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December 23, 2019



Because one is 'guilty until proven innocent' in the chambers of procurator mueller

Tom R


Going to see Star Wars with the family. I will answer your 8:34 tomorrow.


He did it!!! Video at the link.


💸💸💸💸💸 pic.twitter.com/AxptmxVOLT

— Indiana Pacers (@Pacers) December 24, 2019
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Not sure why McGahn ever spoke to Mueller in first place--

I don't know why anyone talks to anyone else in DC.
Just give em all guns and let em shoot it out.
Saves us all the trouble of having to march down there and do it ourselves.


I'll keep the quotes handy, Tom.

Jim Eagle


Hanging fruit.


Good question:






I am right there with you!


The Hill

NEW POLL: Trump approval rating nears 50 percent heading into 2020 http://hill.cm/u9tgHPU


Kauss link suggeat a world where amwrican history might go through sone 'interesting times'


The Left eating each other should be a nature series on NatGeo.

Thread exemplifying this tweet follows:


jim nj


"Alexa Kasdan went to the doctor recently for what she thought was a cold. Her throat was fine, but the bill was a killer.

Kasdan, a public policy consultant in New York City, was billed $28,395.50 — the cost of a brand-new car — for a run-of-the-mill throat swab."



Another Bob


This pathological need to be “right”. And to have the last word.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video of Governor Huckabee interviewing Eric Metaxas.

What's the best gift to give your liberal friends?

"Donald Builds the Wall" by @EricMetaxas.

Why? Watch to find out! 😅https://t.co/Z0R3FxMhs7

— Huckabee (@HuckabeeOnTBN) December 24, 2019
jim nj


Enjoyed the Mickey Kaus link. He's usually fun to read as he was here, but I think he misses a point about Trump supporters.

This one doesn't just want four more years of Trump to keep the Democrats out of the White house. I want another SC judge, control of all the circuit courts and the utter destruction of all liberal support mechanisms.

Another Bob

Jim, simple case of fraud by the doc I suspect.

If I were a betting man, the doc has a somewhat less than arms-length relationship with that out-of-network lab.

jim nj


You can believe the Politico article on people setting up Trump PACs.

This happens every four years and there is nothing a candidate can do about them.

It's a great scam - latch onto any candidate, launch a PAC, appeal for money and pay yourself a large salary for your efforts.

jim nj


A kickback on expensive unnecessary lab tests?

I'm shocked. Shocked I say.


Australian PM Responds To Greta Thunberg: "We'll Do What We Think Is Right For Australia"


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think Kaus fundamentally misunderstands the position of the sides in America.
The best metaphor I can think of is a reluctant, level headed but very dangerous man being pestered by a loudmouth punk who thinks he's tough. The man waits alertly but quietly in the hopes the little creep will tire of making his life difficult and move on. But if not and the punk finally escalates too far the man breaks his jaw and drops him in his tracks

Or, alternately and pictorially;


jim nj,

Since you have tracked those, I will take your word for it.

It's just Politico is so smarmy. I guess once in a while they can get something right.


I think clarice employed that metaphor thos weekend.

Another Bob

That probably was a “well duh...” thought Jim.

But how does the insurance co. miss it? Would have thought the computers would be programmed to kick out any bill above $x for diagnosis y.


Donald J. Trump
What the Democrats are doing is “Obstruction of the Senate. It’s wrong Constitutionally, it’s wrong morally, and it’s wrong politically.” @AlanDersh @seanhannity @dbongino
l agree, and so does the public!


If already posted, I may have missed it:

12 stories the media got horribly wrong (ONLY 12?)



Senator Rand Paul
Joe Biden is doing well. I feel like if the Democrats nominate him we are all going to discuss whether or not we should hand over the nuclear codes to someone who hasn’t been able to find his keys for a while now.

Another Bob

OK, silly iPad question I should know the answer to, but don’t.

Ig’s GIF shows as a still image unless I scroll. While I scroll, the GIF animates thej frames. Slow the scroll, animation slows.


Tucker: Hunter Biden is linked to investigations for fraud, money laundering and counterfeiting pic.twitter.com/qlPekbJBL9

— Wojciech Pawelczyk 🇵🇱🇺🇸 (@PolishPatriotTM) December 24, 2019

Video at link. A little over a minute. (Counterfeiting?!!?)


Donald J. Trump
“The real victims here are the American people and the Constitution. The Constitution has been damaged by this ploy being used by Nancy Pelosi. This is a very bad time for the United States Constitution.” @AlanDersh


Courage, rse!

Beasts, Merry Christmas!

Late, but as to Stanley Ann Durham, I am grateful to her for one thing, a sort of nudie shot she took with Obama's possible father as photographer--but I was intrigued by the album prominently displayed on the end table, Stan Kenton's Cuban Fire, so I ordered it on amazon and it became one of my absolute favorites--what great, great music! So thank you, foolish Stanley Ann.

Another Bob

OK, disregard the “slow scroll” part. Any scroll animates. Stop scroll, animation stops.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

San Francisco Blows $94 Million This Year In Failed War On Human Excrement.
Can this guy be far behind in Feudal California?


Oh boy

Hunter Biden subject of multiple 'criminal investigations

The claims were put forward by a Florida-based private-eye firm, D&A Investigations, in Biden’s ongoing case against alleged baby mama Lunden Alexis Roberts, a former Washington, DC, stripper who went by “Dallas.”

Biden, 49, “is the subject of more than one criminal investigation involving fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme,” the filing alleges.



RG has a weather warning for Florida!! Link goes to thread with maps!

Okay, Jacksonville folks. This long range forecast is showing real snowfall in Jax on Saturday, January 4th. From down below The Villages, up through Gainesville, plus the Carolina coast, etc.

Vehrwy interrrestink !!! Don't say you weren't warned. https://t.co/0YvNv31QlU

— J.B. White (@RattlerGator) December 24, 2019


jim nj

Lee Smith pg. 223

Patel asked Rosenstein to what extent the FISA on Carter Page had been verified. "I asked him about the Woods file, and he says, 'I don't what that is," says Patel.

Can you grasp that Rosenstein has signed off on the last Page FISA request and doesn't know what a Woods file is?

Don't worry about the color of his hat. He doesn't own one. And he's starting to figure out that if he buys one it's just going to get stolen when he isn't looking.

He's been played and eventually that little comic strip light bulb is going to appear.



Short thread on Durham not filing a report, but filing indictments.


Lost post--trying again.

Hang in there, rse!

Beasts, Merry Christmas!

As to Stanley Ann Durham, I am grateful to her obliquely, as one of her semi-nudie shots (she was nude but facing down on a sofa) showed on the end table an album cover, Stan Kenton's Cuban Fire. I got it through amazon and it is completely terrific music--can wake the dead!



To save you time, the list includes Bill Kristol,Christine Todd Whitman, Linda Chavez, Bob Inglis, and many others. More can be seen at this link:



I think I will head to bed.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Catsmeat perusing semi-nudie shots, eh?
The Drones Club approves. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


What a load of shit.
It's the sanctimonious pretense of these little turds that bugs me most.
They don't give a rat's ass about democracy. Just the opposite; they want their perks and their undeserved stations preserved and the hoi polloi put in their place. Permanently.
That's. It.


Orwell grumbles in the Ether, you didnt have to prove me right.


Miss dunham seems to have been abohemiam sort? When your grandpa is a up and coning banker you can afford to be.


Yes it fits the name, maybe more perez prado then benny more



Of the former comparison


jim nj


Not much else left to sell.


Its more of an caribbean kjom


Another Bob

I don’t get why Lampert is shepherding a slow death of Sears and Kmart. They’re beyond saving at this point.

Another Bob

The parking lot at the Sears near me is virtually empty every time I pass it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hey, I still got to replace my 35 year old, worn out Craftsman 1/4 inch drive ratchet for free at Lowes the other day so Mr Sears lives on.

Another Bob

Good to know. I replaced my 3/8 about ten years ago at a Sears. No questions asked.

I wonder what I could get selling my Craftsman socket sets?


Iggy: The Senate's plenary power to try cannot be extinguished by the House. But when that plenary power exists is obviously dependent on the House's prior actions. She may be right, but it is not nearly as cut and dried as she states, IMO.

I would say this: Either Trump was impeached by the House vote, or he wasn't. If he was, then the Constitution prescribes for further role for the House. The rest is up to the Senate. The Senate may require some additional steps by the House before beginning the trial, but what those steps are is exclusively up to the Senate.

If some additions steps are required by the House before the impeachment is complete, then the Senate can't begin the trial until those steps are completed, because Trump hasn't yet been impeached.


. . . prescribes no further . . .


I think thats what professor feldman was hinting at in his follow up piece

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm linking this story for two reasons;
1. It is a chilling story of Chinese prison laborers who sent a message with their product to a little girl in South London,
2. The little girl who found their message lives in a part of South London called...Tooting.
That'd make a great Clash song. :)


I haven't read Feldman's piece, but I'm agnostic (or at least unsure) about whether the House vote, or something more, is required for impeachment. I only say that if no more is required, the rest is up to the Senate.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I can't tell if you're agreeing with me or disagreeing, MJW.


Theres something in the water in new haven:



I'm disagreeing, if you believe Trump has already been impeached by the House vote, but the House still has some control over the process. (That is to say, some control which the Senate can't change by changing its own rules.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ram Dass joins other pseudo-Buddhists on their hallucinatory lotus blossom in hell.


There is stupid and then there is crazy, gillian is ex navy seal



Whether or not the vote, alone, is enough to constitute impeachment depends solely on the House rules and procedures.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The person I was disagreeing with said Trump has already been impeached and so the Senate can now move, so I guess my position is while I don't know that there is a definitive answer I lean toward N [not c] Feldman's position that he hasn't been impeached.
Seems to me a somewhat analogous situation would be a grand jury that returns an indictment that the DA then sits on. You can't seat a jury and have a trial unless the state shows up and levels a charge in court.
If I were the reps and Trump I'd quit talking about it. Let the old crone sit on it until it the little crocodile she birthed hatches and bites her in the ass.


Good metaphor, thats why shes trying for a mulligan, with this mcgahn businesz



The person I was disagreeing with said Trump has already been impeached and so the Senate can now move, so I guess my position is while I don't know that there is a definitive answer I lean toward N [not c] Feldman's position that he hasn't been impeached.

Accepting the premise, that Trump has been impeached, I accept the conclusion, that the Senate can now move on. I'm just not sure whether I accept the premise.


Ill be adingos kidneys:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jeremy Roenick suspended without pay indefinitely by NBC for saying a couple of minimally stupid things.
So, I guess you can show some guys spilling their teeth and blood on the ice doing what would land them in prison were they not professional athletes to millions of people but if a broadcaster says something slightly awkward [and kinda creepily complimentary] in front of 37 people on a podcast he's pretty much fired.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Accepting the premise, that Trump has been impeached, I accept the conclusion, that the Senate can now move on.--

I concur. However the Nixon opinion still didn't seem to say what that gal claimed it did because that wasn't a question before it.


Yes things to keep to yourself



We are in utterly uncharted territory and as someone (I forget who) noted, Constitutional experts seem to be cropping up as thickly as mushrooms in cow patties.



Heres another:



Snyder used to be a very eastern european expert but at some point he wenr mad with tds.


Good eastern european, it appears what allen ginsburg spoke of in howl has come to pass

Manuel Transmission

Narciso’s 12:08 is confusing. They speak of Women for Trump and Women for America First. Our friend Nancy S. who many of the ladies at the 9/12 march met is on the board of WfT along with Kelly Ann. Need to find out if either of them were at this busted up rally.


Seems to be the latter group according to breitbart but they could be mistaken it seems mr ruder is exceedingly stupid.


It comes from the groups own press release; three links down


This was the fustercluck captain was speaking, the adambrookes novel night heron concerns a series of messages relayed by a former british agent in the chinese munitions industry who after a spell in a desert laogai resumes his work.


Oh really:



This last qbsurdity for the noght:



“We are in utterly uncharted territory”

And I saw somewhere earlier this evening that we may be in for “impeachment 2.0,” more articles. What’s that rule about holes? I guess they figure the damage to themselves is already done, so why not, nothing to lose.

Another Bob

Re. Roenick’s suspension, I’m one of the 37. It’s not millions, but “Spittin Chiclets” is kind of a “cult” thing among a certain set of hockey fans. it’s hosted by a couple retired players, players or ex-players are the typical guests. As should be expected, there’s a solid dose of “locker room talk”.

The vacation reference was a couple minutes out of an hour-plus interview. It wasn’t negative at all, but momentarily “objectivized” Kathryn Tappen. At least as much time was spent with Roenick complimenting her professionalism and toughness. Per Roenick, Tappen and Roenick’s wife are close friends.

Net, it was a nothingburger. NBC overreacted, probably because of Lauer etc.

BTW, Roenick’s long-time wife and Tappen are both hawt.


I saw somewhere earlier this evening that we may be in for “impeachment 2.0,” more articles. What’s that rule about holes? I guess they figure the damage to themselves is already done, so why not, nothing to lose.

Posted by: jimmyk | December 24, 2019 at 02:28 AM


I agree. If this weren't so costly and embarrassing to our nation on the international stage, I'd hand them a shovel and tell them to have at it.

The democrats have made a travesty of this process. They've tried several different iterations of presumed impeachable offenses to no effect. The American public was not moved, nor did it approve of a blatantly biased process employed by Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler that didn't even allow the President to know his accusor let alone face him.

More charges or re-drafted charges will only serve to irritate Americans further, IMO. I doubt the democrats will change any minds with such a ploy. This only convinces me that whatever it is they are trying to hide or prevent from coming out must be a doozy.

jim nj

I'm bored, nothing interesting to link to.

This impeachment is, well, inelegant. Rube Goldberg could have done much better than this and the final action would have worked. The ball, or whatever, would have dropped automatically.

This contraption, like many faulty products, needs to be thwacked to get it working again.

Unlike the Boeing Starliner which actually lifted off, this thing is stuck at T minus something and holding. You can almost picture the technicians scurrying around trying to find and fix the problem causing the hold in the countdown.

Reporters cautioning viewers at home that the launch window is rapidly closing in and we may have to delay the launch to the next full moon.

And even if the impeachment achieves lift-off eventually, like the Starliner, it may never reach its intended orbit (objective) either.


jim nj, I like boring. I don’t needed more excitement in my life. I hope you enjoy a boring day.


Morning all.

I will throw in one other reason for Warren's faltering. She looks and sounds like every high school dean or guidance counselor caricature, and I do not believe that most guys would be able to drum up enough enthusiasm to vote for her.

I myself cannot imagine her as Commander-in-Chief, and if somehow she got elected, I would expect an attack by China, Russia, or ISIS immediately after her inauguration.


Retweeted by the President last night. Link goes to article.

Over 400 people packed the meeting room, filled the lobby, and spilled into the parking lot in rural Buckingham County, #Virginia with one thing on their minds: #Guns.

The vast majority favored a proposal to declare the county a #2ndAmendment Sanctuary. https://t.co/qw94dTDyfY

— The Epoch Times (@EpochTimes) December 24, 2019


This is a British publication which points out that the attitudes of young voters is shaped by a sort of conformism enforced by schools and other cultural influences, and a small groups of people when compared to the population as a whole.



Contains an animation and the article says sea ice has nearly recovered.


The democrats have made a travesty of this process. They've tried several different iterations of presumed impeachable offenses to no effect. The American public was not moved, nor did it approve of a blatantly biased process employed by Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler that didn't even allow the President to know his accuser let alone face him.

Not exactly correct---the American people HAVE been moved--away from the Ds, towards POTUS, per polls. One released yesterday showed his approval rating at 50%.
Yet, they persist.

Which makes me agree with your conclusion--whatever they are trying to hide must be a doozy!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

This is an old issue ... but

ABob: "Ig’s GIF shows as a still image unless I scroll."

Both of Ig's GIFs are animated for me even without scrolling.
I'm using an old, 2nd gen iPad and Safari browser.
Consider rebooting the device, and consider trying a different browser, consider flicking out other apps that are running in the background.


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have hammered Amazon on the stump, but their campaigns have also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying supplies off the site


1. I haven't read the article because I have reached my free limit and will not subscribe.

2. A reply kindly saved me the search effort, and on November 25 they pledged not to investigate Bloomberg's Democrat rivals during the campaign.

3. Warren and Sanders need to learn that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

jim nj

I got a copy of Lee Smith's "The Plot Against the President" from the library and suggest that everyone here should read it. I'm about two thirds through it.

I was expecting a litany of things I already knew. There is some of that, but the backstory is the really interesting part. The whole thing is a really good read.

Smith is really good at weaving it all together. Nunes and his investigators eventually coming to the realization that a war is being waged against them. The intelligence community, with leaks to the press, trying to discredit them every time they discover the truth.

"Kash" Patel, Nunes' lead investigator, telling Nunes that based on his experience as a prosecutor and public defender that the interview route is not the way to go. He wants to capture the DOJ/FBI paperwork to find the holes in the narrative.

And they credit their own investigative staff with major finds going that route. They also mention that they listened to some "sleuthers" for some of the things they looked at.

Maybe, someday, we'll learn who those "sleuthers" were, but if you've followed the story so far some of them may be apparent to you already.

Patel, because of his prior experience, knows, or knows of, the people they are going against. So if he gets a whiff of something he can sometimes make a leap of logic and make a connection that sometimes Nunes has trouble accepting. Nunes backs him after he grasps what's going on.

I mentioned earlier that Rosenstein doesn't know what a Woods procedure file is.

Patel manages to figure out that Bruce Ohr is involved in the investigation and they go to Rosenstein to ask for the 302's that will confirm it. Rosenstein tells them that Ohr, his subordinate, wouldn't be involved in a side-investigation.

48 hours later they get the multiple 302's showing that Ohr was a back-channel.

I can easily envision the Trump-Rosenstein plane ride and the "come to Jesus" moment. Trump and Rosenstein both realizing they have been lied to and played.

Complete conjecture on my part, but I think Rosenstein was doing his job as he understood it. Whatever stupid moves he might have thought of doing earlier he finally realized he was being used and lied to. That flipped him back to the support of Trump.

I think Trump treated him gently and brought in Barr to give Rosenstein some spinal support.

An analogy. When I was running market data for an investment firm I had a solid employee who was playing with the Reuters servers during market hours. He was much better than I was with UNIX-based servers yet he still managed to knock all of the Reuters users off-line. Hearing of the problem I ran down to the server room to try and fix the problem.

He's working the keyboard of the Reuter's servers and says, "HI." Me, "You've knocked all the Reuter's users off-line. Fix it and then come see me."

He fixed the problem. Showed up at my office. Me, "Come in. Shut the door. Sit down." Me, after a long pregnant pause, "I guess you won't do that again." Him, "No."

So we sat there calmly and discussed it. You don't always need to beat an employee down if they have already learned their lesson and they become incredibly loyal when they are treated well.

My two cents.


Devin Nunes

Lemon harvest finished. Smaller this year but still great flavor!

jim nj


Yes, boring is good, with little to post on or comment about I managed to digest some other things.

Sometimes I just react to the firehose of news coming at me. If you're doing that you can't reflect on what you have already learned.

I'm currently mulling over the promise of a North Korean "Christmas gift."

If it's a missile I'd shoot the damn thing down.

jim nj



Redbeard (K)
Who remembers their downtown areas being decorated every year

Bit of nostalgia for me is the shopping center near here, now not as swanky as it was when it opened in 1966, has the exact same green tinsel 60's modern style Christmas trees decorations attached to each light pole! Those things have to be at least 50 years old!


Donald J. Trump
Everything we’re seeing from Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer suggests that they’re in real doubt about the evidence they’ve brought forth so far not being good enough, and are very, very urgently seeking a way to find some more evidence. The only way to make this work is to..

....mount some kind of public pressure to demand witnesses, but McConnell has the votes and he can run this trial anyway he wants to. @brithume

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