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January 24, 2020



Retweeted by the President.

Rep Andy Biggs
Adam Schiff thinks he can talk about trust.

You can't trust Adam Schiff with the truth.

He falsely retold the 7/25 conversation.


We'll get him next time:



Adam Schiff and the #ShamImpeachment mis-managers are making a better case for changing the channel than impeaching @realDonaldTrump. The more they talk, the more Americans are tuning out their politically motivated noise. pic.twitter.com/AAoUau5Jnc

— Rep. Mike Johnson (@RepMikeJohnson) January 24, 2020

Video at the link with Rep. Mike Johnson and Tucker Carlson.


One of the world's richest and most powerful men, brought to embarrassment by a conniving woman and her conniving clan. I sense OT parallels (that's Old Testament, not overtime). It happens and keeps happening. Silly Bezos. Doesn't he know he's not attractive enough to get a woman just straight and true?


Donald J. Trump
Check out @seanhannity
now on @FoxNews. Big tonight!


Catsmeat, the Dr Evil look is all the rage with conniving women.



More 'Pinocchios' for Chairman Schiff in the Washington Post:

"Does the whistleblower who filed a complaint about President Trump have a “statutory right” to remain anonymous, as Schiff claims?

It’s not a right spelled out in any statute."



I don’t know who Hoffer and Burnham are.

::shakes head incredulously::

But then there’s this:

Ignatz turned me on to Hoffer, Theo.

As he did for me. One of the many ways Ig has challenged me to expand my world view. So, read up, Theo.


Just more prevarication by Schitt. There is no WHISTLEBLOWER under U.S.STATUTE.
There is a CONGRESSMAN who has created a charade and a tale of some pretend whistleblower telling some other hearsay FULL COMMIE operative, second hand knowledge of a CONVERSATION that is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN..ver batim. No whistleblower, just an effort to DISHONESTLY create a crisis that NEVER EXISTED. Why would ANYONE'S OPINION of a PRESIDENTS conversation with a world leader or colleague, out weigh THE ACTUAL CONVERSATION??


Could be tale from trollope if it was a publisher.


I think the number of “true ideologues” is actually pretty small.

Maybe. But given the wealth and resources they command of the commie progtards, it’s not even slightly insignificant. They dominate almost all aspects of life in the developed world. Convince me otherwise.

You still haven’t given me the name of one sane D, BTW.


Actually what Schiff did today was an endless campaign ad on the taxpayer’s dollar. Wonder if that was the whole point. If so I don’t think it worked except we paid for it.

JM Hanes

I'm not too worried about John Bolton (Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations and Abroad, 2007), especially if DJT is now squeezing the UN spigot. Bolton was always an America first kind of guy; he was all in on the Axis of Evil, Iran in particular, and everybody must remember his infamous remarks about the UN. I find it hard to believe he'd participate in ousting the first President who has come anywhere close to the trajectory he's spent decades agitating for. That may actually be why he has so cheerfully volunteered to testify, if called. I think the Dems might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Another Bob

“ They sincerely belive they are the good guys and that lies in service of their objectives are just fine.”

You make it sound almost noble.


Thomas Wictor/Carlos Osweda gives Nadler a piece of his mind. It's glorious!



Retweeted by the President.

Josh Hawley
Schiff & Co end as they began: insulting senators, calling @realDonaldTrump a dictator, and disparaging the will of the voters.


Rep Andy Biggs
HUGE error from Adam Schiff to make the closing argument about himself, the "whistleblower," & Hunter Biden.

Democrats have a grave fear of the next three days, when their lies will be exposed & the truth will be championed.

President @realDonaldTrump will soon be exonerated!


I think the Dems might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

I think so will the stupid “Republicans for the rule of law” jackasses.


Clint Eastwood:

"I love when people call Trump Stupid..
You mean the multi-billionaire who kicked every Democrats butt, buried 16 career Republican politicians, and continues to make fools out of once reputable news organizations ..
You mean the guy who won the presidency?"




The SENATE should conduct the rest of the charade in some basement janitors closet, and only allow their own people/witnesses to speak.


I want to see our defense, Gus. I’m sure I’ll be the only one watching so I guess I could go in the basement.


>>>So we’re now very confident that the Senate won’t convict.

I think I read there will be a motion to dismiss without a vote on the articles?

Posted by: Another Bob | January 24, 2020 at 07:20 PM<<<

i'd wait until the cia and fbi bring their files on the senators ... more of a close run thing than i'd image.


and good grief theo, anyone who would count ed buck (big surprise that name isn't in the media more) as a valued supporter and friend has got to have a few screws loose.

where is the gope to put a microphone in schiff's face and pester him about it?


I read Hoffer's "True Believer" at the University of Vermont in the early'60's. I still consider it the most important non-fiction book I've ever read.



AP Exclusive: Feds plan to move Epstein warden to prison job


Jane, the DEFENSE from our side, will be logical, fact based, and will prolly include bit of ridicule toward the clown posse. The outcome should be clear and obvious. The President has not done ANYTHING that is "untoward" nor any "high crime nor misdemeanor". This has always been a clown show.
The question to me, is how much permanent damage has been done to our REPUBLIC.


and his stuff about russia is bizarre and dangerous .. what's he hoping for, ww3.


Or the ukrainiam airship dealer whose whatever their currency is? Sticks to pelosi nadler schiffs mitts


Its all pantomine horse, rich, they yell muh russia but they dont do anything.

Captain Hate

CH, Kiss your liver goodbye!

Not tired of winning. Celebration tomorrow night!


Rich, we are in the BIZARRO WORLD. The MFM is all "in" on the FULL COMMIE. So are the EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. K4-UNIVERSITY


👊 mac. I wish I had read it earlier. When I read it in ‘14, I can’t tell you how many times I dropped the book to my lap and marveled at the stark simple truths I was reading. Life-changing, indeed, for me.


Whats tomorrow night.

Past is Prologue

As for Schiff looking dignified and calm, you put a loser in an expensive navy blue suit and a bit of makeup, stand him in front of a classic marble backdrop in a chamber with not another soul in view, no messy reaction shots, he’s gonna look dignified reading the phone book. Every time I passed the TV there he was and I had the same reaction.

Another Bob

I’ve never trusted this process rich.


With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine https://reut.rs/38v4dn4


He looks so much like weasellu charles logan from second half of 24.


I read Hoffer decades ago. A treat to read someone who is able to so clearly and simply express such important ideas. Rare.

Dave (in MA)
Gerry Callahan@GerryCallahan ·
Holy shit. Liz Warren is at 11 percent.
In New Hampshire. Among women.
Thoughts and prayers to the Boston Globe.

dint see anything epic from Powell.


Agree, PiP. I only have a slight quarrel with this:

an expensive navy blue suit and a bit of makeup

Drag queens use less than this ponce.


Time to go back into the eilderness like her it guy


Dave (in MA)
Some sort of Romanian ferret?

Or eldrichness


The "Eastwood "quote is misattributed. The author was New Hampshire state Rep. Fred Doucette, the chair of Trump’s campaign in that state.


Its cobvolutrex,



Not unexpected.

1. The ridiculous black jumpsuit with varying colors of cardigans and jackets.

2. Lying and getting caught. Multiple times.

3. Her stage presence is abysmal, and she doesn't look like a commander-in-chief nor someone who can stand up to Putin.

4. It's going to come out that she was drafted to help rewrite the bankruptcy laws, and then once they were passed, she hired herself out consulting with corporations to show them loopholes.

Past is Prologue

I was too kind, Lyle, and because the ponce was looking down at his script, his eyes did not pop (as much).


If we summon an old one,


This week Democrat impeachment managers:

➡️ Preemptively accused Senators of engaging in a cover-up
➡️ Called the President a dictator on the Senate floor
➡️ Suggested Senators are acting in fear of retribution

Not in our house. pic.twitter.com/FxZxfQRgH3

— Retired Orrin G. Hatch (@RetiredOrrin) January 25, 2020

Video at the link.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- I don’t know who Hoffer and Burnham are. I am not proud of this ignorance. Perhaps you could help me overcome it.

My point remains is that they are not “nuts.” They see the world through a lens that I think is very flawed. --

Technically you're correct; they don't meet any DSM criteria based on their worldview [they may for other reasons].
But there is something between "nuts" and flawed and that is irrational, which is closer to the former than the latter. The left does not represent an insane asylum so much as a cult. It has an orthodoxy and a structured leadership of authority and it employs fairly strict social methods by which it enforces conformity to that orthodoxy.
And that is where you are quite wrong about how many ideologues there are. Leftism IS an ideology and one cannot adhere to it without being an ideologue.
Scoop Jackson and Daniel Moynihan were social liberals. They believed many stupid things but the stupid things they believed were the result of a flawed lens that misunderstood cause and effect. But they were not ideologues and so could modify their views based on evidence.
Ideology and ideologues reject contrary evidence as heresy, lies, fantasies, counter revolutionaries, you name it. Once a person has crossed the threshold from social liberal to left wing ideologue it is not a matter of just presenting contrary evidence to change their minds because their minds are largely now inactive. To the extent they are active it is to engage in defense mechanisms to thwart reality impinging on their received orthodoxy. Deprogramming is much closer to what needs to happen than a better rational argument.
Their ideology, just as in a cult, becomes their personal identity and that is seldom susceptible to arguments of reason. They aren't doctors or lawyers or teachers who happen to be progs trying to improve America. They're progs building a collective utopia who happen to be doctors and lawyers and teachers.

The True Believer is a great book which will teach you how the rank and file progs become not people with flawed lenses but committed fanatics who see no practical or rational limit to the ends they seek or the means to get there.
Suicide of the West will teach you the mindset of progressivism itself. Burnham incorrectly believed the west would lose to the Soviets. But the suicidal instinct is alive and well as progs face Islam, China, etc. The suicidal impulse is separate from any external factors. They loathe Western Civilization because they are at war with God and with their better natures that God and Western Civilization encourage. They seek instead to satisfy their basest natures. It is all couched in noble blather but in the end progism is defined by Cain, the very first progressive; I want what my neighbor has and I'll kill him to get it if I have to.
The third book I would add is The Totalitarian Temptation by Jean Francois Revel. The title explains it all. Revel, if anything was left of center, but like Orwell, only in a rudimentary instinctual way and recognized where the real threat of tyranny lay.


Heading to bed,



Orwell addresses part of burnhams evolution in thar piece, of course he was kind of naive. At the time.


I would like to see Trump’s team take apart the impeachment articles on their face as having no crimes and no fact witnesses. I would like them to make the point that the President is obligated to ensure American funds are used appropriately and that we have a long standing treaty with the Ukraine to work together on crime. I would then like to see them make specific accusations for each of Schiff’s impeachment witnesses, the Biden’s and others as to their corrupt activities. When the Dems object drop the witness bomb. Any and all witnesses and Trump waives execpriv. Wonder how many Dems would vote to reject the two articles rather than proceed.


Tulsi on with Ingraham. The white pantsuit is getting awfully overused, girlfriend. Also, the mute on my tee vee is getting a workout tonight...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think the reason Schiff gets so much credit for his calm demeanor is when you look at his appearance and he's not licking himself, blowing snot bubbles and bouncing his eyeballs off the podium you think he's showing immense restraint.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You know I've been in and out of civil court so many times over the last 45 years I can't count them all. Despite that I'm not sure I have ever heard the term "fact witness" prior to the last week. I know there are "expert witnesses" who are paid for their opinions but other than that is there something other than a witness who testifies to the facts they have supposedly witnessed?


Trumps legal team could be considered Over Kill.
These people are learned professionals, who have complete knowledge of the LAW, the CONSTITUTION and general moral principles.
The CLOWN POSSE, that they are in battle with, are merely political goofs.


This is what full commie justice looks like:



Ignatz —

Thanks for the reading list. I will attend to it.

I too have spent much of the last 45 years in civil court proceedings. The term “fact witness” is quite common. It refers to someone there to testify as to facts within their personal knowledge. The main other kind of witnesses are paid experts but there are also character witnesses and lay opinion witnesses. The last two categories are pretty rare.


Or lack their of, you see how what passes for sentience their ideals direct that justice not take place unless their objective is fulfilled.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This guy could have used a character witness or somethin;
Guy with a couple of burglary convictions 20 years ago gets 12 years because the cops didn't take his cell phone when they booked him.


I am sure you have all seen the video of the German officer in WWII who asks his colleague with astonishment “You mean WE are the baddies?”

The vast majority of progs actually believe that THEY are the good guys. Being ideological does not mean ne thinks one is evil.

Indeed, these people for the most part honestly believe that people like us are not only racists and misogynists but that we KNOW that we are racists and misogynists and are just lying about that.

Stephen Kotkin, the great biographer of Stalin, has written that Stalin was a very evil man (duh) but that he sincerely believed in the communist system.

No doubt some progs are cynical and manipulative people who know that they are wrong. The vast majority believes that they are the enlightened ones and WE are “the baddies.” This does make dialogue difficult.


Yes they called us gusanos (worms) much worse than deplorable, kulaks has much the same connotations

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Family Sues DEA and TSA After Elderly Man's Life Savings Were Seized at Airport.

Rolin and Brown's trouble started last August. Rolin had asked his daughter to take his money [$82,000+] and open a joint savings account, the Washington Post reports:

Rebecca Brown was catching a flight home from the Pittsburgh airport early the next day and said she didn't have time to stop at a bank. She confirmed on a government website that it's legal to carry any amount of cash on a domestic flight and tucked the money in her carry-on.

But just minutes before departure in late August, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent met her at the busy gate and questioned her about the cash, which showed up on a security scan. He insisted Brown put Rolin on the phone to confirm her story. Brown said Rolin, who is suffering mental decline, was unable to verify some details.

"He just handed me the phone and said, 'Your stories don't match,'" Brown recalled the agent saying. "'We're seizing the cash.'"

The DEA then notified Brown that it was seeking to permanently forfeit Rolin's life savings. Neither Rolin or Brown have been charged with a crime.

Maybe we should just disband the entire Federal government except for defense, and only that because it's a necessary evil that serves a needed purpose, not cuz it's any better than the rest. And ICE, ditto.

Another Bob

I realize it’s their right to do so, but the guy had $82K - his entire life savings - at home, in cash?

(And yes, civil forfeiture is an abomination.)

Another Bob

Like FISA warrants, intended for use in situations that sound good, but inevitably abused.

Captain Hate

Trying to defend asset forfeiture is similar to what Max Boot was quoted as saying earlier. The feds hold almost all the cards anyway. It's defending tyranny.


Patriot Act.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--the guy had $82K - his entire life savings - at home, in cash?--

"Brown said Rolin, who is suffering mental decline..."

--It's defending tyranny.--

Civil asset forfeiture should be a criminal act and subject the offending party to criminal asset forfeiture.


I disagree.

But make it have a 30% reward for repayment, per annum held.

Then watch lawyers do math, because the court would enforce usury upon govt.

That I could possibly get behind.

Another Bob

So what’s her excuse Ig? Forget the forfeiture part, if I’m entrusted with my elderly parent’s life savings in cash, I miss the flight and get to a bank.

(Where she might have had different problems after her FINCEN 104 filing.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--So what’s her excuse Ig?--

She doesn't need one. She didn't do anything wrong. The DEA did. What's their excuse?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But make it have a 30% reward for repayment, per annum held.--

How does that help the person who had to spend $25,000 on lawyers to recover their $20,000?
How about this;
1. Since the civil suit is alleging a right to confiscate property because a crime supposedly occurred, the standard of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt rather than a preponderance of the evidence.
2. 30% interest rate per annum.
3. If the gubmint loses they pay victim's legal fees.

Another Bob

“She didn't do anything wrong.”

Sure she did. She was irresponsible with her father’s money.

(Assuming the story as told is true.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The blatancy of some of ZH's Russki propaganda is so pronounced it's hard to stomach;
Poland's Disgraceful Denial Over Holocaust Commemoration

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

We've come to a pretty sad state if it's considered irresponsible to expect the government not to steal your elderly father's money for no reason whatsoever.

Dave (in MA)

Yike squared.

JM Hanes

The many ages of Thomas Edison, from an auction coming up on Jan 30th.
Edison 1

Edison 1a

Edison 2

Edison 3

Edison 4

An original incandescent bulb:
Orig Incandescent Bulb

A "scientific apparatus" from Edison's lab:

Scientific Apparatus

Running on a shoe string…



Cool! I recently read Edmund Morris’ biography of Edison. A slightly weird book, but a very interesting subject.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Back from the trade show.

My brother is an ex board member, and he and his firm flew in on Wednesday after playing golf at some course in Orange County. He got in about 5:30 on Wednesday and came to the cocktail event at 6 for about an hour then he and some other folks went to dinner. He stood up from the table after dinner and promptly fainted. They got him responsive after about 25 seconds then he fainted again. Ambulance called.

Bro wakes up in the ambulance with the EMT reading heart rates and BP and the BP is like "100 over 60, now 80 over 40, now 60 over 40" or some such like that and he's thinking he's a goner. They took him to Scripps Encinita and tell him he is in AFib. It's about 10 PM. I had gone to bed and didn't even hear the phone ring at 1 am from his business partner and another from a former board member - both left messages.

I got up at 5:30 on Thursday and about 10 minutes later my associate calls me and tells me what is going on... I head to the the hospital and she puts stuff in motion to change my flight and check on another night at the resort as I was originally coming back yesterday.

He was still in AFib but on fluids and they were doing tests when I got there, but they have no beds so he is in DUA some kind of overflow ER area that reminds me of a recovery ward. He finally got into a room at 6 yesterday. His numbers started normalizing and all the tests they ran, kidney, echo, x-rays, some sort of tests for blood clots in legs and abdomen are all clear.

I go back to the conference in the early afternoon cause the DUA has space in his curtained area really for only one visitor and his partner refuses to leave so I leave him to keep me updated. Bro was released this morning with meds, and his group flew home with me on the flight today.

Totally drained from this week. Calls to his wife not to jump on a plane, demands from his wife to me to tell him not to jump on a plane too soon, Calls to my parents to inform.

At the conference answering endless questions about the situation. Totes needed to get smashed last night and I resisted.

I need a xanax, a big bag of weed or something stronger. Now that I'm home.

Four years ago, his business partner had the same experience at the San Fran conference. Both have now vowed only to go the east coast conferences. Been a crazy week!!!!

jim nj


jim nj


jim nj


Conrad Black


Ignatz —

I have been speed reading/skimming through The True Believer after reading a synopsis of Suicide of the West. My impressions from this less than thorough examination are that a) both books are very dated and do not readily apply to the present day and b) neither is particularly relevant to anything that I posted here yesterday.

You mentioned Scoop Jackson and Daniel P. Moynihan as liberals were not ideologues (at least I think that was your point). Let me throw some more recent names at you and ask which, if any, are “ideologues” in your estimation: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney.

I guess I am not quite sure how one tells an “ideologue” from a “politician.”

Anyway, thanks for the reading suggestion.

jim nj


This is a little dense and may take more than one read to grasp. Feel free to pass it by, but if you have an interest in how a DIA analyst thinks the intelligence product can be improved it's worth a read.

"...it is likely that today’s U.S. intelligence community all-source analysts will have difficulty improving the overall quality of analysis without more consistent, substantive, and aggregated feedback from their customers."

And he goes on to opine on how that feedback loop might be improved.

jim nj


Bradley Replacement: Did Army Ask For ‘Unobtainium’?

General Dynamics’ cancelled OMFV prototype could only meet the requirement for armor protection by growing too heavy to meet the requirement for air transport, sources say. So which will the Army give up?

jim nj





Listening to Schiff (v seeing him in a suit in Senate chambers, with no audience reaction) was completely different.

He sounded utterly deranged.

As in bring in the men with straight jackets.

Try it---yesterday from 3:00-3:30.

The things he was saying were crazy. His paraphrasing of the "proof" of Trump being a Russian tool, then playing the actual clip, which said no such thing.

Nuts, I am telling you--nuts.
But not really--
His goal is being able to protect himself from being exposed further in his lies, not some noble quest. If indictments re: FISA EVER come to pass, his Fake Committee report gets pulled out once again, and his role examined.

So, just more lies.

jim nj



jim nj--thanks for the links, once again. Expanding my horizon.

I've got to go dig up my copy of Hoffer. I bought it; haven't read it.


Hey, all you stressed 60 -70 somethings out there--here's the magnesium water recipe, once again:


We do NOT do the final dilutions; just leave the first bottle, that had the MOM poured into it, on the kitchen counter (after the cooling after adding MOM), and add shots of it to the tap water we drink throughout the day. I do 'straight shots' as it does not taste too bad to me.

jim nj


I haven't listened to any of this. My sources of information come from here and what I read looking at articles elsewhere.

My sense so far is that there are two audiences. Democrat voters and the media vs. Republican Senators.

Whatever the former think of this, the latter are pissed off. When "squishy" Republican senators feel a need to sound off over "dictator" "cover-up" "heads on pikes" and other slimes I think they are indicating that Schiff and Nadler have stripped them of any justification or cover for prolonging this thing.


I hope you are correct. Just close down this travesty after Monday. The Senators have been severely disrespected by being subjected to this fantasyland the Leftists have created , and this OrangeManBad! Impeachement Without a Crime does great damage to the nation each minute it continues.

The Senators will need the moral courage to face the campaign trail after supporting the truth, even if doing so exposes the lying that has been going on for years.

jim nj


The Cruz interview with Hugh Hewitt was quite good.

The President's lawyers, who have every right to be extremely pissed off, should dial it back. There is no reason to be as nasty and histrionic as Schiff and Nadler.

I'm trying to think how I would do that.

First, I think, is to go after the inadequacy of the two articles of impeachment in a logical, but relentless fashion. Demonstrate and explain in detail why the articles are deficient, nebulous, biased, how many Amendments they violated and just generally show that the Democrats took too many legal short-cuts for the articles to be valid or meet the requirements of "high crimes or misdemeanors."

Second, since so much of the Democrat's arguments were repetitive, boil them down and answer them. While doing that also address all the stumbles that the Democrats introduced with false testimony. The tortured use of out of context information, etc.

Third, build a counter-argument why all of Trump's actions were legal and necessary. Ruin Biden and his son. Completely. We don't need their testimony, we can do it for them. And they don't get to talk back, although that might be fun.

Fourth, give cover to any wavering Republican senators. Talk to them, see what we need to do for them.

Lastly, find a way to restrict the scope of the 16 hours of senator's questions. I would want a situation where most of the Democrat's questions directed to the President's lawyers could be met with an "asked and answered" response with a citation to prior remarks.

Granted, we don't know the strategy of the Democrat senator's questions now, but we can foreclose some avenues of attack.

So the Saturday abbreviated session should be the executive summary. Hit all the high points and leave the details for later.

The goal should be a vote for dismissal without prejudice. Remand to the lower house for further investigation, if they want, while pointing out all the things they need to do for a valid re-charge.

And I don't think the president's lawyers need all the time allotted to them to do this. Ending early should have an impact.

jim nj


"What underlies the rage of the Democrat Party and of the leftist Democrat Establishment vis-à-vis President Donald Trump?

Over forty years ago, during my high school years in Iran, my father and I had a conversation. He was an avid Republican, even though he lived on the other side of the world. Right before I prepared to leave Iran for the U.S., he gave me some fatherly advice. He explained why the Democrat Party was bad for America, bad for Iran, and bad for the world. He advised me that if I ever became a US citizen, I should never vote for Democrats. After all these years, I now understand what he meant by those words of wisdom."




jim nj, I hope that you are still up. I wanted to thank you for the very complimentary things you said about me yesterday. When I posted about fungible clowns, I was referring to the Dem nomination process.We'll get a NYC meetup when the weather is warmer. I'm suggesting perhaps a breakfast as it might be a fun and different thing to do.

I don't know if anyone had the opportunity to listen to Mark Levin's opening monologue last night, which continued into the second segment. he largely read from Eli Lake's article in Commentary. It was very well done, (Levin's monologue.) He referred to the Dem impeachment managers as totalitarians, and he is so right about that-- You WILL NOT believe the DEBUNKED CONSPIRACY THEORY or we will send you to the REEDUCATION CAMPS where they will disabuse you of the notion that you should believe the DEBUNKED CONSPIRACY THEORY. The repetition is not an accident.

Here's the link to the Lake article, which Levin largely agreed with, but took some exceptions to as well.


jim nj


I'm posting this with two caveats. I hate the author. He's local to my paper and I have sent him e-mails he won't respond to on other subjects.

He rabidly hates Trump and glories in it.

Second, having worked for a company that sold back-up gen-sets to contractors for installation in mostly new buildings, contractor disputes and lawsuits are common.

OL might give me a hand here, but major building projects entail OPM (other people's money). Limited and general partners. They pay out money to contractors on agreed schedules, but hold back money, usually about 10%, to enforce the correction of punch-list details.

What's a punch-list? All the things that don't meet the specs and need to be fixed before acceptance of completion of a contract. It's just common sense that if you sign a contract with specific prices and terms that you don't get paid in full if you don't meet the terms of the contract.

Who suffers the most? The suppliers of construction goods. Contractors use them as sources of liquidity (OPM).

Well-funded contractors or sub-contractors take advantage of 2%/10 day terms. Pay within 10 days and take a 2% discount off the bill. Poorly-funded contractors take months to pay and try to weasel out of the late-payment terms.

There is so much contention in the building industry that the insurance industry created "completion bonds" that for a fee will guarantee that a supplier will meet its commitments or pay out on a default.

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