalling Democrat policy. I also hope Trump can restore justice to falsely accused fathers.

Now off to read a few links I pushed on the stack and then to work. I don't mind not getting paid for holidays because I work from home.

jim nj


Thank you for believing me. I've spent an hour surfing the web to try to prove my point, but I must be using the wrong search strings, because I can't find something to prove my point.

But, the situation is real. It was some change in the welfare laws. Possibly in the Obama reign. Maybe even earlier.

Obviously, wayward fathers should pay child support, instead of the rest of us paying into the welfare pool, but the rules got screwed up.

Innocent black men have had the full force of the state fall upon them. Based on the false testimony of welfare mothers.

It violates so many parts of our Constitution, by fiat administrative rule, that it strikes me as criminal in its implementation.

Every Federal form you file for any benefits clearly states that lying about any statement you make is a Federal crime. They should enforce that.

jim nj



Typical Democrat inspired rules; guilty until proven innocent with the added indignity that you’re still guilty from before you proved your innocence. Democrats who rule the administrative state created this situation.


I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that gOP enticed by Democrats to join them at the government salt lick participated in this travesty.


Jimnj--I believe you too,as I remember a VERY BIG DEAL being made about this "accountability" thing when it happened. Odd you can't find it on your search.

It never, ever crossed my mind that the scenario you played out would happen, let alone be common--but it sure does make sense that it can, and does!

Once again--those unintended consequences from the do gooder's regulations! No matter how well intended, or even how sensible sounding when written.

This makes me think EVERY law should have a sundown clause, so they get re-evaluated AUTOMATICALLY to see the harm that comes from those unintended consequences. Five years? Ten?

In this age of rapid DNA testing, there is no reason that anybody's name should go on a birth certificate without verification, if challenged.
And we sure as hell shouldn't be letting unmarried women name the father without his agreement.


This sounds ... abnormal. Maybe MSM will start to cover it

731 banks, 140 regime offices set on fire by protesters, says Ayatollah Khamenei.
Anti-regime protesters torched around 731 banks in nationwide unrest that began two weeks ago, Iran’s top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei admitted. The demonstrations against the Shi’a Islamic regime started on November 15 after Tehran announced the rationing of gasoline and a sharp hike in fuel prices. Protesters also turned their anger at symbols of the regime, setting fire to banners and billboards depicting Ayatollah Khamenei and Islamic propaganda.


Not surprised that Democrat controlled companies that run search engines suppress search results that would make Democrats look bad.


Basji are getting bounties for killed protesters, provided they bring the proof, then the families have to pay the regime to get the body back.

There is video. It’s not nice.

And yet the protests rage on.


FIFY a’mom
Once again--those unintended consequences

James D.

No vote until you’re living on your own.

I say, any time after age 17, you should be allowed to sign a paper declaring you’re an adult.

When you do, you can buy alcohol and tobacco, you can vote, you can join the army, you can sign legal contracts, you can do anything any adult can do.

But, you also cannot be covered under your parents’ health insurance, or car insurance. You cannot be claimed as a dependent by them. Your parents cannot co-sign student loans for you. You will be treated as an adult by the justice system. Etc etc etc.

Child or adult. One or the other.


From this morning's reading and a book by Jonathan Rothwell published November 5--

Political equality is the most basic tenet of democracy. Yet in America and other democratic nations, those with political power have special access to markets and public services. A Republic of Equals traces the massive income inequality observed in the United States and other rich democracies to politicized markets and avoidable gaps in opportunity—and explains why they are the root cause of what ails democracy today.

In this provocative book, economist Jonathan Rothwell draws on the latest empirical evidence from across the social sciences to demonstrate how rich democracies have allowed racial politics and the interests of those at the top to subordinate justice. He looks at the rise of nationalism in Europe and the United States, revealing how this trend overlaps with racial prejudice and is related to mounting frustration with a political status quo that thrives on income inequality and inefficient markets. But economic differences are by no means inevitable. Differences in group status by race and ethnicity are dynamic and have reversed themselves across continents and within countries. Inequalities persist between races in the United States because Black Americans are denied equal access to markets and public services. Meanwhile, elite professional associations carve out privileged market status for their members, leading to compensation in excess of their skills.

A Republic of Equals provides a bold new perspective on how to foster greater political and social equality, while moving societies closer to what a true republic should be.

Anyone got any good ideas on where a 20-something female with a week available before giving a presentation outside London in March should go on the continent before getting themselves back across the channel in time?


Plane or Train?


Democrats never tire from or miss an opportunity to tell us, the stupid, deplorable, cultist Trump supporters, how smart they are with their superior moral consciousness. When Unelected Democrat administrative state bureaucrats make rules and regulations there are no unintended consequences.


Train. I suggested doing tunnel going to Paris and then doing Mont St Michael on way back to England and then boat to see the White Cliffs of Dover.

It will be student budget type travel unless my mom is free to travel and she and I meet up with her in London.

Is Provence area nice in March?

She also asked how easy it would be to get to Switzerland in March. This is last spring's kiwi.

Jim Eagle


For starters, Normandy and visit Omaha Beach, the museum there, then go to Bayeau for a self-guided tour of the tapestry. The catch a train to Paris just to switch to one up to Antwerp and the Museum Mass on the water. Walk the medieval streets of the old city and The Grotesque Markt with its square of Guild building architecture. While there don’t forget Our Lady Cathedral with its collection of Ruebens and Van Dykes. At the Rockox Haus great collection of fabulous Bruehgels.

Don’t forget to imbibe in the waffles😁

Jim Eagle

...Grote Markt...autocucumber....


London to Paris is easy.

London to Paris to Zurich to Austrian Tyrol is a long two days, but worth it, just once. (St. Anton, risk of snowed in though...)

Or Vienna.

London to Paris to Geneva to Zermatt, also long two days, but Matterhorn! Good hostels and snow on the glacier at Plateau Rosa will be awesome.

Provence in the beginning of March will be cold and wet, maybe not so much later.

London to Paris to Strasbourg. Embrace the cold and wet.

Same with Chartres.

Mont St. Michel is great, but its a one and done, unless researching omelets of the region. Not that easy to get to unless your pre-planned with the bus reservations, still can get to the beaches and memorials.

Another Bob

“how easy it would be to get to Switzerland in March”

Very. Eurostar London to Paris, TGV-Lyria Paris to any of a few Swiss cities. I want to say it’s around $100.

Not “budget” enough?



Is the 20 something female traveling alone?

Another Bob

Agree with Mel, Provence would be much more enjoyable in late-spring/early-summer.


I see my answer.

Jack and AB have made some good suggestions.

Is she an outdoors kinda gal? My sister and BIL took my niece and nephew to ski in Switzerland while on a whirlwind Euro tour.

It was the kid's favorite part of the vacation.


She doesnt seem to know anything besides


Although lynn chu suggests the real reasom


It does seen to be gornisch


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