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November 05, 2019



Tom R,

I have seen political ads on my timeline for the last week. I wonder if they were testing.


Repeating this. RSBN link to live stream of the rally:



Bubarooni, condolences.


Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing says thr Horowitz re-ort is going to be far worse than anyone can imagine

I'd like to believe that, but how could they possibly know?



More likely the 330 due to the gas cap location.

Who knows?


I dunno Jimmy, but I think they know. May be wishful thinking on my part.



Thread which shows tweets by people who have posted seditious comments. I hope the Secret Service is cataloguing these.


My final answer:

Ferrari 250 P #110 John Surtees - Willy Mairesse' winner Nurburgring 1000 1963


Tom R

Sessions’ chances of winning the GOP primary are 100% if Trump endorses him or 0% if Trump endorses someone else. I guess we will find out soon if Trump’s comments about Sessions were kabuki or his true feelings.

Putting myself in Sessions’ shoes, he has to know he won’t win the GOP primary if Trump endorses someone else. I can’t see him running for his old seat without already knowing upfront that Trump will endorse him. Why voluntarily put yourself thru a humiliating defeat at his age?


Trump has landed in Monroe, LA.


Presidential seal on the podium. President moments away.


@jack has said that they’re making up the rules on ads right now and plan on implementing them by 11/15.

If he hasn’t received another Wells Notice, which he should have for the two “Saudi” spies.


Hmmmm. Thread


.@jsolomonReports says the IG Report probably won’t be out before November 18. He is hearing we could get a report early as next week about another investigation we knew nothing about.


Tom R

Nunes is on Tucker right now. This is multiple times I have seen him as a guest on Fox shows with farm tractors in the background. I know he has a farming background but isn’t he in DC now sitting on Schiff’s shit show hearings? Curious where Nunes is going to in DC that has these tractors and why?




Virginia and Maryland have farms. Aside from that Congress is on a break.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thanks TK. Good taste JohnS. That's a topless version of my co-favorite Ferrari, the 250LM.
The other being the 275GTB short nose.
The NART Spyder is the most beautiful IMO.

And out the door.


Tom R.,

Are they not on break right now? Might explain the tractors, if Nunes isn't in DC.


And now for something completely different:



I think TK nailed what model it is Iggy, although I think it was campaigned a lot in 63 so might have been elsewhere than the 'Ring.


Babylon Bee explains assault rifles:



Lol, Trump is having a blast at the rally. Making fun of Jane Fonda.



That was great! Anyone who remembers her being arrested in the 70's will laugh at that.

He;s on fire - talking about car insurance!




Another rally in Shreveport next week.


And....the Stones play him out. Another rally in the books.

Where is everyone?


Mr Porch's hometown, MM.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

OMG I'm finally able to post here again.

Thanks so much Jane for the 'near miss' visit. We finally got to the hotel at 8:30 Friday night. 11+ hours from ATL to Port Charlotte. Four hours in traffic. I'm so sorry you went to all that trouble for dinner, but I hope you found some friends to share it with. When we finally made the hotel, it was full of asshole baseball kids and their parents rampaging... the hotel clerk asked a parent to rein in the kids and the parent's response was they couldn't control them. We ended up doing take out from the Waffle House.

We made the final destination in the Keys about 10:30 AM Saturday and the weather here is perfect. 86 degrees during the day and sunny. Woot!

I've been following along on JOM since Saturday, but today is the first day my login worked. Geesh!


Hey Stephanie!


Something else is going on here. Deliberately misleading as to the nature of whom they were spying on:


I don’t know yet, but it’s out there for someone’s reason.


Great speech!

The local people were on fire, too!

I love these rallies, as we get to see how fired up people are.

Robin, eff 'em all

When did the rules change on dual citizenship here?


This has the video of the complete rally speech at the link.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2019
Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

HI Porch!


deGenova on Fisa report, Dunham grand jury and upcoming indictments.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=268&v=XbpuGXp6RW0&fbclid=IwAR3p5wfgqF0DNeDleyXui7pLxKYsChgi55QvG-0Q_Fz0rYHiV6aR66GlQ4Q

Tom R

Is the whistleblower’s lawyer a pedophile?


Tom R


He left out Gatewaypundit and Sundance who believed McCabe as well.



Well, this opens a can of worms.

JM Hanes


Nice to hear from you, and thanks for responding to my election concerns. Hope you're still checking in! I too think we cannot take anything for granted. All of us here follow news from non-traditional sources and thanks to Miss Marple and Henry we follow the President's tweets too. Most people don't. Considering what President Trump is up against he does a nearly miraculous job at getting Republican ideas out there. It would be nice if our Congressional Republicans were even half as energetic.

I wouldn't put too much stock in suburgan women being particularly offended by Trump's lingistic improprieties. In fact, it seems to me that we hear a great many more complaints from men on that score — unless that's just the NeverTrumpers' pet peeve. Democrats have almost always done better with women, Republicans with men; and the urban/ex-urban divide I began noticing more than a decade ago, has been growing so steadily that it almost qualifies as conventional wisdom these days.

You may be right about the current dynamics, but the thing that really chaps me about how Trump voters are described is not really a gender based things, although it might have seemed that way in my response to Mom22's comment. It's not so much that people leave educated women out of the pro-Trump equation. It's that Trump supporters are framed as disgruntled downb-and-outers who feel like they've gotten the short end of the stick for too long. It's really a class based assumption. Condi Rice can sympathize with the psychologically disenfranchised, as the natural constituency of a populist "rabble rouser," without essentially giving Trump voters any credit for the intellectual rigor or the coherent political philosophy which drives a very big chunk of Trump voters. That's not just true of his educated supporters either. It seems to me that almost across the board, his voters are in it for MAGA, not just for themselves.


Retweeted by the President. Links go to a photo and press release.

The Alabama SGA warns groups: Protest Trump during the LSU game and risk losing your reserved seating. https://t.co/8WYaFAtmwK pic.twitter.com/6l5VUisRyN

— AL.com (@aldotcom) November 6, 2019

Weasels or their latin descriptor


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


If the shoe were on the other partisan foot, the media would be saying the majority of Virginia voters endorsed blackface yesterday.

Tom R

Trump sounds like he is having fun to me.



Tucker Carlson & Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Discussing the Violence in Mexico & What We Must Do to Defend OUR Country

"We need to close the border, we've got to secure it. We need 40,000-50,000 regular army troops on the border." pic.twitter.com/G2TtFKxHm1

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) November 7, 2019

Video at the link.


Now lets look at 1200 persons qatar hacked a few years ago


LOUISIANA! Early voting is underway until Saturday, it’s time to get out and VOTE to REPLACE Radical Liberal Democrat John Bel Edwards with a great new REPUBLICAN Governor, @EddieRispone! #GeauxVote

POLL FINDER: https://t.co/0rnhb4hsjk pic.twitter.com/7RtlPqKu2U

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2019

Links go to photo and to web site for polling places.


I had no idea they ran this Down Under. I’m smacked:


David Boies being on board does remove him from the hiring pool, though...

The bad stuff is definitely coming, no question now.



No doubt. People are going to be shocked.


Its a whole panoply of bond villains isnt it from blofeld to dominick greene.




Victoria Toensing & Joe diGenova update on the Horowitz report and Durham investigation. pic.twitter.com/HrSQk3cTth

— Praying Medic (@prayingmedic) November 7, 2019

Video at the link.


Sure why not:


Tom R


What are the odds McCabe and Ciaramella are pals?


I think ras al ghul had a point, im surmising


Guess the byline:



Blank pages?


Captain Hate

Kudos for seeing through Condi's patronizing crap, JMH. She's been cut too much slack here through time.

I just hope some deep staters haven't set the hook in DiGenova by feeding him a bunch of disinformation.


Well that could be the raw data, before they mold it like pizzq dough.


I remember in no way out, a film that seems somewhat prescient from the perspective of 30 some years, gene hackmas chatacter wanted the raw data



There is way more of this stuff than I realized.

Tom R


I like the comment “This wouldn’t even fly on Judge Judy”.


Heading to bed.

Good night, everyone!


Ah remember this:




You seem to post a lot over night, especically on military stuff.

I like military stuff.

I scroll thru your posts every morning, picking the things I find interesting for further reading while a down the first few cups of java.

Because of that, I'm gonna give you an update on the F-35b.

I have a BIL who is on the Rolls Royce F-35b lift program.

I got a chance to pick his brain on the aircraft this past weekend while he was in town for a funeral.

He did a ten week stint as a civilian contractor on USS Wasp earlier this year during testing, in case issues arose

In those ten weeks he got called in one time.

For an oil change.

He says he's worked other programs but he says the F-35b is hands down the greatest aircraft he's ever worked around from a mechanical standpoint.

Wasn't that way 5 years ago but it's now the perfect mechanical platform.

He was there when DJT was and said it was electric.

It was also the first time he'd been quartered on a naval vessel in 15 years(?) and that he forgot how shitty it was being on a naval vessel.

Captain Hate

Pam Bondi's performance in trying to railroad Jorge Zimmerman was RINOism at its worst.

Tom R

Good Lord what an idiot.


I wonder if Hoft has realized yet it wasn’t very smart of him to believe McCabe was telling the truth about Rosenstein?


Yes, the internet never forgets, does it::


(Better make screenshots of that, btw)


Now ballard many moons ago was chief of staff to some governor, maybe bob martinez, goes back to the time when kurt russell was doing big trouble


Does no one remember the first rule of fight club?


They do sometimes dump things doen a memory hole:



Ot, yes prime minister and yes minoaters was based on some high profile laboir sources from the 60s and 70s


JMH at 10:31 pm

I probably get half of the JOM postings read each week, so I miss a fair amount of stuff. I do agree that the MSM/lefties very effectively and consistently paint us all as mindless deplorables, mostly wearing aluminum foil hats. That’s one of many reasons why I hope that the Horowitz report and Durham’s efforts come out with such compelling and straightforward proof of Democratic Party/MSM lying, cheating, and illegality that it can’t effectively be brushed aside. Then we’ll see a lot more good guys elected, and a much better, more fair, more constitutional direction for the country. Otherwise, ....


So the gop actually won virginia by aboit 40,000 points can you say gerrymander?




Manuel Transmission

Hey ENRDV, are you guys heading down to SG yet? We are sorta working up to going to NC for Thanksgiving and maybe coming back across the southern tier on the way back.

jim nj


Thanks for the F-35B feedback. I stop by RealClearDefense each night looking for interesting things.


Thanks for the hat tip. I come here first to see what everyone else has been looking at and then go look for things of interest that might have been missed but are important to me. And I hope to others as well.


MT, yes, we will be in STG through Christmas. We’d love to see you.

jim nj


This is an odd story. The "airman fell" from a C-130, yet his parachute deployed.

It sounds like an unplanned jump and he was wearing the parachute as a safety device.

Manuel Transmission

Hi Caro. We’ll keep you posted on things as they solidify. I’m mostly concerned that this winter WX comes on strong and early making trans-con trips hard to plan safely.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From Sean Davis's twitter feed;

The Democrats' star witness [Bill Taylor] admitted under oath that the sole source of information for his claim that Trump wanted a quid pro quo to get Biden was the New York Times.

Astonishing that our country is being turned upside down by these fools, rakes and crooks.
These things blow up because normal people don't react and so the provocateurs are increasingly emboldened and fooled into thinking there will never be an explosion no matter how blatant their provocations.
And then, one day...

jim nj


Decades ago, Taiwan bet big on semiconductors to keep itself afloat, producing an industry powerhouse in the process
Now, as development focuses on AI and 5G – technologies at the heart of the current US-China tech war – chip manufacturers on the island may be forced to choose sides

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I won't link it but I see Baby Face Continetti has an NYT op-ed where he advises Trump he has to choose between the "circus" and the WH and that "He can’t win on Republican votes alone, and what he does to whip up the base hurts him with independents".

If this is true then I guess Trump is not now the president because he's running pretty much the same circus he was 3 years ago, when he wasn't even the incumbent. Were I a more industrious loather of chipmunk-cheeked, cherubic chowderheads like Matt I'd go back to 2016 and almost certainly find him telling us that Trump was going to lose then too because he was failing to follow the sage advice of shiny, brilliant little turds like Master Matt.

jim nj


Alan Dershowitz

Full article at the WSJ.

I don't like plea bargaining under certain circumstances. Two come to mind.

Most states haven't implemented bail reform yet. Many accused of a crime can't afford to pay even minimal bail amounts and are stuck in jail awaiting trial. This gives prosecutors too much leverage over the accused with a trial to come who knows when, better to take a plea for time served.

It's not a fair contest when the government has unlimited time and funds to use against a non-millionaire.

jim nj


Your 2:01, LOL. Advice from the unwanted.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Looks like it's just you for now, jim. I'm conkin out.

jim nj


Sounds like he is being forced out. If he waited until next April he would be vested in his position, so he's going to take a financial hit to his pension.

No great loss for Chicago though as this guy isn't much of a leader.

Then again, if he's like a typical NJ police chief he may have six months worth of unused sick days and vacation days saved up. He could announce his April retirement and stay home using his allotted time off.

jim nj


Seattle, too funny. They let a third-party group provide tiny homes for the homeless on city property and then the residents institute self-government.

jim nj


A good reason to relocate government agencies out of the DC area.

jim nj


I think we should recognize that the ABA is just another special interest group now and not a professional organization.

As such, we should remove them from the process of commenting on the ability of nominated judges to do their jobs fairly.

jim nj

The above seems to be part of the problem with the elites.

We defer to them for expertise and all we get in return is an agenda.

Any advisory group the government relies upon becomes suspect in that light.

And it's a conundrum, an advisory group seems eminently logical. Like the Manhattan Group who collectively developed the atomic bomb project.

But what we get now are groups who seem to be impelled by self-interest.

Abolish them all? No, but I think they all need to be looked at. They do not suffer elections open to the public.

Even some of the appointed commissions should be looked at, especially the FEC, where a member whose term has expired, is still serving.

jim nj


The Obama budget sequestration wreaked havoc on our military capabilities. I watch defense news to see how we are recovering from that. Not well in many areas.

A defense CR instead of a budget would stymie what little progress we have made since Trump's election.

All branches of the service need to pivot toward a near-peer threat rather than the past actions against Islamic fighters.

jim nj


He's fun.

jim nj


Ten hour school days? Do they get paid overtime. The students, that is.

Gee, when I grow up I'll only have to work eight hours a day.

jim nj


The Texas case. I think the mother, not the child, is the sick one.


"...violent biblical verses are shocking to modern day Christians because we grew out of that a LONG time ago. The worst thing modern Christianity stands for is anti-homosexual marriage, which is a far cry from sex slaves, sharia law and beheadings."-Gay Pirate Dan Cringeshaw

Keep in mind he wrote that out. It wasn't an offhand remark, he considers a marriage between one man and one woman anti-homosexual.

I haven't actually been following politics much but I did see the Whistleblower in the group picture of Obama staff on PDJT's first day. Was that Stacey Abram standing in front of him? Her mouth was closed so I couldn't see a gap. That is one of the classic pictures of all time, I must say. Unless there's one of LBJ plugging his ears.

Captain Hate

Is this thing broken?




I look at that picture of Obama's staff getting ready to turn over the keys of the WH to Trump and it puts a huge smile on my face.

ValJar looks like she wants to commit suicide.

Makes me think the "whistleblower" wants to prove to his cohorts that he has a pair of "big boy" pants:)


About George Nasif:https://apelbaum.wordpress.com/2019/11/06/the-raise-of-the-real-fake-data-brokers/

Robin, eff 'em all

JimNJ's local mall for all:


The NHL sized indoor skating rink is a smart move and I'm intrigued by the LED red oak.

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