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January 27, 2020



Oh dear. no terrorists in the White House? How dare he?

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

President Trump planned to unveil his vision of peace in the Middle East at the White House with Israel’s prime minister at his side but without the Palestinians in attendance




Nah, the Vindman bros are hiding in plain sight down at the local Dunkin Donuts.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread


What a strange world we live in. The Deep State is desperate. The Chinese are deranged. And Bernie Sanders isn't just a crazy Commie, he's assembled a crew of Stalinists who can't wait to open the Gulags.

My deep thanks for your prayers for my sister. We want to especially thank you, Kev, for the intentions tree and prayers. My sister is doing well. There's a very slight concern with her speech. She'll be going to a rehab facility this week sometime. So, we're very positive of her recovery. Thank you again!


Trump needs to clean out the stables.

I have been of the opinion that Trump is doing massive horse trading behind the scenes. Lots of people keep their jobs as long as The First Rugrats don’t get jammed up too badly by the swamp. I have faith that he will get the better end of the trade, but I don’t believe it will result in swamp draining as much as it will be swamp corraling.


without the Palestinians in attendance

The ghost of Nobel Peace Prize winner and trustworthy negotiator Yasser Arafat sheds a tear.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



"Regarding all this talk of Red vs Blue battles in the streets, I think there's no chance of it, there's too many girly men on the left. Right believes in American values, left believes in nothing, I'll take the believers any day."

i'm envisioning a more substantive conflict for national survival than girly men vs. real men.

the Leviathan of national government and its tentacles reaching into our lives will, if it will not be dismantled ( hell even slowed down) will result in said government morphing completely out of any form of constitutional republicanism.

this will become more than street battles for settling scores and aimless profiteering.

"a republic if you can keep it." the Royalist minded DC denizens have erected King George 2.0 and THAT will be "our" foe. the Tree is showing signs of an emerging moment when the need for refreshment will become too great.

Robin, eff 'em all

I'm going to reiterate my support of Ted Cruz's Verdict podcast for the podcast listeners here. Over the weekend it beat Joe Rogan to be the #1 podcast. That is huge.


Episode 6 covers yesterday's events. Cruz mentions a little known statute regarding witnesses in senate trials. Apparently, there is no way that Bolton testifies and Hunter Biden doesn't. And if Hunter testifies, they expect that he will plead the 5th to many questions. However, this statute empowers the senate to force him to testify by giving him immunity FROM HIS TESTIMONY, not his crimes. So his testimony in the senate on this subject cannot be used against him in a criminal trial.

Cruz practically cackled as he relayed this information.

JM Hanes

Ignatz and Theo:

"There always comes a point, if you stay in a conversation with Theo long enough, where you have to ask yourself…"

…why someone shows up out of the blue every couple of years, assumes the role of political coach, saying "we" this and "we" that, when he clearly means "you" this and that.


Yep. I thought I remembered him when he reappeared. After just a few posts, I dumped him into killfile. I can't recommend killfile enough! 😁

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