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January 30, 2020


jim nj

I think one of the factors in the 1918 flu epidemic in the US is that many military-aged men were drafted, trained and moved to embarkation camps during that year.


This was one of the embarkation camps. 578 people died at this one camp. The camp was torn down in 1920, but a memorial to the flu victims was erected at the approximate center of the camp.

I've driven past the monument on the rotary that surrounds it hundreds of times. Without that monument Camp Merritt probably would have been lost to present-day memory.

I have a personal connection to Camp Merritt. My paternal grandfather was scooped up from Punxsutawney PA and deposited at Camp Merritt due to the draft. He met and married my grandmother in nearby Englewood. I'm not aware of him being shipped overseas so he must of had some kind of function integral to the base.

Captain Hate

Even though Levin is outraged at what Roberts pulled, as far as motive he just thinks he's become a typical DC judge slavishly concerned about what the NYT/WaPo/NPR say about him. IOW an unprincipled coward and an ethical pigmy.



What did the rest of the US ever do to Utah?


What does Romney think this will gain him? He's pretty much failed at every major thing he's tried to accomplish over the past 25 years or so. His run for the Senate could only have succeeded in Utah, and he may not get reelected at this pace. He's not endearing himself to the Republican voters, so I doubt he sees a 2024 run for the White House in his future.

The only thing that might make some sense of his actions is a change of party. That could spark a recall in Utah.

I see similar behavior in Mike Lee of late. What's going on in Utah?


Bob bennett whose connections suggest he may have been one of woodwards sources was the bad oenny, mcmullin of course wanted to be bob benett when he grew uo, mike worked for huntsman another rocket surgeon


Mike lee, so it seems like a bad pool.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ed Driscoll has more on that wapo floozy who tweeted about Kobe Bryant's alleged rape right after he croaked.
A real piece o' work. She was involved in a couple of disgraceful things I actually remember now that he reminded me of them.


jim nj,

Both of my maternal grandparents contracted the flu during the epidemic in 1918. My grandmother survived, while my grandfather died in December of that year. Both resided in Los Angeles.

The speculation was that soldiers returning from the war in Europe brought the flu home with them. I've never really thought of what the statistics were around the country at that time wrt the incidence of the flu.

During the same period, my father was a little boy in Italy. The family had previously emigrated to America and had been living in Illinois. They had to return to Italy to care for my great grandfather after his wife died, and were unable to return until after the war ended.

My father remembered the flu epidemic very well. He did get the flu, but recovered quickly. What he remembered most were all of the deaths from the flu. It seemed to target young adults in their 20's like my grandparents. Both of my parents were affected by that horrible epidemic.

jim nj


NBC looks back at events and includes the usual un-named sources who disagree with Trump, but I found some interesting tidbits.

"The president signed off on a number of targets. Soleimani was the most significant, but Trump also authorized a strike against Abdul Reza Shahlai, an Iranian operative in Yemen. That strike was not successful.

Trump also authorized the bombing of Iranian ships, missile launchers and air defense systems, officials said. Technically, the military can now hit those targets without further presidential authorization, though in practice, it would consult with the White House before any such action."

"The U.S. also observed that Iran was scattering its navy ships, a move designed to make them harder to hit, several officials said. Iran frequently disperses its ships when it is preparing to attack or to defend against an attack. The U.S. military assesses it could cripple the Iranian navy in minutes and take it out completely in less than two days, according to three current and former military officials."

I've said before that any first strike on Iran should focus on its navy and missile launchers. I mean it makes sense to take out their means of projecting power and I thought that the Iranian navy was particularly vulnerable, but I never dared think that the US could cripple their fleet in minutes. I was thinking more like a few days and maybe up to a week to get any remaining submerged subs.


Courtney and her gal pal macias had sone real inside sources (hint hint) and dilanian is the fusion gps chew toy.


it seems like a bad pool.

It sure does, Narciso. You've provided an excellent list of the reasons why!


Yes ive though a direct on iraniam territory would turn out badly.


Strike, would end badly for reasons you mentiomed.

jim nj


I was responding to two articles posted here earlier today that mentioned the 1918 flu.

Nowadays, it's believed that the flu may have originated on a farm with chickens in the US. Almost the same mechanism for all the Chinese viruses.

Common lore has it that an American seaman brought the flu to Spain where it erupted at about the same time as in the US and elsewhere. Other sources disagree on where the initial outbreak came from.


This is pretty good and mentions the effect of war-time censors in the naming of the disease.

I think the part where they suspect complicating factors rings true. Dislocations due to the war may have made it worse.


One of the articles posted here speculated on what were called Group 1 and Group 2 type flus. Like maybe if you were exposed to one type when you are young when a variant of that group comes around later you may have some built-in resistance to it.

I think this is still open to debate.


Nowadays, it's believed that the flu may have originated on a farm with chickens in the US. Almost the same mechanism for all the Chinese viruses.

jim nj,

Would that then be a variant of the avian flu?

jim nj


Yes, if I wasn't clear I discount that NBC article but they did have some interesting details.

I agree with the decision not to launch a preemptive strike at the Iranian missile launchers used to attack our bases in Iraq.

I was a little surprised that we had such a comprehensive strike package in place if needed. And I was really surprised at the time frame for crippling their navy. Minutes?


The few big ships are worthy of a cruise missile, but most of the fleet is composed of much smaller ships. I can't see targeting them with an expensive weapon.

If they think they can do this in minutes they are either referring to the larger capital ships or they have a huge multi-platform attack planned out.

If you're willing to risk close-in weapon systems, A-10's and Apache guns or rockets could cripple most of the small boats quickly.


I agree with the decision not to launch a preemptive strike at the Iranian missile launchers used to attack our bases in Iraq.

jim nj and Narciso,

I'm all over the place with my comments tonight from impeachment to the flu epidemic to Iranian missiles. But the last topic brought up a thought that I've had ever since the Iranians admitted that they shot down that Ukrainian aircraft.

If the Iranians were anticipating a strike on their missile sites — a strike that never happened — could it be possible that they deliberately fired on that aircraft with the intent of blaming the American response? It's weird thinking, but from what we've observed subsequent to the death of Sulemeini, the Iranians really weren't prepared or capable of much of a retaliatory response. Given that they destroyed the debris field of the crash site, it would have given them a macabre talking point. (Yes, I think they're capable of that.) I've been wondering about it ever since the tragedy.


On that ghastly note, I'll say goodnight. Prayers for a better day tomorrow for America and an end to this political madness.

jim nj


Avian Flu. Yes and No. Some avian flus only effect birds, like some swine flus only afflict hogs.

When they make the hop to the ability to infect humans then the close contact between man and domesticated animals becomes a problem.

If the bug then acquires the ability to move from human to human directly the popular press will call it Avian Flu or Swine Flu as shorthand for the official name.

jim nj


I think the Iranians expected a retaliatory strike that didn't come, but had already loosened up the criteria for firing to a much lower level of decision making than normal.

Some fool got spooked for some reason and fired in panic is my best guess.

jim nj


Space-time is indeed churned by massive rotating bodies, as scientists had thought.

"That prediction is a phenomenon known as frame dragging, or the Lense-Thirring effect. It states that space-time will churn around a massive, rotating body. For example, imagine Earth were submerged in honey. As the planet rotated, the honey around it would swirl — and the same holds true with space-time."

jim nj


Syria war: Rebel-held Idlib 'hit by 200 air strikes in three days'

There have been 200 air strikes on opposition-held territory in northern Syria in the last three days, mainly targeting civilians, the US has said.

Clearly the Syrian axis is taking territory in a large fashion. On the bombing, I don't know if that is spin or the truth. I doubt the Syrian and Russian air forces have lawyers onboard approving targets as the US does.

I'm going to guess that they see groups of people and bomb them thinking they are militants and not much concerned if they aren't. Scare the civilians away from the militants and the militants have no one to hide among.

Chechnya tactics - just kill everyone.

If our pilots did this they would be court-martialed. And rightly so, given our value system. Damn, we argue over what size bomb to use on a verified target in order to reduce collateral damage.

It makes me wonder if the US has a greater ability to collect target intelligence than the Syrian-Russian alliance does. Or if we just fight wars in a more moral way.

I wonder if the people of the Middle East will notice the difference in our approaches and realize that the Great Satan is Russia not the US.

Just spit-balling here.

jim nj


"Mr. Chief Justice," Warren dramatically announced. "I send a question to the desk."

Roberts then read the senator's question aloud.

"Does the fact that the Chief Justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which GOP Senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution?"

When Roberts finished reading the question, the look he shot Elizabeth Warren said it all.

Oh, snap.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Since Dems allowed 0 Repub witnesses in the HoR it's only fair to insist on 100% Repub witnesses in the Senate.
Why do these RINOs just take being spit on?

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Is this true? We have Yovano to thank for Ilhan Omar?
From PowerLine comments

jim nj

Dead woman walking. Say goodbye to the nomination. That's the kind of thing you do when you know you're losing and can't help yourself because you're so bitter about it.

Sanders and Biden are ahead of her. Bloomberg has footprints on her back and is perched on her shoulders, jumping up and down, yelling me me me and she is fading fast.

And the Supremes are ready to gut her CFPB.


But she's going to use that poor mixed-up tomboy whose mother thinks she wants to grow a wiener as a consultant before she picks her cabinet. Warren is a joke. Thanks, people of Massachusetts. You chose poorly. I shouldn't talk, look at my two Senators.

In last night's arguments, Jerry Nadler referred to the White House's lawyers as three card monte dealers. I wonder whether Patrick Philbin even knows what three card monte is.


Oh my, Drudge is not happy with Alexander snuffing out peach mint. LOLGF


I haven't linked on drudge in months.

Another Bob

ABC radio news says if it’s 50-50 Roberts breaks the tie.

That doesn’t sound at all correct.

And today’s vote is about witnesses? Or a vote on removal?


The Constitution, in particular Article 1 Section 3 defining impeachment, does not grant the a Chief a vote when presiding over the Senate. VP is granted a vote when presiding earlier in Section 3.

So does Roberts get a vote? Not per the Constitution. However the SC has turned the Constitution into Calvinball long ago. So Roberts may give himself a vote. tbd.

Today’s vote is said to be Witnesses. Schumer histrionics pending.

James D.

jimNJ @ 4:46

I wonder if Roberts will absorb the lesson that, no matter how much he twists himself into a pretzel, THAT is what the left ultimately thinks of him, and always will.

Who am I kidding? Of course he won't.


S/b back in the U.S. of A. Shortly before 5pm after the Mrs. and my tour iof nine Caribbean islands.

If today is Tuesday, this must be Belgium.

James D.

It sounds like the Republican Senators have determined that Senator Collins has the most to lose by opposing more witnesses and documents. She gets the opportunity to vote for additional witness testimony thereby appeasing her constituents. If Senator McConnell can hold the remaining Republican Senators together, then I'm okay with this deal.

I know some here don't like it when people say the voters are stupid, but crap like this is Exhibit A that a lot of them are.

If that is what's really going on with Collins' vote, it's obvious Kabuki theater, and any voters who are "appeased" by a meaningless vote that won't alter a predetermined conclusion ARE morons.


The MFM works hard to keep voters barefoot and ignorant.

Thomas Collins

I'm fine with Mitch giving Collins a pass. She did just fine in her Kavanaugh speech. Voters haven't, and no doubt will not, give GOP enough of a Senate cushion to allow Mitch to ignore Collins, Murkowski, Romney and a few others. Mitch has made fine lemonade out of lemons, and will no doubt keep the judicial confirmations flowing.

Re stupid voters: Better Mainers be satisfied with Collins's vote and reelect her than go with whatever Dem alternative is out there. I wouldn't assume a Mainer who looks favorably upon Collins's vote for witnesses is being stupid. I wouldn't even assume such voters don't understand "pass" votes. Perhaps they simply prefer a pro-witness vote even though quite likely it was a "pass" vote. They just want their views expressed in the vote. Who am I to say that is stupid?


Good Morning. Susan Collins won't win in November,that is my prediction. The beautiful people in Portland have a strong challenger to Collins (Sara Gideon). Collins has mentors who are Never Trump. Bill Cohen was recently in the media saying Trump should be impeached. He was a mentor to Collins. She has been Never Trump from the beginning, so JamesD is correct,it is all Kabuki theater.


seems outside of paywall.

Commissioner Noah Phillips, speaking Thursday at Stanford Law School, said competition in tech markets, as well as privacy for consumers, are both important issues, but ones that can pull in different directions. “Competition and privacy are often at odds,” Mr. Phillips said in prepared remarks.



another nobody knew was running.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney is dropping his Democratic presidential bid

Another Bob

“Competition and privacy are often at odds”

This seems a “well, duh” thought.


A Bob, explains why FB and Goolag want a privacy law, doesn't it.

Another Bob

IMO antitrust is *exactly* the thing that will fix a lot of the abuses.


Paint Chip Munching Toddler Hakeeeeeem Gerbil

Hakeem Jeffries Says Steele Dossier Doesn’t Count As Foreign Interference Because It Was ‘Purchased’


The word is zachista, its what the russians taught the algerians and how they dealt with their problem in the 90s


Funny thing, Biden was purchased too.

Manuel Transmission

Barbara, my dad’s mom was a nurse during the war up north of Spokane. She presumably attended a lot of flu victims after the war. She died from it in 1920, but I never knew any details such as whether she contracted it earlier and suffered a weakened state that took two years to take her, or whether there were subsequent waves.

I remember reading about theories 4-5 decades ago that speculated that the 1918 flu came from a comet tail. The argument was that it arrived too close to simultaneously around the world to be carried by humans. Apparently the intercontinental railroads weren’t running that fast back in those days.


4 hours more of the Schiff Show.


Today could mark the end of President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. The trial resumes this afternoon with 4 hours of closing arguments and a vote on whether to call witnesses.


were mass flu innoculations in vogue during the 1918 flu? an old timer was telling me during the height of the ebola sitch that youngns who died fr 1918 were vaccinated. anyone else ever hear such an association.

back to inviz mode.



Sammy Small

Regarding Roberts, Mitch, and the impeachment trial, it seems that Roberts doesn't want to open up lines of questioning that could lead down ugly paths and extend the entire process longer than it has to be. Being that this impeachment is 99% political, i can understand that. However I suspect that ending this process early will just enable the Dems to start another one within months. They have plenty of time in 2020 to gen up another impeachment in the House on some new "evidence" that they imagine. My preference is to slowly unveil more and more lines of corruption in Dem witnesses, slowly dragging this out until late summer. But alas, I don't think the GOP has the guts to do that.


Kobe Bryant was a professional basketball player. for insight into that dimension of his life watch "Kobe Doin Work", a Spike Lee joint.

Disclaimer: Lee is not a favorite of mine. What i liked about this doc is it is in Kobe's words, more or less, about his game. There are some family man profiles included but Lee manages to limit his own black fanboy schtick to the elegant game of hoop.


No, there were no flu vaccines in 1918. Doubt they would have been effective since they're not particularly effective 100 years later.

My dad's maternal grandfather was a doctor who served in WWI. He contacted the flu in 1918 and survived, but his health was wrecked and he died a couple of years later. His wife then died from breast cancer.

Interestingly, his wife was the daughter of prominent Christian Scientists, who cut her off when she married a doctor. She never saw any of them again. Sad.


4 more hours of Schiff lunacy today?

Just shoot me.


henry-all the answers we have noticed and inferred on how data and privacy fit in are here




First flu vaccine was invented in 1938 by Salk.

JM Hanes

Catching up, so this may have been said:

I believe several Senators (incl. Mitch?) have said that per Impeachment rules, in the event of a 50 to 50 vote tie, the proposition fails. No person outside the Senators has tie breaking authority. That makes the wording of the proposition key, of course, and I understand they will be voting on a proposal to allow witnesses in some fashion.


"However I suspect that ending this process early will just enable the Dems to start another one within months. They have plenty of time in 2020 to gen up another impeachment in the House on some new "evidence" that they imagine."

Sammy- i agree it's muy posible. what's baffling me, as to the stupidity of such a campaign strategy, is this first fail will expand Trump's popular vote haul while Nadless and Schiff tie themselves in knots to try and order witnesses to appear before their toothless committees.


h/t Porch and Tsalagi man!


rse, if that reading material was in Epstein's cell, it explains everything.



There’s a list going around, in Nutso D circles, Of the next 7 routes to Muh Impeachment. This last one was the first of a total of 8.


on Law and Order the judge doesnt break jury ties. :D


If they Dems were smart, they would have Schiff disappeared this weekend.


If the Kavanaugh show did not convince Roberts of who the left really is, then I doubt Fauxcahontas' nasty question will have any impact.


Mocking Pelosi's pens ~ by handing out Sharpies! Love our President and his sense of humor!



Well he was a lease.



the DemHoRs are self-imposing term limits. issue fatigue. A recent Gallup survey cited in an NYT op ed yesterday, shared here, indicated what voters are happy about are owned by Trump,and what voters are not happy about have been issues the Dems are ignoring on their scorched earth march.

Manuel Transmission

Porch, that sounds very similar. I wonder if the 1918 flu had debilitating after affects that we don’t see so much in other variants. My dad was 13 or 14 when she died, so I don’t think there were a lot of details he would have been made aware of, or that they would necessarily know.

JM Hanes

James D:

"If that is what's really going on with Collins' vote, it's obvious Kabuki theater, and any voters who are "appeased" by a meaningless vote that won't alter a predetermined conclusion ARE morons"

I suspect it's less about "appeasing" moronic voters than it is about denying Democrats a talking point with which to savage her. Progs want her gone in a really big way. Collins was a swing vote long before Trump came to town, so I wouldn't necessarily assume she's a neverTrumper. I don't recall her voicing criticisms like Romney does, so she's not trying to create any sort of neverTrump record for herself, whatever her innermost feelings might be.

BTW, MeConnell was seen engaged in serious conversation with Murkowski the other day. I hope he was reminding her about just how big a favor he did her, when he allowed her to retain her Senate seniority, after she mounted a write-in campaign against the Republican candidate.


You can’t unread this ..


Vids of butthurt media as peach mint fails.


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"The Constitution, in particular Article 1 Section 3 defining impeachment, does not grant the a Chief a vote when presiding over the Senate. VP is granted a vote when presiding earlier in Section 3."

I heard on a podcast that the VP does NOT break ties due to self interest (he would inherit the job).
But I forget what method they do use.


re Schiff disappearance:

too bad the Consitution doesn't function like Monty Python's "bridge of doom". the Keeper asks Schiff, or any elected rep a set # of questions. if answers fail to pass consitutional muster it's tailgates, off into the abyss. the ghost of Antonin Scalia starring as Keeper. he enjoys an eternal appointment.


Jim, I assume the VP is not present when the Chief is presiding. The VP has no role in impeachment.


I had that same thought about Murkowski.
She owes Mitch one and her voters won’t care either way. She isn’t up for re-election anyway.
I am cautiously optimistic that Romney will do the right thing, but I have been wrong before.

JM Hanes

I imagine those who caught and survived the 1918 flu might well have been permanently debilitated in any number of possible ways, lung damage being the most obvious potential effect. The miracle of recovery likely came at a cost not suffered by those who never caught the flu.


Isn't there supposed to be at least one more Julie Swetnick moment? Schumer entering the chamber with a black swan on his shoulder, or maybe Hologram JFK making an impassioned speech lauding Adam Schiff...something?

Because if not, please let's get this vote done asap.


Biden being Biden

Chris Martin on Twitter: "Joe Biden: "This was not a partisan impeachment ... even if it was a party-line vote." What? https://t.co/sDMl9cCc5s" / Twitter


Readers are invited to opine on which one of the following scenarios represents the greatest threat to American liberty:

A) After identifying a U.S. citizen volunteering for the U.S. presidential campaign of the party out of power, the FBI makes false claims and persuades a federal court that the citizen may be a Russian agent and should be subjected to electronic surveillance.

B) After observing a U.S. citizen obtain a Ukrainian company board seat for which he was manifestly unqualified while his father was running Ukrainian policy for the U.S. government - and in which capacity the father would later demand the firing of a local prosecutor investigating the son's business associates - the U.S. President urges the government of Ukraine to investigate.

This column is struggling to recall a more serious allegation of abuse of our democratic process by officials of the federal government.


Us Ledge dwellers are never optimistic about Mutt.


from henry's CBS@ 919a

"Robby Mook, the man who ran the last Democratic campaign, saw no benefit for impeachment: “Look, long term, you were talking about the election. I don't think this is going to be a big part of the election. I think the election is going to be litigated over economic reality, over big questions like leadership.” 





a stupid or incompetent person.


Henry @ 9:06! funny!

Captain Hate

Disclaimer: Lee is not a favorite of mine. What i liked about this doc is it is in Kobe's words, more or less, about his game. There are some family man profiles included but Lee manages to limit his own black fanboy schtick to the elegant game of hoop.

I don't like Lee either but if the irritating punk gives Kobe a forum to talk about the game who am I to complain. Kobe did a good job of image restoration after that night in Denver and even I wouldn't let one misstep define his entire life particularly if he apparently learned from it. Kobe worked hard to improve his game because he didn't come into the league as immediately dominant as LeBron, who ironically passed him as #3 in career scoring the night before the crash. Unlike LeBron, he didn't make a fool out of himself with ill advised non basketball statements. Also unlike LeBron he grew up with a father to serve as a role model. Even though he never attended college he seemed more wise and worldly than many who did.


reminder to self, replenish ledge beer supply.


where should i leave the pallets, henry?

Captain Hate

Mistrust of Mutt is unrelated to Ledge status.

Captain Hate

@realDonaldTrump 2 minutes ago

Nadler ripped final argument away from Schiff, thinks Shifty did a terrible job. They are fighting big time!


best blog comment yesterday fr "Rick Scott" over at AoS: "i have a new cherry-flavored ball gag."

i casted the tie- breaker.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

KC coach wears Trump apparel


Kevlar, pallets of cash go in the barn. ;)


Gonadless and The Fly are fighting over deck chairs on the Titanic.


OL pays his suppliers, eh henry? :)


don't know who either of these peple are...


CBS CEO Joe Ianniello is leaving the company and will be replaced by George Cheeks.

Captain Hate




link to Am Greatness

Chris Buskirk

A compelling case could be made that the Chinese miracle is built on lies. It’s Enron times a billion.



new band name entry: "Mistrusted Mutt"


If you missed it - here is a short video of Nadler waddling up to the microphone as Shifty is calling out, "Jerry, Jerry...." to no avail!



re Comey's sing-song delivery being like a 13 year old girl's...

the 13 year old girl's delivery has nothing to do with chronic use of short blunt objects crammed into the rear exit. GTFOH Korney, Jaime


a Communist Chinese built "miracle"... another Potemkin ciudad?


it's like a doll with a string pull and only two recorded sentences.

Daily Caller

New York Times editorial board member @MaraGay says that Republicans deciding to vote against witnesses “feels familiar” to America under Jim Crow laws.

“It’s a scary moment.”



that's comedy gold momto2!<@@>

JM Hanes

sammy small:

I think there are two many unknowns to risk dragging out the process on the President's side. The Democrats would love to keep impeachment going so that they have articles on the table that they can just plug every new accusation into. Meanwhile, the President is will be stuck in proving-a-negative hell. The testimony of every witness for the Prez will be spun to a fare the well by the press, no matter how compelling a pro-Trump story they tell. The debates would certainly be interesting though, but in terms of exposing Dem wrong doing, I don't think impeachment is the most effective venue. Far better to concentrate on taking back the House in November.

If this impeachment ends, I'm not sure Schumer or any other Democrat with decently honed political instincts will let the House embark on a suicidal 2nd impeachment, no matter what the big talkers like Maxine Waters say. I don't think even Nancy Pelosi would want to go that route again, but then she's losing her mind so who knows?

I know I'd just like to enjoy a few months without worrying about the next bombshell in an ongoing legal siege that could potentially topple or fatally wound the President at any moment. It would be nice to think that once this impeachment is deep-sixed, and/or the President is reelected in November, he will feel like he's finally in a position to conduct the purge we've all been looking for. Who knows? I'm just tired of it all, and even if the President's numbers have been going up, impeachment is a morale buster for me. Just not being bombarded with Adam Schiff's face all over the news day after day would lift my spirits..

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