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December 02, 2019



Btw have the name of the kamikazi dutchman in amsterdam the other day.


Oh charming:



The eloi peanut gallery:



Rep. Jim Jordan
Let me get this straight.

Page and Strzok sent texts about an “insurance policy” and how they’ll “stop Trump” while part of the FBI spying on Trump campaign.

Now Lisa Page is blaming the President. 1 week before Horowitz’s FISA report.



The stories miss the point, is it a bug?



Chad Pergram
11) A member of Pelosi’s leadership team today told Fox that the backlog of bills up this month in the House “works against” a December impeachment vote. And the Democrat noted that impeachment “doesn’t fit the holiday spirit.” That means impeachment could wait until 2020.
Pergram covers Congress for Fox News.


No hard feelings



Oh that awkward


president-elect caro

 photo d0b1fa676ef69620c0c4b51144341ca8_zpse404b150.jpg



I guess he thought no one standing around spoke Spanish.


Loved your rhino comment at 10:40, Matt.

Hope today was not too bad given the travel, Clarice--happy birthday and homecoming!




Happy Birthday, Clarice!
I never realized until tonight that the creators of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer named a reindeer after you. I am of course, assuming you are my age or minutes, hours or days older than me, as I will be 60 later in the month and Rudolph isn’t as old as I. If my assumption is misguided, I sincerely apologize and wish you a happy, happiest birthday!


Some perspective:



Thats impossible:



See new Tweets
Subpoena him

Paul Sperry
BREAKING: IC IG Michael Atkinson refuses to comply with Senate Intelligence Committee requests to detail the political bias of the "whistleblower" he personally handled. Atkinson is an Obama holdover who worked closely with #SpyGate suspects at DOJ. His wife has donated to Dems.


Good, but multi-page ad infinitum piece:



Not surprising

BREAKING: Rep. Ratcliffe of intel committee said Schiff has classified as "SECRET" the transcript of the critical 8-hour Oct 4 testimony of IC IG Atkinson, the Obama holdover who bent rules to certify the "whistleblower's" second-hand complaint and to slip it into Schiff's hands


So will the market croissant further.



Does anyone know of any CINC that has declassification powers that might TRUMP a Congressional member?

Or does the House have its own classification laws?

Let’s go to court, shall we?


I dont think so;


jim nj



We dont need badgers




Thanks for the Conservative Tree House link. It's interesting to see how the media (in this case the Washington Post) twists the focus of the IG report so that it's no longer about potential criminal acts committed at the highest levels of the FBI to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the campaign of a presidential candidate they openly oppose. Rather the focus will shift to whether the FBI had sufficient reason to believe that the President conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election.They're already trying to give these guys cover for what they anticipate will be revealed.

Never mind that Mueller and his team traveled this same road for over 3 years and couldn't make a case for collusion. Clearly, the recent interview given by Ms. Page to the Daily Beast shows that she is aware of the purpose of the pending report and is concerned about whether she will be criminally charged for her actions. We will have to see what the Horowitz Report reveals, but the Conservative Tree House article pretty much sums up what the media headline will be no matter what is contained in that Report.


Yes indeed, now as hard as horowitz tried he didnt get to the heart of fast and furious, now nearly 10 years later we still dont have all the records.

Meanwhile the wurlitzer for this whole fision train has a long footprint 50 million dollars is what they staked dan jones with.


Re: the Washington Examiner article on "Secret Mueller Notes", we get the usual 'revelations' that have been reported ad nauseam. Then, the very last item listed right at the bottom of the article is this:

...and 12 FBI interview notes with DOJ top official Bruce Ohr about interactions with Fusion GPS and Steele.

Funny thing how that happened.


Dan jones, gets his own film the project about another engineered template.




jim nj


The energy part of foreign policy.


Senator Graham's views on the Horowitz Report, what he wants to know, what questions he will ask, and how he expects the media will put their spin on the Report.


jim nj


jim nj



This sounds like a bit from the Dragnet movie:

The Mentally Ill Dude Jessica Yaniv-

So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told me today that "we don't serve transgender patients."

And me, being me, I'm shocked.. and confused... and hurt.

Are they allowed to do that, legally? Isn't that against the college practices?


I knew mel would be on the relevance of ICE. I can remember when they bought the carbon trading platform that al gore and maurice strong had created for a pretty penny. I remember being told at the time that the purchase was in part motivated by exec's being cagw true believers.

This was long before ICE bought NYSE. It is interesting that in ATL the coverage is all about her being a "businesswoman" with no mention of her husband or his company.

I also remember the year she and her husband's house purchase in Buckhead qualified as the most expensive real estate purchase that year.

One of the more brutal tweets from a kemp spokesperson from yesterday is from someone who joined the campaign after stints working for jeb's ed policy outfit of deception and the state CoC prior to that. I have sat at a luncheon table with him and eels are less slippery.

jim nj

Random news. Chicago police chief fired. China responds to US HK bill signing by banning US Navy port visits to HK. Scott Adams spawns OK Doomer for climate alarmists.

Maybe I'm just bored, but this is an awfully lame news day.

sound and fury, signifying nothing

OK Doomer is kind of cool though.



jim nj


Sarah Hoyt. This rather well captures what I'm feeling tonight. OK Doomer?

jim nj


I noticed the liberal press was spinning this differently.

jim nj

The NYC rules on "premise" or "carry" permits really should have focused on the abuses of the rules.

Not just the abuse of the 2nd amendment, but the abuse of the rules that allowed the politically connected to get expedited treatment and approvals of their applications.

jim nj


I feel much better now after reading this.

jim nj


This too.


This explains the relevance of the other column, if so inclined: https://www.takimag.com/article/immigration-the-holocaust-and-a-cancel-culture-fail/print

jim nj


We move from gun control to Tesla control.


Tesla control. Phillip Dick wrote about dreams of electric sheep?


Hello Fellow United States People, please being to meet you. Putin most definitely say vote for old white guy, okay?


Nobody here but us bots


Bot reporting in!

The ICE exchange may have the remnants of the “Gore Carbon Exchange”, but traders already proved how valueless the contracts were as created by Sandnor. They shorted everything til it traded zero and there were no bids ever again. Seems carbon was a little less valuable, except as a political gimmick or just part of a trace gas.

The ICE’s biggest customers are the HFT firms, which I find of particular interest, that they need a sitting Senator they can trust. I guess the old way of buying an “honest” politician has also gone the way of history. The new ones are too “Woke” to need “Free Markets*”.

*Thumbrests Included.

jim nj


"The Communist Party-backed Global Times said in a tweet early Tuesday that the list was being sped up in response to a bill sponsored by Republican Senator Marco Rubio requiring measures against Chinese officials involved in alleged abuses of Uighur Muslims in the far west region of Xinjiang. Beijing has threatened to publish such a list of companies since May, after the U.S. placed restrictions on Huawei Technologies Co."

This is getting silly if China actually wants a trade deal. It really makes me wonder who is in charge over there. Tit-for-tat is petty two penny crap.

12 days to go before the new tariffs go into effect and the Chinese are freaking out over side-issues?

China believes it can blacklist Fed-Ex? Fine. Every piece of mail and ship-borne container from China needs to be thoroughly inspected to prevent the illegal import of fentanyl.


Catching up.

Okay, before I go to bed, who has put their tree up already?

Tree went up yesterday.
Who knows when it will get decorated? Smells lovely.



Divide each of those tasks amongst various members of the CCP, each providing a “tithe”, as it were, to the party. Some will have more power than others, cash, what have you, and would be difficult to remove lest you give bad face to the party.

The prince in charge of Hong Kong, whom ever that may be, faces that dilemma today, albeit turned up to 11.

Defending the Triads is the indefensible position and that Prince is now looking for the way out, I believe.


Managing a Tesla charging line

I bet there are a few libtards Tesla owners who rent cars that use GASOLINE for Christmas travel:)


Tree went up last Wednesday while college kid was home. Ten foot Fraser Fir. Our rule on decorating learned the hard way is no lights on while it is still slurping in multiple quarts of water per day.

Mel-I actually met her and her husband. They are the sort of people where no one exists until the right people introduce you.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

From a commenter at Powerline:

The challenge in restoring the Rule of Law, aka: draining the swamp, is the repercussions of not only the effect of exposing so many bad actors in the US government to American citizens but also the potential effect on past Justice Department prosecutions.

Whether you believe in the Q phenomenon or not, the supposed purpose of "Q" was to "red pill the normies" which is to say slowly prepare the American people to hear the truth without the truth being so shockingly unexpected that they wouldn't believe it. If the Trump Justice Department had started handing down indictments too soon, it would have been spun by the MSM as Trump weaponizing the the government to attack opponents. The MSM will still do that when indictments come, but slowly the credibility of the MSM has been eroded making them less effective in selling the lies.

The first part of the challenge is slow dripping its way along, but the second part remains to be seen how that will be handled. It's not hard to imagine every defense lawyer who had a client prosecuted lining up to claim the corrupt Justice Department didn't play fair and their client's conviction should be thrown out. Somehow the decease needs to be cured but it can't come at the cost of killing the patient.

This is what I think too. Trump has been prepping the battle space for the last 3 years, setting the stage for the reelection year campaign. It required a great deal of patience and restraint to get to this point. Couple this with the pages of Doug Wead's book liberally shared on twitter where the president says that the problems with corruption were far worse than they thought, well, draining a swamp is a challenging preposition.


Yes, his reputation precedes him into any room.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

RSE, we get Frasers too. Why no lights while gulping water? We decorate the tree always the same day we cut it down. Now I'm worried.

Another Bob

I guess I was unaware that congress had classification authority.


Maybe this is where CFA money went. It's on how to start a Social Justice Reading Group. https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/publications/reading-together

It is part of the SPLC's Teaching Tolerance curriculum. NEPC is pushing it out to all educators. https://nepc.colorado.edu/



If you cut it down fresh you don't have a problem. I am getting a big tree rehydrated and it is harder when there are lights and ornaments. I also had a hobby for many years of going when the stores opened on the 26th to lovely stores and buying pretty ornaments half price.

Now when the tree is ready to be decorated it stops slurping and slows down its intake of water.

The tree lot was not actually open yet, but since we have been buying there since the diva was a toddler they will let her pick out a tree in advance. This year they asked if we would go ahead and take delivery.

I think all Frasers in Georgia have been brought in from NC. They have already had a trek since the original cutting.


https://www.tolerance.org/sites/default/files/2019-10/TT-Reading-Together-Guide-10-28-19.pdf shows austin, texas as one of the pilot sites.

Captain Hate

When does Kellyanne Conway start commuting from the battered wimmenz shelter? I thought we were in favor of schtrong women who don't put up with abusive behavior from their shithead husbands.

I guess that only applies to the other side.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

Got it - thanks! Yes, we are lucky to have a tree farm nearby that we've been going to for years. It's a highlight of the season to traipse about seeking the perfect tree. I doubt we can top last year's.


Turns out they also have created Social Justice Standards that were part of what was created just prior to C'ville. https://www.tolerance.org/sites/default/files/2017-06/TT_Social_Justice_Standards_0.pdf

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

She really is a mystery, CH. I wonder if part of it is being raised without a dad and hoping to spare her children that.

Jack is Back!

Conway doesn't understand that he is making Trump a sympathtic figure for continuing to hire and use a verbally, at least, battered woman. He stands by her in glare of vile and continuous insults.

Getting ready to take Frederick to MCO for his flight to Westchester and then on to Canterbury. Great to have him for this long week. One thing about boarding school is that it develops an independent living frame of mind and actions.


Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick


That Sara Hoyt essay was good.

There is an anger in the land I don’t think you’re even vaguely aware of. I’m not — not even close — the most hot tempered on our side. And I was a very reluctant Trump voter. But watching your sham- wow-impeachment (It’s Russia, it’s Ukraine, it’s taxes, it’s mean tweets against the squad, it’s the fact that orange man bad), your attempt to reverse elections you don’t like, and silence people who don’t agree with you, has me spitting mad, furious, not even sure what to do with all this anger. And I’m not alone. You have no idea of the anger stalking this land. (And if you say “you sound angry” guess what “Damn skippy. You have no idea how angry.” The only ones not angry aren’t paying attention.)

We’re expressing it with humor. We are as fond of a joke as Jeffrey Epstein, who didn’t kill himself.

Be glad we can still express it with humor. But beware there’s anger there. Deadly serious anger.

She's right. I hadn't really thought of it this way, but that is the magic of Trump - he has given people permission to enjoy the humor, to use the humor to exercise their rage.


One way to make prison more punishing. Links to NY Post.

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

De Blasio wants 'Meatless Mondays' for Riker's Island inmates



Get them mad before cutting them loose. Nice.

Tom Bowler

Trump has been prepping the battle space for the last 3 years, setting the stage for the reelection year campaign.

Exactly, Robin. The revealed swamp is much more extensive and pervasive than a lot of us ever imagined. Draining it will be all but impossible if Trump doesn't win re-election.

It leads me to think the coming indictments will be a crucial step. I expect the first target has to be someone relatively unknown, and whose prosecution will be a slam dunk -- someone the media will have a hard turning into a folk hero, though I expect they'll try. Prosecution of high profile conspirators won't happen unless and until a few at the lower level are put away.


Maybe a soy diet will leech the anger from them and leave them with noodle arms just like DeBlasio's voters.

Another Bob

Robin, I read the link. Hoyt basically wrote a stern letter. It won’t even be read by the people she thinks she’s warning, much less change their behavior.

The point is what she’s going to *do*. Her answer appears to be “nothing”, except hope against all evidence that someone in charge will fix it. (I fully admit that I don’t have a great answer to that either, but I’m a step ahead of her in recognizing we’re past the stern letter stage.)

“The only ones not angry aren’t paying attention.” Exactly. Tally them up, there are a lot of ‘em.


Prosecution of high profile conspirators won't happen unless and until a few at the lower level are put away.

They won't happen once the statutes of limitations run out either. Convenient to wait after the election for that.


“De Blasio wants 'Meatless Mondays' for Riker's Island inmates”

Put Mooch in charge of menu planning. Get more arugula in their diets.

Another Bob

How about a different 4D theory: Trump was installed by the PTB specifically to give the angry an outlet, give them the impression that something was being done, push them back from a brink. All while the deep-state wheels are being shifted into high gear.

Makes as much sense as the “Trump has been planning this great cleansing for 30 years” stuff.



Good morning!

Here is the link to President Trump's Twitter page which this morning is mostly videos.


I will check it later to see if he has anything to say.

Another Bob

“They won't happen once the statutes of limitations run out either.”

Some of the criminal acts are into year four of the five year limit.



The Yid with a Lid asks if Biden is losing it or spreading malarkey.

Another Bob

“the first target has to be someone relatively unknown”

And four years into the coup, we still don’t have that indictment.

We’ve done nothing but waste time with pointless IG exercises.


Sessions set it up to protect his piece of the swamp action... now that the swamp is safe, lil Jeff can return to the Senate and cash in.


You can't drain the swamp until you have a large majority in the House and Senate after the 2020 election. I think Trump planned a long one-two punch.

Tom Bowler

Some of the criminal acts are into year four of the five year limit.

What action does a prosecutor have to take in order to get in under the statute of limitations wire?


The answer is yes.



I cannot stand Elizabeth Warren. Not her ideas, nor her manner of dress, nor voice, nor gestures, nothing!

Another Bob

The likelihood of that large majority seems vanishingly small.

Democrats moved left, and were rewarded with a majority. What’s changed? What dems seem likely to lose to republicans next year?

James D.

I wonder if part of it is being raised without a dad and hoping to spare her children that.

I know you can't judge someone else's situation from afar, but she's absolutely wrong. Better no father than one who's a lying, sociopathic asshole.

And whether he really is one, or he's just playing one to keep the cash rolling in, or as part of some ridiculously elaborate pro wrestling style fake feud, it doesn't matter. It's horrible and abusive to young children to subject them to it regardless.


To yids question.



Of course not.


"Living Constitution" now allows impeachment for butthurt? How about that.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

Democrats moved left, and were rewarded with a majority.

That is incorrect. They got a majority because Democrats running in Trump districts promised to work with him. They lied.


Noah wrote the iraqi constitution, the one that enshrines islam as the official religion.


The Wisconsin Elections Commission voted Monday to ask the Republican-controlled state Legislature to offer clarity on what to do with voters who may have moved, a dispute being fought in court that could prevent 234,000 people in this key swing state from voting in next year’s presidential election.

Prevent 234,000 fake harvested ballots is more likely. Given you can register and vote same day, I fail to see an actual problem here.


Another Bob

Since when has impeachment *not* been a political act?

“High crime and misdemeanor” has always been what the House says it is.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

I don't think Hoyt's essay is a stern letter, I think it's a signaling of the preference cascade. Think of all the places that the "Epstein didn't kill himself" message is popping up. It's funny, but it's also a sign of how many people see the emperor without clothes.

I admit that I hadn't really thought of it quite that concisely, but I think she's on to something.

Dave (in MA)

We don't need 42 different baseball teams using 23 different kinds of deodorant.

James D.

They got a majority because Democrats running in Trump districts promised to work with him. They lied.

And because Paul Ryan was either remarkably inept as a Speaker, or actively sabotaged the GOP to help the Democrats win a majority.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

And I just listened to Tulsi Gabbard on Joe Rogan yet again, and she sounds just like Trump. Rogan is not a Trump fan, though he thinks he's hilarious, so he didn't point out that everything she's saying Trump has been saying and acting on. It didn't take much for a listener to take that extra step.



Another Bob

“Democrats running in Trump districts promised”

Which dem liars will lose their reelection campaigns?


GMO infusion Tuesdays at Rikerz!


I looked up crimes with no statutes of limitations. The following crimes have none:

1. Murder
2. Fraud and embezzlement
3. Kidnapping
4. War crimes
5. Treason
6. Failure to repay student loans (I am not making that up)

It seems to me most of these people can be snared under fraud and embezzlement or treason.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick


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