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November 23, 2019



I dont think he needed any encouragement in that department

Captain Hate

Sandusky state had a good quarter. The third.

Ohio State must have been eating really greasy Bar-B-Q at halftime because the pigskin eluded their grasp. Then the State Penn backup QB came in and just started running the ball like a bull in a china shop, disrupting all the Buckeye defensive schemes designed against the obdurate dolt that Gus Johnson called "elite". Eventually the Bucks decided to pack the line and make the guy beat them with his arm; after one DB inexplicably let an easy interception get by him, a D lineman or linebacker snagged one out of the air and that was that.

JM Hanes

Your guess is as good as mine, Narciso.

Speaking of odd working conditions, here's an engraving by van Leyden called "Virgil in a Basket."

Virgil in a basket

Where's Virgil? You might well ask! It took me awhile to find him, hanging from a window on the upper left side.

L van Leyden Virgil in a basket detail

It does look like he's working though, no? I'm sure there's some well known story behind this, but I'm debating about just making one up.


Just hanging around i guess, as the poet laureate of the empire, youd think hed be less laid back


More persistent then cyrano



One might say the fickleness of some:



Context is important.



Good. Who did you meet there? What places did you visit? Were Secret Service there? Did Epstein pay your fare? What about other guests?

If you give me some time, I can probably create more questions.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

"Non Profits" are a blight on the nation as legal money laundering scams (who in their right mind sets up an organization to not make money; corporations were specifically designed to make profits under an invented entity distinct from the humans behind it).



Kevin Clinesmith

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The OR v A State game is cray cray!


Great stuff, JMH!

I have a new kitten, Charlotte, 9 weeks, and she is making it hard to tyPe!


Captain Hate,

I started having my doubts when the Clinton Foundation surfaced and no one said a word.

All I could see with it was a vehicle for bribery. They didn't even try to make some fake charitable contributions.

The law needs to be revamped.


People hear corporation and they regard it as a shibboleth. Despite the fact that their favorite products couldnt exist with out them, and they act the opposite toward non profit, both are special purpose intruments


Handsome young nam

Derek Utley on Twitter: "Barron Trump is a solid 2 inches taller than @realDonaldTrump. Here’s like 6’5 at 13. https://t.co/GTnLrCPerv" / Twitter

JM Hanes

There's more

All went well enough until he had been drawn half way up to the window. There the princess and her women left him, taunting him and mocking his prayers for release. He swung in mid air until daybreak. The people of the city, who were all familiar with the figure of so renowned a man, were first startled, then amused by the predicament in which they found him. This incident did not end with the laughter and gibes of the populace ; for the emperor having been informed of the matter released Virgil from his unique prison, with the intention of ordering him to be beheaded.
But never fear! That's not the end. Virgil escapes to take his revenge....


Id never heard of that anecdote before:


JM Hanes

They do manage to keep Barron pretty well out of the limelight, don't they?


Its not really about vergil, its more allegorical.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

#6 goes down!

Suck it ducks!

Captain Hate

Dammit, I'm truly sorry I missed the Ducks getting a high colonic but I had some music writing to get done tonight.

Eat shit, Knight.

JM Hanes


It looks like van Leyden must have done a whole series on the basket story. I was looking at the link you posted, and it seems to me that hounds of that period all have a look of their own that is quite different from their modern counterparts. I wonder what kind of dog it actually is,

Another Hemingway photo of the author having breakfast. Looks like he did everything at the same little table in the corner!

Hemingway at Breakfast - Hutton

This one is not Hemingway, although it almost could be the latter day author. It's a drawing of Victor Hugo by Auguste Rodin:

Victor Hugo by Rodin 400

It's a truly remarkable drawing.

Captain Hate

The law needs to be revamped.

No, it needs to be eliminated.



This is what prompted Rudy Giuliani's sequence of tweets saying that he had information on a bunch of stuff which would bring down the DNC and the Biden's.

Captain Hate

They do manage to keep Barron pretty well out of the limelight, don't they?

Yes, they don't even use him as a prop like The Omen with "selective" access.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 24, 2019

Video at the link, by Jeanine Pirro

JM Hanes

Hi Catsmeat!

Have you had a chance to catch your breath since your spectacular weekend? Hello to Charlotte, too. Seems an appropriate name; was it a literary choice? Or just a name you happen to like?



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 24, 2019

Video at the link.


Apparently so, i wasnt really that familiar with leyden in the firsr place.


It comes from wodehouse, right,


Bedtime for me.



Yale beat harvard thurston howell moderately sad.

jim nj

The biggest difference between non-profits and corporations are that the latter have shareholders that can vote management out of office.

JM Hanes

OK, just one more, and then I've got to go pack. Here's the Brera Madonna by Piero della Francesca. It includes something very odd (I had to clip the painting pretty dramatically, to make it more obvious).

Piero della Francesca-Brera Madonna 400

I think the egg suspended over the Madonna's head is supposed to be an ostrich egg, which is a symbol of all kinds of good things that I will have to look up again tomorrow!

Another Bob

“the latter have shareholders that can vote management out of office”

As you know, that system doesn’t work nearly as well as it might sound.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Possibly the pearl of great price referencing the sacrifice Jesus will make hanging over his head? It is hanging from a shell. Or not.


If you have Netflix, you have to watch two films.

First, of all and the most important, is Spitfire, The Plane That Saved The World. It’s that good.

Second is The Laundromat. Right idea, maudlin script of The Big Short stylizations with a dreadful finale, but the best explanation of the Panama Papers to date.

Go watch, you won’t be disappointed.

jim nj


The ability to create a combined fleet, sharing a command and control data-set, is huge. And they were also linked to air and ground forces.

jim nj


True, but at least theoretically, a corporation has oversight, unlike a non-profit.

Continuing further into the difference between reality and fantasy - Tesla has booked 146,000 orders for the new truck.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I think the egg suspended over the Madonna's head is supposed to be an ostrich egg, which is a symbol of all kinds of good things that I will have to look up again tomorrow! --

Little known fact; the ostrich is one of the few birds to possess a clitoris, the others being other large flightless birds along with ducks and geese.

jim nj

On RBG, if she is suffering from chills and a fever, signs of possible flu, why use antibiotics? Maybe she is being treated for more than one thing?


I bet Alfred Kinsey tried to find it too.


I was going to post something, but Ig's 12:31 made me forget what I was going to post.



Oh, yes, I remember now. :)

It's this quote which reminded me of Democratic voters.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

Albert Einstein


And now forsomething compleyely different...


Not sure if anyone posted this important information, and I'm about 45 minutes late, but yesterday, 11/23, was Fibonacci Day. Long-time JOMers will understand the significance, and of course it is represented in Iggy's avatar. (And in case you're wondering, 1,1,2,3 are the first four Fibonacci numbers.)


The head of the puerto rican oversightboard natalie jarezko is the chicago raised fmr ukrainian foreign minister, quelle surprise.

jim nj


IHTFP takes on a new meaning.


I thought it was national expresso day.

Another Bob

“Tesla has booked 146,000 orders for the new truck”

For scale, Ford sold about 900,000 F150s in 2018.

I don’t understand how Musk has avoided prison for securities fraud.


Thanks for reminding me.

So theres a curious connection between the panama papers and haklyut, about three kevin bacoms appart.


News from 1945, this just in.


jimmyk, math always makes me nervous. :)


I put a lot of smileys in my posts.

(Unless I'm angry about something the left has done. The bastards!!)


Ah look at that pudding:


The danny ocean gang was more circumspect


Its like orderings homers soecial design


Wellit helps none of the teala board is technically profiscient you can zell them anything


That was right after privat bank imploded like those condemned hotels.

jim nj


Colombia protests: Troops stay on streets as unrest continues

I hadn't heard of this before.

"Thursday's general strike was called by unions and student groups, and more protests were held on Friday, with police using tear gas to disperse crowds."

Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia and now Columbia. Is there some kind of chess game going on?


Short summary, a businessman in china who collaborated with haklyuts downers died in a villa funded by the panama papers.


Narciso, Since you posted that bit about Natalie Jaresko, I've been reading about her. She certainly has the right connections and knows how to make money.




What do they all currently have in common, center right governments.


See they didnt seen to ask her to step down.


Look who pops up here:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A couple of hours to spare out here in CA, jimmyk;
Happy Fibonacci Day!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Roger Simon;
Abolish the Ivy League Already

jim nj


This not how "red flag" laws are supposed to work. I had to read it more than once to even understand it.

The lawyer involved sounds like a "shyster" from my reading.

jim nj


“Opposition to slavery has also been an important theme in American history”
An interview with historian James McPherson on the New York Times’ 1619 Project

Very long, but demolishes the 1619 project.

jim nj

On college student debt levels.

I see no reason to reduce them.

If it takes you 4+ years to realize you've been scammed don't come crying to me.

And the reason why student debt isn't dis-chargeable in bankruptcies is that they fixed the process because so many prior students went that route.

I mean, please, stop and think, why did Congress do that in the first place?

You have to realize that the government under Obama didn't steal the college student loan market from private industry.

The private loan makers were ready to abandon the unprofitable market.

This goes all the way back to 2005. Private student loans, if I remember correctly, were backed by Federal guarantees.

How do you sustain Federal funding for student loan guarantees when you are faced with a growing number of student bankruptcies and you have to make the lender whole again based on that government backing? You decide that student debt can't be discharged in bankruptcy!

This is as stupid as Obama wanting to give money to people who couldn't afford their home mortgages.

Lets lift up all the down trodden who are too stupid to order their own affairs by imposing a tax on the responsible people who did their homework beforehand.

jim nj

Years ago, way before this, we thought we had a STEM gap and funded students going that route in college. It was a national security issue.

There is no good national reason to issue student loans for unimportant studies. If those students can't pay back their loans, well, that's their fault for pursuing a stupid major.

From my perspective, no one should be "entitled" to a college education. Many people would be better off learning a trade and never acquiring that silly level of education debt.

And if you think I am being too harsh here I would point out that the Federal government has provided college aid under what now seems to be a little known program for decades.

It's called the "GI Bill." Put in your four years and they pay for a four year college education.

What a freaking bargain.

jim nj

And I'm sorry for those young people in the dating environment who suffer from massive student debt so badly that no one wants to marry them.

But lets be real. That is a rational decision.


I'm back from Los Angeles. The conference I attended was wonderful, but really intense. 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM this first day, and 8:00 AM to 6:30 the second day (today!).

The presentations were 10 or 20 minutes each of incredible but really complex cancer research; breaks were few, and keeping concentration for that long was physically taxing.

Cedars Sinai is an incredible facility. Apparently doc, staff and volunteers total about 21,000 people. It is huge.

There are some incredibly smart people in this world.

mike in houston

The only debt I had when leaving Transylvania U in 1974, was my bar tab at "The Green Lantern" a local student tavern.(taught me all about credit management. :)) All my undergraduate costs were paid for by the Texaco stock my grandfather bought after the 1929 market crash. It sure had appreciated in 45 years. My graduate studies at Wesleyan in CT were completely covered by a fellowship from the NEH. Both programs were "classical" liberal arts which included all major disciplines, from science to literature. It taught us how to think, not what to think. I would never have a problem hiring a "classical" liberal arts major, but they are few and far between.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Got a postcard on Saturday from the Registrar of Voters.
I haven't selected a political party BUT, for the presidential primary ONLY, 3 parties will let me vote for their candidates.

So if I want I can check a box and sign up to vote in the CA Dem presidential primary.

A chance to throw a micro amount of dust.

jim nj

mike in houston,

Shortly after our nation was founded a "classical" liberal arts program meant that you read the Latin and Greek classics in the original language. And you were familiar with all of the then new political philosophers.

If you wanted to practice law you interned with a lawyer and if you were good enough you eventually entered into a partnership.

"How to think" vs. "What to think" is really crucial. The former will engender new insights. The latter, not so much.

jim nj


Darwin award.


jim nj, when you do a CBC (complete blood count) in the face of viral (flu) or bacterial (bronchitis, pneumonia, UTI) infection, the total white blood count (WBC) is elevated. Then the differential of those WBCs , breaking them down in the per centages of the five kinds, lets a diagnostician know whether it's a viral or bacterial infection.

You can have that info in an hour.

Plus, there are some kind of really quick flu tests that are done as well.

And the history is helpful, as would a urinalyisis be if there is a UTI.


JMH, I look forward to your further discussion of The Madonna you posted
What I note is that she is huge.
She is sitting--the babe is across her lap---but her head height is above that of all the men, even though some of them appear to be directly to her side.

You stand that gal up, and she's a good foot and half taller or more than she is sitting.


Reminder: Clarice warned us: no Pieces today.

Here's a Cliff Notes comment on who the Leftists are, at Althouse on a post she made about the Victoria Secret fashion Show disappearing (my bolding):

Kevin said...
Victoria’s Secret has become emblematic of an outdated kind of sex appeal, one that was sold to women but catered to men.

Right there. In the first sentence.

It's not that the writer and editors don't like it. It's that they must make it taboo for everyone else.

It's outdated. It's man-pleasing. Not all women approve.

"Thank God, It's over now," they gleefully write.

It's the incessant liberal smugness, that what they want should not only be the norm but the only available option.

Like a toy in the Happy Meal, every piece of news comes with just such a lecture included.

James D.

Jim NJ @ 1:39

I think, contrary to the lies politicians tell when advocating for them, that’s precisely how red flag laws are intended to work.

James D.

From my perspective, no one should be "entitled" to a college education. Many people would be better off learning a trade and never acquiring that silly level of education debt.


But the push to send everyone to a four year residential college (at huge expense) directly from high school comes from government. It comes from politicians who constantly push the idea; and it is a result of terrible court decisions and DoL policies that force employers to use a college degree as a sorting criteria (Griggs v Duke Energy etc).

And that push benefits colleges, of course. It benefits the administrators who proliferate thanks to all the “free” money the colleges receive. It benefits the multi billion dollar college prep industry (of which the Bezos Post owns a huge stake in). And it benefits the thousands of bureaucrats at the Department of Education.

It’s a giant freaking scam. And while, yes, the students willingly took on all that debt, and their parents were dumb, they were still scammed, and not just by the schools but by their elected officials.

Tax the endowments, take 50 or 75% of their money away, use that to pay off the loans, get the feds totally out of the student aid business, repeal Griggs v Duke Power and similar decisions, and the country would be a hell of a lot better off.


the students willingly took on all that debt, and their parents were dumb, they were still scammed, and not just by the schools but by their elected officials.

After years of participation trophies, the little darling think they are all college material.


TIL Eric Carmen is Based, Redpilled and still alive:


"World population needs to be decreased by 50%"
Henry A. Kissinger

James D.

Absolutely, buckeye. And they (and their parents) are responsible for it.

But the larger culture, and government policies and incentives, definitely play a role, too.

And it is kind of crazy that as a society we’ve decided 18 year olds are not mature enough to be allowed to buy a beer, but they are mature enough to sign up for tens of thousands of dollars of debt with no co-signer and no collateral and no obvious means of paying it off.


jim nj, I appreciate your perspective on student loan debt. I believe the education industry is allowed to get away with their scam because the industry is infested with liberals. Look at what used to happen when oil prices rose during shortages; moral outrage.

I remember a long time ago reading about escalating tuition that education embraced the governing principle "never leave money on the table". Education hoovered up the available student loan dollars and then some. I estimate education costs were indexed to 10 times the inflation rate.

In the late 70's I got a four year engineering degree on a $2000 scholarship; $250 per semester paid for tuition and books. I got a master's degree paid for as a research assistant. Even without scholarships I could have easily paid for my education and lived off campus with a part time job.

My education was a bargain and for a long time I donated to the university. I stopped donating as education succumbed to political correctness and bloated cancerous administration.

I might not consider college in this era. I am encouraged that more folks enter the trades. The education industry has made college education a dubious investment.


While at the game yesterday, every TV time out meant someone was on the field getting their participation trophy.

The ones that made me puke the most were for two SJW types who have done "wonderful work" on some social research. The university president, Dr. Drake gave those "trophies".

He is "retiring", and all I can say about that is, get out, stay out, and don't come back!


How would you deal with the families who took at 2nd mortgages on their homes because these so-called elite schools consider both house equity and 401(k) savings as available to fund tuition at the rack rate?

There's a lot of bitterness when you are essentially told you are paying for two kids to go to a university, your own child and one with more desirable demographics who gets to go largely for free.

To mike's comment, I have a classically trained lib arts grad who went into business through a fluke 1st job she excelled at. She sees the big picture much better than more traditional business degrees and can teach herself what she doesn't know. She is now becoming to go-to when there's an important email or presentation because she can whip out print and play with it more. Her dad is a bit shocked the history major worked out so well.

Apparently the british papers are reporting that the interview with the bbc was largely sarah ferguson and princess bea's idea and that the latter was directly involved.

Jim Eagle


If still up and about, that map of “Londen”: The caption in Flemish refers to it “..and surrounding areas.” It could be part of a series.


princess bea should stick to just picking up her participation trophies as well.


That interview of Andrew and the whole Epstein fiasco will get us at least one more season of The Crown, no???

Gotta hand it to the Queen--she's getting really good at doing what needs doing. Even to her reportedly favorite.
She didn't waste much time in cutting him lose.

She's definitely learned a few things about her family IRT "protecting the brand" in the past 76 years from her uncle and his witch of wife, Margaret, Fergie, Charles/Diana, hasn't she??

My oldest writes "We fought a war so we didn't have to pay attention to these people" every time I forward him something --but boy oh boy, it's hard not watch their train wrecks, isn't it?

Robin, eff 'em all

I recently saw a thread posted on FB by a high school friend who is now an English professor at Yale. He was commenting on the ethics of pushing students into graduate studies while knowing there simply are not the tenure track jobs available for them. It was a long and very transparent conversation, but the gist of it was that college administration jobs are designed for these graduates. Not only that, but the workload is minimal, giving these employees lots of time to pursue other interests while on the job. They all stated that this is where they are pushing grad students to justify their degrees.

It happens to be the case that one cannot obtain an administrative job at Cornell other than a temporary position if one doesn't have at least a masters, so it is clear that higher ed institutions have created a very nice system designed to benefit themselves like any good for-profit entity.


Ethics clearly aren't present in college admissions.

Lots of trials going on at the moment prove that.

Ukraine vs Harvard, what's the difference?

James D.

rse, there's no way around the unfairness of it.

But I think it could be sold as a final, one-time unfairness in exchange for blowing up the crooked system for good and taking taxpayers off the hook (at least at the federal level) going forward.

Because right now, those families that sacrificed and took second mortgages ARE on the hook for all the defaulted loans, and if nothing changes, they will continue to be on the hook for all future loans, and for all the other federal aid that pays for Grievance Studies programs and legions of Vice-Deans for Equity and Inclusion and so forth.

And the whole scam will go on indefinitely.


I strongly oppose forgiving those college debts.

I favor restructuring them--to forever, if need be--and capping what per cent (?5? 3?) of a monthly income they can require, and make the schools with climbing walls and food halls and more than one administrator for every 100 students eat a big shit sandwich right now----maybe have them assume the current terms, then have the more generous terms be between the borrower and the universities.
(It's probably unneccessary to note that I know nothing about borrowing, so this may not make any sense. But I have to read the finance people's medical diagnosis of RBG, so now we are even! ;-)

Need to use the student debt crisis to teach some basic econ---succinctly make it clear THE F'ing GOVERNMENT DID THIS by distorting the market.
Based on STUPID ELITES' conclusion that since college grads made good money, going to college was the reason why.
No--it was because industrious , hard working people tended to go to college. Then went on to do well.

College wasn't the magic thing--it was who got themselves through it.

Captain Hate

How would you deal with the families who took at 2nd mortgages on their homes because these so-called elite schools consider both house equity and 401(k) savings as available to fund tuition at the rack rate?

The FAFSA forms were surely designed to discourage anyone for applying for financial aid. First of all they were designed for either people with no income or wealthy enough to have an accountant on retainer since they demanded prior year's tax information before W2s were sent out. Second they punished anyone who responsibly saved for their children's education and rewarded irresponsible behavior. Add the ridiculous notion of considering retirement income as current and you start to understand why people hated filling them out.

Captain Hate

To hell with forgiving student debt. That irks me as much as removing the stigma around declaring bankruptcy.


Yes, but who decided that was OK to even include home equity and retirement savings in FAFSA? (More of those econ ignorant elites).

My parents gave me a check for $600 to open a checking account with when I went off for my freshman year--and that was it. Period. For my entire education. I worked a job that involved overnight shifts til I started my clinical rotations four years later and borrowed under my name. (yes, with the certainty that I would have an income the day after I graduated. I have been blessed, greatly. But I also worked my fanny off since I was nine!)

I am positive their calculated "contribution" per FAFSA was far higher than that--they had been homeowners since I was born, had savings.
But they also had five kids, and were not about to short the other four, or their retirement, to send me to school.

So they said NO. And not just to me--the other four too got a similar amount of support.
Yes, totally different era.
But again, people make choices. And my parents decided they weren't putting their home or retirement financial security at risk for their kids to go to school.
They loved us so much they made sure they were not a financial burden in their old age.


Robin--your friend is brave to host that discussion.
Even if he has tenure.


CH-they don't consider retirement income as current so if you have a vested pension that you haven't started taking yet whose present value exceeds what someone else has in their 401 k that doesn't count. If parents have any tangible assets they insist on taking.

I am supposed to feel sorry for the surgeon's daughter down the street doing nyu or g'town law and borrowing the entire amount under the assumption she will go to work for the govt or a nonprofit so it will be forgiven? Or nieces who go back to get masters in an area no one cares to hire in that was foreseeable at the time she went but she liked college town life and hoped for 2 more years?

Or the one insisting she is going on a PhD track while relatives treat that as cool and an investment and completely unaware there are no tenured jobs?

Many of these loans are not paying tuition. They covered living expenses while these degrees were being secured and now we should foot the bill because taking out the loan seemed for lucrative than a minimum wage job?

Captain Hate

Does anyone doubt that the global warming scam was a job corp for the glut of sciency degree holders who were otherwise unemployable?

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