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December 15, 2019



Read that article this morning.
Under no circumstances are The Senate Dems to dictate how this will play out.
Dump this travesty after House managers and the lawyers for Trump have their day.


Have their day as well.
No witnesses.
Later on Judiciary in Senate can call witnesses.


Day should be say




That's the second treason conviction today.

x0rz @x0rz

Former FSB Colonel Sergei Mikhailov and former Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov sentenced to 22 years and 14 years in prison for treason by Supreme Court of Russia




Thanks for grabbing all of the President's tweets. My sister the nurse called (one of her days off) and she also thinks that a lot of people are nervous because it is suddenly occurring to them that they might be in legal jeopardy.

She also mentioned watching Guiliani on Laura Ingraham's show and that he didn't seem a bit nervous at all, and she remembers his prosecution of the mob.

She especially wants to see Strozk and Brennan prosecuted, because she thinks they were really up to no good.

Tom R

Maryrose @ 10:56

I understand in your reality whatever your opinion is becomes fact. In the real world the possibility exists that Flynn and Team Trump's plan from the outset has been to use Flynn's trial as the method for demonstrating to the public the extent of corruption in the FBI. The evidence that Flynn and Team Trump needed to make that case up until the release of the Horowitz report had to be kept under wraps. I don't think its a coincidence at all that Mueller and then the DOJ kept requesting extensions for Flynn's sentencing and why Flynn would keep agreeing to it knowing it was costing him an arm and a leg in legal fees. Easy to logically connect the dots and conclude the reason for the extensions was because Horowitz wasn't finished. If the 4D sting operation theory is correct, then I fully expect Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea and go to trial.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Recommended. My chinese is poor but every time I've visited there is lengthy coverage on nightly news about this issue (I can tell by the maps, and the footage of military jets and naval ships) so I'm guessing this is an accurate evaluation
Party leaders have regaled the populace with how they will use seagoing forces to right historical wrongs and win the nation nautical renown. They must now follow through.

It was foolish to tie China’s national dignity and sovereignty to patently absurd claims to islands and seas. But party leaders did so. And they did so repeatedly, publicly, and in the most unyielding terms imaginable.


This deserves a yawn... I assume is is a rehearsal for the DNC. Both for the paid protestors and the cops.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

MoveOn is desperately trying to show that Wisconsin supports impeachment with "rallies" tonight. Without irony, they've named these rallies "Nobody is above the law". (Except Comey. And Clapper. And Hillary. And Obama. And Holder. And Brennan. And Schiff. And Nadler. And...)


Too bad you guys don't know there is a NEW thread.


HIGHLY recommend this thread. The writer is a retired Navy captain, and this is how it begins:

"1. The Age of Trump has pulled the scales from my eyes regarding US foreign policy related to the Middle East. We have been continuously at war since 9/11/01 at various time in multiple countries."

Link to the thread:


Captain Hate

clarice's 11:03 link makes Sullivan look really bad. While I understand his ruling that you have to draw some sort of line on what can be considered exculpatory, the accusations of plagiarism are a 100% bitch move and should be considered a petulant embarrassment to anyone who wants to consider themselves as an unbiased court official.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"In the real world the possibility exists that Flynn and Team Trump's plan from the outset has been to use Flynn's trial as the method for demonstrating to the public the extent of corruption in the FBI"

I guessing that's a vanishingly small likelihood though.
There are any number of existing examples. No need to gin up a fake one.

We've all become convinced by the parallels of the Sen Ted Stephens case to Flynn's. But now the details show things are not so clear.

Is it a slam dunk that VP Pence's team was wrong to jettison Gen Flynn?
Has PDJT tweeted on the topic over the months?
Is this issue still in play, or is this a flimsy 4D hand-waving theory that is rapidly being debunked?

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Dag nab it.



My mother's surgery was finally scheduled last night. All day we waited. She was finally taken in about 8 o'clock last night and my sister called at 11 to let me know that Mom was in recovery.

Waiting is tough, for sure, more so being 100 miles away, and in winter-
but that caused me to think about what happened yesterday--

While you were "waiting all day" that Doogie Howser of hers was working all day--as likely was the team your mom had take care of her. She likely was getting medical clearance from an internist during the day, and may have had to have an ECHO or stress test to make sure the anesthesia people had all the info they needed to optimize her care.
That may be why they didn't schedule her--they internist has to sign off before patients get on the on call list.

(if you think anybody wanted to be there last night, you are wrong--they all wanted to be home, and most certainly in bed well before midnight!)

And if she was in the UK, and the NHS was calling the shots, she may well be in nursing home bed with the French treatment clarice described yesterday--morphine, and "best of luck".

Again, not to be unsympathetic to your long distance stress--
but having to wait "all day" on an 87 year old to have a top notch orthopod get her fixed up, which requires another seven people's assistance to happen---actually, a pretty amazing feat.

And only in America, folks!
Vote accordingly.


When I first read about Powell's filing for dismissal, I thought she made a good case -- but then I'm not a lawyer. But now having gone through the Twitter thread describing Sullivan's complete rejection of her request,

Can you relink? I went back and looked at everything from yesterday aft on, but can't find what people are referring to.


Robin, eff 'em all

Recommendations requested:

My 13 year old daughter is a talented (as opposed to gifted) acoustic guitar player. She is interested in playing some electric too, so we would like to indulge her for Christmas.

I don't know if it matters, but her guitar teacher (who has his own personal and expensive bias) said to make sure that the action suits her small hands. He leans towards Ibanez. We don't want to spend a fortune as we don't know how serious she is.


Manuel Transmission

A friend sent me a note with a bunch of stuff from a couple years ago, but no link. I searched and found a threadreader:


This has some great zingers from back then that could have been an accumulation of JOM stuff. Interesting to compare with the current debate on Horowitz, etc.

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