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December 05, 2019


Captain Hate

clarice, what you and ChaCo say makes logical sense but I'm not sure if anyone in that party understands that.


Logic got cancelled by feels 30 years ago.



Huge reorganization plan of federal government, which is why many bureaucrats are trying to undermine President Trump, if you ask me.


Privatizing the Postal Service.
Merging the Education and Labor departments.
Reorganizing safety-net programs into a Department of Health and Public Welfare.
Creating a governmentwide public-private partnership office to improve services to citizens, and stewardship of public resources.
Relocating more staff and offices outside the National Capital Region.
Dramatically shrinking the Office of Personnel Management.
Revamping the Army Corps of Engineers.

More details in article.


You really have to ask yourself how many republicans like Rubio and Romney are financially or morally compromised in some way.

How’s Marco Rubio’s FICO score doing these days?

Tom R

CH @ 5:15

It's in Trump's electoral benefit if the Democrats don't understand it and go ahead with impeachment.

That's one reason I think this all revolves around the Horowitz/Durham investigations. Pelosi, Schumer etc know the shit is about to hit the fan. They know impeaching Trump increases his chances of winning 2020 in a landslide. The only reason for the Democrats to go forward on impeachment is if there is something more dangerous to them than another 4 years of Trump. Going to jail fits that category.

I'm willing to bet anyone here a six pack of beer that everything related to impeachment is to help Democrats who get indicted to hopefully get a mistrial via a hung jury.


Pin, worry #1 is Mitch. His career got kicked off as the Kentucky branch of the IL machine. His wife’s family is crony capitalist from Taiwan. He took his time on cracking down about Trump’s appointees and ridiculous delays. He let McCain fuck us all on ACA.

I think we find out who he really is soon. He came from the swamp. Has he transcended it?

James D.

You really have to ask yourself how many republicans like Rubio and Romney are financially or morally compromised in some way.

Most of them?


Paul Sperry
BREAKING: A second Comey FBI agent in addition to FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith will be cited for misconduct in the Russia "collusion" probe, making it more implausible that their supervisor Strzok was unaware of their conduct and that they were rogue agents operating on their own



(Chart from post above) "The chart below shows Google interest in “Disney” (red line) and “impeachment” (blue line). This captures anyone who went looking for news or commentary on impeachment proceedings, the impeachment schedule, impeachment testimony, and so on, over the past 12 months. Watergate this is not. "


Have no idea how MoveOn got my cell phone #. They texted me today:

"Hi (my name) I'm Paula, a MoveOn volunteer. President Trump's corruption & abuse of power are impeachable offenses and we need to do everything we can to impeach Trump now and ensure that complicit Republicans are defeated in 2020. Will you pledge to vote Democratic in 2020? Text YES to XXX and we will tell you how to make a difference.

My Answer:

"Hi Paula, Actually President Trump has done NOTHING but good things for our country. Best economic times in decades, lowest unemployment, border security...or, in other words - facts!

The wicked Dems will rue the day they started this charade.

Obviously you need to remove my number from your database.

And finally, Thanks for guaranteeing a huge MAGA victory next year!!! Merry Christmas!

Answer: "I am removing you from the MoveOn texts immediately. Have a great day."



President and First Lady light the Matopma; Christmas Tree.

Special guests: Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and John Ratcliffe. Hahaha!


In related news, Gannett has started the holiday layoffs parade:


There are many reasons behind this, circulation is but one of them, but when your ad revenue is banking on overpriced election ads and being a clearing house for matching bylines with paid placements. You might be drawing to an inside straight this time around.

[money laundering is the source of political ad buys? The deuce you say!]


NATIOMAL Christmas Tree.



Also present are representatives of the Salvation Army.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Looks like Biden had a melt-down, too! Video at link.

“You’re selling access to the President just like he was”

“You’re a damn liar man, that’s not true...”--

"...I was selling access to the VICE President!"

Dave (in MA)

LOL, MM. (sorry)


Sorry for the typos. I never took touch typing, so I count on being able to see my keyboard. When the sun goes down and the light fades, I make errors.

matt - deplore me if you must

This is a mashup of the Emperor's New Clothes and the Kamikazes. They've got nothing and are about to commence their fine approach to the USS Maga.

This time though, Trump has the most effective armaments in the world, A fighting spirit and the facts. They are, I think, going to run into a buzzsaw.

matt - deplore me if you must


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Lightworker Barry may get a smidge jealous;
TIME Contributor Says 'Nancy Pelosi Reminds Me of Jesus'


Ig, how so? “missing from her tomb” kind of makes sense in a way.


If Pelosi is looking for an off-ramp, Horowitz will provide one for her next week, with assistance from Barr and Graham. Message to Dem base: "She did her best, she really did."



I keep having this black and white film running in my mind on the House Democratic Leadership. I’m hoping you can help calm me down from the implications. It’s called, I believe...

The Twit Olympics.


President Trump is going to Battle Creek, Michigan for a rally on December 18.

Register here:




Today someone called my office for advice about what to tell a Soldier with a "confederate" flag on his car. My advice was that, as an Army officer, he needs to infom the SM of Lee's order to surrender, and should accept the SM's surrender.


I can not endorse this thread any higher than by saying this:

“Dave in MA, put your beverage down for this one.”


Satire has gone zombie,


In other news:



But they told us last year



Better than martha mccallum


Another Bob

“worry #1 is Mitch”

Yep. Been saying that forever.

Other than judges (where he benefits too), Cocaine Mitch has done bupkis for Trump.

Perhaps CM is more comfortable with President Pence. But can he win an election? If not, who on Team R can?


Jan. 4, 1970, and I was wrong.

It was in color:



Christmas is just around the corner.

Some mood music.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think this is the original version Mel.
I remember the E Type they used to back over the little old lady.
I think yours is the one at the end of the movie And Now For Something Completely Different and uses a couple of MG-Bs.

Another Bob

Mel, you were talking about new the Twitter TOU?

The shadowban is now an official part of the platform.



So it was just a template for them to repeat:

Jubal E. Harshaw
Journalists are the Party's catamites.

Katy Tur @KatyTurNBC
Wall-to-wall impeachment coverage is not changing any minds. Here’s how journalists can reach the undecided. washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/styl…


[I wonder who wrote it before Maggie Sullivan cut and pasted it this morning?]

James D.

Mel @ 6:31

Am I missing something? That didn’t read like satire to me. the guy is just a complete a-hole, as far as I can tell from his other tweets.

Captain Hate

Gannett has started the holiday layoffs parade

This winning is like Christmas every day!



This is nice. It's no doubt a publicity/tourism piece,and a bit cheesy, but the sentiment in the letter is nice, and tells us that Trump is inspiring more than just American working class people. People went to the trouble to make this sword and compose the letter. Links go to photo and screen cap of letter. (Photo and letter from 2016 and just popped up on my feed.)


— JOHN MAPPIN (@JohnMappin) September 2, 2016

Mocking the woman who called his office to complain about a soldier’s use of a Flag of the N Army of Virginia STICKER on his bumper is perfect use of historical terms of surrender to highlight her ignorant snowflakiness.


The following people are two -faced and not to be trusted:
Mueller-still waiting for TomR to admit he was totally wrong about him
Rosenstein-I still stand with Rocco-Hope Hicks comment nonApplicable
Comey: Whack job, leaker, soon to be a hubris victim,narcissistic idiot, who lives in an alternate reality.
You can put lipstick on them , but they are all still pigs
McCabe:Still think he will be indicted.
Goalposts have been moved and no we don’t want to bet you a six pack of beer unless it Corona.


I want all Confederate memorabilia preserved, including all statues.
It is a part of our history you prog fools.
True confession :
I am under the influence of a glass of wine and bottle of Corona.


Retweeted by the President. Photo at the link.

Mitch McConnell’s memoir “The Long Game” is now available in paperback with a new foreword written by President @realDonaldTrump. Get your copy today!

— Team Mitch (@Team_Mitch) December 4, 2019
Captain Hate

we don’t want to bet you a six pack of beer unless it Corona.

Which we is this?

Captain Hate

Lots of Horde Sarah Palin love in this thread



So how did Schiff get the phone records?

Kimberley Strassel
From my new column: “There does not appear to be any basis to believe that a congressional committee is authorized to subpoena telephone records directly from a provider..." says former Attorney General Michael Mukasey.
https://wsj.com/articles/adam-schiff-is-watching-11575591692?shareToken=stf82006f69db046469de36ee64a8fa8d5… via



@KimStrassel and @WSJ
Also from my column: Constitutional lawyer David Rivkin makes the case that Schiff has opened himself up lawsuits from targets of these subpoenas.


"the Matopma Christmas Tree"

Is that the one that comes from India?

Captain Hate

Christmas tree (artificial) went up today but won't be decorated until after the grandkids get here on the 21st.


Schiff opens himself up to lawsuits. But as a Congressman, not as an individual. So taxpayers lose either way and Schiff gets his pension unharmed (when he leaves office 50 years from now, not like CA won’t return him every two years):



You Tube CEO announces they have cut the time Americans can watch "controversial content" by 70%.

How thoughtful of them.


30-second video at the link of the Christmas Tree lighting.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 6, 2019


CNN is speculating Pompeo is going to run for the Senate from Kansas.


For New York Post aficionados :


Tom R

Mueller-still waiting for TomR to admit he was totally wrong about him

Trump himself has declared countless number of times that Mueller exonerated him. GOP members of Congress have declared countless number of times that the Mueller Report proved Trump didn’t collude with the Russians. I’m perfectly fine being in agreement with them on that. What do you think I should admit to being totally wrong about?

Captain Hate

Controversial content like climate being controlled by a gas measured in parts per million?


I didn’t know the YouTube CEO could establish in loco parentis on adults. I suppose the assumption that the US has no adults is hard to argue.


I’ve been stewing about Tucker’s segment on Pete Singer since I first watched it. I’ve been thru Sidney, NE lots of times. Pete Singer took a perfectly good company paying good wages and plundered it. I’m not going to get personal with anyone on this center right blog but who wants to step up and try to defend this “Muh Capitalism” bullshit?


Dinesh D'Souza
Notice how Republicans are getting tougher, are actually enjoying fighting back? Pow! Pow! Pow! That’s the Trump Effect. Like Lincoln did a century and a half ago, @realDonaldTrump
shows us how to deal with Democrats Gone Wild!



Now do Eddie Lampert.

Captain Hate


Legislating against it would create more problems than it would solve. It's an unfortunate flaw in the system. The co villain was Sassy Pants for not speaking up for his constituents. He should be brutalized.



BREAKING: Surrounding area evacuated as emergency crews continue to investigate report of a small nuclear reactor inside a garage in northwest Columbus, Ohio



Schumpeter. Creative destruction.
Smith. Comparative Advantage

You can blame the actors, and certainly many are jerks. But the world does not stand still. “Muh capitalism bullshit” is the state of nature, bloody red in tooth and claw. The alternative is Venezuela.

The past few decades the playing field has tilted against US producers. Politicians made the incentive. Singer & ilk acted on them.

Trump is restoring a more level playing field. Yes he is adding tariffs, typically to trade where tariffs were lopsided against us. This will change incentives.

The result will remain unfair (we haven’t solved the problem of politicians existing), but more prosperous than alternatives.



Thanks for the Cindy Adams article. It was great!




Another Bob

I’ll bet cash money the only nuclear reactor anywhere near Columbus is on the OSU campus.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

What henry said, plus, why is Paul Singer the villain?
Hometown boy Jim Cabela could have stopped the sale if he wanted to.

Red Emmerson bought the local lumber company and closed the local mill down in an even smaller town here.
Liberty; political, personal and economic, means things change when people do what they want. Stopping them from changing means exchanging liberty for safety and the next time it will be you being stopped from doing what you want. And the next time, me. No thanks.



Look at the reply to that Breaking 911 post which got shoved down into the "May have objectionable content" group, at the very end:

Joyously Deplorable
Replying to

Are the Deep State and Democrat Socialist Party not happy with the current news cycle's narrative?


A few tweets down “nuclear reactor” was downgraded to “quantum physics experiment”

You only need a light bulb and a piece of paper with slots cut in it to do one of those.


Michelson-Morley isn’t quite Q Mechanical, as I recall.

Captain Hate

What henry said, plus, why is Paul Singer the villain?
Hometown boy Jim Cabela could have stopped the sale if he wanted to.

Not really that easily without lawsuits and other nuisances. It's a risk publicly traded companies run in terms of autonomy.


Screen caps of data at the link.

Nancy Pelosi is marching members of her caucus off the plank and into the abyss.

Impeachment is killing her freshman members and polling proves it.

Here’s data on Rep. Kendra Horn (OK-5).

More to come on other members soon.

Say goodbye to your majority, Nancy! pic.twitter.com/5hsvB1phIb

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) December 5, 2019

MM: Both Cindy Adams AND Judge Judy voted for The Donald!


Seeing how the good prosecutor seems to be catering to tormentors of this fellow



The glenane quote, at the intro to every burn notice, at least after the first season was 'shall we shoot them'

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - Went to your link from Brad Parscale - Appears Parscale made an error if the comments are to be believed,



Promises to lean into the crisis, and cannot fathom their loss.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So why aren't the Cabela brothers the villains for taking it public to make more money to begin with?
It's always a risk losing control when you go public.
Even so I think Jim Cabela may have controlled enough shares to get his way.
Regardless, the power to stop such deals can only come from the government and making more power to the government the cure for virtually any problem is pretty much always worse than the disease.



I didn't check the numbers as I cannot spot what is correct and what is not.

I will go check.

Captain Hate

Seeing how the good prosecutor seems to be catering to tormentors of this fellow

He needs to watch the episode where Costanza does the opposite of every inclination. It would probably confuse him but I'm in the holiday mood.


It's a risk publicly traded companies run in terms of autonomy.

Might as well blame Mike Milkan and his Drexel Burnham Lambert crew for creating the leveraged buyout. Singer was following a well trod path. Plus the ever popular Fed for setting interest rates too high (or low), or even Goldman Sachs for brokering the bond sale portion of the deal (for sweet sweet fees).

The alternative to LBOs is zaibatsu, and propped up dead wood at the expense prosperity for Japan. Or possibly state owned like in France, that dynamo that exists on EU transfers from Britain and Germany.

Our system may be messy. But it does heal faster then grow when the politicians get the hell out of the way.


Every tool is useful but not in every occassion, i suppose someone has to buy the debt but should a company indebt itself unnecessarily.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Was moving some stuff and ran across a Hemmings Motor News from 1985 I saved.
Let's see; nice series 1 E Type Jags under $20,000. Maserati Boras $15-33,000. Worst of all, and why I saved the mag, a 1965 Ferrari 275GTB Short Nose for $29,900. I knew, even at the time it was a steal, but I just didn't have the dough. Now? $1.5-2 million. Grrrr...


When you mash everything into puree it loses its flavor


Texas Liberty Gal

MM - Just read thru the comments -may just be Dem trolls comments.


I noticed this because favorite mark carol rosenberg is crying over her favorite mogwai abu zubeydah.


Texas Liberty Gal,

I see what you mean. Don't know what to think.

Guess I will wait to see if there is more data.


Four days before Hope Hicks tells the feds that Trump was annoyed by Flynn, Trump tells CNN, "he lied, they ruined his life."

One week after Hicks tells the feds, "Trump had bad judgement, Trump discusses the possibility of a pardon.

Trump's praise of Michael Flynn over the years



Why does this have to be a trade secret:



Did they release all the notes or just snippets.


Re “home nuke”. Thread:



Crews say the project found is what could be used as homemade capacitor, explained by the caller as a quantum physics generator.

@wsyx6 @fox28columbus



That doesnt really gel does it, now both could have been true, but weve seem how info is spindled mutilated or outright deleted.


'Lets make one thing perfectly clear'


Captain Hate

As for why Singer's the bad guy, if that's how you make a living, bankrolling a bunch of pols isn't a good look. Particularly if it feeds the GOP stereotype.


Well he does some good say with the manhattan institute, i dont like to rely on gregory palast who is somewhat certifiable but he sometimes inadvertently commits random acts of journalism.



That Vanity Fair article seems mostly concerned with convincing all of us that we shouldn't try to connect dots, because it's "conspiracy theory stuff" and not worth pursuing.


He only wants preferred dots connected, in his last piece re papadop he pointedly missed some major points

Tom R

Rocco @ 9:13

Do you think Hicks lied under oath when she testified that Trump said he was annoyed with Flynn and that Trump thought Flynn had bad judgment?


We always played with capacitors as kids. Nice sparks.

Another Bob

“homemade capacitor”

LOL. Potentially deadly, but LOL.

My guess was going to be a magnetron out of a microwave oven. The reference to RF burns led me there.


Tom R, perhaps an uncomfortable question. FBI does not have a recording of what Hicks said, so no transcription either. What they have is a 302. So the question is: did Hicks really say that? Or did an overeager agent edit his 302 to make it look like she said that? This entire argument has a foundation of banana peels.

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