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January 16, 2020


JM Hanes


It's sort of a temporal reductio ad absurdum, isn't it?

Another Bob

LOL, pretty much JM.

Another Bob

If you’ve ever been to an extreme latitude in June or December, it can really freak you out.


henry, Another Bob,

It never occurred to me that anyone would intentionally have zero followers and follow no one!

I don't pay attention to my numbers, and I don't want too many to follow, as I notice if I have too many to follow they get lost.

I HAVE noticed, however, that all of the really nasty ones are below 100!


I follow Henry. He just hasn't noticed yet.

JM Hanes


Well I did go to a wedding in Finland on December 27th (years ago). The driver from the airport said, "What on earth are you here for at this time of year? A wedding?"

Another Bob

I follow about 50 and have three followers, all JOM-related.

I had more follows on my old account, mostly JOM-related plus a couple handful of others.

Another Bob

And MM you were a follower of my old account... ;)


my subject is a practical aspect of managing a person with symptoms of PD or even a pro diagnosis of PD who is in a community of normies. ----NOT A COMMENTARY ON IGNATZ' SITUATION. that is none of my business.

PDeez control their intimate relationship with a normie-type, ultimately, b/c they can read the normie in ways the normie cannot perceive.

whether that "read" is accurate, right or wrong doesn't matter. it's effective. why? like any human, sick or well, the PD seeks stasis. and for them it comes from using the normie's goodwill to set up what i call a "lifelike cardboard merchandiser" of themselves-attributes which they figure out from the info gleaned from the normie's wish list and desires.

the merchandiser is designed to hook the normie emotionally. even random and inconsistent presentations of the "merchandiser" require ZERO effort on the part of the PD once it's configured. so even in "good times" the normie is not receiving anything. there is no humane symbiosis; only control (PD) and subservience (normie).

the normie complicates matters when the PD allows itself to be sexualized. no big deal for the PD because all the normie gets is the merchandiser. when the normie can't see the psychological wage they are deriving from the skewed relationship, they assume roles that resemble "helping", "healing", and in extreme cases "saving".

all of this describes the trapped normie who doesn't understand that "disorder" doesnt mean "without or deficient in normie skills."

PDhas,literally, mad skills.

and while normie may not see the intimate relationship as a contest, the PD does...a contest of control and survival.

first instruction a normie gets from a skilled professional, once normie figures out it needs help--- not the PD- is "throw the PD a rope and tie it to a post."

Another Bob

JM, were you there long enough for the jet lag to wear off and get the noon moon in full effect?


Another Bob,

What is your current Twitter name? I would like to follow you with your new name, if it's ok with you.


A-Bob, what city/town are you in??

Another Bob

I’ll hit you up with a DM MM ;)

JM Hanes

I'm not sure what the "noon moon" effect is, ABob. It certainly felt odd to lose the Sun so early. I don't actually remember much in the way of jet lag, but there was lots going on. The houses were kept really warm, and we drank toasts to everything in sight from flags to potatoes. I bought a postcard in the hotel lobby because it showed a beautiful swimming pool you'd never even guess was there under the snow. The clerk said, "In Iceland we have two seasons. White winter and green winter."

JM Hanes

Sorry. Make that two seasons in Finland!


Oh thats different


JM Hanes

Not that I haven't been to Iceland. We went salmon fishing there one July. I remember thinking how fabulous it would be in the summer....



What a fascinating blog, TM has here!

I figure I live between cardboard cutout and complicated.


;) sbw


AB, my blushing bride will be 70 when we marry.

Aw, DrJ! You're a darling!

Best wishes for every happiness!❤


Were just trying to negotiate this bizarre reality where all the guardrails have been atomized.

matt - deplore me if you must

Lombardi went to Fordham. I went to Fordham. I also went to school with Max' McGee's son. When the Rams left town and the Raiders came and went and the Chargers pulled up stakes I decided that my only team wild be the Packers. They ain't moving.

Garropolo and the hated 49'ers are having a hell of a year and I hope the Pack can come back.

As to extreme latitudes, yes and yes. And yes, it is very strange to know that's it's sunny in Ankadelphia at 11:00PM. And very dark in winter.

Captain Hate

It rains in Iceland a lot in the summer on the coast although the center's like an arctic desert.

Tom R

Martha had Gowdy on again to discuss the Comey news from today’s NYT article.


The timing of this coming on top of the Senate impeachment trial is not a coincidence IMO. This is Trump and Barr sending a warning shot across the bow of the Democrats that they are F’ing with the wrong person.

The NYT is now trying to portray Comey as the bad guy guilty of an illegal leak because they know on this specific issue the DOJ is not actually investigating Comey. This is all about Hillary’s email server and Top Secret information affecting national security that the FBI uncovered during the investigation. Whatever this Top Secret info is it was so important that Comey was only able to brief the details of it to Trump and a select few.

Captain Hate

"Sorry, Collins is a canny operator.

She stood by Kav when she could have easily sold him out.

She's playing the game same as everyone else. She's appearing open and reasonable. She's giving the Dems the benefit of the doubt, knowing full well that they are going to hit their own dicks as soon as this thing gets rolling."

I'm glad someone else has noticed this. Collins is from Maine and has to do and say certain things to win from that state. It's unfair to lump her in with the assholes who come from safe Republican states like Romney and Murkowski who betray the party. Being from CT I would gladly have her as my Senator.
Posted by: andrew at January 16, 2020 09:14 PM (kPsJr)


TOM R IS THIS YOUR TAKE OR GOWDY'S? I lack enough patience to watch the video.

Another Bob

I try to fly under the radar a bit online GUS. Probably pointless but it makes me feel better ;)

I grew up back east, then moved to the land of beer, cheese and hot dish for a good while, and still ensconced in flyover country. Next move planned for about three years from now, but you never know what life might throw atcha.


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: This is the beginning of the end of the abuse of the Constitution. The Senate will provide a fair trial for @realDonaldTrump. #impeachment #ArticlesOfImpeachment #ImpeachmentTrial #senate #SenateImpeachmentTrial pic.twitter.com/Rp82D2igmN

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) January 16, 2020


MrsJ and I have been through wonderful highs, and depressing lows. We have stood by each other.

I think we are meant for one another. Many of our friends think we are nuts, but it works. Really well.

Maybe there is love involved?


Collins did point out that if this evidence is so critical why wasnt it introduced earlier why did the fbi chose to interrogate robert hyde now (thats my own commentary)


Parnas now denied ever speaking to DJT:https://twitter.com/MMangoz/status/1217991791980556289/photo/1

Tom R

Horowitz testimony on the Top Secret info in the Renteria memo.



That was fast will maddow apologize. Rhetorical. Now this isnt a new strategy, you go after the weakest link in an org and you induce him to say or do certain things

Tom R

Clarice @ 10:26

My take is this resurfacing of the Renteria memo and Hillary’s email server is comIng out now because Trump and Barr want it to. Gowdy’s take in the first video I linked is that if/when people learn the real facts why Comey did what he did regarding the Hillary email server investigation that history will portray him in a positive light.

Captain Hate

Ol' Yeller: in 1999 Chuck Schumer opposed witnesses in Slick's Senate trial.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to screen cap of the letter:

READ: Letter to surveillance court obtained by CBS News questions where there will be further disciplinary action and choice of former DOJ official to oversee reforms @MarkMeadows @Jim_Jordan #FISA #Durham pic.twitter.com/s1VfumTiQf

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) January 16, 2020

I married for the first time at age 37.

39 here. I just recently found out that the woman I very nearly married in my 20s has had a couple of decades of mental illness (breakdowns and the like). I feel bad because she was always a sweet and kind person, and deserved happiness. She did marry and have three kids, but divorced. Mutual friends think there might have been abuse. Anyway, sometimes it pays to wait. Congrats, DrJ.

Captain Hate

You're editorializing, Tom. Gowdy said that Comey wouldn't address the subject of the article in a classified setting. He also said that he isn't a fan of Comey but wanted to address this specific topic to be fair to him.


Heading to bed.



I held out until 28.

I would have held out a lot longer, but Mrs. Buckeye "put a gun to my head".

She knew far better than I what was good for me.

Captain Hate

I got married at 25, when I was far too immature and made my share of mistakes but then worked hard to make it work. Had the children young enough to enjoy a long empty nest.

Tom R

CH @ 10:47

I think you missed the first Gowdy interview I linked earlier tonight. Pay special attention to Martha’s final words and Gowdy’s response.



Of course they will say this a frankie pantageli moment,

Captain Hate

The GOP is being steadily purged of Establishment pukes. Those mass retirements that gave Pelosi the House? Yeah, if the GOP gets it back, it will be Trump types.

It's happening at the state level as well. The Senate is also slowly being cleansed.

Trump has changed the party. He's changed the entire game. It's quite a thing to see.
Posted by: Ace-Endorsed Author A.H. Lloyd at January 16, 2020 07:48 PM (cfSRQ)


For anyone in need in a few "Dad jokes", here's a set:
Why do Anteaters never get sick ?
They're full of anty bodies.

What’s the best thing about Switzerland?
Well, their flag is a big plus.

Did you hear the rumor about butter?
No? In that case I won't spread it.

I was thinking about the drama in jim_nj's life yesterday.
Seems like (perhaps by accident?) the right thing happened. You can't put someone, esp a lady, out of the house into the night on her own. And yet, you can't have a situation where someone in your house feels free to "raid" the contents of your wallet. (And who knows? Perhaps the money goes straight from jim's lady to the other lady and then directly to the abuser).

So, she did not wind up on the street. But she did get strong feedback on her actions.


Michael waltz admitted to kilmeade that doombergs money was what kept him off guard in the last days of the campaign.

Another local talkshow pointed our contribution to the impeachment dancers val demings as police chief in orlando left her gun in her car and it was promptly stolen. I am atill close to the Forbidden zone for confort.

Captain Hate

That first interview is from almost three years ago and doesn't necessarily reflect what Gowdy might believe today.

Captain Hate

Enough discussion of politics. Time to listen to music and read.


Trump is a little like lloyds protagonist maxim darius.


I didnt know half of these tracks except perhaps the commodores easy



Maybe harlem shuffle



This was definitely unknown to me


Tom R

CH @ 11:12

You’re missing the connection. The issue Gowdy is discussing in the first video from a couple of years ago is what the NYT reported today that the DOJ is now investigating. The NYT is spinning this as a DOJ investigation of a possible criminal leak by Comey. Gowdy knows that is BS and he is warning people not to believe the NYT’s spinning. Gowdy is defending how Comey handled this issue.

In the second video Gowdy mentions a “fact pattern”. He is talking about the TOP SECRET matter that Horowitz is testifying about in my 10:36. It appears to have something to do with the Hillary email server investigation. Whatever this TOP SECRET matter is it was such a matter of national security that members of Congress with TOP SECRET clearances were not allowed to learn about.

Assuming the NYT is at least correct that their is a DOJ investigation going on, It sounds to me like Trump and Barr want this issue back in the news cycle.



Try The Crusaders?



Very good, like i say when i was in my middle school years the pickings were kind of slim

Another Bob

Booker T. Washington, backed by Daryl Hall and friends



Then follow on with the late keyboardist, Joe Sample. Almost everything of his repertoire is worth it.

Which will get you on the road to Monty Alexander:


You won’t think of that song any other way after that.


Yiu knoe ive probably heard that tune 100 times yet i didnt know it.


Yes thats a whole new spin on it.


The visuals were powerful, but the score hamnered home the point





Ive seen snippets of path of glory, of course dr.zhivago does involve itself on the eastern front

Dave (in MA)
This was definitely unknown to me
I was somehow unaware that Ilya Kuryakin was a musician.

I dont know if its that mccallum


Apparently he did the score for road to perdition

Dave (in MA)


Same guy. If I knew it, I'd forgotten. I think he was a musician the same way Jackie Gleason was, mainly assisting with the production and the odd composition.


https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7896199/Harvard-releases-proposal-fix-Americas-democracy-divides-Washington-D-C-127-states.htmlWinning isn’t everything or the only thing.


one mo time


Another Bob

Everyone take care of y’alls chicken and mentals today?

(Isn’t Marshawn Lynch great?)


Last one, out of season, but a cappella:



Each state has 4,000 people, it proves orwell right again.







Another Bob

But perhaps ironically, all the “bullets” had Nancy’s name on them..


Plus the indictment says they were acting on behalf of a ukrainian official that leaves out firtash and fuchs.


PELOSI and Impeachment pens.

Doesn't that shit completely disgust you??
WTF is wrong with this creature??

Captain Hate

I thought you might be talking about the pianist on this



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Don't know if this popped up on my youtube sidebar because of DocJ but;
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King; Don't Lie to Me.

jim nj

Late catching up.

Jim Sunny,

I was out of line, but I was furious and not rational at that point.

Nancy borrows money from me on a regular basis. She always pays it back. Because of that and our sleep schedules being different she is allowed to access my wallet and note the amount taken on a scratchpad near my wallet.

When she asks to borrow money my standard response is "for what." In this case it came down to an are you going to give it to me or not counter. So I gave it to her. An hour, or so later, I found my wallet was empty.

For reasons I won't get into here, borrowing that much at once and in that manner set off alarm bells.

If Nancy had told me she loaned the money to Debra, the abused woman, I would have been annoyed. Her refusal to tell me what happened to the money was what really set me off.

An hour after telling her to leave she was still here. I called 911 for her safety.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--PDeez control their intimate relationship with a normie-type, ultimately, b/c they can read the normie in ways the normie cannot perceive.--

Gotta be careful about lumping them all together, KK, even the Group B ones.
A narcissist is very seldom if ever looking for love. They are looking for Narcissistic supply, admiration, supplication etc. They come from a POV that everyone is either an enemy to be crushed or evaded or a toady. Their tactics and traits are conscious manipulation outwardly focused, defamatory, pathological lies, grandiosity, arrogance, character assassination, parasitism, zero empathy etc. They're pretty much psychopaths.

A Borderline is looking for love but doesn't really know how to give it or even accept it. Their lies are more defensive in nature and really aimed inward to justify to themselves why another relationship failed. They do manipulate but much of the time it is unconscious. My only known experience is with this one "quiet" type. The demonstrative type comes across much more angry, violent and explosive and the manipulation probably seems more obvious and more abundant with a clingy screamer.
Maybe the biggest difference is almost zero Ns ever get help because it's kind of hard to do therapy when you have to be the smartest guy in every room and successful therapy involves complete transparency and an Ns whole existence is concealing the defective toddler at their core.
Anti social and histrionic PDs I would say are more manipulative than BPD.
Most Bs don't get help but those that do have a good chance of recovery.
And the Cluster A and C categories strike me as generally much less manipulative and control freakish than Cluster Bs.







Try again. Anyone with a BULLSHIT DETECTOR ....gets this propaganda horse shit.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jim from the last thread;
--I got good advice from JOMers before that I can't fix this, but Nancy is an Earth Mother, she can't dis-engage from people she thinks she can help.--

I'd say "Earth Mother" in this case might actually mean "codependent".
I have a friend whose wife did something similar. Broke trust with him and it still is a wedge between them several months later.

jim nj

At that point calling 911 was the correct thing to do. I was still raging.

The two police officers were able to intermediate and help us resolve the issue.

Nancy was afraid to tell me she borrowed the money for Debra because I had been counseling her to get out of the middle of a bad situation. When the police brought her outside the building where I was waiting she finally told me. That was enough to abate my anger.

So at this point she is thoroughly distraught and nothing I'm saying is sinking in and the cops step in and say to her "He said you don't have to leave. You can go back inside and go to sleep."

So we came back in and hugged it out. She apologized. I apologized.

Last night after posting here I wrote her a note to find in the morning. She really loved the extra effort. We're good.

jim nj

Yeah Iggy,

Nancy collects friends that baffle me. She truly is an Earth mother. She really cares about people. Being the less outgoing, more cynical one of us, I sometimes have to point out to her how people are using her.

She usually comes around to my thinking. It's not that I don't care about people. I just have better radar.

I guess I grew up in rougher circumstances. I can spot the users and scammers etc. better than Nancy can.

She has admitted to being so worried about Debra that she almost ruined our relationship.

On a slightly brighter note Nancy finally convinced Debra to file a police report after the last abuse. Even if she drops the complaint the record remains. It's a start.

Nancy is very loyal and is going to want to comfort her friend if this happens again. I have suggested, but not demanded, that the best course of action in the future, if it happens again, which it will, that she only go there after Debra has called the police.

jim nj

And the advice I got from JOMers was very useful. I started looking stuff up and was able to show Nancy how she was an actor in a play.

That the role she was playing was ineffectual.

As to my idea of intervening myself, I have learned that the abuser is 6'5" and built like a linebacker. I don't think think this skinny 6' white guy has a chance of a meaningful impact, although I do know how to fight dirty.


Ig, your 7 pm---if you are reading, I am sure you have read that our prisons are full of them--meaning remediation is EXTREMELY difficult--involves good therapists--for a LONG time.
(Absolutely NOT implying she is a criminal!)
IIRC, the general discussion of her in the past emphasized that strongly as well.
My personal experience has been with an ex BIL--who STILL dominates his family, and thus effects ours in many ways, two decades out from the "divorce." (As it may be with you--you do not separate from these people as long as they get some fuel from you. And they burn negative as well as positive fuel. ) And my SIL--talk about burning negative fuel! (I learned this from rse's links re: Megxit!)
"Beware, Will Robison,beware."
As much as I hope you find companionship for the remainder of your days--I hope you live in peace even more!

And I know you know by now, being the reader and researcher you are, from how you've described your brother, and the empathy it is obvious you have--you are a set up for these relationships, as you are already comfortable (unconsciously) with some of their behaviors, their manner of relating, and care deeply for others.


"Gotta be careful about lumping them all together, KK, even the Group B ones. "

not doing that. the point was about the normie's blind spot and "we all got them."

those blind spots make it difficult " to get anywhere with the situation, a common reason why so many normie relations with PDeez fail to achieve emotional parity, individual self-directing growth, and genuine intimacy.

the biggest limitation a normie faces is they don't see themselves through the prism of operating perceptions and assumptions the PD is using in order to function... because normies have never been in the throes of a PD.

doesnt mean normies can't learn or be effective

it's a case by case blind spot--- it doesnt mean there is any lumping going on.

lesson 1 in my training.

best wishes, Brother. for real.

jim nj


"China's economy grew last year at the slowest pace in almost three decades.

Official figures show that the world's second largest economy expanded by 6.1% in 2019 from the year before - the worst figure in 29 years.

The country has faced weak domestic demand and the impact of the bitter trade war with the US.

The government has been rolling out measures over the past two years in an attempt to boost growth."

They try to spin this as a good thing and fail. The supply chain is moving out of China and domestic demand isn't filling in the slack.


Editorial opinion:
It's not supposed to be complicated, Ig. At least not early on.

Or for the first 43 years. This "working at your relationship" stuff--I work plenty at work, not looking to do it at home ;-)

If you are working early on--keep looking!

Oh, I see you have been reading, lots.
That 70% figure is extremely optimistic Ig--and of course you feel for her--you are (In online life, anyway) a major empath. And who wouldn't feel for people who get how they are because of being shamed and often nearly abandoned as children? (Then toss in that sexual attraction thing, and oxytocin on top of that---)

If it's not hard to find the 70%, please link or give me a reference. I've not actively researched this in a while, but rse's Megxit links have given me reason to put holds on a couple of books already.


I've not followed the sign stealing thread. I imagined folks were stealing physical yard signs and such. I couldn't imagine how they did it with high tech. Thanks to James D. for his simple explanation.

Posted by: James D. | January 16, 2020 at 08:11 PM


those blind spots make it difficult " to get anywhere with the situation, a common reason why so many normie relations with PDeez fail to achieve emotional parity, individual self-directing growth, and genuine intimacy.

Question: Can (as in--Is it possible) a "normie" (lesser damaged, maybe?) even have "emotional parity" with someone they assess to have a PD from the get go?
Seems to me you are already going in there deciding you are the responsible/sane/whatever one. That the other is in need of change/fixing.

And Ig--not challenging your figure, looking for better news. Some new breakthrough treatment??
BIL and SIl are both ongoing situations; BIL having huge impact on his kids (as expected)
SIL still managing to mess up things for her sibs as well.
Re: SIL--MAJOR improvement while in intense therapy--so, who needs to stay in intense therapy? Deterioration. (As in divorce(s). Both of her husbands (serial) have been in and out of the house so many times, I think one got his own apartment and just kept it. And these good guys--multiple returns, even after the divorce.)
But boy oh boy--the ripples in the pond from these people...
One person CAN make a difference--bad as well as good!


best wishes, Brother. for real.

me too.

jim nj

I find this conversation so much more interesting than anything else, like impeachment or Gen. Flynn's troubles.

I'm not quite sure how to express this, but the willingness to bare one's soul, to lay oneself open to criticism or analysis, is a path to growth.

I suspect I may have been the earliest here to have undergone psychiatric analysis. As a 14 year old juvenile delinquent I was compelled to attend group therapy. I have to say that people of that age can be quite brutal in their assessments of others.

I had good parents, my pathology was rather simple, I stole things for personal profit.

I had weak impulse control. Fortunately I fixed that before I turned 18.

But some of the others in the group, and it was a rather large group, I could tell were already permanently wounded, mostly by their parents.

What was wrong with me was me. What was wrong with them was mostly psychological abuse.


Yep---as long suspected here:Val Jar and Ben Rhodes ran the show:

Obama looks at me and goes, "You're involved in Homeland? On Saturdays, Michelle goes to play tennis with the girls and I tell her I'm going down to the office to work. What I'm really doing is watching Homeland DVDs.

from this big article on Homeland(season eight! Feb 9) that Insty has posted:


this is interesting too!

NEVINS John Brennan, who was running the CIA at the time, came out in the middle and says, "I don't know what your show is, but I know it matters to my people."

LEVINE Then he grabbed Mandy and said, "Hey, do you want to see your office?"

GANSA They talked about how similar our professions were — it's a lot of acting, storytelling and feigned intimacy.


Jim NJ--boy, were you lucky, or what??? Likely you were there instead of in juve learning how to be a better thief because of your parents, I am guessing.

Being loved unconditionally as a child--living in a stable home, with two adults, extended family to support them-- is a huge gift.

Major headstart in life these days too. Like that reading thing the Leftists seem to want to outlaw. ;-)

Not having that is something that is nearly impossible to truly repair at a later date, but the old fashioned four or five day a week psychoanalysis can, with that famous "good therapist."
And CBT helps get things going faster too.
I'm guessing psilocybin wouldn't hurt!

But convincing someone they are NOT a POS, PITA, burdensome being, after that's all they heard, and lived, for years, those being their earliest memories, defining who they are to themselves---

And it doesn't have to be that actively "bad." Just ignoring or invalidating their feelings/needs, or failing to pick up on them, if primary caregiver was just too busy keeping things together, esp if the child had less resiliency, or higher than average needs in that area--even what they call a bad "fit," sometimes--
why that extended family/close friends/church people can be so important.


glad to hear things are better, I'm tired. I am up at this hour because I have to go to work but would rather be back in bed asleep.
As for the sign stealing scandal, it seems that some of the Astros might have been wearing buzzers taped to their chests to receive signals as to what type of pitch was coming. Yankees fans websites are all "abuzz" reviewing the evidence that last year's playoff walkoff homer by Altuve was tainted. I think it's odd that only one player has been punished so far, and that is Beltran.


Leftists infest sports with their win at all costs mentality. There’s probably a FISA FBI CIA NSC shadow op too.

jim nj


My parents never disapproved of me, just my behavior. And I managed to learn my lessons before I turned 18. I have never been arrested as an adult. And it's not because I became more clever and wasn't caught. I stopped the bad behavior.

Some of the kids in the group, how to put this, were already beyond saving. Their parents had ruined them. They couldn't shake off the imposed identities their parents had crafted for them.

A girl I was very close to in the group was able to escape what her mother had done to her. She was the eldest daughter and an irresponsible mother dumped responsibilities on her that no one her age should have endured.

Imagine an irresponsible mother leaving a 14 year old girl to act as mother to 4 younger siblings.

As life would have it I visited her at home, not knowing it was her home. I had begun hanging out with her slightly older brother and friends. I made to embrace her and saw the horrified look on her face and backed off.

I immediately knew what the problem was. We caught a quiet moment, just the two of us, and I told her I would never reveal we had met in group therapy or share any of her confidences. And I kept that promise.

Nobody understood why we were such close friends after that. To this day I wish she had stripped me of my virginity. That was not to be.

My wedding present to her was to serve as a black and white photojournalist as a back-up to her official wedding color photographer.

She liked my work better, even in B&W I knew what was important to her.

jim nj


The original TV series like Mission: Impossible, and similar shows were like how-to manuals for delinquents. We knew how to bypass the early electronic security systems, we were never caught on-site. We got ratted out. Had we been truly dysfunctional those people would have been disappeared.

It was a grand game. Great fun matching wits with the local cops. It might have been youthful hubris, but we knew we were smarter then them.

And proved it several times.

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