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January 28, 2020


Jack is Back!

Rick n is the consummate DC hanger on. I once sat next to him at the bar at Mel Krupins. He hogged the pickles.

Clarice understands that.

Jack is Back!

...Rick does this happen?

The Infamous Ignatz

Regarding that Codevilla link I posted earlier and the related ones on the same subject.
Seemed to me they all missed the point.
With the rise of China [which was never going to rise as high as they and western fools said] and Russia's renewed militarism it seems to me what we are undergoing is the inevitable transition from what the pointy heads like to call a unipolar world to the more common great powers spheres of influence. No we probably won't be able to reliably control the western pacific inside the belt of Japan and the Phillipines any longer.
And if Russia wants to gobble up the Baltics there isn't much we can do about it.
But is either likely to be able to move much beyond those limits with the surrounding historical enemies they have?

But I think the present era of transition will be the more dangerous and unstable era. Once the transition is over and everyone realizes they can live with spheres of influence. As China's aspirations prove untenable they will be more concerned with not disintegrating more than expanding and Russia may nibble at its edges, which is unfortunate for its edges, but what else can it do?
And the ME will continue to consume itself, Africa will continue to suffer and South America will shoot itself in the head every few decades just as they seem to be finally getting it right.

Captain Hate

Looks good, henry. I'll look for that here.

Tom R

Iggy @ 4:39

I do actually. I've had them ever since the DOJ sent that letter to the FISA court. I've been waiting to find someone like Turley to give a legal analysis of the DOJ letter but so far the only analysis I've seen of the DOJ is from punditry.

The Infamous Ignatz

--Breaking News: Whoopie is dumber than Dersh--

I went to the link and I guess you really didn't mean to write dirt.

The Infamous Ignatz

New thread


Thread discussing the above, which is Sidney Powell's filing withdrawing General Glynn's guilty plea, and why:



why wouldn't lowly underpaid researchers working at the benches in those institutions also "mislead" about their data and research?

Some do, and some at least are caught. NIH each Friday publishes its TOC, which is a summary of policy changes, requests for comments, new proposal solicitations, and the like.

One part is findings of research misconduct. Usually these are at the post doc or higher level, and usually there are one or two per week.

I've found that most I've worked with are very honest and really want to do good science. More disconcerting to me is that often publications show the one experiment that worked, and don't talk about the ten similar ones that did not. This, I think, is a large part of the difficulty in reproducing literature results.

And if real scientists in top institutions can do that, then why in the world would 97% of lesser or fake scientists not fabricate "data" for political purposes (AGW, etc) too?

Again, I've not found this to be the usual case, though I don't work in political areas like AGW. Biological Chemistry and Biophysics just is not that political, though of course there are scientific hot topics that people flock to.


Breitbart sub head is a laugher

Donald Trump Signs Landmark USMCA Deal Replacing ‘NAFTA Nightmare’…

…No Pens for Dems!


We as the collective JOM "we", need to understand that even some of our heretofore "hero's" are SWAMP CREATURES. Being a lifelong GUBMINT TEAT SUCKER, does that to virtually every GUBMINT lifer employee. Some, not many, joined government "service" in the hopes of making a difference, and helping our country. VERY VERY VERY FEW. Most realized that working for government in it's many forms, PAID WELL, offered AWESOME BENNIES and offered paid retirement at a relatively young age.
Biden et al, found ways to enrich themselves their families, and a source of STATUS, and EXTREME EGO GRATIFICATION. POWER intoxicates as well. Unfortunately, the LEFT slathered these lifers with exactly what they sought. These lifers IN TURN, supported anything and everything that increased their power and their ability to SPEND our TAX PAYING regular peeps, into oblivion. Soon enough, the gubmint employees came to believe that their numbers and fellow teat suckers were in charge. HERE WE ARE.




Yes hes got this story backwards

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