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November 02, 2019


Jim Eagle

The worlds largest cocktail party underway in JAX. Missing Vern Lundquist, though. Go Gators.

Jim Eagle


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Don't be fooled lol


Where is everyone?


Compendium remarks--and if necessary, and if we're on the wrong thread, I'll put this wherever the action is--

Jimsunnyvale--thanks for the Jeeves! But I'm pretty sure Wodehouse had no more than a cursory understanding of Spinoza (as he did of Nietzsche)--he just thought Spinoza was basically all right and knew (through intuition) that Nietzsche was totally wrong. He wasn’t an intellectual but the smartest of the smart. Did y’all know I am the author of I think the most recent Dictionary of National Biography entity on Wodehouse?

Narc—our meetup was on Aug. 30th. As you know, I have reason to remember.

JMH—how did I do four kids as an academic? As an academic! The truth is academics don’t have to work very hard. First child as a grad student—I was 24—I had a University Fellowship at Vanderbilt which meant I didn’t have to teach, so I took a term off from teaching (you have to teach to get a good record to get a job, plus I’m good at it), and then when my first was small after that first term, a lovely Bangladeshi lady in our married student housing compound watched her three days a week for four hours. Her own daughter was the same age, so it was all just nice. When the oldest was three, we moved into rented place in a house, but even then the daycare we needed was just three days a week for half a day. Then I got a tenure-line job at Trinity, but she was then ready for five day a week (to 3:00 p.m.) nursery at a wonderful church school—this couldn’t have harmed her. I could go on—the point is that academics technically don’t work hardly at all—I mean their show-up hours are minimal—so with care and planning one can work from home and have four kids and not at all have to put them in 9-5 daycare—I never did. My colleagues moan and groan about having no time but I suspect them of either being colossal time-wasters or of not being as smart and on the ball as they should be. I have always worked FAST.

Hey, Pin! The reason the canon did not much include women writers is that outside of various whacking geniuses like Austen and George Eliot (aka for those who don’t know Mary Ann Evans) or Charlotte and Emily Bronte, the conditions of educating women were so lopsided in prior generations that only the geniuses could break through. The woman you linked seems to be a mild Stalinist. I myself am a Mary Wollstonecraft feminist—women are the intellectual equals of men, if in different dimensions, and they need an equally strong education.

Henry, I think the current limit is $14K.

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