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January 23, 2020





I am surprised that Kamala did not do better in the Dem primaries. She checks the right boxes for the identity politics crowd for sure. She is reasonably attractive and a reasonably good speaker. She certainly fired up the base with her Kavanaugh outbursts. Yes, she is a bit of a dope but why would that bother Dem primary voters?

Veep nominee? Maybe but I think she hurt herself with the poor race she ran and of course by attacking Biden on the busing thing.

If Joe is the nominee, the VP nominee MUST be female. Kamala has a shot. Abrams? Klobuchar? Any other suggestions? It will not be Gabbard but that would be the most fun.


She struck out early on, o guess what works in oakland and sacramento doesnt really work any where else.


Narc —

I don’t think that was really her problem. Sanders and Warren pretty much prove that you cannot be too far left to be a Dem contender. Harris did not position herself as to the left of them.

Part of her problem is that she positioned herself just to the right of Warren/Sanders when she should have positioned herself just to the left of Biden. She was trying to be a candidate acceptable to both the progressive and moderate wings but ended up not being much liked by either b


I think she was, somewhere in the middle so is at least half the field, too many candidates replicating the same planks.


So if Joe wins the nomination, who is his running mate?


Thats assuming too much, i dont think he can win iowa, can he default to new hampshire can he hold out to super tuesday?


Well it is a hypothetical assumption. Far from a foregone conclusion. But he has the best chance to win of anyone in the field.

But in any event, assuming that he is the nominee (not sure that the will be), who does he pick?

Comanche Voter

She's the little girl who's cuddling up to the bus driver. But then Biden was always a bit of a hands on pedophile.


"So if Joe wins the nomination, who is his running mate?"

I'm leaning towards it being Bernie's turn.
That said, Joe might pick Kamala if the Obama faction asks him to.
Or, he might choose Amy. Because he's an idiot.
Or, possibly, Michelle, Oprah or even Hillary for the "wow" factor. Scratch Hillary. No one's THAT stupid.

Captain Hate

The more people saw Kabbalah the worse she looked. Kavanaugh wasn't a good look for her; a hectoring shrew image never is. Her father was offended at how she flippantly disparaged where he came from. Then people started looking hard at what a train wreck she was as AG of Crazyfornia.

She entered the race as all image and no substance. I'm not sure Gaylord could pull that off again now.


Jim —

I am virtually certain that if Biden is the nominee he will pick a female running mate. He pretty much has to.

Kamala is a reasonable pick, particularly since it is not a strong field. There are issues there of course but no one is perfect.

No on Hillary. He would need an army of food tasters. Oprah would outshine him. Michelle would be too obvious of a pander. Amy? Maybe but she adds nothing except gender diversity. Gillebrand?

Maybe we shall see.

Captain Hate

So an annoying bid for relevance, just like her campaign.

That sums it up well...


OKeefe spots an early shutdown:

ICMYI: @BernieSanders Deputy Digital Communications Director @nationalparke actually locked her account down today in response to questions about #Expose2020

I'll say it slower so even @CNN can understand.

The. Deputy. Digital. Communications. Director. Locked. Her. Twitter.



Is a cameo coming?


Oh good grief, 'thats not how any of this works'


Odd how there is no major prestige puhlication that even mentioned jurek or the other guy.


And were 9 days away from the caucus?

JM Hanes


"I am surprised that Kamala did not do better in the Dem primaries. She checks the right boxes for the identity politics crowd for sure."

The boxes you ticked off for Buttigeig weren't predictive either -- which is why I've said that the demographic approach just isn't what it used to be. Almost none of the polling suggested that Trump could win, yet he did, and the Dems/Media still patently misunderstand who his voters are. A lot of that is because their analysis is also based on outdated demographic assumptions.

I don't think voters had a sense of whether Kamala Harris stood to the left or right of Sanders. The old left/right continuum doesn't accurately reflect today's politics either. Harris bombed because she was a lousy candidate, not because she was too far left or right.

As for whom Biden might pick as his veep, it will be tough to find someone who doesn't make him look bad.


You have to at least feign a personality. If obama officials were backing harris initially now they are backing buttigeg, which i think its a bad bet.



No doubt Harris’ biggest problem is that she was a lousy candidate. This left/right stuff does matter but quality matters more.

But play along with me please. If Joe is the nominee, who does he pick? I understand that there are issues with all the potential picks but he will have to take someone.

The Infamous Ignatz


The fascinating thing about epigenetics is that proteins/enzymes can modify certain DNA groups, and it can be reversed.--

I can remember all the hype and excitement as the human genome project was coming to its conclusion. We've done it! We've cracked the code! It's all mapped and it's not as complicated as we thought!

Oh wait...so all these proteins are what make it all work and there are like an infinite number of combinations...oh. Hmmm.
Well, let's get started.


And suddenly, once again, you are what you eat.


Really, who is more dangerous: the 100 senators, the handful of democrat house managers and CJ Roberts or an equal number of random Wuhan Chinese?
Why not allow these Wuhanis to frolic in our nation’s capital while the other group holds their Peach Mint jubilee in Wuhan until the lifting of the quarantine.
I can see many more Americans glued to their TVs watching, waiting and wagering which senator’s resting head might cease to rise first.


Because the gene sequences are just the rosetta the blue print, then you have to build the thing.

The Infamous Ignatz

There are no demographics or checked boxes to save stiffs.
Barry was a complete fraud too, but he was adept enough to at least fool enough people to make it over the top.
Without a CA sugar daddy handing her state elections Kamaltoe proved she has no, as in zero, game.


re Kamala Harris: spend 5 minutes in the same room with her and you'd see her charisma level is a 3 on a scale of 10. her political evolution peaked in Calinferno. Iowans weeded her out. They saw right thru the climbing SFO prosecutor who finagled her way into the senate. she doesnt have federal chops. like Buttifudge. he'll last a little longer.

woman on the ticket? been there done that twice and women voters arent buying it--- at least not a high rolling tramp like Harris.

Biden would do better finding a female running mate who hasnt been riding in this particular dem sweepstakes clown car.

The Infamous Ignatz

Are we assuming Biden is the nominee?
I'm not.


Iggy -


The Infamous Ignatz

I'm still amazed CH had Morgan Wooten as a history teacher.
I'm not amazed CH has the proper measure of that pock-faced, pudgy, dope John Feinstein.
Man, he irritates me.

The Infamous Ignatz

I'm more interested in what happens if Bernie gets hosed by the Dems again.
Bike locks for Biden?


Its a gift isnt it.

JM Hanes


"But play along with me please. If Joe is the nominee, who does he pick?"

Even if I thought making predictions based on this kind of hypothetical were a really fun game, I have no idea whom he picks. Nobody's exactly packing people into campaign rallies, and he's going to have a massive vote deficit to overcome.


That underwear gnomes strategy by comissar jurek 1) sanders loses 2) milwaukee burns 3??


Ugh jonathan martin politico hack formerly of the journolist

The Infamous Ignatz

Only linking this because of the great first line;
Mark Spiegel: Tesla Should Only Be A Double Digit Stock.
"Mark joins me to talk about climate change, macro and getting punched in the nads on his Tesla short."

The Infamous Ignatz

Audio: Harvey Weinstein Threatens Actress Over Massage; Accuser Breaks Down In Tears For 'Letting Him Rape Her'
Didn't listen to the first audio, but the second one will make you want him to get life.

Captain Hate


Sid Catlett sat beside me. At 6'8" he pretty much stood out. He was pretty shy; I think when he was recruited he was afraid he'd have a hard time keeping up academically. As I told a CWRU scholarship player with the same qualms years later in pickup games when I was in grad school, being concerned about that is a good first step to succeeding. In both cases the respective schools had a vested interest in their success and would provide the necessary resources to make it happen if they put in the effort. I sometimes wonder what happened to Lucky (I never knew his real name) because he was a good guy as he blocked or altered every fucking shot I put up around him.

jim nj


“We are monitoring the situation carefully and we are speaking with the government about various different economic alternatives,” Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury said on Thursday in Davos, during the World Economic Forum annual meeting.

“There is obviously a lot of activity in the Middle East going on."

Interesting way to phrase a comment. I still like my "money for missiles" idea, especially if we can get the EU to pay for it. Make the offer public so the Lebanese people can have a say in the solution to their financial problems.

The Infamous Ignatz

China's Cultural "Group-Think" Is Worth Exploring


Ignatz —

I am sure that Big Harv is a real creep. But at any given moment there are untold thousands of attractive young women wanting to get into or ahead in the movie business and there are only a handful of people, mostly men, who have the power to make that happen. The results are inevitable.

This is not an excuse for his conduct and he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But as Kathy Bates said, back in the day when a woman went to a mans hotel room, she knew why she was going there.


That incident is just inside the statute of limitations.


You have to look with a wry eye:


The Infamous Ignatz

--But as Kathy Bates said, back in the day when a woman went to a mans hotel room, she knew why she was going there.--

In a second recording, Weinstein accuser Lucia Evans describes how she allowed Weinstein to overpower her - recalling 'giving up' in a 2004 incident at his Miramax office in Tribeca.
Your 12:29 is less than satisfactory.
The Infamous Ignatz

Al Franken is a real creep.
Harvey Weinstein appears to be a serial rapist, no matter where he was raping women.
Your 12:29 is very unsatisfactory.


But everyone was cooacetic with it, compare that with ailes who did seem boorish but only crazy people took exception


There seems to some of that bombshell fatigue as well, from the last award show.


For what it is worth, I see a very low probability of sanders being the no,knee.

1. He is a niche candidate who has a dedicated group of die hard supporters but quite limited appeal in the party otherwise.

2. The Democrats are hung up on electability; even the most brain dead among them has to realize that Sanders is their least likely candidate to beat Trump.

3. The Democratic establishment really dislikes him. Hillary dissed him the other day. The rumors are that Obama May do so. One rationale for Bloomberg’s late entry into the race is to insure against a Bernie nomination. Sanders is no Trump, I don’t see him overcoming strong establishement opposition.

4. Women are not very supportive of him. His support is very much centered on young men with slackerish leanings. Hence the term “Bernie Bro’s.” He has a pretty low ceiling.

I could be wrong but it’s hard to see how he wins the nomination.


He doesnt have to, just prevent others from doing so.

The Infamous Ignatz

--But everyone was cooacetic with it--

The women who were raped and assaulted don't seem to be.
What does Ailes have to do with it?


Ignatz -

If his guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt he should be punished severely. It’s a horrible crime. But tearful accusations are not in and of themselves proof.


The media legal and political infrastructure where weinstein operated in , he was deamed just the right sort so provileges were warranted


Same with epstein, for more unclear reasons.


Well not really unclear, just not spelled out

jim nj


Syria war: Jihadist assault 'kills dozens of soldiers'

Asymmetric warfare. The Russians, Syrians and their allies own the sky raining down weapons. They also have more artillery. They are opposed by lesser artillery, rockets, anti-tank weapons, car bombs and fanatics.

From what I have been reading Syria and Russia have scared civilians into fleeing away from the contested areas, but they don't seem to be making any swift advances on the ground.

Venturing a guess I think the militants cede ground when forcefully attacked, only to re-attack via tunnels and infiltration.

I figure these battles are comparable to the ones in Aleppo and Mosul on a smaller scale.


This is zachista (scorched earth in syria) mcintyre considers this a righteous operstion. Im guessing so does gabbard. They see trump as unwilling to support the right side in their view. Nusra is largely supported by qatar and turkey, a similar lineuo as in libya


What can the eu really do, impose toothless sanctions, would they even try what happened in eastern syria too years ago?


What mattis did outside deir er zour


Apparrntly the trial of ksm is still going on, nearly 17 years after he was captured.

jim nj



Dejavu all over again? Al quaim id the farthest point in wesern iraq, where fireign fighters crossed to attack coalition forces im the 00s

jim nj


Lots of scuffling is going on in Syria.

Lots of mini-battles and probing going on. The US-Russia thing on the oil fields. They expect to make some money on this, we prefer that the SDF have the money flowing from the fields.

Israel bombing the Iranian ratline.

Isis trying to re-constitute. Engaging in minor attacks.

While Idlib Province is the main theater of action now, there's all these little things going on elsewhere.

And I don't think the militants in Idlib will fight to the last man. If it gets too bad I expect them to exfiltrate to elsewhere in Syria.

jim nj


Father: My daughter’s getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money, she doesn’t have any student loans.

Warren: [inaudible but the tone sounds supportive]

Father: Am I going to get my money back?

Warren: Of course not.

Father: So you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money and those of us who did the right thing get screwed?

Warren: [inaudible-shaking her head no]

Father: Of course we did. My buddy had fun, bought a car. He went on vacations. I saved my money. He made more than I did. I worked a double-shift, worked for extra money. [unclear but sounds like ‘Did all this work since she’s ten’ or possibly ‘Daughter’s worked since she’s ten.’] So you’re laughing.

Warren: I’m not laughing.

Father: Yeah, that’s exactly what you’re doing. We did the right thing and we get screwed.

jim nj


Well, yes, but he's OUR liar and leaker so we have to protect him.

jim nj


Gremlin Drone's First Flight Turns C-130 Into a Flying Aircraft Carrier

It's a tactic as old as airships.

Unfortunately, the test drone crashed. Not to worry they have four more to continue testing with.

I know the Air Force wants "bomb trucks" this seems like an interim solution.

jim nj


jim nj


jim nj


John Schroeder

"Coronavirus is serious business; do not misunderstand me. However, reading press coverage one might think it is the coming of the zombie apocalypse. If you follow pop culture, and particularly what passes for horror stories in all different media, I think you will find that a pandemic or epidemic is what most people find most frightening. Sure the epidemic is not expressed as respiratory distress, it is expressed as vampirism, lycanthropy, or zombies, but it is still an epidemic. People these days are horrified of germs. It has become far too common for people to refuse to shake hands with me when I encounter a new business relationship. The sales of hand sanitizer alone would indicate that fear. You are going to sell newspapers if you play into that fear, so I understand the coverage."

And then he segues into the Peach Mint.

jim nj


Spit-take time...

"Just one problem with this prediction – what exactly would these “more extreme fires” burn?

Once a forest suffers a severe fire, it takes years of regrowth before fire becomes a serious threat again. If climate change is causing droughts to worsen, if Australia is steadily drying and heating up because of climate change, there would not be a lot of regrowth. The tracks of the extreme fires which do burn would eventually function as massive firebreaks, preventing further large scale conflagration."

You'd think this was obvious.

jim nj


We learned so much from that devastating fire. Suppressing all fires doesn't work. Nature heals itself, because fire is an age-old thing, that nature has already figured out.

jim nj

Is it just me? Every time the democrats try to hit the crescendo some other worse news from elsewhere appears to overshadow them. Or has it just been going on for so long that the inevitable greater story swamps their sorry tale, over and over again?


It's just you, jim


You know, as a kid, the few times I did go to the circus, I never developed an affinity for one particular clown as they got out of the tiny little car, they all seemed pretty much fungible to me.

jim nj

I saw the earlier arguments on Derek Jeter being elected to the the baseball HOF, but I'm not much of a baseball fan and didn't pay much attention to the arguments.

Now I find that he would have been admitted unanimously, but for one sportswriter's vote.


That's a huge story, whether you like it or not. One vote? Why? Whose vote was it?

And how much did George Soros pay him or her to do this? This is absolutely freaking un-American. :)

jim nj


You're going to bust my chops and then speak of fungible clowns?

Folks, I've met peter. He says he's a lawyer. I dunna know, he doesn't look like one.

He's a regular guy haunted by clown phobia. I'd say it's not terribly obvious, but the bright red bulbous nose attachment is a dead giveaway.

Peter, if you didn't see my earlier reply I would be interested in another NYC meet-up. Warmer weather is better.


Good Morning! It’s 61 degrees and I’m already outside on the lanai. It’s a hell of a lot better than 33.

Good Morning everyone!

jim nj

All kidding aside, normally you meet people and then become friends. Meeting peter, jimmyk and daddy was the reverse, friends who manifested as people.

And they bought me beer, collectively, lots of it. How can you not like that?

I'm an introvert, I don't easily or readily bond with people that quickly, but that night was magical.


Donald J. Trump
Jeanne Mancini, President, March for Life: “We have never had a President of the United States actually come in person to the March for Life.” But now you do! See you later Jeanne. @HeatherChilders


Donald J. Trump
“21 State Attorney Generals denouncing the Impeachment of President Trump.” @FoxNews


President Trump has this pinned to the top of his Twitter page. I like to think those stupid reporters see it when they go there looking for stories.


"Under my Admin, we will always defend the very FIRST right in the Declaration of Independence & that is the RIGHT TO LIFE.
This movement can only succeed w/ the heart & the soul & the prayer of THE PEOPLE.Let us build a culture that CHERISHES innocent life." pic.twitter.com/KSImKRID8X

— 𝕁𝕖𝕟𝕟𝕚𝕗𝕖𝕣🔱🇺🇸🔱 𝓣𝓮𝔁𝓽𝓣𝓻𝓾𝓶𝓹to88022 (@GodLovesUSA1) January 24, 2020

Video at the link. Beautiful ad.


meetups are great fun.


Richard Grenell
More good news from Serbia-Kosovo. @realDonaldTrump diplomacy is working.

On the heels of the first direct air connection between Belgrade and Pristina in more than two decades, SPE Grenell announced today that all sides agreed to also restore rail connections. Details to be negotiated in Berlin on Monday. pic.twitter.com/UdqOWAYEdd

— Američka ambasada (@USEmbassySerbia) January 24, 2020

Photo at the link.

James D.

That's a huge story, whether you like it or not. One vote? Why? Whose vote was it?

probably the same voter who left Ken Griffey Jr off his ballot.


Jack Maidment
Brexit Withdrawal Agreement treaty signed by Ursula Von Der Leyen in Brussels this morning now on its way to the UK.

Boris Johnson will sign it this afternoon.

It will then be taken straight back to Brussels where it will be deposited in archives alongside other treaties.


Oh boy, Schiff.

Schiff and Biden Fates in WH's Scope Thanks to Arkansas Stripper

James D.

JimNJ @ 2:14

That reaction to Warren's "plan" is why, when I talk about forgiving student loans, it has to be coupled with getting the federal government out of student loans and financial aid altogether, and also confiscatory taxes on college endowments to defray the cost of the forgiveness as much as possible.

That way, at least we could say to that rightfully angry father, no, it's not fair to you, and we're sorry. But we have to fix this mess that the Democrats gave us, and you are getting something in return - no more of your tax dollars will go to fund useless college administrators and worthless majors, and the colleges themselves are being forced to take a hit, too.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video.

It will be telling if the House managers try to get the Senate to pre-commit ourselves to supplementing the investigation they themselves oversaw and decided to shut down. Just last week, they said their case as it already exists is “overwhelming” and “beyond a reasonable doubt.” pic.twitter.com/RXcjay4Ana

— Leader McConnell (@senatemajldr) January 22, 2020

Hubby still in hospital, but doing the transesophageal ultrasound to look for clots this am followed by the electrical cardioversion this am scheduled at 10 at a hospital here known for its high volume of heart everything.

I am nervous. but can't show it so am taking some of my nerdy textbooks where I am essentially backward mapping from how something in the brain works to how it can be remade to work with prescribed learning experiences. Always a distraction.

Will post later when hopefully he will get released to see the now quite anxious feline residents of the house.



Praying for a positive outcome!


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to the infamous Biden video.

#TBT #QuidProJoe TWO YEARS AGO TODAY! pic.twitter.com/971Wtvsfk9

— Lee Zeldin (@RepLeeZeldin) January 23, 2020

Peace be with you, rse.

He's going to sail through the process and answers to all your questions are speeding their way to you now.

Taking thorough action is what counts!




Rudy Guiliani was on Fox this morning and, although I can't say I listened to every word, seemed to be saying something about spending next week hosting a podcast that will reveal Biden's acceptance of more than 10 million dollars worth of bribes from Ukrainians, with proof. Seems like news, though I can't imagine Dems not declaring it an attempt to divert attention away from their solemn, constitutional duty.


I am surprised that Kamala did not do better in the Dem primaries. She checks the right boxes for the identity politics crowd for sure.


When your dad comes out day two or three and says you are a liar, and the old guy you serviced to get where you are comes out and verifies that is exactly how you got to where you are, you ain't ever going to be POTUS.



anonamom, still, she "checked more boxes" than any other candidate. Kamala, woman, black - two boxes. Mayor Pete, one box. EWarren, Tulsi, any other woman, one box. Corey Booker, one box, etc.

Another Bob

KK 7:04

It would be such a Trump Curse thing to take out peach mint AND take out the Biden’s with a ricochet. I’d really like to see it.

But Biden is a “made” guy and nobody’s greenlit a hit yet, and in the end Schiff is just some guy in someone’s crew. Someone will prevail on Schiff (or Pelosi) to stop the nonsense before the blowback gets serious. Cocaine Mitch, if I had to guess.


Best of luck, rse.

Oh, and this is exactly what comes from putting grass or hay into any large farm animal:


I'm sorry. I'm going to have to go with YOUR world's economy, not mine.


clarice, i have 2 sisters in the 3rd NM district. they both have remarked how Plame's candidacy is a real head scratcher. out of touch with grassroots voting blocks.



45-minute interview with Tom Fitton on Dan Bongino's show. He has a daily podcast and on Saturday airs an interview.

So far, Fitton seems to have information on some of the CURRENT Justice and State departments colluding with the Hillary people to withhold documents in litigation against Fitton.

Worth listening to when Schiff starts droning on and on.

Captain Hate

I'm really glad Rick Grenell is the point man between Bosnia, Kosovo and the Serbs because the unfree press pretends it doesn't exist even though it was a conflict they openly shilled for. There was no national advantage for conducting it and Slick typically fought it in a disorganized and obtuse manner which only served to drastically diminish our supply of munitions. And blow up the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. I mean how do you fight a "humanitarian" war from a high altitude with nobody on the ground? That makes no sense.

I've only seen one person online even willing to write about it after the fact. He's one of those guys who seems to be on "our side" but for all I know he could be a Max Boot type lunatic. Anyway he said that the people there seem really grateful for what we did but I've also read that the orthodox Christians felt sold out. Ironically the only good reporting on the conflict when it was going on was in the New York Review of Books. I picked up a book on Kosovo a few years ago at a book sale that I haven't read yet.

Anecdotally I met a Bosnian woman at a dog park a couple years ago. Teddy and her dog, a small Italian Greyhound, were playing and we just started talking. She had an Eastern European accent so I asked where she was from and she said Bosnia. That was unusual enough so I asked if she was a Bosnian Serb and she said muslim. That really rocked me on my mental heels and I was looking for something not dense to say so I asked her if the UN screwed things up there as badly as I thought and she said "yes, they were uselessly counterproductive". We chatted for a bit more before going our ways. It wasn't unpleasant but I felt very guarded on what I said.

Again I'm very confident in Grenell.

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