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December 21, 2019


jim nj


jim nj


With the House adjourned until Jan. 7 I guess nothing will happen before then.


Harsh but fair i think:


jim nj


The OMB, clearly taken by surprise by the Navy plan, told the Pentagon to “submit a resource-informed plan to achieve a 355-ship combined fleet, including manned and unmanned ships, by 2030.”

The Navy can't properly maintain its ships, it doesn't have a build plan in place, it's going to retire some ships early and it still doesn't know how to use the littoral combat ships.

They should put the Marine Commandant in charge of the Navy for awhile.


So they dont have proper procurement logistics training quartermaster what do they have?

jim nj


I posted that link and another on Afghanistan last night. Schlicter argues everyone out. The other says go ahead with the planned 4,000 troop withdrawal and focus on the things we do best. Intelligence, special ops and planning.

There is nothing wrong with just getting out. The only real reason at this point for any forces to remain is to force the Taliban to the negotiating table.

Both approaches seem to make sense if the only boots we have in the boonies belong to special operators. We should not be in the business of taking or holding ground.

One way or the other we will have a smaller footprint. If we leave completely we can always return if need be.

jim nj


From what I've read they seem to have a handle on the submarine fleet. There is a clear build plan in place.

They have build plans for two more Ford-class carriers in place and underway. Presuming they find the fixes for Ford and incorporate them into the two ships they will be late but OK on the carriers.

They are absolutely lost from what I can see on the intermediate ships. Current plans call for retiring some ships without comparable replacements.

At the rate they are going the big concern will be a very large loss of ship-borne vertical launch tubes. And that is currently the main means of force projection. Fewer missile - weaker navy.


One concern iswhere to redeoloy to kirghistan and uzbekistan probably wont be available so somewhere in the emirates

But they dont have good grasp on tactics muchless strategy the sea base of thr triad needs to be rebuilt

jim nj


This has been an issue for many years and they are going to say they can't solve the problem because money was diverted to other priorities recently? Get real.

They didn't have enough ships so they over-used what they had. The people in charge of those ships should have built punch-lists on maintenance needed and communicated that through the system so that the required parts would be at the repair shipyards before the ships were dry-docked.

Or they did do that and the reports were lost in the system.

I'd get a real-estate guy or a construction manager to look at their system. Or somebody well versed in just-in-time manufacturing.

jim nj

I guess, in fairness to the navy, we have been preoccupied with land war and air support of that. Problems found in those areas were fixed.

The shift to a focus on the South China Sea has caught the navy up short. The Marines were quicker to see the problem with their sea-borne assets and are adapting faster than the navy.

The Marines can add defensive and offensive firepower to their mini-carrier landing ships just by parking vehicles on the flight decks. And the development time for a vehicle-borne weapon system is shorter than the design time for a new ship.

jim nj

If you haven't read it yet I recommend


It's a little like a Dale Brown techno-thriller while taking a realistic look at what might happen in a future Pacific war.

jim nj

That may be where I got the idea of a low-tech solution to the need for vertical launch tubes.

If you look at the Navy's plans they will be removing ships with launch tubes without comparable ships to replace them. With launch tubes coming out of service a quick way to replace them is to re-purpose an existing cargo ship or oil tanker with a hundred or more surface-mounted vertical launch tubes.

Some kind of modular system that might also fit on existing warships.

Man the cargo ship with the missiles or make it autonomous. Expect to lose it, but not before it has fired a full volley. Use it as the first-strike weapon while all the other warships maintain their missiles for later actions.

jim nj


jim nj


Germany has decided to upgrade its fleet of 196 Wiesel (Weasel) armored reconnaissance vehicles. These were originally designed and built to support airmobile troops but found other uses as well. The Wiesel is the smallest manned tracked armored vehicle in service.

Sounds like a neat vehicle. They found that due to its tracks, not wheels, and light weight that it didn't set off land-mines.

jim nj



Reports of criminal gangs using drones to spread infection led to installation of jamming device
Unauthorised equipment interfered with navigation systems of planes flying overhead

jim nj

The man has a truly small mind...


"A sponsor of the bill, Democratic state Sen. Liz Krueger of Manhattan, released a statement that reads in part:

“I’m certainly no fan of the judges this president is choosing to appoint, but since any New Yorker can become a minister online for $25 and legally perform weddings, I didn’t consider this to be a major issue,” Krueger said."

I must be missing some part of the logic here.


indeed he does, jim


Happy Hanukkah and Christmas Eve, Eve.


Excellent point here--if MSM were deceived in Russiagate, why aren't they angry??


jim nj


He does the same thing his father did. Anything that's wrong in NY is the fault of the federal government.

And he's fighting like hell to fix it. Because none of it is his fault.


Because the MSM is as corrupt as the democrats. Anyone have any democrat friends who are concerned? The ones I know - even the ones who used to pay avid attention have simply stopped watching. No changes that I can report.



Isn’t that the same thing that’s going on in CA?


A little christmas humor and an oops moment averted. The diva wanted a camera for christmas as all her travels apparently made her phone camera inadequate. Here researching skills may be superior to mine so we knew she would figure out what she wanted and why. I had already told her if it was more than we spend on christmas (less than almost anyone I know as our emphasis is on meals and hanging out) it would have to be her graduation present too.

I did that with Red and held to it, which hubby thought was a bit mean of me. She and her dad go to get what she wanted yesterday and I am told last night to be careful wrapping it as it is "fragile". I am carefully cutting and wrapping and almost finished taping when I realized it must be upside down because to flexible bottom part of box is aligned with non-taped portion of paper.

Everything gets carefully untaped and turned around and taped back up, while everyone else still sleeps. Very glad the supposedly fragile camera will not be spending the next two days upside down.

Making the christmas eve bolognese sauce today so I don't come home tomorrow from feeding my dad and feeling rushed. I did notice on saturday that working together to stab me in the back seems to have done wonders in the rift between my other siblings. Nobody but my kids seems to recognize just how much I am listening and watching while putting together a holiday jigsaw puzzle.


Did I break the connection?

Seriously, the Human Eating Machine being here and my bil and sil means I have to triple the recipe. Planning to add pancetta this year though since I have some left over from making turkey meatballs last week. Also managed to get four packages of what appears to be some of the last pappardalle noodles left in north ATL.

Just realized though I do not have enough milk for the 3 cups needed now. Better to go now than in a few hours.


Good morning!

Good thing we did most of the housecleaning yesterday, since I overslept.

Granddaughters are coming to deliver a gift basket for us this evening, whihc is why it is a good thing daughter got their presents wrapped several days ago.

Drinking coffee and trying to wake up!


The following tweets concerning the trade deal with China were retweeted by the President:

Bloomberg Economics
BREAKING: China says it will cut import tariffs for goods including frozen pork, pharmaceuticals, paper products and some high-tech components starting from Jan. 1, according to a statement from the Ministry of Finance https://bloom.bg/2PNE2Bz
Sky News Breaking
Dec 21
U.S. president Donald Trump says a "breakthrough" has been achieved in trade talks with China and he expects a deal to be signed "very shortly"
China will lower import tariffs on over 850 products from January 1 https://reut.rs/2PMsLBi


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to that chart that I posted yesterday showing wage growth in low, middle, and high wage categories.

It’s all but impossible to look at this chart and conclude anything other than that ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ ‘s tax cuts have unequivocally benefitted working class Americans. It’s the kind of benefit that wins elections. pic.twitter.com/GpNu34qxCe

— Andy Puzder (@AndyPuzder) December 22, 2019

The H.E.M. could skip the pasta and just have used socks, or maybe some old golf shoes. He might not notice if it's truly industrial scale dining.....not that I would have any personal experience with that....

James D.

jimnj @ 3:44

It's a whole family of Fredos, with nary a Michael or even a Sonny to be found.



This has the information on what he said to VP Pence's chief of staff.

The sooner this guy is gone from Fox, the better, as far as I am concerned.


#NEW President Trump and First Lady Melania attending a dinner at Trump Palm Beach (December 22, 2019) Special thanks to @B5074616546 pic.twitter.com/PktT8DJY26

— 45 🇺🇸 - Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TheTrumpPage1) December 23, 2019

Video of the Trumps walking by at the link. Melania has on a super dress!


AP is pushing a scheme that was supposed to get Trump to fire the past ambassador and for the head of the Ukraine gas company to be removed so Texas could sell gas to Ukraine.

Let's see what Twitter investigators have to say about the speculation.


HAHA! I couldn't resist, guys!


Matt Gaetz
Dems: “Trump is a Russian asset” - then Mueller can’t prove it.

Dems: “Trump obstructed justice” - then Mueller’s testimony flops & issue is dropped.

Dems: “Trump/Ukraine is a clear & present danger” - then Pelosi threatens to hold articles from Senate trial.



This is from a British guy, who gives us a video of a British "intellectual" explaining how the "oligarchs" have figured out how to manipulate all of the poor to vote for the interests of the rich.

Comments are mostly British and quite amusing.

Conspiracy theorist George Monbiot is back again, this time explaining why working class people are too stupid to understand what they’re voting for. pic.twitter.com/PHeyIJiaoY

— Andrew Doyle (@andrewdoyle_com) December 23, 2019


Donald J. Trump
Pelosi gives us the most unfair trial in the history of the U.S. Congress, and now she is crying for fairness in the Senate, and breaking all rules while doing so. She lost Congress once, she will do it again!


What does Peloser know about fairness?


Well I’ve already made 9lbs of cheese today (and 6 yesterday). Is Christmas over yet?



Of course she's not interested in fairness. (The President knows that, of course.) He is pointing it out to those who normally don't pay much attention.



I have asked for that book for a Christmas gift. I hope I get it! If not, I will buy it afterwards.


I missed this editorial on Friday, I think. The Post makes a good point:


Another Bob

Boeing halted pending news. More 737Max delays I presume?

Another Bob

CEO fired?


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to a Red State article.

‘This IS the Scandal’: Dan Bongino Explains How John Brennan’s Office Became Ground Zero in the Russian Collusion Scandal 👇🏻👇🏻 https://t.co/kTqkyR1iwQ

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) December 21, 2019
Tom R

What “matter” did Sessions appoint Durham to work on? Perhaps Durham has been working on the Spygate case longer than we thought?



Retweeted by the President:

Jewels in the Verne
Camarotta @cnn got DESTROYED BY Mr. KEVIN HASSETT when she tried to bash the President as her normal m.o. is.. He is awesome @potus
Hassett is on the White House Council of Economic Advisers (I looked him up).


"Tax Reform Has Delivered for Workers", write Gary Cohn and Kevin Hassett in the @WSJ https://t.co/t3txK81wha

— Jon Hartley (@Jon_Hartley_) December 23, 2019

Link goes to a WSJ article which is behind their paywall, but the gist is in the tweet, I presume.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Conspiracy theorist George Monbiot is back again, this time explaining why working class people are too stupid to understand what they’re voting for.--

There's a reason they call him Moonbat.

What the progs, particularly the rich and connected ones are really mad about is the sleeping giant of the middle class finally woke up before the progs were completely done plundering their houses.
People eventually realized the very people squealing the most about "income inequality" were the exact same ones with their hands on the levers of the money spigots and the government distribution of what comes out of those spigots. Even a middle or working class bloke eventually figures out if the guys driving the Bentleys and Ferraris keep squawking about helping the poor while they buy bigger and newer Bentleys and Ferarris and are joined by a bunch of chinese guys buying the same while his wages are going down and his car is getting older and there are even more poor people than before, including a bunch of rude, pushy ones who don't even speak English, that maybe just maybe the progs and the rich frauds who no longer produce anything but just suck off the government teet might have gamed the system in their favor.
And let's also hope enough of the working and middle class dopes realize the siren song of "socialism" to fix their problems is being sung by the exact same voices coming from the Bentleys and Ferarris and the rude and pushy foreign throats to permanently game the system in their favor.


Dingell corruption.




Doug Wead wrote the memo, and Fox's rather snarky article doesn't make me think that they will be fair, either, particularly if Chris Wallace is chosen.

One Twitter user says that President Trump should organize is own debate and dare whoever is the democrat candidate to show up. I personally think the democrats would frame that as "rules-breaking".

This is a good thing to think about over the next couple of months.



BREAKING: Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has resigned effective immediately, CFO Greg Smith to serve as interim CEO until January 13 when David Calhoun, Boeing's chairman, transitions to the CEO role

James D.

henry @ 9:17

The NYT had an editorial today about corruption in Congress entitled "Make Laws, Not Money"

They cited three Congreessmen. All three were Republicans.

The Dingell crime family (and the vast fortunes amassed by prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein et al) were not, of course, mentioned at all.

James D.

Also in today's NYT OpEd pages, a stunningly ignorant and wrongheaded piece (even by NYT standards), written by an author identified as a "Junior at Yale University"


I mean, of course we should throw masterworks by one of the greatest composers in history, accomplished over the course of decades and beloved for generations, into the chipper-shredder because a whiny undergraduate is having a hissy fit.

If I ran the Metropolitan Opera, I'd seriously consider cancelling all those full-page ads that regularly run in the NYT.



This is a column which provides a bunch of links to different news articles and TV appearances (quite a few). Also has a featured link to Bongino's interview with Nunes, which I listened to again last night because there is a LOT of information in it.


When you give prizes for people who run around looking for things to get upset about, you get moar NYT.


Make em sweat Mitch.


Mitch McConnell says Republicans haven't ruled out calling witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial cnb.cx/2PTrnx3


What changes will be made?

The FBI’s Darkest Hour
Our Constitution won’t protect us unless our own cops with guns respect it. After 2016, one wonders whether the FBI looks upon the most famous alumnus of its Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with fear—or envy.



The NYT had an editorial today about corruption in Congress entitled "Make Laws, Not Money"

They cited three Congreessmen. All three were Republicans.

Early Christmas present for their loyal subscribers.


If you have to use Citrix, heads up. This one just came out:



It might as well be akynet.



I have gotten very wary of apps, surveys, etc.

This morning I started what I thought was a fun wine quiz but when I got to the end it wouldn't give results unless I gave email, birthday, and a bunch of other info. I terminated the entire thing.

I have very few apps on my phone for the same reason. I get the creeps thinking that certain groups can track my whereabouts due to me having their app. No thanks!



Justice Collyer the head of FISC was told face to face by Admiral Rodgers, NSA Secretary that fraud had happened on her court in Oct. 2016. Rep Meadows told her in 2017 and Nunes twice in 2019. Since 2016 she ignored them. Now, she announced her retirement.

Short thread elaborating with some very pertinent replies following:



Robert M. Cutler
Zharkova has got lots attn bc she is based in U.K. & social media help viralize her talks avail on youtube.
But since 2006 Abdusamatov at Pulkovo stressing 200-yr cycle that Zh's model ignores, has forecast global cooling begin 2015, w/ 60-yr #LittleIceAge start 2060 (yes 2060).

Zh's early work ignores this (de Vries) bc it is due to planetary gravitnl effects on solar dynamics, not to her "double dynamo" model.
However, her work since mid-2019 𝘿𝙊𝙀𝙎 take it into account, tho not calling it by name. https://nature.com/articles/s4159

This is information which was being explored back in the 70's and then got overwhelmed by the global warming charlatans who had figured they could both make money from the scam and also move the US into left-wing projects.


I’m way behind on the thread comments, but I’m glad there are names associated with each because I’d have never guessed who said this:

’...if they don't I can quickly pivot to a Grinch/Scrooge mode.’

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to the JOMers!! 😎


Hi, Beasts, and Merry Christmas!

And LOL at your comment!

Tom R

If he was cooperating with Mueller as part of his plea, he would still need legal counsel to protect his interests with that crew.

CH @ 11:09

No doubt Flynn had legal representation when he was meeting with the Mueller SC team to testify against his Turkish partner (who IIRC was acquitted). In the previous thread Melinda threw out $475 as the billing rate for high priced DC lawyers. Let's go with $500 to make the math easier. $4.6 million dollars in legal fees amounts to 9200 total billable hours. Why would Flynn need 9200 hours worth of legal representation from an army of high priced DC lawyers when all he was doing is testifying against his former partner and multiple agreements to delay his sentencing? That is what triggers my Bullshit Detector.

Jim Eagle

Just lost another post. Anyway, if this goes through, you will find it of interest:



Tom R, it is never just one lawyer. Plus that $475 is for basic lawyers, not high end ones with classifications. I'm surprised he spent that little.

Jim Eagle


Correcto-mundo on DC lawyers. Tommy Boggs goes at something close to $1,200/hr but his primarily a "lobbyist" versus a litigator. DC lawyers are called the "white shoe" firms for nuttin!


Merry Christmas Beasts!


Maria Bartiromo

Elizabeth Warren has hurt herself with her own policy proposals: Al D’Amato http://ow.ly/TsvC30q4mIN @MorningsMaria
This link goes to a video but the sound is awfully low on my system.


Via Don Surber


This is just a wonderful story! Link goes to a picture with audio.

The children of an Air Force colonel tell the story of how NORAD’s Santa Tracker began — in 1955, with a typo in a local newspaper and a call to a secret hotline at the Continental Air Defense Command. #MerryChristmas pic.twitter.com/U9YhQXJYVu

— Red Nation Rising (@RedNationRising) December 23, 2019
Tom R

Trump, unlike the cowards, said "I think there is something there and Obama should resolve it.

My guess is that Obama's mother didn't know who the father was due to her having sex with multiple black men so there was no father listed on his original birth certificate.


Schiffs eureka moment isnt



Jane and marlene, have you been feeling congested in the morning youre somewhat more south of me, but theres a cold my mother hasnt been able to shake.


Yes, I low level spit balled that $475. It wouldn’t shock me if the lead partner at Covington wasn’t punching in at a minimum of $1,500/hr to “supervise”.

The magic of mental meters.

Captain Hate

Tom R has it right on what an insatiable nympho tramp Stanley Ann was, about which the unfree press was completely incurious.


The curious thing about flynns atty is his wheelhouse was not criminal defense but white collar election law matters.


Just in time, a guide to Hallmark Xmas movies.

Tom R

So his question was rhetorical from the standpoint the he, his listeners, and most of JOM were of the same mindset about what Mueller's investigation was about.

The narrative that Bongino, his listeners and most of JOM believed to be the truth about the Mueller SC is the same exact narrative that Team Trump, Trump's allies in Congress, pro-Trump pundits on Fox News and talk radio, etc wanted everyone to believe. They kept repeating that narrative over and over and over for the entirety of the Mueller investigation. As Scott Adams pointed out, Trump is a master at persuasion.

Captain Hate

In Tom's defense, the price tag of high level sharks is unbelievable, which is why dirtballs like Avenatti go to such ridiculous levels of self abasement to try to attain top tier status.




Dead men tell no tales



The other scorpion:


Tom R

Henry @ 10:36

Bump it up to $1000 bill rate per hour if you want. That is still 4600 hours billed. A standard work year for one person is 1880 hours. How large of a team of lawyers do you need to accompany you on meetings where you provide testimony against someone else?


How large of a team of lawyers do you need to accompany you

until sentencing is complete, whatever it takes. Also note that fees go way up when in court or conference.


Qatar has been manwuvering itself to simultaneously be the default power in the gulf while privisioning leading islamist groups


So to that end they have acquired interests in south carolina and in florida yhrough the ballard group.

Tom R

Henry @ 11:44

Whatever it takes? Flynn had already plead guilty. "Whatever it takes" would be applicable if he was going to trial because he was innocent and wanted an acquittal.


They were also a partner to the rosneft dealthat went sideways throught their sovereign fund,


Sentencing is the important part.


As you might expect, comments are appropriately brutal.



Ah yes but mssieur levy you enabled this practice with the support of the libyan intervention.

Tom R

Why Did Robert Mueller Choose Not to Tell Americans that the Dossier was False?

That was the title of that Red State oped. The formal findings of the Mueller SC made it clear all the allegations by the Democrats and Fake News media that Trump colluded with the Russians were proven false. Since many of the false allegations were based on the Steele dossier, then the answer to the oped's question is that Mueller actually did tell Americans the dossier was false, otherwise he would have formally found there was some truth to the allegations.

My guess is AG Barr gave explicit guidance to Mueller on how to answer that question. Mueller's task (Phase 1) was to prove the Russian collusion allegations were false. Horowitz' task (Phase 2) was to identify all the facts behind the Spying on the Trump campaign. Durham's task (Phase 3) is to prosecute those who broke the law in order to spy on Trump.


I'll grant him that he did bring the cause of massoud to public attention, but he wasnt the primary beneficiary same for the kurds.


Thats the nub of it:



"That is still 4600 hours billed."

For TomR and perhaps others this is triggering a BS meter.
For others, not so much.

But it's a fruitless debate if there are no facts at hand. Is there another blog ... or an honest reporter ... or any other source who can be asked? If I remember, I'll ask my kid (she took a position at Covington this year) when I see her on Christmas Day but she's relatively junior and on the "billing" side not the "charging" side so she may not have an informed opinion.


We wont likely know, anyways the process is the punishment as mark steyn has encapsulated, after 7 long years his case is going to trial, the one by tim ball was initially turned down by one court, and reversed by another.


A perfunctory dismissal of the steele dossier would have unraveled thr entire impeachment case mueller presented but ive listed his conflicts of interests.

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