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January 02, 2020


Thomas Collins



Huh ..."Here we go again" means "Something familiar, and often unpleasant or unwelcome, is happening again. The phrase usually emphasizes the speaker's frustration or annoyance that this is the case", I was hoping (today) that it only meant, here's a new thread.

I haven't watched, listened, or read any news. And, I'm hoping the post means we've started another thread.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, "leaking" might be a crime, but knowingly lying about it to the FBI about it must be a worse crime. And maybe more than one.


If Trump ever does something to piss me off I won't be shy about pointing that out.

You're just singing Trump's praises because you're not brave enough to point out his faults, CH. I'm not afraid - I've noticed that POTUS misspells the occasional word.

In other news, I think the recipient of the smoke-filled room award at the Dem convention would have to be Bloomberg.

In phone news, I recently replaced my 4-year-old Motorola 50 dollar cellphone with a Motorola 100 dollar cellphone, which I hope to have for four years. I'm pretty sure someone would have to be younger than 25 to actually know something that their phone can do that mine can't.

Jim Eagle

We neared 1200 comments on previous thread.

Flu season.

We are in the low 70’s mid afternoon but wake to the mid 50’s. But tomorrow they are calling for a hig of 88F. Going to have to consider turning the pool heater on.

Thomas Collins

A few new year's predictions:

Saints win Super Bowl over Chiefs. Brees gets Super Bowl MVP.

San Fran Nan actually sends articles over (by the way, I think Feldman's argument that Trump hasn't been impeached is wrong; there is a public record of the House voting out articles, and the Senate has the constitutional power to act on it right now if it so chooses). A short trial ensues, and the Senate votes 52 against removal from office, and 48 for such removal.

No orange jumpsuits for Comey, Obama, The Hill, Clapper or Brennan. Indictments won't go beyond McCabe level if they even reach that far.

Dem ticket will be Warren-Buttigieg (I know that Warren is supposedly dropping, but I just don't think Biden has staying power, and, although the Comrade will hang on for awhile, Warren will prevail). Buttigieg will give the ticket youth.

Warren-Buttigieg tops Trump-Pence in popular votes 49%-48%, but Trump-Pence adds NH and Minnesota to their 2016 electoral totals and get reelected as POTUS and VEEP. On election night, Candy Crowley, between tears, starts talking about the newest conspiracy theory (I'll say it'll be Russian and Ukrainian mobsters).

Dems hold onto House, and GOP holds onto Senate.

Bronxers top Braves 4 games to 2 in World Series.

Bucks top Lakers 4 games to 2 in NBA finals.

Epstein still will not have killed himself.

Destiny and Tatiana will continue to love you if you just keep spending money on them in the champagne room.

No SCOTUS vacancies in 2020.

And here's the prediction I most hope comes through: Everyone in JOMVILLE will forget the above predictions!

A happy new year to all!



Does anyone know if there is a place where you can find out if you have balances left on gift cards?

I have been cleaning out jewelry boxes, old purses, drawers, etc. and I found I have 6 old gift cards that I saved, from Visa, Targat, McDonald's etc. I cannot think why I saved them unless there was a balance on them, but I do not want to drive around to different places and go to the offices or cashiers.

Thomas Collins

MM2, is there a number on the back to call for customer assistance? If so, I think most gift cards will provide the balance after the punching in of the account and other information requested.


OL @ 12:55

I consider your dislike of me a badge of honor. What are people who think like you actually contributing to winning the ongoing Culture War II? You love to whine and complain about how bad things are and will continue to be in the future. We largely have your generation to thank for allowing the current situation to exist.

You then have the fucking audacity to attack those of us who are actually fighting back against the Progtards and optimistic of our chances of winning. Hell yea I'm argumentative when it comes to people like you. I don't like losing.

Posted by: Tom R | January 02, 2020 at 01:42 PM

What an enormous DICK. “Fighting back” - with a bullshit detector, opinion as fact and the ability to link to “Internet Sleuths”. Fucking marshmallow eater.


The pattern soeaks for it self:



Also, MM - some companies let you check your gift card balance online. Google the company name & gift cards. You just need to enter the number on the back of the card.


Wow, TC, very thorough predictions (though nothing about the pending alien invasion of unmasking of the Lizard People).

Seahawks win Super Bowl (28-to-1 right now, jump on it).

Ticket is Bloomberg-Stacey Abrams. Trump pardons Stone and Manafort, among others, day after second inauguration.

Aliens invade, Lizard People get unmasked.


Thomas Collins and Momto2,

Thanks! That will give me a project to work on!

Thomas Collins

The Abrams/Pence Veep debate, hrtshpdbox, would top the alien invasion as best story of the year!


As if we didnt already know who the lizard people are.


LOL, true, TC - even the aliens will stop their marauding and watch!


You know the left is perplexed by the President's ability to connect with people across the demographic spectrum when they have to drag out Linda Ronstadt and Opie to level the usual meaningless ad hominem attacks against him.



In other words, same old same old.


He might need a road msp:




It's 88 here now. Guess it's coming your way. 58 when I went to the poopy park this morning, which is like 2 below 6 years ago.

Thomas Collins

Perhaps there will be a surprise or two that I missed, Barbara (although I doubt it). The prediction by hrtshpdbox of Bloomberg/Abrams, if it comes to pass, would make for quite an odd couple major party ticket, so I'm hoping for that (Warren-Buttigieg would be pretty boring, I think).


Geez john, since I have Tom blacked when I read that I thought it was you, and thought: "When did that happen"? Blocking is good for the soul.

Another Bob

JohnH | January 02, 2020 at 03:44 PM

Thank you. I was going to start by asking what he actually does to “fight the progs”. Other than coming to a site where people are probably more anti-prog than he is, insisting his way is the only way, and scolding people at every opportunity for not being his sycophants.

You did it better.

Tom R

It was already in the original DOJ IG report, but today's release of DOJ OIG documents confirms Comey was telling the truth when he testified under oath that McCabe lied to him about the leaks.

Why would McCabe lie to a fellow conspirator involved in the spying on Trump prior to the 2016 election that Hillary was expected to win?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Cap'n, what you and Iggy both never seem to understand (even though you have very different styles and will be shocked to hear me say that) is that you both do EXACTLY the same thing I do but from your personal points of view.--

Of course we do. The difference is our POV is right and yours is wrong. :)

--And Iggy, I do not attempt to "persuade" you of anything. I appreciate what you think and just wish to remind you both that not everybody thinks the same thing--

Yeah, I know. They should. :)

--...or is as complacent as you might be.--

Not even slightly complacent. I think I have identified the only two possible routes to take the country back; the remotely possible political route and the more likely 'politics by other means' route. I think it is highly likely we will be forced to the latter route by the maniacs of the left. I don't think we'll have a choice. And I am confident or perhaps hopeful, though not certain, there still exists a critical mass of patriots to make it happen. It is not desirable and I am not sure what the result will look like and it will leave our country extremely vulnerable while it occurs and in its aftermath so it is a terrible thing, but sometimes our choices are made for us.

Old Lurker

TC: "And here's the prediction I most hope comes through: Everyone in JOMVILLE will forget the above predictions!"

Not a chance my friend. Already printed it out and placed in my calendar for a year end review.


My bet is that when the convention goes to hell in a hand basket, Moooch gets drafted.

Abrahms will be added to the ticket because they gotta have a woman:)

Jim Eagle

narc's 3:57 tells me that Bloomie is not a serious candidate with a serious team. You do not enter the most combative arena in the the political world without an established organization of professional electioneering people.

He is stalking for someone, but who?


Ticket will be Biden/Obama (Michelle) and Biden will step aside quickly if elected. (He isn't aware that he has to step aside, yet BTW).

He won't be elected. Trump will win in a landslide. He will immediately start working on the enormous debt, which will hurt.

We take back the House and keep the senate, and Obama gets indicted along with the rest of the crew. If the trials are held in DC, few will be convicted.

Nancy Pelosi will retire shortly after she realizes what a loser she is. Schiff will be indicted for treason and I will laugh my ass off. Oh and AOC's district will be cancelled.

TC will come visit Florida and take me out to dinner for my HUGE victory of predictions. Kiwi will need a babysitter!


Heh, OL==luckily I made none.

Jim Eagle


Stop being an absolutist. Give me concrete evidence that Comey was being truthful. How does the IG know he was being truthful? And the evidence is not because the IG believed him.

If I had a nickel for every lie told in DC.........I would be able to buy OL out and who could retire in style in the Vineyard:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I should also point out I give the political route considerably more chance because of the last three years. Should Trump prove a one off flash in the pan and the GOPe resumes the GOP reins, or reigns, down the political way there be dragons.

If Trump manages some type of political realignment and the GOP is rescued from the Romneycrats and the Admiral Numbnutz there may yet be a peaceful way.


Linked below, the favorite for VP nominee is Kamala Harris, followed by Mayor Pete, Abrams, Klobuchar, Warren, Castro (Julian, not Fidel), Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown.


Old Lurker

Jane, I knew in the first line it was not him because it would be hard to not like JohnH... I think John posted the whole thing because he worried I might not see it because of Killfile, and he wanted me to know that my one liner was dead on.

Thanks to both of you by the way.

You too, Iggy, for responding. Like with Cap'n, we agree much more than we don't. The trick is figuring out what will trigger either #1 or #2 before it is too far gone to prevent the need for going through the centuries long cycle of rebirth.

Tom R

JohnH @ 3:44

I asked OL a simple question that was not a personal attack. He could have ignored it if he liked. Instead he responded with a personal attack. I always get a kick at people like you who don't hold a popular JOM poster who initiates a personal attack accountable but instead you attack my response to the attack.


Another one bites the dust?


Marianne Williamson fires her entire 2020 presidential campaign staff

Tom R

JiB @ 4:14

Citing the findings of an official DOJ IG report is not being an absolutist. McCabe lying to Comey about the Hillary investigation leaks has been public knowledge for a long time now.



Quite a ruckus here on Day 2. LOL

No pussyfootin' around.

Jim Eagle


I would be interesting to see who her team was and their credentials. I wonder how many will move back to their brownstones with the "Fortunes Told" neon sign in the window?

Jim Eagle

LOL. TomR you really are DC naive.

Testfying under oath is a qualifier in your mind and world?

You need to read more history, guy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm not sure what Ignatz is, in fact, suggesting--

Didn't seem that hard, I thought. The Reader's Digest version;
1. Restoring constitutional self governance is the essential task.
2. Putting guys in jail is nice but doesn't matter if the progressive political destruction of the last 100 years isn't seriously reversed.
3. If it is seriously reversed putting a few people in jail is largely irrelevant to accomplishing the essential task, because that will require decades of sedulous political work not a few prosecutions. They will help, not hurt, but they are in no way essential or anywhere near the most important aspect of accomplishing the task.
Those few crooks committed serious crimes and it might be the worst political scandal of our history but those miscreants are just the tiny tip of the breakdown of the rule of law and more a symptom than a cause.

Since this ground has been plowed until it's talc I'll give the mule a rest.


i dont think Mitch Obama has political instinct worth a pair of rotting Hush Puppies leaving her unelectable even with the nom.

Her School "Nutrition" program is the case in point. Can she fundraise/grift? Sure. Beyond that she's a boorish undisciplined slob of a coat tail rider.

Her candidacy has the same stink to it as Hildo's---- spouse gets back in the WH. i think the electoral vote wont follow a spouse preezy.

one man's opinion.


Just got off the mountain. Jeez, after missing the past three seasons, am I out of skiing shape! Still a beautiful day to catch some runs although the wind was howling at the top. The $18 salad bar was totally worth it...🤨


Here’s the link on Williamson



way2go Miracles Lady.


I agree with all of TC's predictions EXCEPT:

The House---if people come out to vote for DJT--and they will--I think a goodly number of those 31 seats in the districts that went for him in 2016 will go R, and others as well.

I know nothing of the champagne room.

And I just don't see RGB making it to 12/31/20. Boy oh boy, I so hope I get to see Amy get nominated!

Old Lurker

Clarice, I'm with you about not making predictions in writing to anybody sober enough to remember what I said.

Iggy, I am on board with your 4:15 though I do worry about follow on bench depth, and I do worry that a LOT of the economic flood tide is based on outright Keynesian obscene over spending fueled by insane world wide ZIRP and that worm can - always does - turn and make things very ugly everywhere. We need a foundation - legal ie Constitutional and Economic - upon which to build v2.0 and that is hard to get in baby bites, and it is hard to build an economy based on pumped up asset prices driven by that same ZIRP. Ben Franklin's famous "if you can keep it" could be said today "if you WANT to keep it".


You all missed the most important prediction: who wins Lord Stanley’s Cup?
I’m hoping the Bolts can reproduce last year’s choke. 😁

Tom R

JiB @ 4:30

I've noticed you always assert I'm politically naïve when I can provide a citation that clearly backs up my point.

There has been plenty of evidence made public that Comey and McCabe were at odds with each other over the Hillary investigation. The Democrats were furious with Comey for reopening the FBI investigation so close to election day and McCabe was clearly on Team Hillary. Remember all of Trump's tweets pointing out that the Democrats wanted Comey fired long before Trump actually fired him?

Why are you so skeptical that McCabe lied to Comey about the leaks? Horowitz formally issued that finding and that finding was one of the justifications that allowed Sessions to fire McCabe.


I think that there are a lot more crooks in this country than I was aware of, as well as a lot of people posing as experts, a la Karl Rove, than I realized.

How about those State Department doofuses (the guy with the checkered green bow tie group) that have been drawing down large federal salaries? Do we really want those people representing us?

What about lobbying? It's become apparent to me that it is a legal form of bribery. What about all of these "foundations"? How did the Clintons get away with that with no one even asking embarrassing questions?

And those who work for newspapers or major networks? What credentials do they have? Who pays them off?

This is why I don't try to figure out who is a white hat and who is a black hat. Most are crooks, and the few who aren't have an uphill slog to get anything changed.

Ha! Can you tell the rain front is moving in and the sunshine disappeared?

Jim Eagle


I am a first season Caps fan, and unless their long in the tooth players start falling on the boards, they are my favorites for the Cup. Have an upcoming goalie who could be the big difference.


Not caught up on the prev thread yet, so sorry if this is a duplicate

Biden’s Still Ahead But Losing Ground Among Democrats
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds Biden with 30% support among Likely Democratic Voters, down from 37% in the previous survey ... Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a distant second now with 16% support, unchanged from a month ago. ...
Battling for third place are South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (12%), Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (11%) and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (10%).

Note: although Bernie is below Mayor Pete, I saw a PowerLine post that said Bernie's fund raising is doing great so maybe the gap is not so strong. Mayor Pete is, I think, mostly funded by a smallish number of rich gay men.

Old Lurker

Iggy, this "If it is seriously reversed putting a few people in jail..." gets right to the heart of it for me.

I think two aggressive, voarcious cancers that all by themselves can bring an end to us are 1) the obvious coexistence of two sets of rules for two classes of people, and 2) #1 is allowed to continue because the plain words of the Compact gluing us to one another, the Constitution, have been so abused and misstated such that the POTUS does not have the power to be the CEO - how else can one invent the notion that cabinet officers do not work for HIM - or than hick judges in the Boonies can negate actions by a POTUS - or that Congressmen can get really rich without ever doing the most fundamental of the jobs assigned to them under our Compact.

That is why "she'd be in jail" and "Landing Teams ready to govern on day one" gave me hope. I am stunned that the Deep State Coup continues to this day and has deprived him of the entire term we deserve having elected him, and that he stands impeached for even hinting at doing his duty.

Hence "if you WANT to keep it."


--I'm not sure what Ignatz is, in fact, suggesting--

I had absolutely no idea what he was trying to get at.
Glad he subsequently laid it out.

Jim Eagle


Because I spent 6 years in DC, (actually more but that is another story) and I ut know DC speak and writings like you are seeing. People in DC lie every day.

You can believe what you want. I am always a skeptic when it comes to anything certified aout of DC.

But believe what you want.

I always await for Indictments and convictions. Short of that it is BS.


“I asked OL a simple question”

“Without the opposing POV expressed by the four or five of us here on the Ledge, JOM would be simply a chorus singing praises for Trump the saviour in whatever dimension and over whatever time frame you want” - OL

Who are these 4/5 people who share your opposing view? When it comes to finding a workable solution to fix a major problem, what kind of team members are more helpful? Those who keep trying to figure out possible solutions or the ones who keep saying there is no solution?

Posted by: Tom R | January 02, 2020 at 12:45 PM

OL’s response: Tom R, you are an argumentative asshole.

Simple question. HAHAHAHAHA. Bullshit detector going off. Being unable to recognize a problem offers no hope that you will resolve the problem.



If I see anything at ll in my cloudy crystal ball, it is a return to a more federal system, a further gelding of the administrative state and an even greater disregard for A"expert opinion".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy, I am on board with your 4:15 though I do worry about follow on bench depth, and I do worry that a LOT of the economic flood tide is based on outright Keynesian obscene over spending fueled by insane world wide ZIRP and that worm can - always does - turn and make things very ugly everywhere.--

Agree completely. Trump, like Reagan, has made almost no effort to roll back the welfare state which is the basis of our problem. In fact he crows about E85 and other overreaching crap. He has rolled back many, many regs to his credit, but another prog pres will roll them right back out. That's a result of the destruction of Federalism. There is no enumerated power for it to be making or unmaking the vast majority of these regs.
And on top of that the Fed has been out of control almost ceaselessly for the last 20 years but it started with its ridiculous dual mandate. But what choice does it have? We are so far in a debt trap thanks to excess spending, anything but ZIRP will bankrupt us and require good old fashioned inflation to wave our debt away.
The concept of Federalism, a small, limited Federal government given only those powers BY THE STATES that the states are unable to do on their own has to be restored or the Republic won't survive. Period.

Thomas Collins

OK, Gentlejim, here is my prediction: Caps come back from 3-1 down to stop the Blues from repeating. Caps win Cup four games to three over Blues by taking last 3 games of series.

Don't worry, OL. Even if you rub my nose in my wrong predictions, I'll still happily make recommendations re restaurants that deplete your funds!

Dinner will be added to chocolates if your predictions crush mine, Jane!

You know nothing of champagne rooms, anonamom? Destiny and Tatiana are crushed! D & T welcome all showered and free spending humans of any gender identity!


Putting guys in jail is nice but doesn't matter if the progressive political destruction of the last 100 years isn't seriously reversed.

Trump's reelection and Rs holding the Senate will accomplish a lot of that. Surber's piece pointed out all the deregulation going on behind the scenes. That plus all the judges appointed (and hopefully a few SCOTUS picks) through 8 years will put in place a pretty substantial reversal. The only real failure thus far is in the budget, so I just have to hope that will be on the agenda in the second term, as was suggested upthread (or the last thread, I can't remember).

And TC, I think Warren is toast. I suspect Biden will limp to the nomination and be a pathetic candidate in the general election, with Trump getting the popular vote and a bigger margin in the EC (I think he gets NH, and at least one of ME,MN, CO, NM, NV). That's assuming no economic crash, which the Dems will do their best to engineer.

Captain Hate

Mayor Bane's legacy


Old Lurker

Clarice that is exactly what is needed but we are running out of time. The old line about going bankrupt slowly at first then all at once covers more ground than just economics.

One has to be as old as you and me to even know what "return to a federal system" even means and why that was important to the Founders based on their shared experiences with monarchies and their bureaucracies in Europe.


That's assuming no economic crash, which the Dems Chinese will do their best to engineer.

FIFY jimmyk

Old Lurker

Jimmy "The only real failure thus far is in the budget..."

The only actual problem with the Titanic was one iceberg...

Jimmy, that is the economist in you wishing to hold all variables but one fixed...


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I consider your dislike of me a badge of honor. What are people who think like you actually contributing to winning the ongoing Culture War II? You love to whine and complain about how bad things are and will continue to be in the future. We largely have your generation to thank for allowing the current situation to exist.

You then have the fucking audacity to attack those of us who are actually fighting back against the Progtards and optimistic of our chances of winning. Hell yea I'm argumentative when it comes to people like you. I don't like losing. --

Wading into this reluctantly and only once.
Tom, this is a blog at which almost everyone shares the same general goal of restored Constitutional governance [Though I'm starting to have my doubts about the proprietor. Kidding. :)]
It's a place to share ideas about a myriad of subjects and even to disagree about specific ways of getting to that general goal.
It's not a battleground for the heart and soul of America. It's not a think tank. It doesn't seed influential organizations. It's more or less a social club. If we were all old biddies 75 years ago we'd all be knitting while yakking.
But it is a rather rare place on the internet where people can usually share their ideas without having to think we're engaged in the Great Culture War II. That war is out there and it's being fought and each of us needs to do our part in fighting it. But it's out there. This place is and should be something of a shelter from that war, not a battleground of it or training ground for it and "beating" anyone here will have approximately zero influence on it.
Lighten up and pick your battles where the war is, not where people are trying to take a break from the unending war they engage in every time they turn on the TV or walk out their front door.



I would like to know the results of the audits going on, how many there are, and what is being done.

When I read some guy on Twitter saying they had found an entire warehouse full of spare parts the DoD didn't know it had, I gulped and wondered what else is being wasted.

Did anyone realize that Obama's NSC were calling orders to military people in the Middle East and Afghanistan, bypassing the chain of command?

Dave (in MA)




Margot Cleveland has been digging through the IG's report and found some discrepancies. This thread has interesting information. Additional stuff in the replies, so suggest reading those as well.


OL, your mileage may differ, as for me, I've decided this year, I'm beginning a march back in time. I begin 2020 at 78.At the end of the year, I plan to be 77 and so on. Doubt my resources will hold out for another 78 years, but I did buy some neat pleather pants and moto boots to start the ball rolling in that direction.

Captain Hate

Is anyone watching Marie Harf talking about Benghazi? Some 'ettes are rage stroking out.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, anybody that engineers an economic bust in the US which unseats Trump will only bring about the global economic collapse they will rue when it sweeps them out with the trash. Now the Chinese Communists with a long view might like that but our homegrown Progs are too stupid to realize what it will do the them.


Captain Hate,

Nope. Is she saying anything interesting? Does she still have those black-rimmed glasses?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Trump's reelection and Rs holding the Senate will accomplish a lot of that.--

I rarely disagree with you jimmy, but couldn't disagree more on that. Our problems are not technical in nature nor even primarily governmental.
Never forget Breitbart's essential insight; politics is [or are] downstream of culture. The progs have eaten up the culture ala Gramsci and part of that decades long fight I mentioned, the biggest part, is reversing the cultural rot. Doesn't and can't and even shouldn't be rolled back to 1910 of course but a serious dent has to be made in the decline and the destruction of every important American institution by the disgusting progs or we'll face an impossible task.


"During the last two weeks I made the same rounds — a high-school football game at my alma mater, talks with Mexican American professionals, some rural farm events. Were those impressions three years ago hallucinations? Hardly. Trump support has, if anything, increased ..."

I feel that, too. Friends, neighbors and strangers rumble about needles and human poo in SF. About PC in the schools instead of instruction in math and science. I think the 2A stuff in VA is catching a lot of attention.
I "feel" like 2020 should be romp.
I listened to a PowerLine podcast and even optimist John Hinderaker was sure MN will not turn red in 2020.
So let's admit: the strong Dem result in 2018 is a definite counter argument. (For example, Hinderaker says Repubs were trounced from top to bottom of the ticket in Minnesota). I don't deny it ... but I can't go against this strong gut feeling that Dems went too far and can't back off.

Jim Eagle

Go Bearcats!

Up 7-0 on BC so far after a lightining delay for close to an hour. Birmingham, AL.


You know nothing of champagne rooms, anonamom?

You know I am an early-to-bed kinda gal, TC. Rarely catch KJOM in real time.
I did manage to hit Le Espalier way back in '82 though.

Dave (in MA)

Boston is so starved for a championship (it's been 11 months now) and the Pats are looking unlikely this year (although the same thing was said last year), the expectation is that the Bruins will have to come up with a Cup this year.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Now I have stuff to do so you guys need to quit bugging me by being wrong about stuff. :)

Old Lurker

:-) Ig.



Swiss Asset Management Firm And Its Owner Charged In Manhattan Federal Court For Orchestrating Stock Manipulation Scheme

Danish National Who Participated in the Scheme Is Also Charged

Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and William F. Sweeney Jr., the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced today the unsealing of an indictment charging BLACKLIGHT, S.A., a Swiss entity purporting to offer asset management and trustee services, and its founder and principal owner, KENNETH CIAPALA, as well as ULRIK DEBO, a/k/a “Molgaard Debo,” a/k/a “Ulrik Molgaard,” with engaging in a long-running stock manipulation scheme involving numerous United States issuers. CIAPALA and DEBO were arrested in the United Kingdom, and the United States Government will be seeking their extradition to the United States.


David Burge
Govt weed: 100 people drawing pensions in an expensive store, 33% tax on top of overpriced product, hours 10-3 M-F
Private market weed: fast, friendly, 24/7 tax free door-to-door delivery, happy to hang out and watch cartoons with you afterwards
David Burge
Can't wait until we stop jailing people for buying and selling weed, and start jailing them for weed tax evasion


Iggy, another disappointment was Walker. For all he did, he never trimmed government employment. Thus his replacement has taxes and regs rising again. There are two paths to reducing the administrative state: Vote in a new Congress (Newt had limited success); and / or fill the Supreme Court with people hostile to the administrative state.

It may require both paths at the same time... Newt schlonged by a liberal court. The good news is both of Trumps picks appear eager to roll back the administrative state (that fourth branch that is not in the Constitution).

Tom R

JohnH @ 4:58

The simple question was who were the 4-5 other posters OL thought shared his opinion that without the opposing view of The Ledge, "JOM would be simply a chorus singing praises for Trump the savior".

Despite whatever difference in opinions this community has about Spygate, there is close to if not an outright 100% consensus in support of Trump with numerous people stating he is the greatest POTUS in their lifetime.

To this point Trump IMO has been more successful at destroying the Progtards than any other person in US history. I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he is doing.

If the ultimate goal is defeating the Progtards, winning the Culture War 2 and restoring the Constitutional rule of law, what constructive purpose does the negativity, defeatism and pessimism of The Ledge contribute to that effort?

James D.

CH @ 5:07

What a shock - the crooked, loathsome Manhattan DA is crooked and loathsome.

I think hate crime laws are unconstitutional, and an abomination. But as long as they are on the books and being used aggressively by the left, I am 1,000% in favor of them being used against these Democrat Party anti-semites, and every other Democrat Party racist vermin they can be applied to, however tenuously.


Trump, like Reagan, has made almost no effort to roll back the welfare state which is the basis of our problem.

Um, what effort, faced with a Pelosi House, has the potential to be successful? None I can think of.

What effort can be made to rein in excess government? Put people to work. Get 'em off the dole. restructure and reduce government to the best of presidential ability. Cut down on graft and illegal funding. Deal with election fraud. Work to take control of the House with an overwhelming victory in 2020.

I think that the strategy is the best possible and progress is undeniable.

I am more optimistic than in the past, even if the reasons for pessimism are undeniable.


The progs have eaten up the culture ala Gramsci and part of that decades long fight I mentioned, the biggest part, is reversing the cultural rot.

Lately I have come to believe that anything short of WWIII and mandatory military service, ala Israel, we are probably effed.

We aren't going to "intellectualize" our way out of the cultural rot.


Ig, 5:15--perfecto!
TomR--please take note.

Someone (?peter?) once described what goes on here as basically a cocktail party, where we are loose enough to be comfortable and share a bit, but sober enough to still polite. (At least most of the time!)

Sounds good to me.

Most definitely, this is NOT a debate society. Not that differences of opinion can't be discussed---but nobody is keeping score. And definitely not "winning," (unless Obama and Hillary are indicted--then we ALL win. Bigly!)

There is not the "everybody agrees" or "who are the four people who think" thing going on.

I am sure a body can find somewhere to do that, if that's what you are seeking.

James D.

My 2020 predictions:

Ravens win Super Bowl LIV (or whatever number it is). It galls me to type that (I’m still bitter about them beating the Giants in 2000) bit if I was betting, that’s where my money would go.

The Dem nominee is someone who’s not currently part of the field (whether Mooch, Hillary, Cuomo or someone else, I’m not prepared to guess)

The Dems will continue to find new ways to subvert the law, common decency and sanity.

The MSM will get worse.

The Islanders will win the Stanley Cup (great coaching, great defense, they’ve got a shot!)

The Knicks will win more games than last season.

President Trump will be re-elected.

The GOP will hold the Senate and retake the House.

There will be no indictments, perp walks or any other real consequence for any of the coup plotters.


I am going to say that I would much rather have OL posting here, I(am a proud Ledge member) than TomR. I will not stand by and watch TomR try to trash yet another thread with his nonsense.TomR :
Know that you never speak for me and that I believe you are not an asset to this blog.


Had a long-time friend of the missus over for dinner last night. Super woke progtard (but still a nice gal). We know her political slant and rarely let the topic arise but she was ranting about how democracy doesn’t work if voters are too stupid and uneducated to know whom to vote for. (hint, hint) I asked her where all this stupidity comes from; she starts in on the usual tropes and then I ask her about the fact that 70 to 80 percent of students graduating from the inner cities being completely unable to read, write or rithmatic. She changes the subject.

After dinner I watch football but listen and marvel at my wife’s ability to defuse progtard talking points with such tact and aplomb...


If the ultimate goal is defeating the Progtards, winning the Culture War 2 and restoring the Constitutional rule of law, what constructive purpose does the negativity, defeatism and pessimism of The Ledge contribute to that effort?

Somebody has to remind you that your shit stinks.


Trump, like Reagan, has made almost no effort to roll back the welfare state...

Sept. 2019: Total Trump food-stamp cuts could hit up to 5.3 million households

-The Trump administration has proposed three changes this year to the federal food stamp program, one of which was adopted last week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and would deny food stamps to nearly 700,000 Americans.

-The two other proposed rules would make it harder for people across the country to qualify for food stamps and reduce aid eligibility for Americans in cold-weather states.

-A total of about 2.2 million households could lose access to government food assistance, while another 3.1 million may see reduced benefits, a recent analysis found.

Also, aren't SNAP recipients already down by something like 30% since Trump's election? I couldn't find a link on that.


“11 months since a championship.” Cry me a River!
Other than the Cavs win a couple of years ago in basketball ,we haven’t won a World Series since 1948.
You guys have had a ton of wins.
It is someone else’s turn now.


clarice, I love it! 5:20.
As I came down the stairs yesterday to head to the coffee, I thought "this decade is definitely going to be the game changer."
If I go backwards though, I'll be 54 in 2030, not 74.

(I'll miss out on my Medicare!)


Ext, Trump is using the levers he has. However, the next President could EO that reform right out the window.

Another Bob

Re. this morning’s brief convo about my view that Hillary will be the nominee, this Ireland business obviously changes things some.

I looked it up: The US does have an extradition treaty with Ireland. However it excludes “political crimes”. Hmm...


Start with the boots, anon--I won't mind if we match, we're half a continent apart:https://www.zara.com/us/en/woman-shoes-l1251.html?v1=1428640


JiB & OL,
I’ll gladly accept a Caps win over those damn Blues.

Tom R

Iggy @ 5:15

This place is and should be something of a shelter from that war, not a battleground of it or training ground for it and "beating" anyone here will have approximately zero influence on it.

Perhaps I misunderstand your point, but that is just not remotely true at all. There are numerous posters here, both you and I included, who on a daily basis express their opinion on some aspect of Culture War 2. Gus has all his FULL COMMIE rants, RSE provides informative details about how the Progtards are destroying education, etc etc. How can you claim this blog should be a shelter from Culture War 2 when that topic dominates most of the discussion here?


the next President could EO that reform right out the window

If the Dems get spanked this November and don't decide to accept defeat, lick their wounds and recalibrate, they'll probably be too bat-shit crazy to field a candidate who could win in 2024. By 2033, the new 47th president will be dealing with a completely different place.

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