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November 05, 2019


Tom R

Sidwhite @ 10:32

I think the Dems and MSM know that investigating Ukrainian activity in the 2016 election likely destroys more people than Biden and some of them a lot more powerful and important than Biden.


Don't think I seen it mentioned here yet but it appears that Lucianne has been down since about midnight. That is my best source for articles/news - replaced my previous "go to" Drudge a couple of years ago. Anyone hear anything?

mike in houston


Look at the propositions closely. Beck needs to examine how they work.

my favorite is this one

Yes -- 93.86% -- 992,929
No -- 6.14% -- 64,940

The Infamous Ignatz

Powerline was under a DDT or D-CON or whatever you call it all day yesterday, Sid.


jim nj "the MSM and the SJW are creating a new "silent majority." People who disagree with the "conventional wisdom" but ..."

I agree. But I'm still deeply puzzled that the elections keep turning out 50/50.

Ig's 10:09 is on target. I remember a piece by Carl Oglesby way back in the 60s. His point was that people do not rebel lightly. They don't rebel from high principles. It is human to wait, to hold back, to hope for a miracle leader or for someone else to step forward. People don't rebel when they are pushed against the wall, he said. They rebel when they are being pushed *through* the wall.

Dave (in MA)

Mike, not that all of the other questions were pro-spending, but all of the pro-spending ones were approved.


I was wrong when I posted before dawn this morning that all of Nassau County, the suburban neighbor of New York City was swept by Dems in all the local races. My town, which is called North Hempstead, one of three towns, is pretty much a lib enclave, but the other two towns, Hempstead and Oyster Bay had much more even results for Repubs, and the county legislature remains in Republican hands. Mind you, nearly all of these Repubs are pretty moderate squishes but that's better than all Dems. The Nassau County District Attorney, who is a Dem, was reelected.

The Infamous Ignatz

I've been saying exactly that all along Sid. Quid pro quo IS foreign policy.

Were the party letters behind each person's names changed the Dems would be demanding Democrat Trump withhold aid to the Ukraine unless they agreed to investigate that dirty Republican Biden and his scummy son and would be cheering when he did.


sid, whatfinger news.

Tom R


Another article on the Sessions speech with more details on what he talked about. He apparently did get to finish the speech.

I'm looking forward to the day a "cancel culture" SJW/Progressive gets expelled from school for radical intolerance and being a threat to public safety, especially towards fellow students who they are willing to commit violence against because of their hatred.

Tom R

But I'm still deeply puzzled that the elections keep turning out 50/50.

People who are evil, unethical, and willing to do anything to acquire political power tend to be better at voting fraud than their ideological opposites.

Captain Hate

I'm looking forward to the day a "cancel culture" SJW/Progressive gets expelled from school for radical intolerance and being a threat to public safety, especially towards fellow students who they are willing to commit violence against because of their hatred.

Good luck with that. Oberlin isn't atypical; they just ran into someone willing to fight back.

mike in houston

Dave, Please read the PDF. You will see that most of the proposals were to transfer monies from on department to another. There are a few bond issues that are needed. Beck is a fool!



Re: JMH at 6:28 pm on 11/5

I think the Senatorial article is pretty accurate. While I think Trump overall is doing a great job as President, and is immensely better than Hillary would have been, or than any of the 2020's Dems would be, we shouldn't kid ourselves that all is well for our side. Most voters are both low information and not very politically savvy. They really don't know just how un-American (anti-liberty, pro-big government, anti-free speech, guns, and religion, etc.) the Democrats have become, and get most of their knowledge/feelings about politics from the MSM, even if that's done indirectly via Facebook or whatever. So it's probably accurate for the article to say that most moderately conservative college-educated suburbanites, especially women, are anti-Trump, because voting results seem to support that conclusion. One can guess that the cause is that Trump's frequent brusqueness and carelessness with language offend their sensibilities, and they don't understand that reacting by voting for Democrats is contrary to almost everything they believe substantively. Look at the Virginia legislative results, a combination of the ever-increasing number of rent-seekers living in Virginia near D.C., and the voting conversion of those moderate Republicans. We have to find some way to reach the wrongly converted, or to find sufficient offsets among the minorities who have been manipulated and oppressed by the party that claims to care about them but actually enslaves them to the government. In the meantime, it probably makes sense for all of us to give what we can afford to whoever the Republican candidates in the general election are, since elections are binary, and the Republicans, for all their frequent spinelessness, are still almost all better than any Democrat. This is especially true regarding judgeships, since an awful lot of important law is made in the courts, and the Democrats uniformly appoint judges who act as (unelected) legislators.

Tom R

It's a battle of acceptable ideas for hearts and minds.

Iggy @ 10:09

Once again you and I are on the same sheet of music. The foundation of the grand strategy to win CounterCulture War II has to be winning the hearts and minds of younger generations as well as minorities who are slaves on the Democrat plantation. Obviously easier said than done but Trump so far is succeeding IMO. One of the main reasons Trump is succeeding is because he IS NOT a traditional hardcore rightwing conservative. He is actually a moderate with positions that are both traditionally conservative as well as traditionally liberal. You win the hearts and minds when your policies benefit both sides of the traditional ideological spectrum.


SEN TOM COTTON: Americans May "Have To Take Matters Into Our Own Hands" After Cartel Gunned Down & Burned Alive➡️3 US women & 6 children

Mexico Refused Our Help

If Gov Don't Take Swift Action, U.S. Will Do It. Only Way To Counteract Bullets Is More & Bigger Bullets pic.twitter.com/z9pxACTOGi

— WINNING In AMERICA 2020🇺🇸 (@TrumpLadyFran) November 6, 2019

Video at the link.


re: SidWhite on Lucianne being down.

I don't know but my first thought also was the denial of service attack on PL yesterday and a similar one on Insty some weeks back.
I guess the shout out to Scott Johnson by PDJT alerted someone leftie group

The Infamous Ignatz

Youtube silences doctor who said the following, hate filled sentence;
"See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm, you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender."

Tom R


Outside of Ohio State fans is there anyone who thinks they have earned the #1 seed over LSU who has wins over the #10 & #11 team as well as Texas?

Things will obviously play out as the season progresses but the first thought that popped into my mind when I saw these rankings is that the playoff committee doesn't want two SEC teams in the playoff.


Praying Medic
The day after Obama was elected, he helped secure an $11 Billion loan to Ukraine.

Since 1995, Ukraine has received $48 billion in loans from the IMF.
Nearly all of it after Obama's election.

Why did he help secure loans to a notoriously corrupt government?

Follow the money. 👇

Dan Mellis @MtgGuyDan
IMF loans to Ukraine over the past 11 years
Article Date: 11/8/08: IMF approves $16.5 billion Ukraine loan
“The IMFsaid it would immediately disburse $4.5 billion to the government under the two-year loan agreement.”


A couple of interesting threads on cash, there...


I think it's instructive to look at the breakdown of voters in my family.

Trump voters:
My son (has worked blue collar jobs all his life)
My sister the retired Catholic art teacher
My sister the nurse (Surgery scrub)
My nephew the iron worker

My nephew the gay art teacher
My sister, his mother
My brother and his wife (union & political)
Brother's daughters & husbands (heritage and the husbands work for a tech company)

As you can see, relationships and heritage have a lot to do with it. Trump having a reputation for anti-gay bias in the media is not helpful. My other sisters and I remark on how the anti-Trump sister LOVED "The Apprentice" and watched it every week. When she carried on about how awful he was, I reminded her of that and she flatly denied it!

My brother was active in his union for years so there was no way he was voting Republican, and my sister-in-law is active in the dem party.

My parents were strong democrats, so it's actually amazing so many of us have switched.


A bit on political Kurds:

willem middelkoop
No mountain
No hill
But a tunnel

Pepperman @pepperm4n
Corruption in the construction business from AKP is so prevalent in turkey that they build a tunnel... without mountains or hill.
This is a common tactic from AKP to steal money from the state "legally" twitter.com/evrenalankus/s…


Dave (in MA)

Mike, he might well be a fool, but none of that looks like it goes against what he said. If it called for taxation, it was not approved; if it called for additional spending, it was approved. That some of the questions don't pertain to that point is not in dispute.


Reuters Legal
Former UAW official, GM board member charged in UAW investigation reut.rs/33oZtNs


(Money laundering and wire fraud? Hmm, I wonder what that's about....)


ABC News Doesn't Meet My High Standards So Sorry
A notoriously corrupt gov't where the Democrats are shoveling BILLIONS to it.

How much of that money was KICKED BACK UNDER THE TABLE?



(That kick was aimed right at Kristol)


🤔Did real Donald Trump attempt to extort Ukraine with congressionally approve funds for his own personal political benefit???

My vote is NO.

This guy’d like to know. Lol 👇🏻

Joseph Puopolo @jpuopolo
Did @realDonaldTrump attempt to Extort #Ukraine with congressionally approved funds for his own personal political benefit? #ExtortionistTrump


Link goes to a poll.


BREAKING: @Twitter is currently manipulating the #EpsteinCoverup hashtag. Hundreds of thousands of tweets coming in yet they are trending a MISSPELLED version #EpstienCoverup!

TOTAL MANIPULATION! What are they hiding?

DEMAND ANSWERS: https://t.co/e2cSiad75G pic.twitter.com/jYTisRi1ad

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) November 5, 2019

Video at link.



I wish we weren't sitting #1, the target is too inviting.

But I will say this.

LSU looked mighty shaky against Auburn.

OSU looked dominant over Wisconsin, who was ranked higher than either Florida or Auburn.

If OSU doesn't survives the next 4 weeks, I promise to shut my pie hole:)


Gee Melinda, I wonder who shitcanned GM’s shareholders and put these UAW criminals on the board? (I still have my UAW card, but haven’t paid dues in over 40 years).


Amos Hochstein asking for his close up?


"Justice Dept. trying to finish report on Russia probe before Thanksgiving" (WaPo)

Tom R

A notoriously corrupt gov't where the Democrats are shoveling BILLIONS to it.
How much of that money was KICKED BACK UNDER THE TABLE?

I can imagine countless number of situations over the past 3 decades where politicians and Wall Street executives from both parties were attending big wig, elitist snob social events where Trump was in attendance and they bragged and laughed about how much money they were acquiring from corrupt quid pro quo kickback schemes like what happened in the Ukraine.
Imagine how many billions of dollars in taxpayer money is now in the coffers of Swamp politicians when that money could have been spent on improving the quality of life of American citizens via lower taxes, infrastructure spending, legit social programs, etc etc. Trump likely knows the scale of Swamp corruption because they bragged about what all they were doing to him years ago believing he was one of them.


Looks like Lucianne is back up as of about 40 minutes ago. Quite a spread between yesterday's 11:47 pm and 11:19 this am consecutive posts.



I'm sure no one guided anyone on that board on professional laundry services...


Posted by: clarice | November 06, 2019 at 10:52 AM

Thanks Clarice!


Replying to @BluesBrother91 @olystubbies44 and 47 others
Indiana Dem Congressman Visclosky is hanging up his seat and will not run 2020.



"The Dems and MSM seem to be admitting that the Biden is “dirty” and involved in Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election. How else to explain that asking Ukraine to dig into Ukrainian activity in the 2016 US elections is “digging up dirt on a political opponent”? "


Nice to see you back. It's okay for the left to be dirty, apparently.


Jane, being clean is “white privilege” and you know the left isn’t down with that.

Tom R

LSU looked mighty shaky against Auburn.

Buckeye @ 11:47

It pains me to say this but IMO Auburn has the best defense in the country which is why LSU looked shaky. The problem with Auburn is that everyone in the SEC figured out how to stop Malzahn's offense so they struggle to score points.

Bama and LSU traditionally have two of the best defenses in the country but this year both are described as "struggling". That is misleading. The reason both teams defenses are statistically worse than previous years is because their offenses are exceptionally prolific and scoring so fast that defensive players don't get much time to rest on the sideline plus they are on the field more.

This weekend I won't be surprised at all if both teams focus on running the ball more and eating up the clock so that come the 4th quarter their defenses are rested.

BTW if Bama makes the playoffs the two teams I look forward to playing the most are Ohio State and Clemson since we lost to both teams the last time we played them.


Will we get the IG report by FISAmas?

Robin, Tiger Beat Pompom Girl Team Member


We're happier than our leftist counterparts, but we already knew that.

Robin, Tiger Beat Pompom Girl Team Member

Henry. heh



Looks like when Trump delivered steel jobs which Visclosky has been campaigning on for 35 years, he really had no issue left.


Can you post a link to Lucienne? It's not coming up for me.




henry, the WaPo story included the IG report as part of the DoJ report, but also added that not everyone has had a chance to comment, it could get bogged down in disputes, etc., etc. So #TwoWeeks still seems optimistic. Christmas, maybe.


The dog trainer has gone along with aliming the dog trainer, before the bodies are cold in the ground.



Here's another news aggregator of note, certainly much better than the actual livestream from those members.



Le baron family, also theyve been knowm to chase their own tailm


Ah tepid is now putting their handout who knew thin gruel would be so unsatisfying


Kroger has free pick-up through January 1. I got my order submitted and will run down there this afternoon.

I like doing pick-up and ordering on line because I can save money. With a the pick-up fee waived, it's highly economical to do so.


This aged well:

Brian Stelter
I'm at Epstein's (82 Stanton St, Allen St, NYC) .


Ezra Levant retweeted that gem.





Those words you are using, mr mccarthy




NEW: New York Times Stock Falls Seven Percent After Ad Revenue Decline


Reporting from the phantom zone:

Perhaps now we can get rid of this awful orange man and get on with the Venezuelaing of this great nation. Everybody says socialism has never worked anywhere it’s been tried, but I believe in America and Americans and the American can-do spirit. We beat the British, we beat the Spanish, we beat the Nazi’s, we beat the Japanese – you’ll never convince me we can’t beat math and science and logic and reason and history and human nature if we put our minds to it. Excelsior!

Jerryskids (702a61) — 11/6/2019 @ 8:39 am


Those whacky SDNY judges...


Federal judge strikes down a Trump administration rule that was set to allow medical providers to opt out of procedures on religious or moral grounds


You can dial to eleventy:



Paul Engelmeyer, Obama appointee.


Moloch party of nine?


The Infamous Ignatz

This from McCarthy is comical;
"We used to be able to disagree on stuff without venom."

If that bunch of vipers [Goldberg, Hayes and French] had disagreed with Trump and his supporters from the start in any terms other than the kind that springs forth from poison sacs this lament might carry a tiny kernel of truth.
History says otherwise.


Bezerra wants moar cash: Funny part is his supercharged powers under Cal Data Privacy Act don’t kick in until Jan 1. And he’s already out of control.


JUST IN: California attorney general asks court to force Facebook to comply with expanded privacy investigation after company failed to cooperate - Reuters


Crispr used on cancer in US, first time:


Jack is Back!


I sent your 1:32 to Frederick, since gene editing is in his wheelhouse. He still sees Biomedical Engineering and Cellular BioChem in his future.





Penn had a major screw up with genetic therapy a while back. As in fatal.


Chicago Tribune
A new strain of HIV has been discovered for the first time in almost 20 years — by a team of scientists based in Lake County trib.al/7jzA2e3


Buckeye, FYI.

Jack is Back!

Today on my Publix ride, Rush played a series of audios of the MSM changing from Quid Pro Quo to "extortion an bribery". Amazing coordination between them. Its almost as if they have a common funder.


Penn killed an 18 yo in 1999. Another fatality in 2007 elsewhere.


Tom R

Saw this linked by some pro-Trump people I follow on Twitter. It’s from Vice and 7 years old. Haven’t had a chance to watch it entirely yet but wanted to share it.

The Mormon Mexican War


Captain Hate

When you've lost this guy...


Tom R

Trump Jr vs Feinstein


IMO Trump Jr is an integral player in Team Trump’s strategic plan to control the narrative. Tweets like this are all part of a concerted effort to inform the public of things they likely have never heard of if they rely on the leftwing media for their “news”.


I guess its not surprising considering the intricacy of genes in combination


Now City Hall in Buffalo, NY has been raided?



Mark esper doesnt seem keen on due process.



I thought you might enjoy this article. https://theconversation.com/thirty-years-after-the-berlin-wall-came-down-germany-is-still-working-to-meet-east-with-west-126185

We were over in germany the next year on our honeymoon (during octoberfest) and there was still broken glass in what had been the guard stations and unter den linden still had a haunted feeling. You could still see damage from the ww2 bombing that had never been fixed.

Dave (in MA)

Good news and bad news in MA. https://www.statehousenews.com/?login=yes&trial=yes&path=cms/content.aspx&db=a&select=20192028

Good: Two Republican state office holders won their races for Mayor last night in MA, one of whom can claim a First Ever award for an identity group which might appeal to people who find that sort of thing important, except she's a Republican so never mind.

Bad: They were both from the handful of few sane voices in the Mass. Gen'l Court and they're going to be replaced by special elections, and I cringe at trying to imagine the crap that could possibly get elected now.

Dave (in MA)

CH at 01:54 PM, if someone in the MSM were to go all the way and report about that story, he'd probably be all by himself and get nothing but raspberries from the rest of the media. That's the best that I could do.


Speaking of cancer, just got back from a funeral.

Linda was fine until end of July when after some health issues she was discovered to have pancreatic cancer.

About 90 days from diagnosis to death.

Closed casket leaves little doubt it took a big toll.


Haven’t seen what I’d call a “serious” lawyer having and using a twitter account as that one is used.

L Lin Wood has one,and solicited info about sites that were libeling the Covington boy

Jack is Back!

A little change of pace:


Tom R

I'm a huge Trump supporter but his attendance at the LSU/Bama game this weekend is going to be disruptive and degrade the fun factor. The Secret Service has already announced that they are bringing in their own metal detectors to use instead of the ones already in place at the stadium. Problem is the number the SS is bringing is a lot lower than the number already in place so the number of entries into Bryant Denny Stadium are lower which means its going to take a lot longer to get into the stadium. Fans are being advised to start entering the stadium 2-3 hours before kickoff which means a lot less time for tailgating. The worst thing though is that it is going to be a lot more difficult, perhaps impossible, to sneak some alcohol into the game via a flask/miniatures. Lot easier to get rowdy and yell when the opposing team has the ball when you have some Jack Daniels helping to prime the pipes. This may end up being the first Bama game I've ever attended fully sober.


Just thr right film:


Jack is Back!

Want to see SS security at football games go to the Army-Navy game when Trump attends. I saw retired 4 star generals (Marine) treated as if he was relative of Baghdadi. It is the way the SS works and makes sure the POTUS is safe.


There was no 50% + 1 vote winner in MD. Will there be a runnoff?

Jack is Back!

You can get pretty inebriated at the Army-Navy game. Full bars for certain areas of seats. Beer and wine stations all around the stadium. A perfectly composed but sometimes rowdy crowd, depending if you are Army or Navy. The fun part is to watch the plebes or cadets leave their ranks and join their parents in the stands.

This will the first game I miss in 5 years. Nothing like going in early to watch the March-Ins. Just an incredible scene even after making both institutions PC to the Zenith.


QT@Anon 🌟🌟🌟
If I had a dollar for every time I lost track of what I was saying, I'll have an espresso, please.


First reply?

Replying to @QTAnon1

This is a florist Sir.


Captain Hate

Pretty good, Dave...


The worst thing though is that it is going to be a lot more difficult, perhaps impossible, to sneak some alcohol into the game via a flask/miniatures.

There has to be a way.



Anything good happen in MA election?



I may be the most gorgeous woman on earth (or maybe not) but I would never allow an open casket - even if I was 12.


How very convenient:

The Reckoning 💥
This transcript was secured in a highly compartmentalized system.

Who authorized the person sharing it?!?

Ivan Pentchoukov @IvanPentchoukov
Marie Yovanovitch received a readout of the Trump-Zelensky call weeks before it was released to the public and at a time when she no longer had any Ukraine-related responsibilities.



Dont you hate it when that happens:



What seems hard for me to believe about the Strzok/Pientka note mix up is that in all the long period of time it occurred, apparently (or supposedly) neither Strzok nor Pientka became aware of it, or if they did, they didn't bring it to the attention of the DoJ.


Capn, I am a very big Eric Carmen fan. And Raspberries fan. Wally Bryson was a pretty sweet guitar player and back up singer.

I have never paid attention to their politics, for fear of hating guys that I admire.

Cleveland boys.

Tom R


You can buy alcohol at the Army/Navy game because it is played at a NFL stadium. The SEC recently lifted the ban on selling alcohol at SEC stadiums and each school can determine what their policy is. Bama currently only allows the sale of alcohol in the luxury suites.


We are also mourning a wonderful woman who was hubby's right hand at the office. We jokingly called her hubby's "work wife." She was diagnosed with glioblastoma about a year ago. We got word that she has days to live. *sigh* She was woman with boundless energy. I used to look forward to what color red her hair would be,because she liked to experiment with different shades of red. She would go home after work and bake and decorate a birthday or wedding cake until midnight. We are so sad.

Jack is Back!

Knowing Trump he has anticipated this deep state offensive regarding the Ukraine phone call. Its why he pre-empted it by releasing the transcript. Now, how does he go forward trapping the Schiff's of the world underneath an upside down apple cart of their design.

Note nothing from Barr or Horowitz? Is Trump calling the date of release for maximum exposure? I wouldn't doubt it. Does he look like a man who is worried? I remembe Nixon on his last days (i.e. the Presser exchange with Dan Rather). Nothing even resembling that disassembly with Trump.

Lets boil it down to what does Trump know and when did he know it.


Oh thats terrible, marlene


James O'Keefe
DEVELOPING: SOURCES ARE GIVING US MORE INSIDER TAPE WITHIN @ABC… The insiders tell us they trust us over any other media outlet. @Project_Veritas is past the point of no return on this one. Stay tuned as I send our team out to corroborate the story over the next few days...


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