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January 27, 2020


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

HELL—In a statement offered to reporters during a 15-minute recess from hell, dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin announced he now identifies as a strong woman of color in order to deflect criticism away from his socialist policies that killed millions.

"I now identify as a strong woman of color, and a lot of men simply can't handle that," Stalin said, sassily snapping his fingers in a "Z" formation. "

jim nj

Somebody yesterday posted on the coronavirus OR which is the transmission rate for the virus.

Since they were working from a small sample data set the epidemiologists results varied, but didn't look too bad.

I presume that with each new day the data set will expand and the numbers will become more certain.

I went looking, but didn't find anything new. If anybody runs across an update please post it.

My current sense is that containment has failed.


Ignatz —

The Trotskyites??? (Actually they prefer to be called “Trotskyists” but no matter,) Oh come on now, nobody has any reason to be afraid of a movement as discredited and puny as that one. They have zero shot at seizing power in this country.

Tell me, who are the ten (or five if you want) most powerful Trotskyites in this country today? I don’t mean someone who a la Hitchens was a youthful fanboy of Trotsky and I certainly do mean someone whose politics could be described as “leftist,” but an actual Trotskyist who believes in the dictatorship of the proletariat and all of that.

In any event, I will keep an ice hammer handy just in case b

jim nj

Best raw numbers I can find:


Coronavirus: Death toll climbs to 106 as China tightens measures
The number of total confirmed cases in China rose to 4,515 as of 27 January, up from 2,835 a day earlier.

If my math is correct that is a 59% increase from one day to the next. And that count wouldn't include the full increase since these are diagnosed and confirmed cases.


CNN has similar less exact figures.


This gives a sense of how bad the under-reporting might be.


CW3 will put all ethnic cleansings to shame, if it ever makes it off the pages of Loompanic’s Preppers BEWARE dime novels.

All the hideaway gun totters will restore the republic? LOL. Let me know when the MRE bunker dwellers get a hold of an F-35 or two.

The pensioners will win the battle was if it ever comes to it. More likely the Yankee wannabes will let new smog laws go unanswered until they have to drive camouflage electric golf carts.




Ig —

I left out a crucial “not” in my earlier post asking you to name names. I do NOT want to hear about someone just because their politics are to the left of yours or who could be considered in some sense a “leftist.”

I am asking you to name powerful people in this country today who subscribe to the Fourth International and all of that. I guess maybe the Socialist Workers Party is still in business and every once in a while the ANSWER organization sponsors something, but while more or less Trotskyist s they are decidedly not powerful.

Can you give me some names of individuals who are both Trotskyist and powerful in the USA Today?

jim nj


The dashboard is showing a near logarithmic rate of growth in China. Add in the un-diagnosed cases and it would assume an even steeper slope.

The RO rate range yesterday of 1.6-5.0, centered on a probable 2.8 additional infections per infected person is probably too low. In my mind that doesn't match well with a 59% increase (by my math) in confirmed cases reported one day later.

Anything the epidemiologists model is going to understate the problem by using official numbers at this point.

The fatality rate is going to be too low also based on what I'm reading. The official numbers are only going to show confirmed deaths from the virus. Deaths from the virus attributed to other causes won't show up due to the testing lag and the inability to handle every patient that needs testing and/or care.

So I'm thinking the fatality rate will be much higher in China than elsewhere.

Assume a "golden standard" of care that would include a fast diagnosis and the best available treatment. That's the fatality rate in advanced countries outside of China that can rapidly identify and treat carriers of the virus.

My presumption is that China has already lost that race and will have great difficulty catching up.

So there won't be one fatality rate. There will be several.

jim nj

China has suggested that the virus is getting "stronger," which implies a change in condition, like a mutation. I think it is more likely that China has realized that the provinces and localities did the typical thing of hiding the problem, like they do with all of the other problems.

If the provinces and localities report financial problems as well as they do medical problems than China is already bankrupt and doesn't know it.

And if you are a fan of conspiracy theories this seems like a very drastic plan to prevent Hong Kong protestors from congregating in large masses.

jim nj


Israeli experts say the U.S realized withdrawing from Iraq would leave policymakers and the military with greatly reduced influence in a region that has seen rapid and extensive Russian penetration into the region.

I have no idea if this is accurate, but if so, it might make sense to shift our forces onto friendlier territory in Iraqi Kurdistan.


The dashboard is showing a near logarithmic rate of growth in China.

Logarithmic? I'm guessing you mean exponential. Logarithmic is really, really slow growth. (It's the inverse of exponential.)


I haven't a subscription to the NYT but Bolton's book agent is described here--they represented a number of high profile authors in DC including James Comey:https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/26/magazine/trump-book-javelin.html

jim nj


How the Zumwalt’s Strange Design Actually Helps It Handle Rough Waters

The big destroyer only looks unstable.

jim nj


Really? I'll look it up. If so, I have not understood that for decades.

jim nj


Touche. Thanks for the correction.

I took a summer-time math enrichment course in the 5th grade when my parents decided to switch me out of public school into a parochial school. I was something of a math whiz at the time. I could calculate in my head, without pencil or paper. Was such a concentrated course that I didn't learn anything new in math until the 10th grade.

As it happened the parochial school was on a par with the public schools as far as math went. Unfortunately, they were much more advanced in English instruction. And I was hopelessly behind.


They are often confused.

Exponential is like 1 after day one, 2 after day two, 4 after day three, 8 after day four, 16 after day five, etc. -- doubling each day. After a while, it increases very rapidly.

Logarithmic is like one after day 1, two after day 2, three after day 4, four after day 8, five after day 16, etc -- increasing by one each time the number of days doubles. It takes a long time to increase very much

(The exact numbers depend on the particular case, but the idea is always the same: with exponential growth, the number doubles after a certain length of time; with logarithmic growth, the number increases by a fixed amount each time the length of time doubles.)

jim nj

I think that may be why I hate the educational system.

You can learn four years of math in a concentrated summer course. Four years worth of teaching condensed into four weeks. And four years worth of math boredom after that.

I'd sit in math class after that and the answers would just pop in my head. I'd raise my hand and never get called on for the answer. In 8th grade I was so bored with it that I stopped raising my hand, after not being called on, and day dreamed. Then I got called on without my hand up. Huh? That was so unfair, raise your hand, no response, day dream, get called on for the embarrassment factor.

Okay, I can play this game, figure out the answer and stare at the ceiling, then wait to get called on for the answer and give it while continuing to stare at the ceiling.

James, please come up and work the problem on the blackboard. OK. Halfway to the blackboard - "Don't you need to bring your book?" No, got you you stinking biased nun. I didn't need the book the whole thing was in my head - the problem and the answer.

I wish I had taken an intensive English writing course that 5th grade summer instead of the math course. It took me years to catch up on my writing.

And, of course, I wasn't offered extra help to catch up with my writing. They were content to give below average grades.


I was something of a math whiz at the time. I could calculate in my head, without pencil or paper.

I've always been quite good at math (I say immodestly), but barely adequate with mental arithmetic. I wish I were better; it's a handy skill. Many famous mathematicians, such a Euler, were renowned for their abilities to perform mental calculations.

jim nj

Half a century later it still makes me boil.

You try to act like expected in class. Engaged, paying attention, yet never to be engaged.

And an adult teacher playing a gotcha game in a juvenile fashion. And, some of you may realize this, status was involved. She took me down, so I took her down.

I took three heartbeats looking at the ceiling before blurting out the answer and walking to the blackboard, without my book, to work the problem.

And every single one of my classmates knew I had set her up and taken her down.

She took my status. I took hers.

jim nj


I used to get points deducted from my math tests. I'd write in the correct answer, but not the paper calculation. Doing that on paper would have slowed me down.

"Well if you don't show me the calculations I can't correct you." "Was the answer wrong?" "No." "Maybe I don't need your help with corrections."

I was a tweaky little kid.

jim nj

I found there are a lot of tricks and short-cuts in math. It's almost like using a slide rule.

Approximate the answer in your head and then refine it.

For instance, multiply 95 by some number. I would multiply by 100 in my head, then multiply 5 by that number and subtract the difference to arrive at the answer.

While short-cuts were very useful, also knowing, intuitively, wrong answers was even better. Get a wrong answer and I knew I had run the calculation incorrectly.

It took me a couple of tries to figure out the coronavirus percent increase. Years ago I would have hit it on the first try, but I haven't done that in a while. But the other results, intuitively, looked wrong.


Clarice, on why Schiff might want to ban facial recognition technology.

One, it gets rolled into data privacy, which is getting a big push from the left. (Especially from billionaires in CA not named Zuck).

Two, like guns and encryption, it is a powerful tool the panopticon wants exclusive control of. So ban them, except government use for national security. See the China, be the China.

jim nj


I'm going to speculate that authoritarian governments seeking to detach from the internet by creating national intranets may, ultimately, suffer from that isolation.

Yes, they may be able to impose group-think on their people, without external interference, but they will lose access to useful information that may run counter to their new norms.

In China I have to wonder if their censors stomped on information flows that might have helped define the problem they are now facing.

I forget the example, but there was a situation in the US some time ago wherein ordinary citizen's information, when aggregated on a platform I can't remember, was light-years ahead of officialdom.

jim nj


These third world cities all have one thing in common: an absence of free and open markets.

Or said another way, too much regulation.

jim nj


Weird, if so, an anti-virus vendor that collects and sells your data? Seems oxymoronic.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

A rant

Starts like this:
I admit it – I was wrong.

Last week I advised that the best course of action as the left attacks our rights is to keep a civil course, wow them with facts, decency, and knowledge and defend our rights with knowledge, passion, and eloquence.

I felt that we could win based on logic and rational discourse, but having watched the events of this week unfold in front of my eyes, I realize just how wrong I was.

I thought that after engaging with our political opponents en masse, peacefully stating our concerns, and rationally discussing the issues of due process and Second Amendment rights in Richmond, the Democrats would step away from their insane assault on our freedoms.

I was wrong.


Or the far more likely, systemic.


Jim, selling your data is how the Silicon Valley people “monetize” everything they do. It is more surprising when they don’t. Thus the push for “privacy” laws which they evade with a click through agreement.


If you can believe the reporting.


Coronavirus timeline:
-Wed: 232 new cases, 11 deaths
-Thur: 111 new cases, 1 death
-Fri: 467 new cases, 16 deaths
-Sat: 631 new cases, 14 deaths
-Sun: 731 new cases, 25 deaths
-Mon: 1,722 new cases, 24 deaths

Captain Hate

Two, like guns and encryption, it is a powerful tool the panopticon wants exclusive control of. So ban them, except government use for national security. See the China, be the China.

Not even trying to hide the totalitarian goals.

Ol' Yeller was impressed with the job Pam Bondi and someone else whose name I can't remember on destroying the Biden's claims of innocence in Ukraine and predicted the unfree press will show none of it today.


Good morning!

The President did a lot pf retweeting late last night. Here's a link to his Twitter page, since most of the tweets are videos.


Fair warning: the first one is by CNN and features that odious Rick Wilson, who is the homeliest man I have ever seen. He is also ugly inside, and spends his air time in the video mocking Trump supporters as ignorant, toothless hillbillies.

Captain Hate



jim nj

There's a thought for you. What might spark a violent rebellion? Coming for your weapons. Just like the British did many years ago.

My girlfriend was goofing on me tonight.

"We've been together for eight years because you told me you were going to win the Lottery. What the f@ck is taking so long?"

Reminds me of a joke. Saul prays to the Lord each night, "Please, Lord, let me win the lottery."

This goes on for some time.

Finally, Saul hears the Lord's voice, "Saul, will you at least meet me half way and buy a G-damn ticket."

Another Bob

Well, scratch Avast off the list...

jim nj


I was just surprised than an anti-virus protector would collect and sell your data.

No such thing as "free" software anymore I guess.


Captain Hate

Levin played Alan Dershowitz's eloquent Senate address last night. Anyone who saw him on Life, Liberty and Levin, even the chopped up version by the YouTube apparatchiks, will be familiar with it.

Another Bob

Re. the Zumwalt?

It’s a destroyer. Where the guns at?

Captain Hate

What could go wrong?



Captain Hate,

I just ran across that story about their newest conspiracy theory:


I can't believe they would air this idea, but indeed they did.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

Contrast this with how happy we were when Gaylord stopped impeding terminating bin Laden, and Soulman was a much higher value target. They view everything through a partisan filter. Such sad excuses of human beings.



Britain allows Huawei limited role in 5G networks

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will allow Chinese telecoms giant Huawei [HWT.UL] a limited role in building its 5G networks, the government said on Tuesday.

It said high-risk vendors would be excluded from the sensitive core of networks, and there would a 35% cap on their involvement in the non-sensitive parts.


Captain Hate,

That this seems like an even semi-rational idea confounds me. It demonstrates not only the level of their paranoia and hate, but how little they understand about how the White House, the military, and the drone weaponry work.

James D.

There's a thought for you. What might spark a violent rebellion? Coming for your weapons. Just like the British did many years ago.

Honestly, the John Doe persecutions in Wisconsin should have sparked it. They were a dry run for the endless Democrat/MSM war against the President and all his supporters.



Interesting to me is how WE are so unreasonable about Warren's son-in=law getting financial backing from Iranian groups controlled by their government, and then the NYT hints at unnamed scandals by President Trump.


Jim, there never really was "free" software. Coders gotta pay for beer & pizza somehow.


Renault poised to name VW manager De Meo as CEO: sources https://reut.rs/3aOGuQJ

Another Bob

LCan you give me some names of individuals who are both Trotskyist and powerful in the USA Today?“

Mindless literalism isn’t a good look.

Forget arguments about labeling. Are you denying the obvious and growing totalitarian impulses exhibited by the left? Particularly the ones targeting the electoral process? You had a member of Congress effectively say the people couldn’t be trusted to elect the “right” people.

If lefty takes away free fair elections, to what do the rest of us turn? You think suasion will be tolerated much less effective?


A country born in violent revolution then thrust into a violent and bloody civil war, steeped in vast personal and political violence its entire history including up until today, and also including by the forcible and bloody expulsion of its previous inhabitants, both indigenous and European and that romanticizes and clings to the use of private armies, militias and firearms perhaps more than any country in the world and an unhinged left that has been taken over by the Marcusian New Left maniacs who are demonstrating at this very moment there is no act they will not take to gain and keep power, and history is on your side?

Iggy, is this Joycean/Proustian for style points, or is the sentiment of such magnitude that it demands to be spit out in one breath?


James D, the John Doe raids hit political operatives...the WI version of Rove or Wilson. While disturbing, the people were in the Charlie Sykes range of likeability. Widespread raids on normies would get a different reaction. (maybe).



Margot Cleveland has produced a long, detailed article by going through the Inspector General's report.

"... is clear from the above detailed analysis of the IG report, substantial spying took place under the guise of investigating Russia collusion—and there were many hints that even more spying occurred that has yet to be exposed."


What amounts to humor, I suppose:


And goes quite a long way towards disproving Concerned Theo's "Insane Thoughts" dismissal.


link to wash times

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

Lie-awatha is now 'tamping down expectations'. Oh boy.

‘She’s tarnished’: Elizabeth Warren tamps down Iowa expectations as liberal support drops -



Herschmann vid at link:

The Hill @thehill

Eric Herschmann: "Why did Burisma want Hunter Biden on its board? Why did they want to pay him millions of dollars? Well, he did have one qualification. He was the son of the Vice President of the United States."




Did Margot mention all the revisions to the report since it's original issue? Just curious...


reminder to self... get marshmallows for when they burn down Milwaukee. (link to Hill article)

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

Sanders allies in new uproar over DNC convention appointments


Another Bob

“there never really was "free" software”

True, obviously. Though there are still pockets of folks who do this as a hobby of sorts.

My problem with the Avast people is they did probably the “yuckiest” thing possible short of hijacking the machine for their use, and overtly avoided telling their users about it.

Why not have the first dialog of the installer say: “We think this is excellent malware protection software that will help you. We need to pay for its development somehow. So this software will record your activities on this computer, send the data to us, and we will sell it. We will remove any obviously identifying information, but this does not guarantee your anonymity. Do you want to continue?”

I suspect surprising numbers of people would say “yes”.


It occurs to me that one of the reasons President Trump has these rallies is to let us know we are not alone.

The media spends a fair amount of time portraying his supporters as stupid, uneducated, racist outcasts that no one of any value would wish to be around. Rallies let you see how many supporters there are and (if you attend) meet other Trump supporters.

When you feel like you are not alone, it gives you backbone and courage. (Note the transformation of Kevin McCarthy.)

I doubt I get to go to another rally, as one held here this year would probably have to be downtown or in one of the big arenas at IU or Purdue. I don't have it in me to camp out all night. I am VERY glad I got to attend the one I did and heartily recommend going if you can. I will be watching the one in New Jersey tonight, and I bet it will be epic.


Patrick Marley

.⁦@GovEvers⁩ signs executive order to create redistricting commission.

Robin Vos @repvos

Seems like a "people's commission" where politicians and political activists are banned wouldn't only have politicians and political activists in attemdance?


Regarding all this talk of Red vs Blue battles in the streets, I think there's no chance of it, there's too many girly men on the left. Right believes in American values, left believes in nothing, I'll take the believers any day.

The left is not stronger today, they're just crazier; they had eight years of Obama to burrow into government, but eight years of Trump should undo most of it (but what is the matter with DJT, anyway, why didn't he fire all these lefty goobers when he took office?).

The GOOD news, the really really good news that should clear the ledge of naysayers and which portends the actual saving of America, is that Donald J Trump is making inroads into voting groups where Republicans have had no prior success. It's been a given for years, relished by the left and feared by the right, that an ever-increasing percentage of non-white voters will result in more Democrat victories and uber-Statism. The only-est way to avoid that fate for the country is to appeal to blacks and Latinos and every other "group" - not by pandering to them, but by demonstrating top them what a great America looks like, and how they and their families can be part of it. In places far from the Washington noise, all sorts of voters are seeing that demonstration of American greatness, thanks to Trump. The left is powerless.


FYI, on Evers' redistricting commission, the law states the Legislature handles redistricting.


The Wall Street Journal

The White House legal team plans to close out its defense of President Trump in a shortened session aimed at persuading the Senate to look past potentially incriminating disclosures



I didn't see any mention of revisions, but I only skimmed the article.

Another Bob

“hobby of sorts”

One example that comes to mind that I use is “Password Safe”. Bruce Schneier and some volunteers wrote a password manager that is not pretty, but does what it needs to do reasonably easily, and has strong encryption. Totally free. No data collection. No ads. Let’s me use a different, very long and randomly generated password for each site. Has a mouse mode that allows you to avoid any keyloggers when entering your password into the tool.

Given the sheer number of password-protected sites I need to access (hundreds), I’d have a very hard time without it.


Aha. Its just to set up a lawsuit on redistricting. Can we make Holder pay for it instead of WI taxpayers?




WHAT potentially incriminating disclosures, or are those just like the phantom scandals that the New York Times hints at, or the non-crimes that the impeachment articles describe?

Whose side is the WSJ really on? (I have my opinion as long as they employ Peggy Noonan.)

James D.

MM, whose side the WSJ is on isn't even a question.


The WSJ editorial page is drifting to SJW by the day. I assume the Murdoch kids prefer it that way.


Professor Cleveland also has a thread attached to her article, and is giving examples of media outlets which still are not understanding how many people those FISA warrants allowed them to spy on, and is also inviting readers to provide her with additional examples.



That article by WSJ was "news" reporting. not editorial. Siobhan Hughes and Rebecca Ballhaus. They go into no detail, just repeat Saint Bolton's devastation of Trump, with last night's twist added.


The WSJ editorial page is drifting to SJW by the day. I assume the Murdoch kids prefer it that way.

There was a dustup yesterday between Little Chrissie Wallace and Katie Pavlich on the tube yesterday.

Little Chrissie was raving like a lunatic over some aspect of the Bolton news and Katie gave it to him right between the eyeballs.

Mrs. Buckeye commented later in the evening that she disappeared from any coverage after that.

Be interesting to see if she is on today.

BTW, I'd pay serious cash money to see a cage match between those two. Little Chrissie needs his clock cleaned.


"We Are All Jews Here" Watch this remarkable video narrated by ⁦@SenTomCotton⁩. I had never heard this story until this morning. Wow. https://t.co/p1CEsRiRPu

— Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) January 27, 2020

Link goes to a 4-minute video, worth your time.





Bill Hemmer Has To Ask Val Demings Three Times Why The House Didn’t Subpoena John Bolton

Video embedded in the article. (Demings is one of the impeachment managers.)



You're back!


I've been unmuzzled. H/t JohnH.


Has Ballsey Ford been asked to testify yet??


Gus, glad you found competent tech help! :)


Gus, they vote on witnesses later.


Catching up. Re: likelihood of armed conflict, and theo's posItion. A day or two ago, someone asked what contact he has and how much with other people who are not progs in his life, and speculated it was limited. I have not seen a response.
His strong position that it would NOT be "our side" firing causes me to think he does not have much interaction with "regular people" ;-) in his day to day.
I never hear anyone advocate for violence; rather, I hear a deep sadness expressed when people comment with increasing frequency that if things do not change, it is very likely to be the result. I do believe even Barack Obama gets that things have gone far too far, far too fast from recent statements of his.
Elective abortion til delivery; men in little girl's locker rooms; denying biological sex; Catholic universities being told they owe reparations because of the intrinsic evil of their religious principles.
I agree--increasingly restrictive gun laws (as we are seeing in VA) has the greatest potential to be the match tossed on the tinder.


BREAKING: #Expose2020 Part IV: Two More @BernieSanders Staffers Radicalism EXPOSED; ‘Gulags and Kulaks Exaggerated’; “Make Plans For Extreme Action”; “Destroy Property” and “Abolish Landlords…So we Don’t Have to Kill Them”

FULL RELEASE: https://t.co/lZ1fCSG634#Expose2020 pic.twitter.com/5Z9RFBlyHF

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) January 28, 2020

Trailer at "pic" link, full video at other link.


Moar OKeefe. vid at link

James O'Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII

BREAKING: #Expose2020 Part IV: Two More @BernieSanders Staffers Radicalism EXPOSED; ‘Gulags and Kulaks Exaggerated’; “Make Plans For Extreme Action”; “Destroy Property” and “Abolish Landlords…So we Don’t Have to Kill Them”



Has the SLPC named the FULL COMMIE SANDERS campaign a HATE group yet??


Needs salt, but from Viet Nam take:



Buckeye, I saw one story about the Chrissie/Katie incident that painted Wallace as the clear winner. Not from what I saw! Katie smacked him good and he sounded shrill and hyper-partisan.

James D.

GUS, the SPLC needs to name itself a hate group.

Better yet, the IRS ought to strip them of their nonprofit status, and the DoJ ought to investigate them for charity fraud and jail every employee there on every charge that can be applied regardless of how flimsy or unfair.


Richard Grenell
It’s fascinating to watch Washington types seem surprised by the fact that Americans love @realDonaldTrump’s policies aimed at changing Washington.


That was my take as well hrtshpdbox.



Live War Room with Bannon.


The American Revolution was MORE than a few decades in the making. And as the buildup became cacaphonous the public was split. The side which decided to act militarily did so knowing full well King George would not stop at the thought of "violence": total war ensued.

Not as criticism of his position, but as an endorsement of Ignatz' view, however stated, it is just as principled and- therefore worthy- important a calculation as valuing restraint.

when listening to Starr-Dersh-et al yesterday (before reading the IGTHEO discussion) they drove home to me what Schiff and the Cabal are willing to destroy. i would sign on for house-to-house military action to root out those barbarians who have demonstrated: this is not a negotiation.

even a casual reading of histories brings into view the murderousness of legislative tyranny. what has also been amply demonstrated is the subjects' acquiescence to such tyranny with presumptions about the "better angels of our nature."


People wonder, each day, what made the stock market go up or down that day. Lots of people have explanations at the ready, no matter what's going on. Crazy Bernie now clearly leads in the Dem nomination battle, opening up a new and perfectly reasonable "real reason" for the recent hesitation in the market.



Legislatures empowered elected tyrants in Italy and Germany. Russia was the outlier.



Be interesting to see how this all pans out.

If a couple of lab workers get dragged out back and get 7.62x39 implants, that would be a clue.


I think watching the "Princes" is more important.


So TRUMP sets o,.ut to drain the SWAMP, he is attacked viciously over and over by the entire ESTABLISHMENT. The FULL COMMIE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA ridicules the notion of DEEP STATE. Despite, FBI, CIA, and intel agencies spying on the TRUMP CAMPAIGN and associates. NO ONE HAS BEEN CALLED TO TASK. NOT A FUCKING SOUL. Then the RANCID SWAMP CONGRESS ATTACKS TRUMP. He is then investigated for over 2 years and found not to have done ANYTHING WRONG. They then IMPEACH HIM.
Now as we go down the TRIAL ROAD, the NON-EXISTANT DEEP STATE, leaks or claims that John Bolton had info implicating TRUMP in nonsense.

I thought there was no deep state.


GUS, the deep state is probably providing protection for the Vindman bros.


What reason could possibly exist for Trump not to fire Vindman Bros, et al, after acquittal? And reverse Obama's lefty-implants-in-perpetuity policies re: seeding civil service jobs? Trump needs to clean out the stables.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ignatz —

The Trotskyites??? (Actually they prefer to be called “Trotskyists” but no matter,) Oh come on now, nobody has any reason to be afraid of a movement as discredited and puny as that one. They have zero shot at seizing power in this country.--

There always comes a point, if you stay in a conversation with Theo long enough, where you have to ask yourself whether he is high-functioning autistic, purposely obtuse or as Mel says, a concern troll.
Take your pic or mix and match.


i wasn't here for the brouhaha inspired by The School Marm who believes that i insulted her with my comment "Sweet.Screaming.Jesus." in response to her "thought" which, more or less went something like this(in a discussion re LE, backdoor access to phones, and privacy): "i have nothing to hide they can search my phone."

that "thought" is outrageous on its pasty face. my measured retort meant as much. that "thought" is an INSULT to the priciples of free Americans. some Germans gloated over not having their homes and businesses marked (doxxed) by the Reich under similar fashion "nothing to hide." similar by degree.


James D: +1

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


She gets it.

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