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December 04, 2019



Ratcliffe is impressive and is quite confidient in the IG's report. Video at the link.

As an American, I think that Pelosi's plan to proceed with an impeachment vote is terrible. But as a Republican, I think it's great. Let the Democrats continue digging a hole for themselves as we approach the 2020 election. pic.twitter.com/1NmalvGAct

— John Ratcliffe (@RepRatcliffe) December 5, 2019

I am curious to know why you refer to that as moving the goalposts?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that your "that" has nothing to do with my "that."

Please reread my comment to familiarize yourself with my "that."


Ryan Van Sickle ⭐⭐⭐ @Ryan_VanSickle

James Clapper just reported on CNN that their headline claiming President TRUMP'S campaign was NOT spied on is premature.

Uh oh


Tom R

TK @ 2:02

I'll take that as an evasion. It was pretty clear you were accusing me of moving the goalposts. I can understand why you don't want to address the point.


Elizabeth Warren revealed today that when she becomes president she will bring global warming to an end within five minutes. How would she do it? A simple rain dance, Warren claims.


matt - deplore me if you must

How can they expect their "witnesses" to play with the rest of the country? Elitist drones spouting patently false and unfair drivel while the clapping seals spout Madison and Adams and Jefferson, a bunch of old dead white racist slaveholders and prudes.

Funny how their wokeness took a back seat when it suited them. Just like all of the rest of the massive hypocrisy they spout. 60 years of failure in the inner cities. Weinstein, Lauer, Epstein and the rest; Joe Biden's son on the take. Bill & Hillary's massive graft.

Even when the former president of Haiti accuses them of enriching themselves on the backs of starving children the media are silent.

You can call it populism, but I think that is more disgust with a elite that would trash everyone's rights but their own who even now with their climate scam and green energy are screwing the vast majority.

The Dems have divided to rule more so than anyone in history. Even the British Empire cannot hold a candle to their blatant pandering and graft.

And they know the hammer is about to come down on their charades.

Robin, eff 'em all

My son, who hadn't been to a dentist in 25 years has to go see a periodontist. When he finally went to the dentist last week, he only had one cavity (the dentist couldn't believe it) but his gums are in bad shape.

I told him to do whatever the guy said because he does NOT want dentures. He apparently inherited my dad's genes for strong teeth but unfortunately my weak gums.

MM, did your son have braces by chance? I seem to remember him being close to 50. They are starting to see people my age with good teeth but gum recession due to years of metal in our mouths.


I've been out for a while, sorry if this was already posted but Don Surber's blog post on hospitals fighting back on publishing their prices is excellent and I haven't seen it covered elsewhere in the conservative blogosphere.

I like this well-turned phrase:
The hospital cafeteria must disclose how many calories are in a meal, but hospitals don't have to disclose their prices.

Tom R

2019 Darwin Award candidate


Jim Eagle

"...but that combination of flips and spins exceeds the Lougainis limit."


Don't forget while he was doing those flips and spins he hit his head on the board and almost drowned.

Captain Hate


In just one event, Joe Biden:
Called a voter "fat" and "jack."

Said he was Vice President in 1976.

Told voters in Iowa they were in Ohio.

Robin, eff 'em all

Does anyone know if RBG was part of the second amendment/NYS challenge arguments on Mon or Tue?

Jim Eagle

I honestly believe that Biden is a paid extra by Trump in order to force a Bernie or Elizabeth as his 2020 competition. Maybe Trump promised him extra blonde hairs on his legs if he would just act stupid on the trail.


vid at link.

RNC Research

Biden to Iowan in Iowa: “you are in the state of Ohio”



I can’t take credit for this:

With the advent of self driving vehicles it’s only a matter of time till some country singer writes a song about his truck leaving him.

James D.

I honestly believe that Biden is a paid extra by Trump

I don't think Trump needs to pay Biden to act like a complete buffoon; Biden's been doing it for free for the last several decades.



If you don’t like bagpipes, you’re anti Semitic:

Taleb tier theory here. Bagpipes are actually a Semitic instrument carried to Ireland and Scotland by Phoenician and later Carthaginian traders. The human settlers of Ireland who overthrew the race of fae folk were Ibero-Phoenicians.


Mark Meadows @RepMarkMeadows

Speaker Pelosi this morning: “The president’s actions in taking these things to court... is an obstruction of justice.”

Jonathan Turley to Democrats, YESTERDAY: "If you impeach a President ... out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It's YOUR abuse of power."



No, he didn't have braces. His teeth were straight and no overbite, so never did have braces. However, 25 years without having your teeth cleaned will provoke infection and receding gums.

Yes, he is about 50. Good memory!


I'll take that as an evasion.

Because I asked you to clarify the "that" that you were putting into my mouth? LOL. Put a little effort into the conversation Tom. I'm trying here.

I didn't say or remotely suggest the theory you presented as mine, so I am unsure if that is the "that" of which you speak. I am willing to help you along here, but I need you to be more clear.



Pin, so the grail was at castle anthrax in scotland?



Interesting to see several reporters this morning floating different ideas for how Democrats can get through or out of their impeachment mess.

Tom R


This is what my dentist suggested to me for my periodontal issues.


When I was in the Army an Army dentist botched a root canal and the end result is that it created a deep pocket in that area of my gums where food and bacteria collected which in turn caused my gums to deteriorate.

Since I started using the Hydrofloss my gums have grown back.


Tom R,

Thanks! I will pass that along to my son. It couldn't hurt, and could possibly be a big help!

Jim Eagle

After reading Pins 2:34 the lyrics to Convoy came to mind:)


Matt Couch
Why are there not AT&T Employees by the Dozens being arrested today for leaking a Congressman's phone records..

Asking for about 70 million close friends of mine..


Sahil Kapur

Donald Trump has now picked about one in every five American federal judges.

It gets a tiny fraction of attention compared to other stuff he does but this is the Trump legacy that'll echo for generations after he's gone.

Tom R

TK @ 2:41

Give me a break. Rocco asked a question at 7:36 last night about Rosenstein. I answered at 12:33 today and backed that up with a citation at 12:48 linking to the quotes by Hope Hicks. Narciso responded with the question at 12:53 which you quoted at 1:11 with your "whereever the goalposts move us" snark. When I called you out at 1:36 you then went into evasion mode.

Instead of resorting to scorched earth thread killing tactics that annoy the shit out of everyone, why don't you address Hope Hicks' comments involving Trump's annoyance with Flynn?


Narciso responded with the question at 12:53 which you quoted at 1:11 with your "whereever the goalposts move us" snark.

That's it! That is the quote I asked you to review. Thank you.

From that quote do you find the Hope Hicks theory you presented as mine?

Jim Eagle

Why is it that a number of people here think Trump is practicing Kabuki 4D theatre but then for truth beyond doubt 3rd party rely on direct quotes from insiders like Hope Hicks. Its one or the other and I have come to suspect anything coming out of Washington which I also did during my time there.

In DC information is King. In New York it is Money, In LA it is fame.

Those in DC who possess information, others do not have but would like to have, are Royalty.

Tom R


Since you consider yourself an experienced DC Insider please explain to me how things work in DC. If the Mueller SC team interviewed a witness like Hope Hicks, isn't it safe to assume that she was put under oath?

You have three alternatives here:
1) Hicks lied under oath about Trump's opinion on Flynn and his son.
2) The Mueller team altered her testimony.
3) Hicks told the truth and the 302 forms accurately represent her testimony.


The FBI never put Hillary or her staff under oath.


Mr Pin: With the advent of self driving vehicles it’s only a matter of time till some country singer writes a song about his truck leaving him.

Um, I'm pretty sure you posted that quip about 6 months ago LOL

It's funny, though!


enry: The FBI never put Hillary or her staff under oath.

I think you can still be prosecuted for obstruction or lying to a federal officer




"The Republican leader is simply wrong to suggest that the House process has been anything but deliberate, even-handed, and serious. Speaker Pelosi, the House Intelligence Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, are proceeding exactly how the Constitution prescribes," Schumer said. "But second, it is the height of hypocrisy to criticize the House process for being too short and not including enough witnesses when the Trump administration is the one blocking witnesses from testifying."


welcome to the sidelines chuck. enjoy your splinters. Coach Cocaine Mitch isn't gonna put you in this game.


sbw, simply invalidates assumptions that FBI puts everyone under oath. Besides, Flynn got hit with perjury for telling the truth (or so it seems). So it is an Alice in Wonderland set up where any assumptions are tenuous at best.

Jim Eagle


You are the most politically naive person I have ever seen. Do you really think that in DC of all places people with connections can get away with obfuscation which is what they all practice?

My Lord, Guy, give it a break with your consideration of how it works in DC. BTW, I remeber you condescing remark about my comment on OSU beating anyone like a hammer.

As a fellow officer, probably out ranking you, you really need to cut down the condenscending remarks here. You are embarrassing your rank.


Henry, it says right here in small print on my Leftist card: Truth is what I say it is.



Tracy Beanz also has information on the indictments of Nader and Khawaja, including court documents. She just posted this about 3 hours ago.

Tom R

You are the most politically naive person I have ever seen.

you really need to cut down the condenscending remarks here.

JiB @ 3:33

Pot meet kettle. BTW like TK you evaded the question too. Did you even know about what Hope Hicks said until I posted it today?


Chaco agrees with me:https://pjmedia.com/trending/why-i-still-dont-think-trump-will-be-impeached/


Of course, predicting the actions of crazy nutters is always a bit of a crap shoot.


This article is from last March, but good for a reminder since Kerry just endorsed Biden.


Jim Eagle


Yes I did. Refer to my 3:33 about how DC denizens respond or handle questions. Really, you need an education in DC politics. Much different than your Alabama politics.

Hope Hicks is the hope of impeachment? Yep.

Tom R

MM @ 3:38

Thanks for the link. Tracybeanz tweet thread reinforces a point DawsonSFields made that someone like me who is politically naïve was easily impressed by.

Why would Trump have a meeting with Nader in Trump Tower AFTER his meeting with ADM Rogers (where he was presumably informed that the Obama administration was spying on him) and AFTER Trump moved transition team operations to one of his golf resorts? By holding the meeeting with Nader in Trump Tower, did Trump want to make sure the conversation with Nader was recorded by the Feds?


Of course, predicting the actions of crazy nutters is always a bit of a crap shoot.

For what it's worth, the price of "No" on whether Trump will be impeached before the end of his first term has gone from $0.23 to $0.10 at Predictit.org. Mostly in the last couple of days.


BTW like TK you evaded the question too.

You do realize the error you keep making with your evasion victim card getting punched so many times. Nobody in town will come to your aid next time you scream "evasion!"

At Patterico's they have a similar tactic. "Bad faith" gets shouted from the rooftops whenever their strawmen go up in flames.

I keep trying to work with you Tom. I thought you were on to something when you made me aware that you actually read what I wrote. Do you understand the goalposts I was talking about now? Or did another shipment of straw just get delivered to your argument generator?

Good luck! I know you know you can discuss what I was talking about in my response to narciso. I just know it. :-)


I was in car going to yoga and had radio on right at news hour. They played a comment from Senator Lankford, who had called in earlier. Lankford said, when asked about impeachment, 'I don't see how you can impeach a president when they didn't have one shred of evidence to bring the charges. None of the witnesses had talked to President Trump except one man, and, he said the president told him no, he didn't want a quid pro quo.'

As I type that comment, I'm forced to think that Lankford is simple. Our senator seemed puzzled. The quid pro quo ship has sailed. The democrats are including obstruction, Russia, and several other charges.

So may Republicans failed and fail to see how vicious and hate filled the democrats are. Time to get serious about the depth of the left's depravity in their reaction to Donald Trump's election was three years ago.

Tom R

Hope Hicks is the hope of impeachment? Yep.

JiB @ 3:55

Based on that comment, I think you have misunderstood my point about Hope Hicks. In the spirit of meaningful debate let's try this one more time.


Hope Hicks, the former White House communications director, told agents about Trump’s annoyance with Flynn during a Dec. 8, 2017, interview. Investigators noted, “Trump told Hicks that Obama told him to watch out for Flynn” and “Hicks thought the comment sat with Trump more then she expected.” Trump “thought Flynn had bad judgment” and “it bothered Trump that both Flynn and his son sent bad tweets,” according to investigators

What makes a DC Insider like yourself doubt the veracity of Hicks' testimony?


Motoring happily along, oblivious to the tone deafness of their message of "Pay me!":

U.S. Chamber

The buzz of e-scooters zipping through the streets is only growing louder. As this innovative form of transportation grows, so does the need for infrastructure improvements. uscham.com/33Z9n8k


[Don't bother with the barn door, there ain't no more horses.]

Jim Eagle

ChCo is correct. The Dems moving this thing forward is an impeding political disaster. Good bye Democrats, that includes their Black base. Give it up. We love your committment to an un-thruth. Please Nancy, do it. do it. Bury your party, please.


CNN has a townhalll with Pelosi @ 9 tonight. She might be toasted by 9 and be more incoherent than usual.


It's rather odd, that he has never asked himself why no one likes him

Jim Eagle

simple TomR.

Inside WH pros never talk like that (Aboluistis) but the media will represent any quote that way. That's how. Give me uncontrovertiable evidence she actually said that and the question she answered.

Tom R

I know you know you can discuss what I was talking about in my response to narciso.

TK @ 4:02

Do you think narciso's 12:53 that you responded to with the goalpost snark was in response to my post or someone else? If someone else then who were you accusing of moving the goalposts?

What are the odds you answer either question?


Guatemala...Guatemala....Now where have I heard that before.....

Sara A. Carter
.@JoeBiden gave #Guatemala $1.2 Billion in his 8yrs as #VP. Now a high level Guatemalan official says "majority of @USAID funds designated to aid his nation’s poorest rarely reached those who need it most."

Why @TheDemocrats don't investigate that?



Oh, yeah, here, CARAVAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZY-Ytrw2co


"CNN has a townhalll with Pelosi"

Have any of these stations ever had a townhall with Repubs, or Repub talking points?


Do you think narciso's 12:53 that you responded to with the goalpost snark was in response to my post or someone else?

I thought his 12:53 was directed at you.

If someone else then who were you accusing of moving the goalposts?

See previous answer.


What are the odds you answer either question?

I'm not going to answer that.

Tom R

Give me uncontrovertiable evidence she actually said that and the question she answered.

JiB @ 4:10

The entire 295 pages of FBI records to include the 302 forms are embedded in the article linked. If you don't trust the article's account of Hicks' testimony you can compare it to the actual records.


JimSunny,is that a trick question? :) I was going to ask if a JOMer will take one for the team and listen to Pelosi.

Tom R

TK @ 4:21

Finally some progress. You were accusing me of moving the goalposts.

Now perhaps you can explain why you think I was moving the goalposts? All I did was answer Rocco's question based off the new information that until this week not one person here had ever heard of.





So,for most of us,this is our third impeachment! My average is every 21 years. By the time of the next impeachment,I'll be in the nursing home taking the good drugs. :)


Our Florida Congressman Steube was on with Maria this morning and is now on with Cavuto. I'm impressed.


Progress indeed, Tom. Thank you for being civil.

Here is the quote you want back and read:

Are we relying on muellers biased investigators as a reliable source now.

Posted by: Narciso | December 05, 2019 at 12:53 PM

Wherever the goalposts take us, narc.

I'm so old I remember when those same investigators were lying about eyewitness testimony regarding Trump's statements about Sessions.

Posted by: Threadkiller | December 05, 2019 at 01:11 PM

It is now obvious to you that your strawman has no resemblance to what I said.

Is it your formal position that Hope Hicks did not say what she is quoted as saying in that Examiner article?

Your next line:

I am curious to know why you refer to that as moving the goalposts?

makes it clear that you weren't asking me an independent question about my opinion of something. Instead you, for reasons known only to you, you inserted your made up theory as part of my goalpost comment. I assume you see the error you made.

That being said, the basis for my goalpost comment stems directly from narciso pointing out that Mueller's team are now trusted. Back when McGahn and Jody Hunt told Mueller about Trump saying "I'm fucked" and his subsequent trashing of Sesssions, you sang a completely different tune. You went so far as to suggest that if Trump did say it, it was theater. Theater because he knew the notes were going to Mueller? Maybe.

The point is. The FBI lies when it helps your story and the Fbi tells the truth when it helps your story.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spell this out to you.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I just got hit with a 7 day FB ban. LOL


FULL COMMIES in Joy Reid’s TL think if they get Trump convicted and turned out that they are going to impeach all of Trump’s judicial appointees. This isn’t just a coup, it’s a Bolshevik Revolution.

Captain Hate

Soooo Kellyanne Conway's fat slob husband has started insulting Melania. Question for the Kellyanne apologists: what has to happen to send that squeaky rodent packing? Going out arguing with assholes like Jake Tapper isn't very intellectually taxing imo; I'm pretty sure anyone commenting regularly here could do it very well. And just so I don't get accused of MISOGYNY I'd say the same fucking thing about any male who couldn't keep his fat slob wife from being a high exposure embarrassment.

Trump has put up with her husband's disrespect so far but I can't imagine having his wife insulted isn't irritating to him. Maybe she's offered to resign and he turned it down; if so at least that's a professional response to an embarrassment she created.


Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA | December 05, 2019 at 03:20 PM

I must be one step away from challenging old guys to push up contests.

Tom R

I assume you see the error you made.

TK @ 4:44

The error I made was assuming you would be willing to discuss the issue without shitting up the thread.

My comments were based on the article reporting on the 295 page tranche of interviews by the Mueller SC. Period. End of story.

Until Hope Hicks comes out and publicly states the Mueller SC team falsified and misrepresented her testimony I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the reporting in the article.


The whole thing bewilderes me, CH.

Later. I'll check in after the IG report, unless I check in sooner.






How’s Marco Rubio’s FICO score these days?

I just ran into Nick Fuentes first show where he’s probably 17 and breaking down the 2016 election.



Captain Hate

See y'all on the new thread.



Huge reorganization plan of federal government, which is why many bureaucrats are trying to undermine President Trump, if you ask me.


Privatizing the Postal Service.
Merging the Education and Labor departments.
Reorganizing safety-net programs into a Department of Health and Public Welfare.
Creating a governmentwide public-private partnership office to improve services to citizens, and stewardship of public resources.

More details in article.
Relocating more staff and offices outside the National Capital Region.
Dramatically shrinking the Office of Personnel Management.
Revamping the Army Corps of Engineers.


You really have to ask yourself how many republicans like Rubio and Romney are financially or morally compromised in some way.



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