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December 15, 2019


Texas Liberty Gal

I think Sundance is full of it when it comes to Barr. I have full confidence in the AG.



I suppose you;re right, but damn, I wish it wouldn't pass!


Heading to bed, Cold and snowy here.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--First, they reminded us that today is Beethoven's 250th birthday. How did that not get more coverage?--

Cuz Taylor Swift said something about male privilege and Lady GagGag showed some side boob?


Because wveryone cites the 9th:



Heres a different version


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

750 Billion Reasons Why Goldman Is Rooting For Greta Thunberg's Success
"The vampire squid said on Monday it will provide $750 billion in financing, advisory services and investments for initiatives that fight climate change."

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

A guy goes into a bar where there is a robot bartender.
The robot says,
“What will you have?”

The guy replies, “Beer.”
The robot brings back his beer and asks,
“What’s your IQ?”
The guy say, “168.”
The robot continues to talk about physics, space exploration, and medical technology.
After the guy leaves and the more he thinks about it, the more curious he gets, so he decides to go back.
The robot asks,
“What’s your drink?”
The guy answers,
The robot returns with his beer and asks,
“What’s your IQ?”
The man replies,
The robot talks about Nascar, Budweiser, the Lions, and LSU.
The man finishes his beer, leaves, but is so interested in his “experiment” that he decides to try again.
He enters the bar and, as usual, the robot asks him what he want to drink.
The man replies,
The robot brings the beer and asks,
“What’s your IQ?”
The man answers,
The robot leans in real close and asks,
“So . . . Do you folks really think you’re going to impeach Donald Trump?”




Hong Kong police double in size overnight. Chemicals in water cannon. @Michael_Yon, @GordonGChang... audioboom.com/posts/7453192-… via @Audioboom



That prince has to be getting exposed soon.


LOL, Stephanie!


Which prince now.


I’m still looking...


The body behind the face that is Carrie Lamb, specifically.




“First, they reminded us that today is Beethoven's 250th birthday. How did that not get more coverage?”

Because it’s not.:) It’s his 249th. Born 1770. It’s just that a lot of music organizations are devoting the year to commemorating the 250th a year from now.


I read that long thread unroll about Judge Sullivan slapping General Flynn down and Calling Attorney Powell a plagarist, among other things and became sort of outraged. I thought everyone here was behind what his new lawyer was doing. Then I read clarice says Judge Sullivan's opinion was well thought out (paraphrase) ... what am I missing.
The left twitter creeps are rejoicing the General is going to jail because he betrayed his country.

Nothing in this crapola of a deep state and democratic assault on President Trump or anyone who worked or supported him is going right.


Don’t worry,
This Flynn case will be resolved in a positive way.
They left out evidence just like the FBI did with Carter Page.


Thanks, maryrose, but the judge denied exculpatory evidence, denied practically everything we've been led to believe he was due. Anyway, Lou Dobbs and others here seemed confident about Flynn's chances.
Thanks again for your positive comment.
I'm off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Let's not hope for things to not be as they actually are as the progs do.
Flynn pled guilty long ago.
After Sydney Powell was on board the judge asked him repeatedly if he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea ad he said no.
Now, maybe the DOJ guys are jerks and maybe he pled guilty to protect his son, but you can't go down the road he has gone down and expect a judge to bail you out on a dismissal this late in the game, especially when the evidence to do so is no stronger than what he presented.
A dismissal is a high bar to begin with. One after you have pled guilty is Olympic pole vault territory.

jim nj


The ruling only stands in the 9th circuit. I'm not sure what I think of the decision not to accept the appeal and bring some more clarity to the issue.

But I do find it ironic that the nation's most liberal states are being constrained by the most liberal circuit court in the nation.

Apparently people now have a "right" to sleep on public sidewalks throughout the 9th circuit.

jim nj


Means nothing to me, but I'm surprised by the vitriol and animus of the left to Buttigieg.

At the rate things are going now there won't be an outright winner before the Democratic convention. There won't even be a consensus candidate at the convention. There may be a leading candidate, but I don't see how the haters are going to be able to back the eventual winner.


Couldn't sleep. Got back up.

Thanks, Ig, interesting what you say. I guess I've thought miracles were going to happen for General Flynn -- I've read so many comments about how "wrong" his case was, from the FBI inquisitors (especially one being Strzok, and their impression he didn't lie), to using Flynn's son to pressure him (to plead guilty, I want to say that, but maybe that wasn't what the pressure was used to facilitate), and just how dirty the whole thing seemed to be.

Your comment: "After Sydney Powell was on board the judge asked him repeatedly if he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea ad he said no." I didn't remember like that -- I thought the judge asked him about the plea before Powell took over his case. I didn't remember him being asked if he wanted to change his plea after the attorney changing. Also, I guess I feel that Flynn was trapped, he couldn't change his plea if it would expose his son again to the Feds going after him for something.

This whole affair is so dirty. And, no matter how "great" it will be to have things go 'right' for our side in the far-off days of 2020 before the election, I want straight talk. I don't want decisions or opinions announced or published that can be twisted by the left.

The other day threadkiller had a post that I wish I had bookmarked. If I try and paraphrase it here, I'll get it wrong, and I don't want to do that, but what I got from it was so disheartening. And, tk, I'm not criticizing you or your opinion and/or take on this affair (if and when you read this) but it was (to me) while not exactly cynical, it was dark. It seemed like tk expected no one to be brought to justice, no one high up to pay for their crimes, and that Trump wasn't going to go after any of them -- that he needed the papers or evidence (I think to protect himself after he leaves office.) And, whatever it was that I gleaned from that post, it just took my breath away (for several reasons) -- my first thought was "who, then, will we have to believe in?" And, I felt bereft. Sadness just swept over me, because so many of us have cheered Trump for his patriotism, his love of our country. At times, even though he is a billionaire and is so different than me, I have felt like he really cared about what I care about -- keeping our country great, and for the right reasons. After I absorbed the hurt I felt, this voice (inside my head that speaks to me sometimes and tells me, at 78, to grow up) said: Well, you old fool, all you have to believe in, is yourself. Your own standards. President Trump isn't working for some old lady out here in Middle America. He's got his family to protect from the vultures, from the evil doers. He's got the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has to fight every day to keep Satan's imps here on earth from destroying him. So, I felt better about whatever he has to do to get thru this terrible, troubled time.

(And, tk, if I interpreted your post incorrectly, I apologize. In a way, its nihilism helped me stiffen my backbone and realize how I react to this evil sweeping our nation is up to me, not how Donald Trump acts or reacts. :) And, that nihilism remark is sort of a joke.

But, for that one moment, I felt so alone and abandoned. Guess it's silly to think a billionaire president could abandon me.


Jim nj: I just read the cnn buttigieg article that you posted and had to chuckle. I don't know how it happened, but this country's universities and schools have produced a lot of vicious little communists, haven't they. I chuckled out loud when I read several of the comments.


Just saw another article about rich b*tch :) buttigieg:


jim nj


I thought it was interesting. In the last Republican primary I was "for" and "against" several candidates. I, in no way, did anything to antagonize the ones that didn't interest me.

Trump was my least favorite candidate and I was disappointed to see him as the nominee. I so despised Hillary that it was easy for me to vote for Trump. He turned out to be a great president and I won't hold my nose when I vote for him again.

With the left actively opposing moderate democratic candidates I wonder if they will annoy the more moderate democratic voters.

Right now I think the in-fighting is going to get worse, and with so many candidates still in the race, it may be difficult to conciliate the voters whose candidates fail.

I expect the convention to be ugly and divisive. In the end it will be the reverse of the last election.

Ultimately, people wont really be voting for the democratic nominee, they'll be voting anti-Trump. I don't see that as a winning formula this time around.

jim nj


And will Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops going to usher in an era of endless Russian wars?

Putin comes to the aid of Assad and picks up an airbase and a seaport in the process.

Now he has to supply ground troops in Syria on the border with Turkey. How long before those troops become targets?



Pakistan sentences Musharraf to death for treason


He has been living in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and is said to be very ill and unlikely to travel home to face the sentence. Pakistan and the U.A.E. have no extradition treaty and Emirati authorities are unlikely to arrest Musharraf. If he were to return, however, Musharraf would have the right to challenge his conviction and sentence in court.

Another Bob

Ig, agree that the Flynn situation is complicated. And I’m certainly not convinced that he’s the unvarnished good guy he’s been made out to be.

But “the evidence to do so is no stronger than what he presented“?

How do we know that when the government has refused to release it?

jim nj


Starbucks is apologizing. They must have some problem in hiring employees who repeatedly do this.

I never acquired a taste for coffee. I drink tea or Pepsi if I want sugar or caffeine.

So my threatening a boycott would be a hollow gesture.

It's like the liberals eat their own. Deeply indebted with student loans? Waste a thousand a year on over-priced coffee.


After reading Joan's post from 1:52, it occurred to me that what I have admired most about Trump is that he has been a "positive disruptor", unafraid to challenge current convention.

I looked for a definition and found this:

Someone who challenges current organizational habits and works to find positive alternatives; uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day. Displaces an existing market, industry or technology and produces something new and more worthwhile.

I think it is significant that market, industry and technology are mentioned, but not government.

Is it because it is so rare, or because most people don't see governmental change as positive?


lots of this going around. It's Holder's money (well the part of Soros that he runs) and election rigging op.

Jim Hoft

Judge Allows Georgia to Purge More Than 300,000 Names From Its Voter Rolls - Stacey Abrams Group Files Emergency Motion to Stop Purge


Buckeye, Your 7:15 is interesting. I'll have to go look up 'positive disruptor'. One thing about government not being mentioned I'd say is I've never thought government was much to rely on. It's always seemed to be disruptive to my life, my affairs. When I look at my life, government hasn't brought about 'the good', it hasn't been a system of positive change, it's been disruptive. It's never solved problems, it's created them. So much of the time, political fighting and chaos and ugly 'solutions' have been created -- nothing new and streamlined. Private industry and technology has done that. All of the bad decisions, the waste, the mistakes in the choices our military has made seem to have been because of people in government.

I should shut up--I really dont know what I'm talking about and I'm not expressing the kernel of truth that might have been what prompted me to start this post. :)


And I’m certainly not convinced that he’s the unvarnished good guy he’s been made out to be

The issue in these things is always the gaping double standard. Whatever Flynn may have done, it pales in significance compared to what Hillary, McCabe, Brennan, Rice, Power, and countless others have done and gotten off (so far) scot free.


Good Morning! My mother's surgery was finally scheduled last night. All day we waited. She was finally taken in about 8 o'clock last night and my sister called at 11 to let me know that Mom was in recovery. It was a stressful day. I should know more this morning about her condition. I'm sure she's full of pain meds. She's 87 years old,I worry about her recovery and rehab.
Last night when my sister and I texted,I asked her for the ortho surgeon's name so I could do a search. He's a young guy,my sister said she asked him if he was old enough to be a surgeon. :)
My baby sister is taking a flight from the midwest tomorrow (storm up north today) and my other brother will be there this week-end for Christmas. I'll probably wait to go after the holidays,because her care is going to be a long term situation.


James O'Keefe
BREAKING: The #EpsteinCoverup saga continues. Another @ABC News Insider has just LEAKED @Project_Veritas the propsed date for the Jeffrey Epstein story they have been sitting on for over three years.

Will @ABC be showing @arobach interview with @VRSVirginia that they spiked?



Marlene, I've been praying for your mother, as well as that God guide her surgeons and bless her with pain relief and healing.


He's a young guy,my sister said she asked him if he was old enough to be a surgeon. :)

Jr. has grown a beard, I think for that very reason. He looks very young otherwise.

Guess he got tired of being called Doogie Howser:)


FTR: Sydney Powell is a woman.

Another Bob

Joan, we’d certainly be in agreement about the overall dirtyness of all this. I certainly took Trump at his word about swamp-draining, Hillary in jail, and the rest. At the same time my natural cynicism had me doubting that could be done.

As time has passed without any tangible actions, it becomes increasingly unlikely we’ll ever see it. And I think there are lots of people with our POV who are starting to resign themselves to that, and turning to the smaller, more “ordinary” issues. Those paying attention will note that Trump’s own rhetoric seems to be guiding us in that direction. He’s talking up the economy (yes, that’s an election year staple, but still), the swamp-draining talk has become more focused on defending himself. “Lock her up” Hillary seems to think it’s safe to be seen again and is doubtless sizing up a “saving” of the party.

In the end, I think Jim NJ is probably right. The anti-Trump vote isn’t as strong as the anti-Hillary vote was, and Trump’s re-election seems likely. But I think our expectations for what can be accomplished need to be lowered. The political rot will perhaps be slowed for a time but will continue. The dems are messing with the basic building block of the system - honoring the outcome of elections. It’ll take a lot more (perhaps including bloodshed?) to truly fix it.

I remain concerned about impeachment. I don’t think this will be a one-and-done. The dems continue to cook up more charges. And I still don’t trust Cocaine Mitch and the rest of GOP Inc. to stand up to this. I’d really like to know if there’s been any planning for a post-Trump GOP, whether it starts with Trump's removal, or 2024.


Rare Buckeye. Very very rare.



I thought about you and your Mom all day yesterday. Hang tough and keep is posted.



I agree that relying on government is a fool's errand.

The country has bifurcated into two camps, one that is cheering on the change agent, and one that is resisting his every move.

Interesting times to be sure.



I found this about twitter being a good resource, which reminded me of President Trump using twitter as he goes about being a positive disruptor.

Interesting. So many people hate him being on twitter, especially the left.

Tom Bowler

Flynn pled guilty long ago.
After Sydney Powell was on board the judge asked him repeatedly if he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea ad he said no.
Now, maybe the DOJ guys are jerks and maybe he pled guilty to protect his son, but you can't go down the road he has gone down and expect a judge to bail you out on a dismissal this late in the game, especially when the evidence to do so is no stronger than what he presented.

When I first read about Powell's filing for dismissal, I thought she made a good case -- but then I'm not a lawyer. But now having gone through the Twitter thread describing Sullivan's complete rejection of her request, I've been thinking she might really have messed up.

As I recall, the judge's first order of business was to demand any and all exculpatory material from the prosecution. I got the sense from the rejection that he could have gotten annoyed with Powell, coming along later to imply with her filing that his order to the prosecution was ineffectual or insufficient, that more material needed to be turned over.

And then he gave Flynn the opportunity to withdraw his guilty plea, and maybe that was supposed to be Powell's opportunity to put her arguments in front of a jury. But Flynn refused that offer, more than once I think.

So it looks like Flynn's only remaining avenue through the courts is an appeal. But is there a basis for an appeal?

Trump might still pardon Flynn, but if I were Flynn I'm not sure I want to rely on that.

Another Bob

“gaping double standard”

Concur jimmy, and that’s the category of problem I’m talking about in my 7:58 where nothing has happened.

I’m less concerned about Flynn and possible FARA violations or some such - than that he was screwed by a corrupt FBI.


Thanks everyone! I hope to have an update soon.


Good morning!

Looks like a Winter Wonderland outside. I guess we have a total of 6 inches on the ground, which is a lot for central Indiana this early in the season.

Jim Eagle

We got a light dusting of snow overnight. No accumulation.

Now, this is something I worry about:


All across Europe in the public square or the grand market, cities set up stalls for vendors, including various drinks and food. It is a ripe target since they are out in the open. No fence, no doors to enter, no X-ray machines etc. Very worrisome.


This is from last night:

Donald J. Trump
Congressman Jeff Van Drew is very popular in our great and very united Republican Party. It was a tribute to him that he was able to win his heavily Republican district as a Democrat. People like that are not easily replaceable!


Judge sullivan should know better after the stevens case. Which didnt he preside over. Sydney didnt have all the info then.

Dont give me this fara garbage when everyone anc their btother is lobbying for qatar and turkey, thr formef has bought out half if charleston

Another Bob

The rot continues apace in San Francisco.


SCOTUS has let stand a law that protects the “right” to sleep on the sidewalk or in a public park.

And the LA Times - as expected - takes all the wrong lessons. And blames Boise Idaho for its problems.



I don''''t subscribe to the New York Times, but this is on Twitter, and I am not pleased.

Note that the odious Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt are signatories to that article. Also, why pick that type of picture?


Note that the odious Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt are signatories to that article. Also, why pick that type of picture?

So is George Conway. The choice of picture is a thinly veiled threat.


Note that the odious Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt are signatories to that article. Also, why pick that type of picture?

So is George Conway. The choice of picture is a thinly veiled threat.


In afghanistan they shoot you in the fromt in dc they stab in the back, with their sharpened pens


Good news marlene.


I’m all in favor of peaceful problem resolution.


Check that. I’m all in favor of processes that allow peaceful problem resolution.

Too bad #Leftists submarine that.

Captain Hate

It's Sidney Powell *not* Sydney.


I know george conway is gainfully employed , i wonder who hes representing, we know who decorated mercury partners nest dont we and who pays rick wilsons bar tab.


I’m all in favor of peaceful problem resolution

My "better" nature agrees with you sbw.

My "worse" nature is silent on the matter.


Speaking of back-stabbers, Julie Kelly has a piece up on where the original lies about Carter Page came from:



when you vote your share of the taxpayers wallets, only to find out you are the taxpayer.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Thousands of people took to the streets in nationwide protests against the France’s planned pension overhaul, deepening the standoff between President Macron and the country’s unions on.wsj.com/2rUQG8D


Speaking of back-stabbers, Julie Kelly has a piece up on where the original lies about Carter Page came from:

My "worse" nature would like to see Paul Singer face down in a ditch. Next to George Soros.

Captain Hate

Again, Paul Singer shows up as bankrolling all the Never Trumpers but Omertà rules the day.


Paid family leave will have a similar impact. Thread:

Andi Loveall

Just lost my ability to earn a living because of California Assembly Bill No. 5. My freelance brokerage company says they have to let California authors go. 😢Almost a decade of hard work gone in an instant. I can't stop crying.

Right before Xmas.




This is a thread covering the events leading up to the disturbance at the Willard Hotel by one of those attacked by the leftists.



Florida Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and I won't be surprised if there are other examples.


a) Trump wants a full Senate trial

b) Sens Graham and McConnell go with short to no trial

c) Sen Chuck "the schmuck" Schumer demands witnesses

d) McConnell says "lets have lots of witnesses"

e) Trump wins again



d1) McConnell says any Senator running for President must recuse.


The oligarch at the heart of the privat skim who also owns burisma so hunters paymaster


MarketWatch @MarketWatch

Giuliani says information he gave Trump about Yovanovich led to Kyiv ambassador’s ouster on.mktw.net/35y8HbA


About that New York Times article and picture: Shem did some digging on it.

Shem Horne
The picture is of Philip Barton Key II being murdered by the husband of a woman he was having an affair with, and the murderer got off because of a claim of temporary insanity. There isn't some rich background story the NYT is just straight up encouraging murder.


Here is the entire thread. Shem says they have removed the picture due to complaints, but fortunately he got a screen cap before they did so.

Why is their impulse always for violence?



Margot Cleveland:

At this point, there are few options left. Powell’s approach to date has been to hammer the government, believing the Judge Sullivan who witnessed the prosecutorial misconduct at play in the criminal case against the now-deceased Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens would never permit the government to destroy Flynn on trumped up charges. Judge Sullivan rejected that tactic, saying in no uncertain terms this is not the Stevens case.

Now Flynn must decide whether to proceed with sentencing or to attempt to withdraw his guilty plea or challenge the effectiveness of his first trial counsel, or some combination of these. In weighing his options, Flynn will likely recall his last sentencing hearing before Judge Sullivan and the federal judge’s reaction to hints that Flynn was not accepting responsibility for the offense—something that affects sentencing.

Also, given Judge Sullivan’s prior comments, if Flynn proceeds to sentencing now, he is likely to see some jail time. Of course, President Trump might then pardon Flynn, but with the 2020 election forthcoming, political calculations might squelch that hope.

Flynn could instead attempt to withdraw his guilty plea. At this late date, he would need a solid basis to justify a plea withdrawal, but a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel or establishing an invalid waiver of his attorneys’ conflicts of interest might suffice.



Why is their impulse always for violence?

two reasons.

1. they are ill behaved curs

2. they are short (roughly 5'), and must exercise their twitter muscles while they can.


Now does singer own ukrainian debt, how much?


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

The new USA Today Poll, just out, has me leading all of the Democrat contenders. That’s hard to believe since the Fake News & 3 year Scams and Witch Hunts, as phony as they are, just never seem to end. The American people are smart. They see the great economy, & everything else!


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Impeachment Poll numbers are starting to drop like a rock now that people are understanding better what this whole Democrat Scam is all about!


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

.@FoxNews “Trump wins major victories in China and USMCA trade deals, defense spending and Space Force.” Thank you!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"We are Republicans and we want Trump defeated"

Under the Obama presidency, Dems burned through, as I recall, well over a thousand office holders. They literally lost the House AND Senate. Many governors, state houses and local elected positions. I remember very clearly the anguished editorials posted by the NYT saying "we are Dems and we want Obama defeated!"

No. Wait. There weren't ANY of those articles, were there?


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Would be sooo great if the Fed would further lower interest rates and quantitative ease. The Dollar is very strong against other currencies and there is almost no inflation. This is the time to do it. Exports would zoom!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Of course Flynn got screwed and of course he shouldn't have been prosecuted.
His lawyers did have a conflict of interest with him and the 302s were altered.
But if you'll look at Sullivan's description of Powell's requests for docs there is very little there. Much of it doesn't even concern the issue he pled [pleaded, whatever] on.
I'm not criticizing Powell either. She doesn't have much to work with.
There were two critical points in this;
1. When Flynn decided to talk to the FBI.
2. When Flynn decided to cop a plea.
Everything after that has been mop up.


That was what happened witn lutsenko a corrupt official who ultimately went to jail himself convicted he had to try to seek justice in the european courts same type of borscht as general flynn.


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) “They (the Dems) don’t have anything. This whole thing is a joke, and it’s time to get the President exonerated. The House has no evidence of any impeachable offense. There’s nothing there, and they didn’t even charge a crime. They’ve had their.....

....chance, they’ve had their kangaroo court, they’ve had their circus for weeks and months. There just isn’t anything there and there’s no way I’m voting for Impeachment for somebody who hasn’t committed any impeachable offenses.” @IngrahamAngle


Colonel north proceeded to trial, instead these jackrabbits held this seord over his head ( i use euphemism) the case he was given the plea for was ultimately tossed.

And none of these (redacted) bastards not weber not podesta not craig are ever in a minute of jeopardy.

Tom R

I think Barr came out of retirement to negotiate with Trump.

What exactly did Barr need to negotiate with Trump and on whose behalf was he the selected representative to negotiate with Trump?


Fingers crossed, Marlene.
https://www.nysun.com/editorials/impeachment-a-devastating-dissent/90945/ about the Republicans dissent to the report from the Democrats.

I think Powell laid out the case as well as it could be made. I have no idea what Flynn's next step will be or J Sullivan's sentence will be. But sentencing isn't until January 28th and more information about the skullduggery may well become public by then. BTW the US Atty handling that case has now been reassigned. Perhaps the successor will surprise us.

As for the sleeping on the streets case, the SCOTUS only takes a small number of cases on certiorari, perhaps when more such cases reach the court and, say, there's a conflict in the circuits or such they will hear it. At this point it seems to be a problem only in one circuit.


That interview by strzok and company was conducted fraudulently.


"Beat Army!" Stu Cvrk
(1 of 4) http://DiscoverTheNetworks.org, the David Horowitz Freedom Center's massive encyclopedia of the Left, is pleased to announce that it has just expanded its database in a major way.

Here is the rest of the thread:


I think this is a good resource.

matt - deplore me if you must

So now Weissman is highlighted by Drudge, but of greater interest is that Wimpy Nadler has a family emergency that requires him to be out today. How very convenient.

Weisman comes up with diddley and proceeds to throw gasoline on the fire while even Carly Fiorina can't keep her yap shut.

These people are exposing themselves as greater and greater charlatans every day.

Chuck Camera is spinning this more than a meth head with a dreidl and can't seem to get traction. And all the while John Q. Public is getting more and more pissed off at the sham.

These people must have photos of Jeremy Corbyn on the walls of their offices. Incredibly delusional.


Well its not surprising disappointing that they have to continue this sham, thats how rhey swapped in mcmaster and ciaramella


The case against the turk lobbyist fell aoart on close inspection, but they move on having secured a scalp. Larty barcella convicted wilson knowimg full well he had been authorized by company higherups.

Ultimately i put this on trump, we know of the swamp denizens but you have to stand by your man. He agreed with the russian back channel so why was he angry with the general.


John Solomon @jsolomonReports

Breaking: Latvia says it flagged 'suspicious' payments to Hunter Biden in 2016, asked Ukraine to investigate



Its ironic because a certain fusion correspindent made such a hullabaloo about latvian and trump, the infamous chabad circle.

Tom R

Whatever Flynn may have done, it pales in significance compared to what Hillary, McCabe, Brennan, Rice, Power, and countless others have done and gotten off (so far) scot free.

Not really if the worst case scenario applies.

I have been saying for a long time that if Flynn's case is not a 4D sting operation to attack the Deep State that Flynn engineered, then there has to be some legit reason (and not the idiotic theory Sundance is spewing out) that AG Barr has continued to try and enforce Flynn's guilty plea. If Flynn's consulting firm was getting paid millions of dollars by Turkey to lobby on their behalf while he was serving as Trump's National Security Advisor then that is a serious breach of judgment on Flynn's part and fundamentally no different than the Clintons accepting $1 million from the Qatari government while Hillary was SecState.

The counter argument is that the Clintons and other Democrats have gotten off scott free (so far). 100% correct. If the end goal is to hold them accountable for their corruption, won't it be a lot easier to get convictions when the Trump DOJ shows that the Constitutional rule of law means no one is above the law, even if they are one of Trump's advisors like Flynn?





Impeachment:The never ending story:https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/impeachment-moves-to-senate-get-ready-for-a-scramble-and-a-january-surprise


When is McConnell going to speak today about impeachment?” Flynn’s case is a 4D operation against the Deep State engineered by Flynn?”
A perfect example of magical thinking. No basis in fact and purely conjecture.

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