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January 13, 2020


Robin, eff 'em all

I refuse to watch the Democrats debate, but a friend did post on FB about it. She commented that she hadn't paid attention to Amy Klobuchar at all and was prepared to really listen to her, but found her nervous fumbling over forgetting a name troubling. This friend is a pretty reasonable moderate Dem for where we are, so I think her wishing that Klobuchar was better signals just how dire things are on that side of the aisle.


Will the Bernie bots throw a tantrum if he drops dead from a heart attack?

Good chance it would happen in a debate with Trump. You know Trump will be merciless.

I can see Bernie's rage face already.

What happens if a candidate drops dead right before an election?


And , since like jmh, I too "live my life forward" (thus, now filling my head w details of megxit--thanks rse) I am not going to verify details which I am sure exist somewhere, but, IIRC,
Flynn is being prosecuted on something along the lines of "did you speak with the Russian aide to Putin on Dec 12th for fifteen minutes?" and saying no, because he thought he talked to him on December 13th for five minutes, max.
And maybe some of it involves lobbying for Turkey and not having his paperwork in order, or something, but whatever that is, Podesta did it too and hasn't been charged.

Really, Flynn was set up big time.

He was even lied to about why the agents (one of whom being scum of the earth Strzok) were headed over to the WH to see him--told he did NOT need an attorney present--so to me, right there, anything they got out of that encounter should not be allowed to be presented as evidence. Oh, and they filed their reports later, Lisa Page edited Strzok's,and when they were produced as evidence, had the agents' names mixed up on the reports.

Talk about prosecutorial abuse! And then, toss in some gross incompetence too.

What is a mystery to me is why Bill Barr doesn't close this all down. (But now that the link to the Q article got posted, I can just chant "We have it all" and "Patriots in control" and not trouble myself with doubts and concerns.) (I certainly can't be the only person who spent her childhood in parochial schools who sees this for what it is.)

Theo, what we have all learned in your absence is this ---
NEVER, EVER, EVER speak to the FBI, no matter what they tell you, without recording EVERY word that is exchanged, as it is exchanged, preferably in the presence of an attorney .

God invented cell phones for good reason.

(And how can anyone who has lived through the past three years think it's OK to have a backdoor on their cell phone?? It doesn't MATTER if you live the life of a nun--they'll get you for forwarding a copyrighted meme or something. )

James D.

Will the Bernie bots throw a tantrum if he drops dead from a heart attack?

I don’t know, but I’d love to find out.


Dr J-

Thank you for writing what Epigenetics means to a genuine hard science researcher. I literally wrote down your enzyme acting on the genome explanation verbatim.

It is not, however, what the term is being used to push in either education now or, from what I have been told, its use in coaching/ executive consulting. I am glad, thanks to you, to be aware of the drastically different meanings in different areas.

a'mom-yes, the twit resurfaced yesterday to get on a seaplane in victoria harbor with no sign of archie. That he is a bit of a prop would explain her odd gestures involving her baby bump when pregnant. Also the fact that she reincorporated in delaware on new years eve.

Captain Hate

What is a mystery to me is why Bill Barr doesn't close this all down.

Barr's already under constant attack by the unfree presstitutes. There are still plenty of derp state operatives in DOJ (Eric Holder doesn't just deliver these "stand strong" pleas into a vacuum to stroke himself as if he's really an important person) and they'd be leaking like sieves if he just shut it down.

I still have no idea what's going on with Flynn including why he didn't hire Sidney Powell in the first place. The idea that he hired Covington to set them up I find preposterous and if I'd given money for his defense I'd be one pissed off SOB at how it's been squandered no matter how many BIG PICTURE justifications were given. And, unlike the instant gratification mavens, I know the impossibility of convicting any bad actors in Sodom on the Potomac and wasting money and time that way. So who knows...

Another Bob

“You make the ship expendable.”

That’s a pretty inefficient way to fight, no?


I realized yesterday KK and RSE were using epigenetics to mean something social "sciencey"--not what it really means to us reading biology and biochemistry.

Which is a huge red flag to me, right there----BEWARE.


Another disappointment from Trump. New IRS Form W-4.


It makes you declare outside income to your employer for tax withholding calculations.

As an employer, I don't want to know that. I don't want the liability of storing that. It is literally none of my business.

At the same time, the business press (WSJ, CEO, etc) has been filled with articles on how "employers must be concerned with their employees financial situation." As if I as an employer am now in loco parentis over employees. Which given Warren's CFPB with a shot of Ivanka come close to making corporate assets available in an employees bankruptcy. (I truly wish this was hyperbole, but cant plan on that). We are getting socialism by the back door as part of Trump's deregulation. Consider me disgruntled.


pic at link:


An unusual sight tonight at Mitchell International: Air Force One and Two.



link to politico

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

McConnell: Senate to vote on new trade deal before impeachment trial

This is good news. Get the necessary housekeeping done first.



Not being as savy as CH is in the ways of Sodom on the Potomac and all , I'm still going to venture an idea as to why Flynn hired Covington first and not Sydney Powell--because he was assuming to get through the Swamp, he'd be well served by someone deep in the swamp to guide him through. And that Podesta thing--wasn't Covington repping them too? Or their lobbying firm? Something.

Not to mention that three years ago, much of what has since become public knowledge was not out there. Was Sydney Powell even available? Or would she have sounded like some "right wing conspiracy nut" if she claimed he was set up?

Which is why he followed their advice, which appears may be that he lie about what his guilt. I know extremely well a person who pleaded to some completely fabricated windshield wiper issue to get out of a 20 mph over speeding ticket and subsequent increase in insurance costs that was set up by their attorney, the judge and the police. On advice of the attorney, who knew well the ways of that judge's court.
(And lawyers wonder why they get no respect.)

I understand why Bill Barr didn't come in day one and dismiss the Flynn case; why he didn't do so after the IG report was made public puts that decision in a different place.

He may well though be waiting on Dunham to put out some indictments. I can wait for that. ;-)

And if I was a good Q girl, I would be chanting "Patriots in control," right???


Captain Hate

Nothing has ever made sense. Flynn is a career spoke. He spent 30 years at the heart of our intelligence agencies learning their tactics and practices. It's also impossible to believe he didn't know the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign after Mike Rogers made it clear.

It makes no sense at all that he was fooled by McCabe and Comey. He's either an idiot, which he isn't, or something else has been going on all along.
Posted by: JackStraw at January 15, 2020 08:28 AM (ZLI7S)


Hmmmm. Those Obamaphones? The have special apps on them.


The second unpleasant surprise delivered by the UMX U686CL is something called Wireless Update. While it provides a mechanism for downloading and installing phone updates, it also loads a barrage of unwanted apps without permission. The app is a variant of Adups, an app from a China-based company by the same name. In 2016, researchers caught Adups surreptitiously collecting user data on hundreds of thousands of low-cost phones from BLU.

Captain Hate

Something weird is going on, amom. The number of attorneys who can provide even mediocre representation in cases like Flynn's is minuscule and Covington fit the bill.

Captain Hate

(And how can anyone who has lived through the past three years think it's OK to have a backdoor on their cell phone?? It doesn't MATTER if you live the life of a nun--they'll get you for forwarding a copyrighted meme or something. )

The more people that know it, the more chances hackers will.


“You make the ship expendable.”

From what I saw while watching Midway the other day, they sure should! Man oh man--the ships and planes going down! Bozillions of dollars.

I suggested to my husband that for next war, we just give the generals involved a pile of paper money, and let them stand facing each other, ripping the money up as fast as they can. Whoever gets done first is the winner, because they were tearing up the other side's money.

Though that bravery and dedication thing---not sure how we factor that in. Massive amounts of "Toxic Masculinity" portrayed in that film!

NPR orgasmic this morning about that stuff they added to the articles yesterday.

Captain Hate

I don't think this will work out like these dolts believe



Sitting in my Inbox this morning:

Most of you old timers reading this remember the hit song from “The Police” titled, Da do, do, Da, da, da (For Millennials and the younger crowd, The Police featured a lead singer named “Sting” …Still confused? Ask your parents).

Anyway, some of the lyrics accurately describe how we’re assaulted daily by the financial media.

Check it out:

“Poets, Priests and Politicians,
Have words to thank for their positions.
Words that scream for your submission,
No one’s jamming their transmission
And when their eloquence escapes you,
Their logic ties you up and rapes you….”

I don’t believe The Police were prophets but their lyrics sure do ring true today…Especially when it comes to politicians.

The majority of our supposed “public servants” have taken lying and stealing to an art form. In doing so they’ve lined their pockets at the taxpayer’s expense.

How does a Congressman making $174,000 a year – a huge salary compared to most Americans – retire from public service a multi-millionaire?

You may not like the answer. However, it involves accepting bribes and giving favors to powerful people behind the curtain, all at the expense of YOU the taxpayer.

Let’s face it, Washington sold out to Wall Street about 100 years ago when they created the Federal Reserve.

When you combine political influence with the untold fortunes of the elite 1% Club you get POWER.

That’s what drives the system. Power allows politicians to do anything they want and never be held accountable.

The time is coming soon when someone’s going to start “jamming their transmission.”

At that point all hell will break loose.

Can't wait:)


That Q story is written from the perspective of the toy alien and its faith in The Claw.


I would like to see the prediction to actually happening ratio before I go full Amway.


Monica Showalter on the debate:https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/01/five_littlenoted_doozies_from_last_nights_democratic_debate.html


I gave up on getting the gif to work. I am struggling to figure out why images are not working on an Idevice. I never had an issue with Android when I would copy the image url and use the img src code.

I think I am copying the url incorrectly, but if I put the copied url straight into the address bar it goes to the image. Any suggestions?


social "sciencey"

Is that non-science or nonsense?

Is there a difference:)

Another Bob

And here’s what I hate about ArsTechnica:

“The two apps analyzed by Malwarebytes make the UMX U686CL a bad choice. The fact that it's made available to low-income users only worsens the insult.”


" I realized yesterday KK and RSE were using epigenetics to mean something social "sciencey"--not what it really means to us reading biology and biochemistry.

Which is a huge red flag to me, right there----BEWARE."

Hold the phone. My call for help from an individual with epigenetics research background wasn't predicated on SOCIAL SCIENCY nonsense.

Dr. J's summary was consistent with the definitions i'd found in a cursory lit review.

i explicitly said the reading list i'm developing for the team was to be a product NOT to include theories and "perspectives" out in the weeds where climate change advocates transpose biological scientific research into ideological rationalization.

please retract your statement at once. you should know better. :D


from insty, typical lefty lies on accessibility. A duplicate of their Voter ID lies:

SO THE WHOLE LITIGATION IS PREMISED ON A RACIST STEREOTYPE OF IMMIGRANTS? What If a Citizenship Question Doesn’t Meaningfully Reduce Census Response Rates After All? “Newly released data suggests Census analysts dramatically over-estimated the extent to which a citizenship question would discourage responses.”



Perspective is a very personal word. How's yours, KK?


there is a vid at the link, not sure if it is the vid.

James O'Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII

BREAKING: Bernie Staffer Kyle Jurek “I’m an Anarcho-communist…I'm as far left as you can possibly get...There’s a lot of me’s in the @BernieSanders campaign...”

"He's(Kyle Jurek) fabulous" - Holly Hallman, Bernie Iowa Field Organizer

PART 2 12:00PM


James D.

CH @ 8:42

You'd think they would put down the shovel and stop digging at some point.


Just fine, Melinda. How's yours?

Did you notice "perspective" was in quotes in my last post?



Another Bob

“ It makes you declare”

I don’t think it “makes” you do anything.


please retract your statement at once. you should know better.

I am not saying that YOU created a different definition of epigenetics than the one originally defined--just that the one you are facing is different from what is used in another field-- you're doing training, not biology.

rse is reading it in the context of "education" (indoctrination?) , not biochem.

which is why I questioned you re: context---


Just doing my duty, keeping my JOM fam up to date on popular culture/international "news" ;-)


(really, paying back rse for her great link to the blog on narcissism!

Tom R

The one sentence from the Flynn motion that stood out the most to me.

Michael T. Flynn is innocent

Why did he plead guilty then? Later in the same paragraph:

The same cannot be said for the prosecution which has operated in bad faith from the inception of the “investigation” and continues relentlessly through this specious prosecution (footnote 33).

If Flynn thought the government was operating in bad faith from the very start, that makes his guilty plea even more puzzling since he believed himself to be innocent. What does footnote 33 say?

Notably, the first interview of Mr. Flynn was conducted surreptitiously by the FBI by the unprecedented and never-to-be repeated maneuver of slipping an agent into a sample presidential daily briefing to nominee Trump, Mr. Flynn, and a third person on August 17, 2016—two days after Strzok and Page texted about “the insurance policy discussed in McCabe’s office and one day after they supposedly “opened” and investigation of Mr. Flynn.

That triggers my confirmation bias that Flynn is running a sting operation against the Deep State. He already knew the Obama administration had been spying on Trump long before his interview with Strzok and Pientka.

JM Hanes


Pasting your URL from 8:52am into the address bar I get:

Oops! There’s nothing here. Looking for GIFs

that DO exist? Here are our GIFs trending today!

It's a Giphy page, though, not a generic 404


Thanks JMH. New thread.

I will be back later and attempt to post a picture again. This has failed to work for gif and jpg links multiple times so I truly believe it is something I am doing when I copy the link on an apple device.


The giphy link is a separate problem caused by that site. I had given up with the other links, tried that one, and then gave up and hit post.


Cute joke seen on Twatter.

What does the Democratic Party and the Super Bowl have in common?

No Patriots!

Tom R

But that does not excuse him lying to Pence or the FBI about them.

Theo @ 11:57

I am in catch-up mode so someone may have addressed this already. The FBI didn't think Flynn was lying to them about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. The facts are we perceive them is that Flynn did nothing wrong on that issue. What is screwed up is that Flynn plead guilty of lying to the FBI for a crime that wasn't really a crime and for which FBI agents didn't think he was lying. How does anyone makes sense out of that?

As to whether Flynn lied to Pence who knows the real answer. I do know that if Pence screwed up and misspoke on the Sunday talk shows, from a damage control perspective its more convenient for Team Trump to have Flynn take the blame for Pence's screwup than Pence himself.

Tom R

General consensus here is that Flynn plead guilty because of threats of prosecution against his son.

You are correct about the consensus here who believed that to be the truth. AFAIK I was the only person who disagreed. If Mueller's team resorted to extortion (by threatening to indict Flynn Jr ) in order to force Flynn Sr to plead guilty to a crime Flynn believed himself to be innocent of, wouldn't that be an example of prosecutorial misconduct? Why would AG Barr allow such a miscarriage of justice to remain in place?

Tom R

What is a mystery to me is why Bill Barr doesn't close this all down.

Anonamom @ 7:11

It's extremely encouraging to me for you to be discussing a Spygate-issue near and dear to my heart as well as asking the same exact question I have been asking for months as well.

Tom R

(But now that the link to the Q article got posted, I can just chant "We have it all" and "Patriots in control" and not trouble myself with doubts and concerns.) (I certainly can't be the only person who spent her childhood in parochial schools who sees this for what it is.)

BTW since Anonamom mentioned the Q article that clarice linked let me highlight the "Trust the Plan" section. I've been advocating that very same point for a very long time here and withstood numerous attacks calling it ridiculous, a fantasy, stupid etc. Since that Q article explicitly presumes that military leaders were involved in creating this plan, wouldn't LTG Flynn be one of the most likely military leaders behind the creation of the plan that this article says we should trust?

Lastly, that Q article on the AT blog was written by Deborah Franklin. At the bottom of the oped it says "Deborah Franklin is the pen name of a writer who fears professional retribution.". The Q article is also the only article written by Deborah Franklin that has appeared on AT. What a strange coincidence that oped got published right before Flynn withdrew his guilty plea.



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