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November 25, 2019



The Babylon Bee @TheBabylonBee

Global Warming Pinned On Kid Who Keeps Leaving The Front Door Wide Open While The Heater Is On buff.ly/2DhvGew



This columnist thinks Melania's clothing is beautiful. At the bottom of this is a video of the designer who does a lot of her clothing, and it's interesting that he also did items for Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.



Finally finished that loooong article on Obama in Politico Magazine which I linked on the prior page.

Second paragraph before the end, I see this:

"One close adviser remarked that Obama actually enjoyed the backlash and debate that his recent comments created and that he was eager to help quarterback the campaign against Trump next year. “As we all know, he’s an extraordinarily self-confident guy,” he said. "
Bolding is mine. I hope Brad Parscale picks that up and realizes that any candidate getting the dem nomination is going to have a kibbitzer giving unwanted advice. I cannot think of anything more disruptive.



In an era of virulent political tribalism, how can we recover the habits necessary for meaningful citizenship? Please join AEI for a conversation about the strategies and institutions we need to depolarize American politics.

Americans on different sides of our political divide seem increasingly incapable of speaking to one another or holding a coherent set of facts in common. The reasons for this development seem to have less to do with traditional ideological or policy divisions and more with a profound cultural breakdown we are only beginning to understand.

Please join AEI for a conversation with Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Jonathan Rauch and Mercatus Center Senior Affiliated Scholar Arnold Kling on the forces undergirding modern tribalism and the tools that exist to curb its noxious effect on American political discourse.

Because nothing will heal the cultural divide like public policy think tanks that at best differ on methods to shared goals they are rarely detailed about using a narrative that is duplicitous to anyone that has factual knowledge of the subject.

Apparently ramapnt ignorance heals the divide.

Captain Hate

Ryan Lizza's ability to communicate complete nonsense is striking even by the low Politico standards.



Captain Hate

AOC encouraged workers at a growing solar
energy startup to unionize. They did, and the CEO fired the entire
workforce. LOLGF, learn to code.


Posted by: Ian S. at November 26, 2019 11:03 AM (ZGrMX)

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at that.
Posted by: Jukin the Deplorable and Totally Unserios at November 26, 2019 11:29 AM (pw+jk)


Oh, the blue states don't like it when the rich get taxed?


Captain Hate

The formal aid that Biden was threatening Poroshenko he would cancel if he didn't fire the prosecutor is just the tip of the iceberg. There where hundreds of millions of dollars also flowing into Ukraine from other government agencies in the form of grants, loans and loan guarantees.

Check out this thread. It's all well sourced.


Yes, they are scared.
Posted by: JackStraw at November 26, 2019 11:33 AM (ZLI7S)

Captain Hate

Both the Cuomos are Fredos. Challenging the dismissal? LOLGF!

James D.

Requesting a prayer from anybody who can spare one - my Aunt Charlotte (90 years old) is in the hospital with an unspecified infection, and some divine help probably couldn't hurt.

James D.

Maybe also a prayer that the son she gave up for adoption gets over whatever issues he's nursing and comes to visit her - he came to see her once, back in 2018, but has dropped out of contact since then and the lack of contact since then has really hurt her.

I think I posted about this - the whole reason they even met was because I did 23&Me, and this guy's daughter also did it and showed up as a second cousin. She then emailed me asking if I had a relative named Charlotte, because they thought she was her dad's birth mother (at the time I had no idea my Aunt had ever had a child - he was born 4 years before me). I talked with my cousin (20 years older than me) and he said, yes, Charlotte had a baby in 1965 and put it up for adoption (she was unmarried, the father was a married man, she was a good Catholic, etc). And apparently Charlotte had been having recurring dreams for a while about the baby she gave up.

Anyway, we all met last September, and it seemed to be a good visit, but since then the adopted son has refused to speak to any of us, and it just breaks Aunt Charlotte's heart.


Peayers for her james d.

James D.

The hilarious thing about my cousin's retelling of my Aunt's pregnancy was the way that, even when she was obviously, unquestionably pregnant, and he (in high school at the time) could clearly see it, NOBODY would say a word about it or acknowledge the fact.


Spotted during the lockdown: a missile battery in position atop a building across the street from the White House pic.twitter.com/IkmjWby2FI

— Sara Cook (@saraecook) November 26, 2019

Photo at link.


Why i call it the basilisk



Its harry steins birthday

Dave (in MA)
"a missile battery in position atop a building across the street from the White House"


James D

Prayers for your Aunt Charlotte and also the son she gave up for adoption.

I also had an Aunt Charlotte. A devout Catholic who scared the hell out of me and my cousins. She was the aunt we were all threatened with, "Do you want to spend the weekend with Aunt Charlotte?" I bet she's still praying for us, I'll ask her in prayer to pray for your Aunt and son.


Thoughts from the criminally insane, who happen to use Lenin's Playbook:

Evelyn Farkas
"If we don’t put a halt to climate change, everything else will pale in comparison. It will lead to war, refugees, a scarcity of water and of food supply. It will be a health problem."

Hear more of my chat w/ @ADunneWAMC at @WAMCRadio:



Couture Cocktails LV
"When the time is right, all good things happen." @SecPompeo
@beer_parade @cjtruth @LizzJustLizz

Link goes to Pompeo clip, with Cheshire Cat Grin in play.




Prior Link: https://twitter.com/CocktailsLV/status/1199372589073760256

Ain't THAT a shame:

Greg Yarbrough
#BREAKING - The Arkansas Democratic party says they will not be able to field a candidate for US Senate after Josh Mahony dropped out of the race hours after the filing deadline expired #ARNews #ARpx



bag fulla doosh:



prayers for sure, James D.


Dems losing control of BART commuter safety (crime).

Too few gendarmes with smarts in even shorter supply.


how much is Congress donating?



Kev, Congress donates your money.


Remember that idiot from Malta who tried to escape on his yacht last week?

Well part of the Maltese Government has resigned today because of the fall out, a k a The murder of a reporter.


Just getting started, but the snowball is definitely building up a head of steam.


Been trying to get some housework done and checked Twitter where some reporter was whining because they are "forced to shout" at the chopper pressers!


That's the idea, moron!


nuke them fr space.



lol w/ henry.....but not rilly. ;)


His book was released today

Author Doug Wead Stalked in "Elaborate Threat" for Writing Pro-Trump Book - "Inside Trump's White House" (VIDEO)


James D.

KK @ 1:40

The school deserves to go bankrupt, and based on the behavior of the administration over the past year, it certainly seems like it may be headed in that direction.


Stop the madness From @GOP @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/EFWJdPa4C0

— The “Dirty” Truth (@AKA_RealDirty) November 26, 2019

Video at link; anti-dem, anti-impeachment ad.



I put that on my Christmas list!


I bet he tells great bedtime stories:

Arthur Schwartz
Parnas was arrested with prescription antidepressants & opioids. The sole source for CNN’s “Devin Goes to Vienna” lie is a drug-addled, indicted sleazeball desperately hoping that Schiff can get him an immunity deal. He can’t. Hope CNN has good lawyers.





John S

This is priceless. If leftists hate someone for any reason whatsoever, call him Trump. LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva won an upset victory by being anti-ICE. So, he's the anti-Trump. but now the loonies who voted for him are upset that he is bringing back deputies who were fired for excessive force and other charges by his predecessor. So the leftists do an immediate about-turn and we get this in LA Magazine:
"Meet Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the Donald Trump of L.A. Law Enforcement."



Gabriel Malor
7th Cir. catches appellate counsel altering photographs in the appendix and then lying about them at oral argument, issues order to show cause.

Dude, you are so fucked. media.ca7.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/rssExe…


Captain Hate

To hell with Oberlin. They had Antioch available as a cautionary tale and didn't learn a damn thing. Willful ignorance.



Every time I hear the name "Oberlin", my thoughts go to its Administration and what is undoubtedly their motto...



Looks like the German Green Party Commissars have decided elect "Famine" as their platform:

Oh boy what a shot
Farmer protest Germany




(Drone video from last night, I believe.)

Captain Hate

Stedman is upset at Gaylord for not encouraging his Presidential aspirations. There are lots of comments that apply, none of them favorable to those two clods.



Someone on Twitter mentioned Angela Merkel hadn't been sighted in a while.


I want to mention that Cheshire Cat grin of Pompeo's made me feel quite cheery.

Also, lots of things seem to be happening with more frequency.


John Bolton
It probably goes without saying, that our country’s commitment to our national security priorities is under attack from within. America is distracted. Our enemies are not. We need to make U.S. national security a priority. #JohnBolton


"I don't really understand how people in their 50s get stuck acting like such children. "

rse at 8:22am


I really can't explain it either. I would think that as sibs grow older they would treasure those relationships. I blame it on sensitivity overload. Family makes an easy target. For some, opinions also tend to become entrenched after a certain age as that youthful spirit that engages and discusses becomes brittle and entrenched. It's silly, really.

I love the story about the door decoration for your father. That he enjoyed it is all that matters. You'll have to tell us what you find for a Christmas decoration.


Mr. Jones
BREAKING: Second person comes forward with information that a radical islamist has infiltrated our government

Omar is a TRAITOR who is selling U.S. secrets to middle east countries that want to destroy us

Can someone remind me what the punishment is for TREASON?
Abdullah Al Saleh | عبدالله الصالح

My name is Dr. Abdullah al-Saleh and I was the guest of the Qatari government and Prime Minister for 6 months. I learned of their operations in the West and can testify and confirm that everything Alan Bender said in his deposition regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar and Qatar is true.
According to what I read, Omar has been selling information to Qatar who in turn give it or sell it to Iran.


Pres. Trump at annual turkey pardoning:

“Bread and Butter have been specially raised…to remain calm under any condition, which will be very important, because they've already received subpoenas to appear in Adam Schiff's basement on Thursday."


— Chloe Salsameda (@ChloeSalsameda) November 26, 2019

Video at link.


Hello! Green Newd Thread.



Thread by StuinSD titled:

Rep. Nunes Destroys Democrats in His Closing Statement

Lots of Nunes quotes and background to what they signified.


James D.,

I will pray for your Aunt Charlotte and for her son in the hope that he will come to visit her.



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