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January 25, 2020


Another Bob

I know Clarice, the 767 charter out of Wuhan to SFO is Tuesday (tomorrow US time).

I’m confused by the response. Highly contagious virus. The Chinese seem concerned that people in the provinces not be allowed to spread it. But seemingly much less concern about it jumping cross-border and cross-ocean.


Notre Dame and the Reparations Red Herring

"Once upon a time, school administrators would shut down this nonsense and send the kids to bed.  Again, the kids are running the schools, and that's not good for learning." Sylvio Canto, Jr. Canto

School administrators are part of the nonsense. Tenured faculty and trustees even moreso.

It's Swamp Draining 101. It's hard work. And, there is, obviously, much more work to be done.
Our enemies "on campus" are following the same formula as the Open Borders crowd.

So long as educational institutions subsidize student activities, which have been organized around contemporary political issues, and award academic "credits" for student involvement in such issues (what i learned while advocating for reparations, etc.) these poser militancy charades will add to the national movements' traction.

So this where amins, faculty, and trustees ALLOW segue for students to mimic the Greta Cartoonbergs, the AOMonkeyCs, and BernieBros with instant press recognition. Not going to make the same splash if the "speak out" were held off-campus in some South Bend stinkhole coffeehouse.

Student fees being used for political organizing and for lobbying trustees doesnt pass the smell test.

Shutting it or shouting it down doesn't work. Reagan calling out the tanks during the Berkeley riots dispersed the crowds but didnt stop the movement. Troops firing on students at Kent State had viral effects on radicalization.

When i was a staff professional on campuses where political wars were being waged (culture wars is a misnomer) through 2 decades, admin buildings were burned or taken over with little consequence for the perps. What dispersed the power of the radical student organizers was depriving them of access to cash to rent facilities, pay celebrity speakers, pay for printing costs, food and other inputs needed to host a campus wide event.

Lefties are good at shutting down conservative events but have carte blanche to promote and host their own. Who gets legitimate access to resources? Who has primacy in setting the tone for political legitimacy in the sheep's clothing of "academic freedom?"

Controlling cash flow will set in motion a disruptive force against radical political forces. Exposing incoming pipelines from SOROS,Inc. and other sources of financing is also necessary.

And it behooves the executive corps at these institutions to withold any recognition or in kind support of administrator, faculty, and staff claims of "university service" when engaged in political organizing, "advocacy", and lobbying for a cause.


Great Pieces, Clarice--and you made Lucianne's Must Reads!

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