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January 16, 2020


Captain Hate

Here you go, peter


jim nj


Captain Hate

Mel's music selections last night are sorely taxing my self imposed profanity ban.


Are we in a shut down?


I overslept, Jane.

I assume you mean JOM shut down and not government.

Another Bob

“It might have been youthful hubris, but we knew we were smarter then them.”

I bet hubris. The cops had to work under a few layers of rules and structures that you miscreants didn’t.


Retweeted by the President. This is the NYT reporter who wrote the Comey article so much dissected yesterday. I assume President Trump wants to call attention to it.

Adam Goldman
Law enforcement officials are scrutinizing at least two news articles about the F.B.I. and Mr. Comey, published in The New York Times and The Washington Post in 2017


Also retweeted by the President. It links to that same NYT article.

Very friendly telling of events here about Comey's apparent leaking to compliant media. If you read those articles and thought he wasn't a source, you're not very smart, though. "Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey"






Retweeted by the President.

NBC Politics
BREAKING: US Senate joins House in passing the new USMCA trade deal, a key initiative for President Trump that replaces the decades-old NAFTA trade deal; bill now heads to President Trump's desk for signature.


Watch it, or I'll put up some Gordon Goodwin!


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video.

The #WomenForTrump bus tour with @LaraLeaTrump, @mercedesschlapp, and @kayleighmcenany has begun!

I love seeing all this support for @realDonaldTrump!

We’re ready for 2020!

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) January 17, 2020

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to an article by Jeffrey Lord.

@realDonaldTrump was right on nuclear deal 👇👇https://t.co/vJMIrzgARg

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) January 17, 2020

Retweeted by the President:

Ronna McDaniel
What a historic week for @realDonaldTrump

USMCA passage means 176,000 new jobs and an additional $68 billion in the U.S. economy.

And the signing of a trade deal with China that helps put an end to years of unfair trading practices.

More promises made, promises kept!

Jim Eagle

So, let me get this right. After negotiating major trade deals that benefit the country more than before, and with his tax cuts lowered unemployment to historic levels, we are going to have an impeachment trial?

While that is going on, wages are rising, black and Latino voters are turning toward Trump away from Dems, and our military is getting stronger by the minute. But we have to find Trump guilty of what? Too much winning?

Talk about a warped perspective.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to a series of 4 pictures.

Under President @realDonaldTrump’s leadership, the Hispanic unemployment rate hit a record LOW! pic.twitter.com/16cZvVSZdw

— Mike Pence (@Mike_Pence) January 17, 2020
Tom R

I enjoy seeing patriots speak out like this.




Having run across enough of these people on Twitter, I am convinced they are insane.

The news media has a lot to do with this. When I was listening to that long Bannon interview, he said they really had no idea how much the media hated them until the early hours of election night, when the exit polls were showing Trump/Pence losing.

At that point, he started getting reports of reporters high-fiving each other and laughing. That's when they really knew for sure.


Retweeted by the President:

Ronna McDaniel
Bernie Sanders turned his back on America’s workers by voting against the USMCA trade deal.

Reminder: @realDonaldTrump
puts the interests of America’s workers first by fighting for trade deals that will benefit America’s workforce!



The discussion about certain types of what I would call problem people has been very interesting. Some are manipulative, some are liars, some are users in the sense that they constantly take - it's like a fix for them, some are perpetually needy and/or dependant, some are grifters, some are a combination of all of the above – all should be avoided at all costs.

I've seen more damage done by these types of people. They break up families, ruin relationships, cause heartache and illness and never see themselves for what they are. They live on the edge and may even give the impression of being upstanding, good persons. They are not and they will never change. The only sure way of dealing with persons like this is to cut them completely out of your life. No half measures will do.

Old Lurker

Jack...record deregulation, record stock markets, reversal of illegal immigration, millions off foodstamps, progress on foreign entanglements.

We could go on.

But 4X% don't care and want him gone, and would bring back Obama in a heartbeat.

Whatever X is is why I am a pessimist.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to an article in The 1600 Daily.

In 2016, candidate @realDonaldTrump made a promise familiar to voters across America: He would do away with the job-killing NAFTA and deliver a better deal for American workers and businesses.

That promise wasn’t unique, but the result was.

1600 Daily: https://t.co/A68ueVC88u pic.twitter.com/26s11RoNaL

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 17, 2020


I had completely forgotten about the Crusaders.

Summer of 72 while in school I had a job in a warehouse. Since I was a "college boy", the boss put me in charge of a crew of twentysomething AA dudes from da 'hood.

Every day, one of the guys strapped a "transistor" to his forklift and blasted his favorite tunes all day long.

I spent the whole summer in a Motown/R&B immersion.

"It's koool":)


Donald J. Trump
“The GOA got it exactly backwards. Here’s what they said. The law does not permit the President to substitute his own policy priorities to those Congress has enacted into law. It’s exactly the opposite. The Constitution does not allow Congress to substitute its own priorities....

....for the foreign policies of the President.” @AlanDersh Alan Dershowitz @seanhannity @FoxNews
They do what the House asks. The Swamp!
This is correct. They are not impartial.

Old Lurker

Barbara "The only sure way of dealing with persons like this is to cut them completely out of your life. No half measures will do."

When I couldn't marry my sister off to Iggy's brother ten years ago, I did exactly that. Boy did that help on all fronts.


Donald J. Trump
“Years from now, when we look back at this day, nobody’s going to remember Nancy’s cheap theatrics, they will remember though how President Trump brought the Chinese to the bargaining table and delivered achievements few ever thought were possible.” @IngrahamAngle


Last night I read this on Twitter:

The leaders of the second-largest economy are betting on Trump continuing to lead the largest one for the next 5 years, or they wouldn't have signed the trade deal.


Donald J. Trump
“There is no crime here. Entertaining this Impeachment is a joke. This whole thing should be dismissed.” @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews


Donald J. Trump
Mini Mike Bloomberg doesn’t get on the Democrat Debate Stage because he doesn’t want to - he is a terrible debater and speaker. If he did, he would go down in the polls even more (if that is possible!).


Donald J. Trump
Mini Mike Bloomberg ads are purposely wrong - A vanity project for him to get into the game. Nobody in many years has done for the USA what I have done for the USA, including the greatest economy in history, rebuilding our military, biggest ever tax & regulation cuts, & 2nd A!


Good for you, OL.


The leaders of the second-largest economy are betting on Trump continuing to lead the largest one for the next 5 years, or they wouldn't have signed the trade deal.

While I think this is true, I also think Xi will do what he can to disrupt the election.

Phase 1 or no phase 1, the Chinese want to bury a shiv in Trump's back.

Captain Hate

Here's a MOAB for you ledge monkeys

You might be on to something about the courts though..,
Posted by: Captain Hate at January 17, 2020 09:22 AM (y7DUB)


What was the last major legislation they passed through?

The ACA, which destroyed the party for a decade.

And before that?

What law was it that made gay marriage legal across the nation? What law was it that started curtailing gun rights? That started curtailing speech online?

Their power is in culture and the courts. Cutting of the courts will do irreparable harm to their strategy and effectiveness.

That's why the "ButGorsuch" nonsense is so stupid. The remaking of the judiciary is the single most important thing that Trump and McConnell can do for this nation.
Posted by: TheJamesMadison, 003 with a License to Kill at January 17, 2020 09:25 AM (q80AH)


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video. (This woman is on the Women for Trump board and a former Miss Ohio.)

Check out these exciting moments from @CNN , @FoxNews and @MSNBC ! Full video available here --> https://t.co/fsEFbwRa5m pic.twitter.com/aGIzwgcb4r

— Madison Gesiotto (@madisongesiotto) November 22, 2016

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video (about 20 seconds).

The love and energy at a Trump Rally. What a special memory in my life to experience my first-ever rally for @realDonaldTrump. If you are a Democrat do experience the #MAGA movement. Life changing! Save your future. Vote Trump!@jepence @LaraLeaTrump pic.twitter.com/o7XfDOyAWg

— Scott Ford (@ScottFordTVGuy) August 1, 2019

Ford is gay and HIV positive. I am assuming this guy is important to the campaign.

James D.

It really is amazing how President Trump has gotten Democrats and leftists to support things that they've been opposed to for decades, just because Orange Man Bad.

Here's the latest example:


I remember how leftists hated "the generals" and demanded that Presidents not slavishly listen to them.

I remember how leftists hated free trade agreements that made big business richer but sent jobs overseas.

I remember how leftists wanted the defense budget slashed, and troops brought home from all over the world, and how our hundreds of bases across the globe were illegitimate.

I remember how leftists came to hate the war in Afghanistan and thought it was unwinnable and we shouldn't even be there in the first place.

But because Orange Man Bad, now they're in favor of having troops and CIA stations and airfields all over the world, and they love spending trillions of dollars on defense, and they want us to stay in Afghanistan forever and ever, and the generals at the Pentagon should run our foreign policy and must never, ever be questioned or criticized.

The comments to the article really bear all that out, too.


NEW Thread!

Put up new narcissist link there

Manuel Transmission

MM, that Women forTrump bunch is what our pal, Nancy S. is on the board of. (Oops, ended that with a prep) We got to visit her just before Thanksgiving at their Belvedere condo just in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial. The WfT headquarters are in the same complex.


What was the last major legislation they passed through?

Who cares? There previous legislations are on autopilot draining the Treasury into crooked pockets. The spending bills haven’t improved a thing in that regard.

Maybe the Trump Judge legacy will get the money back.


Another thing I figured out listening to that Bannon interview. He didn't know Donald Trump at all, never met him. David Bossie called Bannon and asked him to come to New York and meet Trump - talk to him about a presidential campaign. He went, and was dumbfounded at the man's presence. Ended up talking to him for 2 hours, including a whole bunch about China trade, which he couldn't get ANY Republican to talk about except Jeff Sessions.

Bossie then booked Trump in a couple of cattle calls. (If you guys remember, there were a large number of GOP candidates in 2016: Bush, Cruz, Paul, etc.) Bannon says he distinctly remembers the one in New Hampshire, full of party officials and donors. Bannon sat off to the side and watched the audience.

All of the candidates came with prepared speeches and talked about the same things: free trade (globalism), education, etc. Trump got up and spoke extemporaneously about renegotiating trade deals, the declining middle class, rebuilding the military, etc.

Bannon said the audience was leaning forward in their seats, interrupting with applause, gave him a standing ovation at the end. That is when he knew that Trump would get the nomination.

That is when I realized that he has these rallies because he recognizes the power of his personal presence in front of people and how much it means to them. People who stand in line in the cold for 12-24 hours, and wait outside when they can't get in and watch on big screen TV's to show loyalty, are NOT going to desert him.




"Question: Can (as in--Is it possible) a "normie" (lesser damaged, maybe?) even have "emotional parity" with someone they assess to have a PD from the get go?
Seems to me you are already going in there deciding you are the responsible/sane/whatever one. That the other is in need of change/fixing.

for somebody without training and hands on application, such parity is next to impossible because the fixing trap is very real. the normie can't wear the mocassins. and when it comes to intimate relationships the imbalances between parties remain acute.

i use the term normie as a short hand. it's short for " capable of normal adult functions-- or age appropriate". ( let the quibbling begin).

"less damaged" doesnt work for obvious reasons when having blog discussions or casual convos about "disorders" of any kind. fyi.


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