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January 29, 2020


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Evidently there is a go fund me to buy Kaepernick a helicopter.



BUCKEYE. This evening, I saw a "luxury car", with your OSU LOGO in the back window. Big sticker.
WI license plate BUCK I FN.




Ot there were earthquakes in panama and i think jamaica a long time ago right, like 200 years ago



I recall Iggy and at least one others agreeing with that assessment.

It is not a question of how far I am willing to go; it’s a question of what makes sense.

I have laid out why I think an explicit threat is unlikely. I have not actually heard an argument to the contrary beyond a belated and ambiguous reference to a threat in a pleading over a year later.

You can believe what you want to believe based on whatever convinces you. But I think it very unlikely that Flynn would be trusting enough to cave into an explicit threat without getting an assurance that the kid would not be prosecuted anyway. Maybe you think Flynn is that naive or that stupid. I do not.

Dave (in MA)



Dersh destroys Tribe in minutes


BREAKING: Schiff just confirmed he did in fact classify & seal ICIG Atkinson's testimony transcript, but he maintains he did so to protect "sensitive" info.

My questions to the House Managers would be:

“How do you reconcile your trust of 100 people to have the character and quality of the highest order that is necessary to overturn the votes of millions of US citizens but you also dismiss those people as incapable of the most basic trust when it comes to “sensitive” information that they would normally see in their daily responsibilities?”

“Will you name the Senators that their voters should no longer trust?”

Captain Hate

TK, check your email.


This is of interested limited to audiophiles, but I learned recently that Roger Modjeski has died from leukemia.

Roger was part of the original Beveridge loudspeaker team, and was a brilliant designer in his own right. He also ran the best retail shop for vacuum tubes, for those who use them.


Cold steph, you know the waterworks over kobe after three days is just exhausting.
Yes its sad specially for the children who this foolhardy pilotgambled with their lives


Good post - "Why Trump - Now More Than Ever"



Flynn's affidavit on the threat was explicit.Keep mind reading if you will.

Captain Hate

Vic's alternative history

>>Fox News reporter must be 10 years old or stupid. >>She calls 'Jordan' our 'ally' and despite that a terrorist is being shielded by them. Jordan has not been our 'ally' since Syria invaded them and Assad took over.

I was in Jordan 4 years ago. There was no invasion by anyone but Palestinian refugees.

ISIS wasn't that far away so that was exciting.
Posted by: JackStraw at January 29, 2020 12:33 PM (ZLI7S)


Clarice —

Even if Flynn now claims an explicit threat, this does not make it so.

Why after so long and after Ms Powell failed to confirm the existence of such a threat when asked by Hannity (she said something much more ambiguous as quoted by Ig) does it suddenly make it into a pleading NOW?

Is there any documentation of this threat? Does Flynn lay out who made it, when and in what language?

And as I ask repeatedly without getting an answer, do you think Flynn is an idiot? Who but an idiot would plead guilty in older to save his son from indictment without, you know, getting an assurance that the son would not be indicted?

A veiled threat answers all of these questions.

You can believe what you want to believe but so far I detect no basis other than you wish to believe it.


Because it wasn't relevant then when he was not contesting the charge. Now that more facts have become known he is using them to argue his case should be dismissed and it is relevant,Theo.



Another Bob

Damn shame killfile doesn’t work on iPads.


CH, it will be a little later before I can check it. I was thinking about sending you the picture of me fatiguing a Honda Trail 70 with my Shrek like physique in hopes of winning the oaf contest. :-)


Why after so long and after Ms Powell failed to confirm the existence of such a threat when asked by Hannity

You should review that Hannity clip again. It isn’t what you are representing.


Clarice -

A possible answer to a very small part of what I wrote.

You still have not addressed the statement made by Powell to Hannity as linked to by Ig. It was less than a ringing affirmation that Flynn had been threatened.

And absolute silence on the “do you think Flynn is an idiot” question.

Another Bob

Hot rumor in Vegas is Tom Brady bought a home in Summerlin NV.

Driving the Raidezz fans nuts.

JM Hanes


I can't imagine there's any one left here who is not aware of your opinion on this matter. What you call a question of what makes sense, however, is simply a matter of what makes sense to you. You've actually done very little to make your own case other repeating your opinions on what Flynn, being Flynn, should be expected to do, based, I suspect on imagining what your, yourself, might or might not do if you found yourself in his shoes. There's no particular reason anyone should privilege your assessment of human nature over their own.

And yes, I'll believe what I like. I'm not trying to persuade you one way or the other because I haven't entirely made up my own mind. In general, whether anyone or everyone else agrees or disagrees with me, carries very little weight. I don't know why there are those who seem to think claiming some purported JOM consensus is a form of argument. Especially if they're extrapolating from a couple of comments.

Tom R

JMH @ 11:00

Refresh my memory. I don’t recall anyone where, especially you, who ever answered the question as to why AG Barr did not drop the charges against Flynn.


I want to see that picture. Hahaha

I enjoyed the Farage video.


There was no syriam invasion of jordsn, the reverse is more likely true, with that serving as a base for the syrian rebels.


The person with the answer to that question is AG Barr. As far as I know he doesn’t post here.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Kenin- USA - just knocked off #1 Barty for a spot in the Aussie finals.


Syrian invasion of jordan, rebels we paid for with lindsay did now working for edogan in libya.


Has anyone any experience with the classical music streaming services Tidal, Qobuz or Idagio? Spotify is frustrating for the classical literature, and these seem to be the ones cited most often.

Tom R

Gentlemanjim @ 12:05

Thank you for that wisdom. Ruling out out the possibility Flynn was running a sting against the Deep State, IMO the reason AG Barr didn’t drop the charges against Flynn is because Flynn committed a serious crime related to his lobbying on behalf of Turkey.


I want to see that picture. Hahaha

Maybe I’ll head cross country on it when I finally flip my lid.





“I have to admit that initially I was Cruz, Walker, Perry for my top 3 and Trump was near (but not at) the bottom. Christie was up there, too”

Same here, more or less. Christie could have had that Trump-like fighter mentality, but in the end he was all bark and no bite. One thing I’ve learned from all this is that given the dire state of the country in 2016, policy positions mattered less than the willingness to fight, and to push back against the MSM elites and the deep state. I still don’t like some of Trump’s policies, but concern about that seems almost quaint compared to the need to just burn it all down.


And DrJ, speaking of liquor stores, when you were in Rochester did you patronize Century Liquors? The connoisseurs I knew there all raved about it, and supposedly people would come from 100 miles away to shop there.



No, I never went to Century Liquors -- I didn't know about it. We usually went to a liquor store across the street from our apartment, which then was a block or so from the house we bought.

NYS state was strange with booze. You could buy beer in the grocery store. Apparently, beer is food. Wine and liquor you had to buy elsewhere.

It was very odd for the CA boy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Whatever crime Flynn was accused of committing involving Turkey carried up to a 15 year prison sentence. Perhaps this is what the judge was referring to when he mentioned Flynn’s actions were treasonous?--

IIRC he was accused of not registering as a FARA dude and then when he did the form, prepared by his Covington lawyers [hence their conflict of interest] contained inaccuracies. There are several problems with those accusation and in any event they are not serious as many people are allowed to simply redo their FARA docs...but of course "many people" don't work for Trump or cross paths with a bitch-snake like Sally Yates or whatever her name is.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

GJim: "I enjoyed the Farage video."

Me too!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Dems seem to have painted themselves into a corner.
If, as they say, they need witnesses to make their case, if the Senate declines to call witnesses then they would seem to be duty bound to vote to acquit, no? No witnesses, no case, as they say.
So if they go ahead and vote to convict without witnesses then either they're lying about the need for witnesses or they're casting a dishonest vote to convict, no?



Perhaps I should not have referred to a JOM “consensus” on whether there was an explicit threat against Flynn relating to the indictment of his son if he did not plead guilty. I recall Ig and at least one other (TK?) sharing the view that a veiled threat made more sense. They can speak for themselves if they wish. But of course you are right that whether or not there was such a “consensus” makes little difference and is certainly not binding on you.

I think that you are mistaken to describe my position as assuming that Flynn would do what *I* would have done if I were in his place. My point once again is that I believe that Flynn is a highly intelligent man and that NO intelligent person would plead guilty in the face of an explicit threat against his son unless he got assurance that the son would not be indicted anyway. He would have zero reason to trust the prosecutors on this.

I will also note that in his pleading Flynn says that even with this threat he still would not have pled guilty except for bad advice from his allegedly conflicted counsel. To my cynical but experienced eye,this suggests that Flynn does not want to hang his legal argument on his ability to prove the existence of such a threat, which presumably would be his burden to establish if he were basing his claim for relief upon it.

Maybe you do not find any of my arguments persuasive. So be it. But at least I have laid out my reasoning. So far the sole pushback that I have gotten boils down to “Flynn said there was a threat” with nothing more. With all due respect, does not make it so. I would hope that this group retains its critical thinking ability and does simply believe things because they wish them to be so.

In any event, Powell seems to have done Flynn some good. The government has backed off its prison time request. I assume that this is not good enough for Flynn who I assume wants no conviction on his record.

Finally, I will repeat once again that Flynn was treated shamefully but the FBI and perhaps DOJ. In a just world he should not have been prosecuted. It is no injustice if his plea is voided. I just don’t think that there was an explicit threat against his son for the reasons previously stated.


Ignatz @1:16

You make a good logical point. Bt logic doesn’t cut much with these people.

I assume that their response would be that there is enough to convict him now in their estimation, but that additional evidence would help persuade other Senators and of course the public. But no one is going to be persuaded by anything at this point.

I still wonder if the smart GOP move would be to allow Bolton to testify. The downside is one or maybe two days of bad headlines. But the GOP can push back with (a) he is disgruntled, (b) he is selling a book and (c) even if true it does not rise to the level of impeachment. On the other hand, NOT calling him leads to months of carrying on about how Trump was not really acquitted because they did not hear all the evidence, etc. it might be stronger to say we did hear all the evidence and we voted to acquit.

Schumer did not seem all that devastated when he told reporters that there probably would not be witnesses. I use don’t know.

jim nj

Took a while to catch up today. My ISP was dropping in and out and there lots of links.

Enjoyed the "war games" articles. Sometimes it seems the military are more engaged in "budget games."

On the Flynn filing I don't know if Judge Sullivan will order a dismissal too easily, but I do believe he will let Flynn withdraw his plea.


Jim —

I have no idea what Sullivan will do. There is danger for Flynn if he lets him withdraw the plea but does not dismiss the indictment. Flynn would then be giving up a no jail time deal for a trial where if convicted he could go to jail. Indeed, the way that the game is played in the criminal courts, if convicted he almost certainly WOULD do time. They charge a penalty for turning down a deal if you then lose at trial. This is one of the reasons plea deals are so popular. (I know JMH is against plea bargains and i understand and respect her in that. But the reality is that the criminal justice system could not function without them.)

Maybe this explains why the prosecution has agreed to only probation under the existing guilty plea conviction. They may want to give Flynn something to think about. It’s the old Monty Hall game of “Lets Make A Deal.” Behind Door #1 is a guilty plea with no jail time. Behind Door # 2 is a trial which leads either to acquittal OR the slammer. Flynn wants Door #3, which is no guilty plea and the case dismissed. He may have to choose between the first two options.

Dave (in MA)

Well, pissah, as we say around here.

jim nj

There are assumptions made in war-gaming that the enemy will have a surprise that we don't expect. That's kind of the main reason we do war-games. To get us to think outside the box.

In a war with China scenario we will have no intention of fighting a ground war on their territory so it will be mainly a battle at sea and in the air. China probably has the ability to deny us access to its sea. We have the ability to hem their navy into that sea and interdict all sea-lanes coming into or out of China.

I've tried to figure out how to take and hold their outer defenses like the artificial islands without major losses on our side. Because I still haven't figured that out yet I think a blockade of their oil supplies would be the best first move if needed.

In a Baltic war scenario it is readily obvious that a conventional war just won't work for the Baltic states. They don't have the ability to wage a war at the front line. So they won't. They will defend in depth fighting guerilla style hoping for relief.

Some novelists, like Dale Brown, have puzzled over that and I think our response wouldn't be limited to trying to get more ground forces into the area. The quickest way to respond would be in the air battle and going after Russian warships. Maybe even an attack on Kalingrad in the Baltic's rear.

jim nj

While the Russian pilots are gaining valuable experience doing bombing runs in Syria they are also putting a lot of hours of wear and tear on their planes.

With a shrunken economy and a shrunken defense industry over-used equipment will be harder to replace.

It's not like they have a new fleet of fighters, like the F-35, in quantity production.

jim nj


Sun's surface seen in remarkable new detail

"The Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope on Hawaii has released pictures that show features as small as 30km across.

This is remarkable when set against the scale of our star, which has a diameter of about 1.4 million km and is 149 million km from Earth."

That's cool they have a satellite and now a terrestrial telescope looking at the Sun and they can coordinate them.

And if I was interested in adding some snark, the telescope is named after the last patriotic senator from Hawaii.


Worth reading:

"On just one floor of a hospital so big it once had 800 employees were Robert Joseph Dole of Russell, Kan., shattered on a hill in Italy in the last month of the war and reckoned by almost everyone who saw him as destined for an early, swift and merciful death; Philip Aloysius Hart of Bryn Mawr, Pa., his arm seeded with shrapnel from an artillery shell on Utah Beach during the D-Day invasion; and Daniel Ken Inouye of Honolulu, shot in the stomach and hit by an exploding grenade in Italy."

jim nj


Libya civil war: Macron accuses Erdogan of meddling in conflict


Neither of these kindergarten kids are going to make it to the first grade next year.

jim nj


Syria war: Army 'recaptures' key town from opposition in Idlib

The Syrian army says it has recaptured the strategic town of Maarat al-Numan in Idlib province, the opposition's last stronghold.

State media reported that troops had "liberated" the town after inflicting heavy losses on jihadist fighters.

A monitoring group earlier said the opposition had withdrawn.

Maarat al-Numan straddles a major highway that has been an objective for the army as it has pressed ahead with an offensive in Idlib in recent weeks.

jim nj


Makes sense. Homeless camp selling drugs and attracting users - close it, move them out.


This doesn't make sense. Waste police resources by seeking out quality of life crimes and offering the arrested jail or treatment. That's just harassment.

I could easily argue against this for many reasons, but the simplest is that social workers cost about half of what police officers do and the police have better things to do.


Apparently Roberts did not censor a question from Kamala Harris that quoted the Access Hollywood tape, but did censor Rand Paul's question that mentioned Ciamarella's name. Circus.

jim nj


7,783 confirmed cases. 170 dead. 133 recovered.

The China cases are still growing in an exponential fashion. Outside of China the graph is, more or less, flat.

I'm thinking that inside of China it is still beyond containment. Outside of China it seems to be under control.

As near as I can discern all of the deaths are in China. And I think that number is under-reported. Just guessing here, but if you are diagnosed early and treated under a western-style medical regime, it's not lethal. Assuming no other complicating health factors.

In China I don't think we will ever know the true scope of the virus's path of destruction, but if the Chinese people self-isolate I think we will see a plateau in new infections pretty soon.

I don't trust the Chinese government. I don't think the Chinese people do either.

It is going to be difficult for the Chinese government to sound the all-clear sirens.

Who will believe them? Do it too soon and they won't hit the plateau, they'll get a second wave of infections.

Another Bob

My employer just issued travel policy that: 1) requires senior executive approval for any travel to China, and 2) makes travel to any location that has an outbreak at the employees discretion, with the employee required to supply what amounts to a liability release.

Can’t say I understand this policy much. #2 is effectively a travel ban - who’s going to volunteer to go to an outbreak area when you’ve been specifically told by HR you don’t have to, and are being told it’s on you if you get sick? And in light of #2, don’t see the point of #1. Is it to protect me from coercion to travel from a lower level manager? Need to hire some new lower level managers if that’s the case.

jim nj

If you are a Lee Child "Jack Reacher" fan there is a new kid on the block. Just finished the Nicholas Petrie book "The Drifter."

Rather bad PTSD issues and a little more violent, but good.

Captain Hate

Apparently Roberts did not censor a question from Kamala Harris that quoted the Access Hollywood tape, but did censor Rand Paul's question that mentioned Ciamarella's name. Circus.

Does anyone here, even the most Pollyannish, still want to defend this GWB inflicted disaster? My good friend Jim Rhoads gave him an overly generous benefit of the doubt for "it's a tax" stating that Gaylordcare was a political creation and should be modified or terminated by the same, a rationale that the test of time still hasn't given a passing grade. I didn't listen to Levin's podcast last night but the written summary didn't feature any discussions of the fake whistleblower protection nor was anything on his Twitter feed before I called it a day; but he has been an outspoken critic of Earl Warren Junior previously and it's hard to imagine him giving him a pass on this latest outrage.

Another Bob

“Honda Trail 70”

My push mower and snowblower have bigger engines, lol...

jim nj


That's weird travel policy.


I don't understand this.


Manuel Transmission

Jim nj, you’ll get a kick out of this:


Think you’ve had a bad day? This sets a new threshold.

Another Bob

“ I don't understand this.”

My interpretation is they bought Chinese 4G in part due to a cheaper upgrade path to 5G. The Chinese 5G ban screwed that plan up.

Captain Hate

Christie could have had that Trump-like fighter mentality, but in the end he was all bark and no bite.

I really like how DJT effectively took the measure of this egomaniacal fat slob by letting him be part of his transition team and then dumping him. I guess he didn't need any quivering school teachers to be blasted on camera.


I thought it interesting that Christie was at the rally.

Trump made no mention of him when is was giving callouts to the local pols.

Another Bob

He did mention Christie, buckeye.

I was surprised Christie was in attendance.


I must been takin' a whizz when that happened AB:)

Another Bob

It was just a mention, Trump did nothing that could be read as fawning over him. Didn’t invite him to the podium as some local pols have, for example.


Well, I suspect Christie still has considerable influence among NJ Republicans.

No upside in a slight.

Christie has not given Trump much grief since he was given his walking papers.

Kasich on the other hand....

Robin, eff 'em all

NYS state was strange with booze. You could buy beer in the grocery store. Apparently, beer is food. Wine and liquor you had to buy elsewhere.

Our strange liquor laws have more to do with a very effective liquor store lobby. Wegmans has been advocating for years to be able to carry wine in grocery stores (Rochester is the flagship store), but so far the liquor stores have been able to stave off their efforts. Liquor stores are also not allowed to develop into a chain - I'm not sure why or how that happened, but it affects their ability to compete with grocery stores, which is how they argue against grocery stores carrying wine.

Albany likes its lobbies.


It is 20 degrees here in Des Moines, IA and these people are ALREADY in line to see @realDonaldTrump at tomorrow’s #KAG rally!!

Incredible 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/MWB512YBRA

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) January 30, 2020

Video at the link, from last night. Wow!

Robin, eff 'em all

I voted for Cruz in the NY state primary, though it came right down to the moment I colored in the dot. I knew Trump was going to win the nomination and I just wasn't quite ready to take that leap.

I practically broke down doors to vote for him in November.

Robin, eff 'em all

These winter rallies have to have the Democrats rattled. If I were a betting woman, I'd say that the four senators running for president have told Schumer to forget the witnesses.



Darren Samuelsohn

Democrats are bracing for the possibility that if President Donald Trump loses the 2020 election, he and his aides will bungle a smooth handover of power – and maybe even try to outright sabotage the transition.



Democrats are bracing for the possibility that if President Donald Trump loses the 2020 election

Plan Z?



Carlos Osweda (Thomas Wictor) thread on Saudi Arabia, Israel, and oeace in the Middle East.


Do they mean by sabotaging removing all the "W"s from the keyboards in the White House?

Captain Hate

Kasich on the other hand....

That goof's chances of ever being elected to anything are kaput so his role as GOP-stick-in-the-mud for low ratings cable stations is his sole focus.


Elites... goofier than Florida Man.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Microsoft pledged a carbon-free future. A couple hours later, it fired up its diesel generators.

James D.

Democrats are bracing for the possibility that if President Donald Trump loses the 2020 election, he and his aides will bungle a smooth handover of power – and maybe even try to outright sabotage the transition.

Like Clinton did to Bush and Obama did to Trump?

James D.

I was happy to see on the previous page a link to the story about the Pellitier family suing for malpractice.

Except it ought to be a criminal trial, with everyone involved in the case charged with kidnapping and attempted murder.

And THEN, after all the criminals who kidnapped that girl are convicted and nailed, that's when the civil suits should come, where the homes and bank accounts and pensions of the criminals are all seized and handed over to Justinia and her family.


This is so fucking funny. Worth watching the whole thing but even just the first segment is devastating. pic.twitter.com/mNEu0Hf1pU

— Eoin Higgins (@EoinHiggins_) January 30, 2020

Video at link. Joe Biden copying British speech word for word back in 1988.


Sorry I missed the f word on that tweet. I was so amazed at Biden's blatant plagiarism I failed to note the comment by the poster.

I think it's because I didn't sleep well last night. I am going to go back to bed for a bit.



Please monitor the President's Twitter account. Thanks!


Elise Stefanik @EliseStefanik

There is one transcript that Adam Schiff refuses to release.

The Intelligence Community Inspector General transcript.

It needs to be released for the American people to read.

Why? Bc it answers ?s on the coordination & political bias of the whistleblower


fun vid at link:

Carpe Donktum🔹 @CarpeDonktum

Sorry about the wait on this, real life happens.

Poor little Blue Adam Schiff.



Real Time Economics @WSJecon

U.S. Economy Grew at 2.1% Rate in Fourth Quarter on.wsj.com/2S2CVOk



Ioan Smith @moved_average
Replying to @NicTrades

Speaking of climate change... Europe’s Electric Vehicle Charging Prices to Increase by 500%



Well worth the wait!

Tom R

A Twitter Sleuth has connected some dots involving Flynn’s original lawyers and some NeverTrumpers.


Not really sure what to make of this. My interpretation is that the Covington lawyers were not acting very ethically and in turn gave Flynn extremely bad legal advice.

Tom R

Didn’t know Philbin was allied with Mueller and Comey in the Ashcroft hospital incident against Bush Jr’s lawyers.



Should I order wine on line or should I patronize my local liquor store?

Here's where I go with the libs. I've always loved mom & pop liquor stores, even when the selection isn't great. Hate to see the big chains take them out.

My high school classmate recently bought the liquor store (or package store as we called it) that my dad used to patronize when we lived in a small town in CT. Glad he's been able to make a go of it.

If there's something you want that your local store doesn't carry, ask and maybe they can order it.


reminder, the whistleblower may be a conspirator.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Impeachment 'Whistleblower' May Be Implicated in Biden-Burisma Caper pjmedia.com/trending/impea…



In his podcast Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz said that instead of fighting to get Bolton to testify in the House impeachment inquiry, House Democrats "affirmatively went to the District Court in writing and said 'we don't need John Bolton.'"


Headline flat GDP of 2.1% is the boring part and will get all the play. The decomplexification of commodity pricing, through your friendly deregulatory and tariff imposer, has finally started to kick in. The Price Index drops from 1.8% to 1.4%, quarter over quarter. This is what “Good Deflation” should look like and will start to add to everyone’s bottom line. I’m happy with this “bad” data. YMMV.



Real Time Economics @WSJecon

The economy’s expansion last quarter reflected a boost from trade as exports increased and imports dropped sharply. on.wsj.com/37BgWEC


Hillary! aides blocking being “served papers” in Tulsa’s suit:


Hah! “Nothing to hide! Muh Transparency!” Queen of Hypocrisy too funny, I’m ded.


Table 2, or page 9, on the GDP pdf, All the column to the right add up to the top line 2.10%. Very easy to break out what each part contributes to GDP, and the deflationary part I like.



thats a lot of scratch.


BREAKING: Facebook plunges 8% at the open, losing more than $50 billion in market value cnb.cx/318NO5q


Ex-Trump Aide Carter Page Files Lawsuit Against DNC, Law Firm Perkins Coie Over Dossier
The suit alleges that the DNC, Perkins Coie and partners Marc Elias and Michael Sussman “used false information, misrepresentations and other misconduct to direct the power of the international intelligence apparatus and the media industry against” Page “to further their political agenda.”


Illinois, your Constitution is about to be changed. Not to allow control of public pensions either.

The governor and the Democrat-controlled General Assembly have made the progressive income tax the linchpin for their spending plans going forward. The proposed constitutional amendment would scrap the state's existing flat income tax and allow lawmakers to create a graduated income tax system with higher rates for higher earners.



RE Page vs DNC lawsuit (thread):

Jimmy Holland

The suit also claims the DNC "has a historical pattern” of making Chicago its principal place of business.


James D.

re: Mel's link @ 9:23

Maybe one of the legal brains here can explain this to me. If you're at home and your security people turn away the process server, how is that not contempt of court, or something?


and for those needing a schaudenboner, Avenatti trial day 2 thread.

Inner City Press

OK - US v. Avenatti trial Day 2 starting with SDNY Judge Gardephe reading out his ruling on Avenatti's request to use notes of Boies Schiller meeting not taken by Scott Wilson, still on stand. patreon.com/posts/33576045 Inner City Press will live tweet: thread


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