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December 23, 2019



Donald J. Trump
“Stocks kick off Christmas week at All-Time Record Highs.” @foxandfriends


Donald J. Trump
“The Trump Administration, Trump policies, have put our economy on a trajectory it has never been on before.” Griff Jenkins, @foxandfriends


Seen on Twitter:

My son is taking part in a social experiment. He has to wear an "I love Justin Trudeau" hat.

So far he's been punched, kicked, spit on and slapped. He's also had a bottle thrown at him.

I'm curious to see what the reaction will be when he wears it out of the home.


When I hosted Christmas Eve, which I did for over 20 years, I wrote a poem I used to read as the beginning of the talent show and gift exchange.

I thought I would share it with you all today, as I will be gone to my sister's this evening. I hope you don't think me being show-offy, as it's something that I wanted to share as a spirit of the season.

A Christmas Poem

When Autumn's last breezes have yielded her leaves,
And icy winds swirl over porches and eaves,
Then comes the merriest time of the year,
With sleigh bells and Santa, warmth and good cheer.

The memories crowd round, and beckon us all.
Larry the Lion, the Baby Dear doll,
The year that the pony was out in the yard,
The year that a boy slept in St. Francis' ward.

Yuletide in Guantanamo or Milan,
A long-ago Christmas in Cold War-Berlin.
A Christmas in Florida with Aunt Salome.
(The years we were scattered m yet longed to be home.)

We are the happy, the chosen, the few,
Who feast on both chili and (yikes!)oyster stew.

We have the Scout Reindeer who checks on us all.
Our Christmas Eve is like Fezziwig's Ball!

So raise high your glasses and let's have a cheer,
For all of the good times we've had through the years!
For Christmases past and for those yet to be,
We're family forever 'round our Christmas tree!


Larry the Lion and Baby Dear were well-loved toys (in fact, I still have Larry the Lion, the first talking animal Mattel made, although he doesn't talk any more).
I honestly did get a pony for Christmas one year, the second year we lived on the farm.

My brother spent 3 weeks in the hospital with severe pneumonia when he was 3. (He had asthma and was allergic to penicillin.)

Those cities were all places we lived as military wives or as a governess (Milan for my youngest sister).

And the chili and oyster stew combo was due to my grandpa and grandad loving oyster stew while the grandkids (my siblings and myself) couldn't bear to eat it. LOL!




By the way, I saw a couple of days ago that Trudeau had taken a private plane to some Caribbean resort which was also private. Quite a bit of grumbling on that from Canadians!


Donald J. Trump
“The Dems are complicating matters again. Keeping Mueller out of it was the focus. Keeping it crisp & simple was the key, and now all of a sudden they are saying maybe we’ll go back and visit the Mueller probe, which is absolutely unbelievable, and shows they don’t care about....

....the American public’s tone deafness - & it should be intolerable, because the American people have had it with this.” @kilmeade @foxandfriends The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats have gone CRAZY. They want to make it as hard as possible for me to properly run our Country!


Happy Christmas Eve to all my fellow JOMers!

Robin, eff 'em all

That's lovely, MM. Shared family histories are the best.


MissMarple, you have a wonderful Christmas. I hope all JOMers have one. Even the marshmallow eater.


Thanks, Robin. I don'r host Christmas Eve anymore, so the poem is sort of out-of-date, but I felt like sharing with you all, who have really buoyed me up over the past few years.


You have one, too JohnH!


Donald J. Trump
The ONLY reason we were able to get our great USMCA Trade Deal approved was because the Do Nothing Democrats wanted to show that they could approve something productive in light of the fact that all they even think about is impeachment. She knows nothing about the USMCA Deal!


Oh, MissMarple, how clever and dear. At the risk of being sappy, I will add 'just like you've been here on jom. You're 99% an optimist, usually never take offense when someone gets snarky with you (and it happens), and 100% loyal to our president, which is what he needs in his supporters. I say that knowing people complain and criticize some of his policies, as well as his being behind a few of Ivanka's socialistic-light projects (which is their right).

I do appreciate the effort and time you give here on jom. Have a jolly Christmas Eve.


Down Syndrome and the Gift of Innocence
A French convent’s Christmas message: ‘We are made for very great things.’

By William McGurn

Innocence isn’t much prized these days. Yet at Christmas it’s impossible to escape: The splendor of the music, the warm visions of hearth and home, the whole wonder of the season—all rest on the joy brought a weary world by innocence made incarnate.

Even those of us who lost our innocence long ago sometimes look back wistfully on Christmases past, when as children we believed not only in Santa but in the loving world that went with him: safe, caring, kind. For most of us, this never rises above sentiment or nostalgia. But what if someone decided innocence was worth holding onto and built a whole way of life around it?

It might look like the lives led by a small group of contemplative nuns in the French countryside just outside Le Blanc. These are the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, and among religious orders they enjoy a singular distinction: They exist so that “those who are in last place in the world”—women with Down syndrome—can “hold in the church the exceptional role of spouses of Christ.”

In practice this means that able-bodied sisters devote their lives to ensuring their fellow sisters with Down syndrome can live their vocations. Living with Down syndrome is not all sweetness and light, even among nuns. The difference is that these women take this innocence, leaven the difficult and imperfect parts with love, and gift it back to the world in more sublime form through both prayer and example.

The order was founded in 1985 with a community of two: Mother Line, now prioress, and Sister Véronique, who felt a vocation but could not find an order to accept her because she has Down syndrome. Today there are 10 sisters, eight with Down syndrome.

“The smiling faces of our little sisters with Down syndrome are a great message of hope for many injured families,” Mother Line tells me. “Our smallness will also say that we are made for very great things: to love and to be loved.” She particularly asks for prayers that able-bodied “young American girls” might consider life among her flock.

A Christmas confession: I’m a sucker for those Facebook videos showing some basketball team letting the boy with Down syndrome shoot until he sinks a basket, or photos of a high-school senior with Down beaming because her classmates have elected her prom queen. Even the most jaded—maybe especially the most jaded—recognizes, and perhaps even envies, the special joy reserved for the pure of heart.

Then you pull back and look at the faces of those cheering these things on—the fans at the basketball game, the other couples at the prom. Is their happiness any less? Not to mention the inner rejoicing of a tired mom who has just watched a crowd of people look at her child and see what she sees: a beautiful and unique human being who is a source of delight.

This is the everyday witness of the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb. In the world outside their walls, innocence can be dismissed as childish ignorance or dangerous naiveté. Inside, the nuns choose to cherish and exalt innocence—and the unconditional love and trust that comes with it—as an example of how we are meant to live with one another.

In Morris West’s novel “The Clowns of God,” Christ returns to earth, where people have trouble recognizing him. At one point he goes to a school for children with Down syndrome, and picks up a little girl.

“I know what you are thinking,” he says. “You need a sign. What better one could I give but to make this little one whole and new? I could do it, but I will not. . . . I gave this mite a gift I denied to all of you—eternal innocence. To you she looks imperfect—but to me she is flawless.”

He goes on: “She is necessary to you. She will evoke the kindness that will keep you human. Her infirmity will prompt you to gratitude for your own good fortune. . . . This little one is my sign to you. Treasure her!’ ”

So it is in Le Blanc. Hours after these words appear, the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb will welcome the birth of the Savior. Whatever there may be in the way of presents will be modest and mostly homemade. But for those hoping for a glimmer of the light that burst into the skies over Bethlehem that first Christmas, nowhere will it shine more brilliantly than in this nondescript little convent in the center of France.

Merry Christmas, sisters.

Tom Bowler

Love the shopping center picture and the poem Miss M. Well done!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to all.


Merry christmas all.

James D.

Morning everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas eve.


Lovely poem MM!

I too am so happy that I have four siblings who share all kinds of wonderful Christmas memories, and my cousins for many others of our childhoods.
Our parents and grandparents blessed us with their big families.


Christmas signifies peace ... inside each of us. So that we may radiate our peace to others.

Thank you all for living here. Merry Christmas.



Thank you for a wonderful gift, much-needed for me. Merry Christmas!

Jim Eagle


As we say, nothing better than home cooking, including home made poems:)


When I was in University, I had a part-time job at a local produce store and worked side by side a guy with Downs. He was into his late 30's. They called him "Boss" because he acted like one. Wonderful guy with a heart of gold.

🎶Hark the angels sing, Glory to the newborn King🎶

Jim Eagle


🎶Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the newborn King🎶


Stephanie Grisham
HAPPENING NOW: @realDonaldTrump
is speaking via teleconference to members of all branches of the military deployed overseas. @POTUS
is thanking them for their service & letting them know our country is thinking of them always - esp during the holidays.


Now Spain threatening an exit from the EU.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Who remembers their downtown areas being decorated every year--

Out here in small town communist CA they still are. [our communists in rural CA generally know to keep their communism confined to the occasional bumper sticker].
Here's main street of the little town I grew up outside of;


Isn't that great, henry! Junker will really get smashed tonight.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Right click for the church steeple.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Not going to look for it again but I peaked at a breathless CNN story on some WH email the Dems are hoping to question the sender of for their REAL smoking gun this time.
It said something nefarious like; Let's go over the Ukraine aid delay.
That's it.
Totally nutz.



That's great! Indianapolis has the Circle of Lights downtown and a light display at the zoo and at the Speedway.

Those aren't the same as those decorations that can also be seen in the daytime, though.

That is why I was cheered when I saw those old tinsel trees at the shopping center.


Great mainstreet, Ig, especially the steeple.


This thread is cheerful, discussing support for the President on Long Island.


It's not very long. The replies are good, too!


It's 10AM AND I'm already exhausted. This Christmas thing is a lot of work!


Our now-defunct local department store, L.S. Ayres & Co., used to decorate their windows every year. This article discusses what a big deal they were, and how the display department worked on planning and executing them:


The only photo in the article is that of the cherub, who appeared magically on the corner clock Thanksgiving night, and disappeared after Christmas.

This page shows many of the windows, going all the way back to the 40's, along with the clock and cherub:


These windows were a Big Deal. My mom used to take us downtown every Christmas season to see them. They usually had a theme and told a story, so you had to start by the entrance and then go window to window.

Long before most of us had gone to Disneyland (or later, Disney World), these were the ONLY examples of animated displays. Sometimes the story was around Santa Claus's visit, sometimes pets and farm animals celebrating on Christmas Eve, sometimes getting ready for school partieis and then vacation, etc.

Great childhood memories!


Leaving for a bit. Of all things, I forgot to get DOG FOOD at the grocery!

So, off I go, and then back here for some last-minute wrapping.


"Now Spain threatening an exit from the EU."

Surber is not sure whether to call it Spaxit or Spexit.
But he's labeling the Polish threat "the Pole Vault"


Call it Spadios


Spa salidas, thats too strange


Paul Mirengoff at PowerLineBlog has a post up saying that Trump has reimaged the GOP. As a RINO, he considers it a mixed blessing LOL.

But it is a striking milestone.We see all these tweets float by "So-and-so has my full and complete endorsement". This realignment of the Party while everything else is going on is pretty extraordinary. The Senate was preserved, indeed strengthened, and the HoR was lost (hopefully temporarily). Not bad if you compare it to changing the tires on a car while driving it down the road.

In the comments at PL, one fellow said he had re registered as a Repub now after quitting in disgust years ago.

At times like this, one senses that enormous progress is being made.


Thanks, anonomom,for that great meditation on the sisters with Down--just beautiful. Merry Christmas Eve to all; I've done the pies but need to finish the wrapping, then two services tonight (I'm in the choir--I really hate hearing the same sermon twice, but it comes with the territory).

Captain Hate

Christmas Eve greetings from a full house.

Reimagining the GOP from the RINO petting zoo is a major accomplishment.

Jim Eagle

You may have wait until the suspended sleigh and reindeer come up but this is how Main St. and Job's Lane are decorated each Christmas in Southampton Village.



We still have our community Christmas light display with dozens of these located in downtown parks. Christmas lights are up on many street lamp poles.

Until it burned down Trinkaus Manor had these lights on display. The lights were saved and the community displays them every Christmas.

mike in houston


Christmas memories are so important. I inherited a small mantel clock with a wonderfully toned hour striker. When I was a kid, we weren't allowed to go in the living room to see the presents until 7 AM. So, we would wait in our rooms listening and counting those clock chimes. Even to this day, when I hear it chime I am taken back to a time when the tree was surrounded by new bikes, and stockings were full of great surprises.


“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!”
― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

“And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!”
― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

mike in houston

Picture of my hometown at Christmas.(New Canaan, CT.)


And, this year is the 101st annual community carol sing



As Jill Biden handed out tamales at the border, my wife delivered Christmas presents to American orphans in bags she embellished by hand.

The Bidens are America Last...The Courrielches are America First. https://t.co/ON5zIS16gD pic.twitter.com/9YMMH53s0X

— Patrick Courrielche (@courrielche) December 24, 2019

Links go to pic and tweet about Jill Biden.


Two Indiana judges who were suspended for involvement in a fight at a White Castle have been reinstated to their respective courts.
I thought you guys might like to know how this fiasco ended. Merry Christmas, your honors!


Victoria Toensing
Dec 23
Lying @washingtonpost. Wrote absolutely false editorial about hubby and me. @RudyGiuliani
had nothing to do with our being hired to represent Dimitry Firtash. Rudy never asked any of our clients to get dirt on @JoeBiden. WP lies to protect Biden’s corruption. #maga2020

mike in houston

Here is one more of a 60 year old New Yorker cover of "The Next Station to Heaven", the New Canaan railway station at Christmas time.



From BabelColor on Twitter. "December 1915. The Great War rages in Europe. A British soldier walks home through the streets of London with a Christmas tree on his shoulder, bringing cheer to the hearts of those he loves. How many more Christmases were they to share, I wonder?"


can't get the image but it's beautiful. Note to self: learn Typepad image posting in 2020. Merry Christmas JOM



Hey, Brokaw! Did Nixon have people who would show up at rallies in the tens of thousands? Who would camp out in sub-freezing weather for 2 days to see him? Who would march on DC to protect him?

Nope. What we are seeing is a true leader, who sacrificed a life of comfort and luxury to save his country.

And here's a comment from Dinesh:

Dinesh D'Souza
Nixon had to resign. Trump is going to come out of this stronger and most likely get re-elected. So yes, it’s a different time. We are on to how creeps like Brokaw manipulate “civility” and “dignity” for the Left’s ideological ends.

Jim Eagle


Both photo of downtown and the New Yorker cover, are spitting images of Southampton. Doppleganger villages.



Here it is! I copied it through Firefox's image system:

Jim Eagle


Go to Postimage.com, bookmark it.

Put your photo on your desktop, call up Postage, scroll down on the menu to 320x240 for posting images on blogs. Then click on choose image. Then click on "Direct Link". you will see the image is now copied.

Go to the JOM comment box and just type add the photo between the quote marks and voila you have now posted your image.

mike in houston


You are right, except New Canaan has hills. :)


Lovely pic Lee.Thanks,MM.

Jim Eagle


Jim Eagle

Mike, we have Hill St. doesn't that count:)?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Great mainstreet, Ig, especially the steeple.--

Unfortunately it's been completely gentrified. The garage where my pop worked for forty years, right across the street from the church with the steeple is now a an antique store and a cheese shop. The old Post Office is a art gallery. The hardware store is some lawyer's digs or soemthing. The old upstairs dentist we used to go to is a jeweler or something. The old general store is some artsy crafty something or other.
The church is still a church though.

The Festival of Lights in Sutter Creek, where Jesus hasn't yet been banished and lives in happy proximity to St Nick;

Jim Eagle

My 12:09 should read in the last paragraph:...and just type and add the photo between the quotation marks......

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It takes a Jew to raise a Christian village idiot;
Dennis Prager dismantles and destroys Christianity Today editor's call for Trump to be impeached.


An impactful photo, Lee and helpers


Herbert Reed
just now:
I'll consider it one of my greatest achievements some day to say I got rid of the dirty corrupt cops that have ruined the lives of many good people. What they did to Roger Stone & @GenFlynn was very unfair.
*Response after asked if he'd pardon


New thread.

Ig, if you bring your link over maybe change "raise" to "raze?"



Ig: "Here's main street of the little town I grew up outside of"

Personal question but if you don't mind sharing ... how did you become contemplative and intellectual growing up in a small town? Parents with encyclopedias or an inspiring 5th grade teacher or a mind unleashed by a charismatic Great Writer or ...?



The Gen Flynn comment should cause some ears to perk up!

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