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November 23, 2019



Shem addresses all of the Democrat critics perfectly:

Shem Horne

If it was a Democratic President, you would understand that the President of the United States of America is the top of that "chain of command" but since Donald Trump is President you morons act like everyone that works for him is his boss somehow.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Let's never forget the monstrous war crime Gallagher committed to rate all this disciplinary action and uproar courtesy of Spencer; a picture was taken of him and some dead towel head terrorist.
Big. Whoop.


As much contempt the FBI, CIA, State, and apparently certain military have for President Trump, imagine how much MORE contempt they have for us!!


Very much so,

jim nj

Go Redskins. NY Giants advance to #2 in next year's NFL draft pick.


Nobody ever really liked her.

Posted by: JM Hanes | November 24, 2019 at 09:28 PM

JM Hanes,

That's a great chart. It's interesting to see how the line on the graph dropped even after she had a lock on the nomination beginning in 2014, then nose dived in 2016. She's a low intellect schemer with no moral compass who knew every trick in the book to get ahead. Fortunately, the more that the spotlight was shined on her, her myriad number of flaws became evident to even low information voters.


Thread by @drawandstrike:


"If Sen. Lindsey Graham's statement is accurate, and the DOJ IG FISA report will be publicly released on Dec. 9, that means IG Horowitz's appearance before the Senate Judiciary Comm. is going to be to summarize the 1,000+ page report, a sort of a "Cliff's Notes" briefing. "

This is a pretty good thread explaining the problems with Steele, Halper, and Mifsud.

jim nj

Making Lemonade here.


Time for me to go to bed.


Another Bob

Dealing with something sour Jim or just having a beverage?

jim nj



The atar of last week


Another Bob

Ah, never mind. Saw post above...


jim nj 11:17, I confess to being skeptical. There's life in places more inhospitable than that ...

JM Hanes


"The paper cites data to show that low understanding of lib/cons terms "is particularly pronounced among those who identify as conservative.""

Is that a Saletan tweet? I'd like to check out what he's talking about. As folks may remember, Jonathon Haidt established pretty clearly that conservatives understand what makes liberals tick far better than vice versa. Do you suppose whoever collected the data was working with strictly ideological or academic definitions? Those can get pretty esoteric!

JM Hanes

Man Tran:

"We’re off to NC tomorrow for a week of shooting and Turkey at my sister’s."

Looks like we'll be ships passing in flight! I'll be on my way to Bozeman tomorrow for Thanksgiving with Prince & Princess JMH. Do you ever pass through my neck of the woods (Piedmont Triad) on the way to your sister's? I expect she's probably further east.

JM Hanes

Man Tran:

"Top Navy SEAL commanders will now leave in droves."

Spencer may have been a talented man, but he not only publicly contradicted his CiC, he went around the chain of command trying to get his way and threatened to quit if he didn't. Even if he didn't consider the President's tweet an official order, you don't air your differences with your superiors in the press. I'd be surprised if SEAL commanders leave in droves over a man who wrote his own walking papers. I suspect Trump's pardon was good for morale among troops on the ground in action, but we shall see.

JM Hanes

As I catch up I realize I was a little late to the Spencer party!

JM Hanes

Guess it doesn't matter, since I appear to be here by myself.


Yes, I noticed that drop off which actually surprised me. It seems we weren't the only ones who saw her slipping, both literally and metaphorically.

jim nj


I was up early enough to catch the second half of the Giants game. The Giants came alive in the 4th quarter, but ran out of time. Then I watched the 'Boys lose to the Pats. That's almost as good as a Giants win. So I'm trying to look on the bright side. With the Redskins win today the Giants move up a spot in the draft rankings.

Jim Sunny,

Agreed life has been found in far harsher environments. I think that this particular stew is just too nasty to support life.

It's water, but it has a high saline content, a very high acidity and noxious fumes bubbling through the water.


Roger Stone doesn’t like gay sex. He has no business being in prison or the new conservative movement.


Navy SEAL’s MRE’s now come with caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. It’s hot stuff.


It seems we weren't the only ones who saw her slipping, both literally and metaphorically.

Posted by: JM Hanes | November 25, 2019 at 12:49 AM


Aptly put! And to think she still holds out hope for another run at the prize. She should run as Biden's VP. Their slogan could be "Slippery and Fall".

JM Hanes

LOL, Barbara!

Here's another little chart. Rasmussens daily tracking poll comparison of Trump vs Obama to date is rather interesting.

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 1.14.30 AM

And for the last laugh of day, or the first, I guess, also per Rasmussen:

The House impeachment hearings haven’t moved voters so far, with a plurality still expecting President Trump to be reelected next November. The number who thinks the president’s impeachment is likely hasn’t changed, but there’s sizable support for expanding the hearings to include the activities of Joe Biden and his son.
Congratulations, Dems!

JM Hanes

Just realized that it's a hard to tell in the poll chart above:
Trump is GREEN,
Obama is BLUE.

jim nj


He includes a one paragraph dig at the President over the importance of "good order and discipline." Yet, he himself, failed in that regard.

I'm not quite sure how to rank the most mismanaged branch of the armed service, but the Navy (excluding the Marines) has to top any list.

I presume that Spencer was correcting this shortcoming as best as he could.

I don't fault him for what he inherited. The Navy was in a sorry state before he got there, but I would like the new SecNav to take a much more critical look at the Admirals of upper management.

jim nj

JMHanes and Barbara,

I'm not looking at the Clinton Foundation chart right now, but if my memory of it is correct the donations started falling right after she stepped down as SOS.

jim nj

I regularly visit Realcleardefense trying to find interesting articles.

In my reading it has become clear to me that the Marines are currently the most innovative, forward-thinking branch of the armed services.

The Navy, still unsure of how to use its new Littoral Combat Ships, the debacle of the new USS Ford aircraft carrier and the colliding ships issues in the the Pacific is absolutely the the worst run branch of the services.

jim nj


Conrad Black

He remembers Nixon much like I do including the stolen election of 1960.


I mentioned Fedposting at one point:

Wendel Schwab
Nazis are people.

Nazis are human beings.

They were young once. They have parents. Many are parents, or will be. They have dreams. They have feelings. They have human bodies. They sleep. They get sick. They age.

And they still deserve to be shot.
That's very fucking important.

Some people have replied with "there aren't any Nazis anymore." Guess what? I hate to break it to you: they're in the White House, making policy and getting their sick, twisted ideology made into law.

The only thing Nazis respond to is threats, and, if that doesn't work, violence. Their ideology isn't a rational one, so scaring them into abandoning, or killing them if they don't, it is a viable solution.

Dave (in MA)

...And then he appears to have made his Twitter timeline private.

jim nj


What a waffling weenie this guy is. A master of confabulation, but not strategy.

"The evidence is already overwhelming," Schiff said on CNN's State of the Union. "The facts are really not contested. It's really not contested what the president did."

Yeah, bang that drum. You still need more cowbell.

"We don't foreclose the possibility of more depositions, more hearings," Schiff said on CNN. "We are in the process of getting more documents all the time. So that investigative work is being done."

Things aren't going our way we may need more one-sided, unfair hearings to add to the propaganda pile.

Dave (in MA)

Scratch that... He appears to have multiple Twitter accounts. https://mobile.twitter.com/wenschw/status/1198449892290527232

jim nj

"The only thing Nazis respond to is threats, and, if that doesn't work, violence. Their ideology isn't a rational one, so scaring them into abandoning, or killing them if they don't, it is a viable solution."

Pin, that guy clearly doesn't understand Nazis.

"The only thing Nazis respond to is threats..."

That part is true though. They responded by killing anyone who threatened them. Unlike Trump who just yells at extra-constitutional judicial decisions.

Who attempted the most recent political assassination - that's right, the Bernie-bro.

jim nj


With just about any other president, the deep state’s victory would be all-but-assured. With Trump, hedge your bets.

Roger Kimball

jim nj


"The Democratic-led House of Representatives recently passed legislation to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), a core tool of U.S. trade policy that Democrats have historically championed. But, it passed only after radical Democrats – who now seem in control of their party’s politics – torpedoed a bipartisan version that would have restricted the bank’s ability to do business with firms owned by the Chinese government."

WTF. I understand the arguments about the Ex-Im Bank, good and bad, but you can't include a carve-out for China?

jim nj


I don't believe the CO2 theory of warming, but if you do, the only appropriate target of protests right now would be China and India.

OTOH, if you believe that particulate matter in the air dissipates the effect of sunlight in heating the planet then China and India are saving the planet while their citizens die of respiratory diseases.

jim nj


John Schroder

As a lapsed Catholic I never cease to enjoy his Protestant take on modernity.

As our Judeo-Christian values are supplanted by the religion of climate change, socialism, anti-Jesuit Antifa and gender issues I wonder at what's next.

How secular does our nation have to become before the attacks stop?

Manuel Transmission

JMH, we’ll stop in Clarksville for fuel on our way to New Bern, but next time that stopover can be pretty much anywhere that the WX is decent and the fuel prices are reasonable. In that latter case BZN is a common stop for us even though they are fairly proud of their Jet-A. Last year at Christmas when the gummint was shutdown we lost an hour in traffic trying to get on the ground with a dozen or more heavy iron jets trying to pick up their pax after skiing through the holidays.

MM, hope to stay semi-caught up around here. Might get buried in a book I’ve had on my nightstand for about six months.


I don't know what Rainbow Capitalism is but I already don't like it.


jim nj


Over the last 18 years the Marines were transformed into a force that fought land battles. That was never their mission.

The pivot to returning to a seaborne force means that some of their land-based systems in development will have to be abandoned.

In looking toward the future they are also looking at their past. All the way back to WWII. The task of a Marine, unlike the last 18 years, will not be to hold and defend territory, but to take it and let the Army hold what they have taken while they move on and take something else.

jim nj


Exelon is either a woke utility or a dementia drug treatment. Look it up.

If you are referring to the former that would be a "shocking" development.

Or is the utility in favor of "shock" therapy for the sexually confused?

Apparently they are more "enlightened" than PG&E which engages in racist "blackouts."

jim nj



Bret makes the classic rookie error of skipping to the end of the Good Book:

We are going to have to figure out how to govern the Earth. That requires us to agree on values, ground rules and assumptions. I don’t care about private faith. I care that all populations maintain compatibility with a common belief system that prioritizes no one’s sacred book.



Senior Democrats argued the evidence for moving to the next phase of impeachment is overwhelming

Robin, eff 'em all

Sydney Powell interview at 7:28 had one juicey morsel that was news to me--
it was Strzok's WIFE who went to the FBI!! She found the their texts on his phone, and reported them!

Posted by: anonamom | November 24, 2019 at 08:39 PM

That delights me to no end.


MTWe’re off to NC tomorrow for a week of shooting and Turkey at my sister’s.

Flying commercial? Maybe out paths will cross at CLT Douglas Intnl??


MT will fly his bird. He can even bring the fingernail clippers.



James D.

Go Redskins. NY Giants advance to #2 in next year's NFL draft pick.

If Gettleman is still GM come draft time, he’ll eff it up even if they end up with the first pick.



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